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I don't know what's wrong with arranged marriages. Most of the girls all whine about it and blabber about their true 'love' and stuff. I can't under that because my idea about arranged marriages...

Hello, dears! I'm Victoria Redwood; From a wealthy family on the northern hills.

Oh, oh! Are you imagining the prettiest girl around with the best behavior among her friends...attracting all men to herself and having tea with the wealthiest men of...

Weird enough. I don't know why nobody accept I'm like this.Hm?

Enough, I believe. Victoria's the worst girl you can find as your life's partner. She's not having a beautiful face to cover her clumsiness. She's the only girl in the neighborhood who doesn't know how to play piano. She never stops talking, she never accepts her weaknesses...And she's strangely over self confident! Well, like all the girls...She likes to get a handsome, gentleman husband. This is when her rich family comes in use. And this is when ~Arranged Marriage~ comes in handy. In order to make a richer family, Victoria and {Male}'s families agree on having their children married. This upsets {Male} and cheers up Victoria!

What will happen? Will {Male} escape? Or...try to shove some sense in Victoria's empty skull? Will he make her his fair lady? Or will he accept to step into the hell of living with Victoria?

Hoho; It all depends on you!

No skelly needed. Just make sure you're not a one liner...and you're good at comedy and you have interest in this plot...and you're creative enough to develop it...and you won't ditch and have a Victorian age pic, it doesn't need to be exactly the Victorian clothes...just be related.

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And the hero appeared!

Victoria heard a familiar yell. She listened to him and gasped, refusing at first to do such a thing! Jump?! Was he nuts?! She was sure she would lose her bones and continue her life being a cripple creep. Wait, what if she died? It was a hard choice. Victoria gulped, shaking her head. Tears started falling down from her eyes, she was ultra scared. But Gilbert convinced her.

Will he really catch me? She thought with a slight blush, sinking in her fantasy dreams~The prince carrying the beautiful princess in his arms bridal style and the church ring the bell of wedding and...

The horse was speeding up. Victoria could no more grip on it so she trusted in the young man for once and with a yelp she let go of the horse's hairs to freely jump away. Victoria experienced a flying lesson before her butt crashing into Gilbert's chest. She made the poor guy fall down and again...she wasn't even scratched. Victoria had shut her eyes tightly, hugging her knees, trembling on Gilbert's chest. Then...her crimson eyes opened and she found herself...amazingly alive!

The girl sighed of relief. Girl...death was only a step away seconds ago. Then she felt something's moving beneath her. Vitoria remembered Gilbert and looked back to see his face. "You..." At first she pouted then a smile played her lips and she rolled on her stomach to hug his neck tightly. "You saved my life. You're a brave hero...thank you!thank you!thank you! I knew you still love me~" Victoria had forgot where they were. Now Gilbert was like a savior angel for her. A shield who always protects her, a dog which gets himself killed for his master, A knight who kills dragons for the princess or in other words...an ideal husband.

Not knowing what she's doing, Victoria kissed Gilbert's cheek from happiness. From her pale face it was obvious she was scared to death. And her kiss...was soft, full of kindness and warm.

Well, they weren't alone. Soon, claps could be heard. The loud noises had attracted all of the people in the mansion to the stairs. Lucy was clapping in excitement, feeling hyper at this romantic moment. Fred was shouting hurrays for the lovely couple, Harry was just politely clapping with a sly smirk, Mr.Redwood's laughter could be heard. "Congrats! Already started the kiss and hugs, Gil?!" Mrs.Redwood was the only one who didn't seem pleased. In her view, the scene was horrible for a lady and gentleman. They were unmarried yet but Victoria was laying on Gilbert, kissing him on purpose. She didn't care if Gilbert had saved her daughter or not. This attitude was unacceptable!

So the woman walked downstairs, heading to her horse. Yeah, that black demon was hers. The horse quickly calmed down seeing her. Stroking the horse's nose, Mrs.Redwood cleared her tone to snap Victoria our."This is enough, Victoria. You too, Young Gilbert." Ice darts stabbed Victoria's back. She gulped and stood up, seeing all the crowd surrounding her. She just stood there wordlessly.

"So everything goes as planned!" Mr.Redwood yelled out with a wide grin. "The wedding would be tomorrow!"
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A breeze started brushing through the garden and it passed through Gilbert's hair, ruffling it slightly. The bangs caressed his own skin and started putting him on the train to sleep world. Slowly, he started feeling his lids getting heavy and his head occasionally slipped away from his palm. When someone approached him, the simple sound of some steps startled him and put him in an alerted mood for some reason.

He frowned at the person, an old male. His clothes were similar to Landon's, so Gilbert assumed that he was the Redwood butler. The man addressed him a question, which he refused to give a reply to. He bowed his head and kept it like that throughout what seemed like a speech. What struck him most, however, was the part about himself. Gilbert Averwick was a courageous young man, who wanted freedom, equality and justice more than anything. At least, this is what he thought he was. He was set on his own goals and refused to meet any obstacles in his path towards them. He opened his lips lightly, only sighs coming out, not followed by any words.

And then a yell echoed in the distance, disturbing the peace of the breeze and the birds. Gilbert shot up to his feet and poked his head out, hesitatingly seeking the source of the noise. "Was that...?" he wondered to himself, letting a confused frown climb his features.

It was.

The boy flinched when a black hurricane entered his sight, seemingly stealing Victoria away as well. It was a horse, heading furiously and desperately towards... towards them?! He tumbled back a few steps and barely stopped himself from falling over. What was he supposed to do?! Because, obviously he had to do something. Chase the horse? It was impossible. Shoot the horse? It wasn't the animal's fault that young Cruela De Vil decided to ride on its back.

"...Bloody hell," he grumbled and put his ripped jacket back on. It would make a good landing point for what he was going to do next. The horse was now in the zone and Gilbert cupped his hands around his mouth, calling out as loudly as possible towards the girl, "Victoria! You have to jump! Do you hear me? Just jump!" he cut himself off, frowning, "...I'll catch you, alright?" That had to be the worst idea ever. It might easily end in his bones breaking or something. But there was no choice, was it? Nobody prepared him for a situation like this. He had to settle, roll up his sleeves and try to look as convincing as possible when he spread out his arms, wide open.
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Victoria's jaw dropped as hearing the words which were shooting towards her heart. It was the first she was being scolded and talked to honestly. It was the first time somebody had spat the truth in her face. She gazed down at the rotten apple. Kneeling down, she picked it up and watched it. Um, what did he mean by apple?!She scratched her head, staring at it dumbly. Does he like rotten apple?Weird guy. Raising up eyebrows, she threw the apple away and sat under the tree. That guy...how dared he. But, what if it's all true....I'm the only one who likes arranged marriages. Does it mean, I can't find a love myself? Oh, why today became a disastrous day? I didn't do anything wrong, almost. The confused girl hugged her knees and rested her chin on her knees. He refuses to marry even if he's lose a large amount of money. Am I...that horrible?! This broke her heart. She was really counting on this marriage. She had thought nothing can stop this wedding. It seemed like even arranged marriages were unpredictable.

Victoria felt like shedding tears. Failing to resist, the loser started a silent cry with face buried in her knees.

Somebody approached Gilbert with soft steps. Then a warm, wise voice asked him politely."Mr.Averwich, weren't you supposed to spend your time with Ms.Victoria?" A tall, middle aged man with a fluent British accent stood beside Gilbert. He had raven hairs and grey eyes, dressed in butler's outfit. He was Harry, the Redwood mansion's butler. The male saw the gloomy expression on Gilbert's face and guessed the problem smartly. So, Harry sat beside the young man carefully and smiled bitterly. "I assume you're not pleased of your future wife, sir? I'm sorry to tell, most of us expected this. Forgive my rudeness but the young lady's behaviors are...different." Harry tried to choose the best words to describe Victoria."And different people are hard to deal with. Maybe it was better for all the humans to be just alike." His smile became warmer. "But the life would be a boring routine, indeed." Letting out his breath form his nose, the butler stood up. "I'm sorry for taking your time but I felt the need to tell my earlier opinion about you, sir. I had thought you're a different person too. With a different view, trying to don't look like the other young rich men who seek for more money and beautiful wealthy ladies. I had believed you could have the courage to 'fight back', instead of escaping the obstacles. Sadly, young lady didn't have the braveness to face herself." Bowing slightly, Harry took his leave but then stopped and looked at Gilbert again. "Shall I tell them you've changed your mind about marrying, sir?" Before he could hear the boy, Victoria's scream widened his eyes.

Well, while Harry was giving a speech, Victoria had got tired from crying and felt like having some fun to forget the brat. So she decided to ride on a horse. The only horse she could ride on was a silly pony. As Gilbert has crushed her pride, she wanted to something new to gain back her confidence. So stupidly, she chose the 'wildest' horse to ride on. The moment her back touched the horse's back, the animal went all crazy, running to the road. Poor Victoria had clutched on the horse's hair tightly, screaming for help.

The black horse was heading towards the forests, not slowing down a bit. It had lost its mind as it seemed. Maybe Victoria's presence was bothering the horse. However, the poor girl couldn't control it at all.
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The girl started laughing, causing a frown to appear on Gilbert's face. He was, however, unable to truly get angry because of that considering how that idiotic dog was still there. Luckily, Victoria shunned him away and Gilbert managed to bounce off the branch. He landed safely on the ground and patted his shirt, feeling like he'd forgotten something... Oh, yes. He forgot his jacket. He reached out for it, since it was hung to the half broken branch. When he pulled it towards him, a ripping noise echoed through the garden and Gilbert whined internally. That was my favorite jacket... he thought with a sigh, holding it in his hands, as if it was now a deceased dear relative.

For a moment, he'd forgotten about Victoria but she made sure to snap his attention back at her in a way that wouldn't possibly let him have that repeat. She started talking and she never seemed like ever wanting to stop. Gilbert clutched on to his forehead and shook his head frantically. In distance, her words began turning into a line of 'blah blah' that gave him a serious headache. It pulsated in his mind, along with the events of the past, the ones earlier that day, and the events of the future where he pictured himself constantly harassed by the dog, being scared to no end by the mother, being utterly annoyed by the father and then... suddenly Victoria's image stretched out. She was holding strings and he was a puppet. And she had horns, red horns, and a red pointed tail. In a cage, having to helplessly watch images of the world and his physics books go burn.

"THEN FIND ANOTHER ONE!" he suddenly snapped, his voice spilling out anger from the depth of his throat. "Do you think this is all about you? Find another unlucky to throw yourself onto, unless you can see that you're ruining people's lives." She was now hiccuping for a while. His shoulders were tense and he arched an eyebrow lightly. Whether she was doing it on purpose, to act adorable or not, the knife had cut into his flesh and it had already reached the bone. This was what his future was damned for? He sighed lightly and spun around on his toes, knocking his foot against an apple, which fell from the broken branch. Red, but cut in half. He felt his stomach twist when he noticed that it was rotten inside.

How convenient. He faced the female again, rolling the apple towards her feet after he kicked it gently. "This is you. Ponder on the meaning." Again, mumbling, he tossed his jacket over his arm and stormed off. "Forget this... I'm leaving tomorrow... Father can disinherit me for all I care... Just listen to that girl, 'I want this', 'I expect that'..." For a moment he wondered whether he'd been too harsh, but he was too tired and angry at the moment to have a lucid mind.

He furiously stomped on the stairs from the entrance, but stopped once he caught a glimpse of Mrs. Redwood on the porch. For some reason, he thought that passing her by at that moment wasn't a good idea. Silently, he retreated to the back entrance and took a seat on one of the stairs. He put down his torn jacket and glanced helplessly at his dusty clothes. Why me...? Gilbert thought, puffing his cheeks and leaning his head into his palms.
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Victoria heard steps down the stairs and some argue. The female recognized the voices; Gilbert and his father. For a second, her little heart stopped beating. Are they leaving? Oh, no! They shouldn't. I'm still not done. I shouldn't lose him, he's not allowed. He's MINE now! Thinking dominantly, she sharpened her ears to hear them vividly. Somebody wanted to go, but fortunately his father was the on to go. Geez. That's better. That old man was made of ice! Too formal.A playful grin landed on her devilish face. Then her brain worked on the case, giving her this result; What if Stanley banishes your Gilbert from his heritage? This arrow stabbed through her heart and she felt dizzy. Then this boy was useless. Ugh. I shouldn't think like this. Gilbert's handsome. No girl deserves him but me~Nodding to herself, she reminded herself who's the wealthiest, prettiest and sweetest girl in northern hills. Victoria; The main star of this marriage.

Really, she loved this wedding happen. Even though Gilbert acted like a jerk, she was sure he'd respect her after knowing her 'wonderful personality'. So, Victoria rand her fingers in her long blond hairs and rose up her chin pridefully. Now, when's he going to show up?She sighed in frustration, hating to wait.

Well, Gilbert didn't make her wait for a long time. The boy's scream freaked her out and Victoria looked back to watch a hilarious chasing game, started by the little 'Gilbert'. The bigger Gilbert was like a scared cat, climbing up the tree in fear of the chewing machine.

Victoria? What dd she do? cry?gasp?shout?help? Nah. She laughed! Her loud unladylike laughter bursted out and her spit rained down on the grasses. Her mouth was opened wide, letting out her squeaker annoying sound. She laughed and laughed till the blond asked for help. Shaking her head, she wiped off the tears from corner of her eyes and tried to force her laughter into chuckles. She kicked the barking Gilbert."Get lost, dear." Victoria whispered cheerfully, sending the whining dog away.

Giggling in a mean way, she gazed up at Gilbert. "Oh, my!my! You're so funny and entertaining,Aren't you? I'm loving you more!" Stating this selfishly, she stepped back to give the poor one some space to get off the tree.

Victoria had a victorious smile. Now Gilbert had screwed up their lovely moment. She was the type of girl who loved to scold other and humiliate them. A total ass, to be true. So she stiffed herself like her mother, smirking with her eyes looking down on the future husband. "Uh. That's not what a gentleman does, sir. Climbing up a tree like a monkey ad asking a respectful lady like me to help you out. I expect you to not be scared of dogs. I want my husband brave and reliable." Enjoying her boring speech, Victoria ran a hand in her hairs, feeling extremely beautiful and impressive at the moment.

But her 'cool' pose soon melted, when the effects of laughing too hard appeared. Basically, she hiccuped and shoulders jumped up. Blinking and covering her mouth, she tried to stop the next hiccup but failed and her mouth opened to let out a louder hiccup. Vitoria reddened madly. Why does this happen to me!
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It was chaos.

Gilbert remained seated down on the floor, watching with a dry gulp as Mrs. Redwood scolded his father in a way that basically pulled his soul out of his body to feed it to the demons. And for a moment he could see plain terror on Stanley's face, but it faded and his face was boiling. It was just in luck that Mr. Redwood quickly bumped in, before his father would start having an yelling fit. But it was a bit too late.

"What!? I will not accept this treatment!" Stanley fumed out, crawling out from underneath the table. He bumped his head in the table on his way out, but that only enraged him more. Gilbert stood up slowly and inspected the area. It was a mess. The boy approached his father quickly and tugged his shoulder, "Does this mean that you will cancel the thing?"

Stanley pulled his arm back with a huff, "Of course not!" He kept a sharp gaze on Mrs. Redwood, mumbling under his breath. "It means that it is time for me to take my leave." Gilbert flinched. With his mouth wide open, and rather puzzled, he watched his father angrily storm off and so naturally leaving him behind, cornered by the lions from the room. He gave a quick look towards Mrs. Redwood and gulped, quickly following after Mr. Averwick.

"Father, you can't possibly leave me here!" Gilbert protested, climbing down the stairs of the house.

"Man up! This is a step you'll have to take anyway, one day or another."

"But I'd much rather have another..."

"Goodbye, son."

"B-but...!" Gilbert stammered, helplessly watching the male climb up into the carriage and dusting himself off, "You don't understand! I'm going to die! Literally." The carriage's door slammed and in the next second it entered the motion phase, at fast pace too. Gilbert blinked. He then frowned. And then he kicked a pebble across the street and started huffing. He genuinely hoped the man would have an accident of sorts. Turning back to face the mansion, he pinpointed a figure at a certain distance in the garden.

Oh, we are supposed to have a 'private talk'. It doesn't get any more private than this, he thought with an arched eyebrow. Like a tank, he started making his way along the alley of the front entrance. He was determined to let that girl drop the idea of that stupid marriage. If he was lucky, he could do that by dinner, since it was getting extremely hot anyway. Grumbling and kicking random things, he took out his jacket and pulled down to his collar until he loosened it slightly.

Gilbert stopped abruptly behind the tree he saw Victoria under. He froze for a moment and skewed his head to a side, attempting to get a closer, careful look. Well... what was he supposed to say, then? She could have been forced just like him, but unlike the Averwick boy, she took a more... positive approach. It could be that, but it couldn't be that as well. He pursed out his lips and glanced down, a pondering look in his eyes. Should he use a decent approach or simply lash out at her? He definitely did not know her character well enough to make the decision quickly. His brain was buzzing from the thinking. It echoed in his ears, like a growl.

The blond flinched lightly and glanced to his side. The dog. It was there. The ugly thing was stalking him. Gilbert narrowed his eyes, giving the animal a sharp glare. But the animal didn't seem impressed. Instead, it shot out from its place, barking and growling, heading like a rocket in his direction. "AHHHH! It's going to eat me!"

He threw himself against the tree and clumsily climbed up on it, until it was safe the bulldog could not reach. But the branch Gilbert had stopped on kept bouncing up and down, it was definitely unstable. It creaked once and Gilbert slid forward, his hands clutching tightly to the branch. He slid out through other branches and through some leaves, stopping about a few inches away from the female's shoulders.

"Um, this may not be the best time, but..." he cleared his throat and actually yelped slightly when he felt himself get closer to the ground and the dog, ready to tear his clothes and skin to pieces, "Could you stop that accursed thing from chewing me?!"
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Lucy's screams tore everyone's ears. The sudden attack of the 'bodyguard' had freaked her heart. The poor girl had crawled under the table with Mr.Averwich, almost sticking to him shakily. Mr.Redwood had ran into a corner, wiping off his fat face repeatedly with his handkerchief. Jacob heard a familiar yelp, it sounded so much like his voice?! Yes, the grown up man had shrieked, throwing himself on the ground to protect himself from the crazy guy.

Victoria wasn't harmed at all. She had used poor Gilbert as a shield while landing on the floor. A deep blush was on her cheeks when she looked closely in his green, admirable eyes. She felt his hands gently wrap around her body. A small smile played her lips but then her eyes widened in shock when she was rudely thrown on the ground. Gasping loudly, she lifted up herself, frowning at the brash Gilbert. But she wasn't the only one who was losing temper. Her mother, was sitting stiffly on the chair the whole time, even when Harley showed up and the two future couples fell on each other. She was like a statue, from ice. In her eyes, laid the flames of rage.

Slowly, Mrs.Redwood stood up and with a swift move, she pushed the table away to reveal her maid who who had wrapped her arms around Gilbert's father. Lucy looked up and shivered, quickly getting on her feet and helping the man stand up. Mrs.Redwood's eyes pierced Stanly's soul through his eyes. The woman stiffed even more to look taller. "Lack of respect? What do you mean?!" Her voice was dull but still...smelling like danger. "I wonder if you don't consider bringing a...a...an assassin in a serious tea party lack of respect? Or maybe you're feeling insecure here?" Her eyes narrowed, stabbing the man with her gaze.

Mr.Redwood felt the atmosphere heavy so he quickly jumped in before any argument happens. "Well, what an incident! We're not on luck today as it seems!" The fat man let out a nervous laughter. "So, I guess it's time for our young couple to be alone." He looked at Victoria who had stood with a protesting face, winking. "Let these 'love birds' have some private talk in the garden."

Victoria nodded and gathered her crushed pride, heading to the garden. She expected the boy to follow.

Jacob was dusting off his jacket, mumbling angrily. "Cursed. This marriage's cursed!"

Victoria stood under a tree and wiped off a single tear. It was all ruined. Now she had to make it up with this 'private talk'.
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The little tea party had begun and Gilbert was only expecting the worse. There was a tiny feeling inside of him which made him think so, not necessarily because he was feeling pessimistic about the whole thing. Mrs. Redwood addressed him and he instantly pulled himself out from underneath the table, taking a more elegant stature in his chair. He tugged to the sleeves of his emerald green jacket lightly and glanced towards his father from the corners of his eyes. Interests? What was he supposed to say? Should he say he liked leading textile companies, to please his father? What was he going to lose? The topic of physics was much more appealing than clothes anyway.

"Well..." he stammered for a moment and his eyes briefly fell on the window. And through the window, different musical instruments. He blinked slowly, staring dumbly at them. Tons of instruments. He turned back to eye Mrs. Redwood, but she seemed too much focused on something else. Following her gaze's line, Gilbert found Victoria at its end and the girl was... staring rather oddly at his father. He suddenly felt some goosebumps and discarded the need to make a remark about 'developing secret obsessions'.

Then it got even weirder.

"Oh, sir. Your face reminds me of my dear uncle!"
"Poor brother."
"He died by drinking a poisonous tea that his bride had made it."

Gilbert pressed himself against his chair and paled lightly. Bloody crazy women. I have to get out of this thing. The part with the execution didn't sound as bad, but it couldn't keep his thoughts away from the possibility of dying. Victoria then addressed him and all he did was to respond with a gloomy glare. It was time to eat, something that Gilbert could never say no to. Well, unless it was being served by what looked like an extremely drunk maid. He tensed up in his chair, mentally uttering that nothing bad was going to happen.

But it did.

The hot liquid from the spilled cup had Gilbert shoot up to his feet instantly. His skin was melting. His blood was boiling. Or something among those lines. By the next moment, he began flailing his arms over his shirt, trying to cool it off by blowing towards the jacket from distance. Stanley also rose to his feet, furious and outraged.

"What is this lack of respect?!" he exaggerated as always, blaming people for almost nothing. And that wasn't all.

The door leading to the porch was slammed open and Harley stepped in, jumping over the table and holding high above his head a wooden spoon. He twirled a cigarette between his lips and started scanning the party's inhabitants slowly. Suddenly, he went completely alert, the moment Victoria stepped on the dog.

"Young Master, beware! Red code, red code!" He exclaimed, kicking off all of the table's belongings. Gilbert found his head spin in chaos. He pulled his hands out helplessly, waving them desperately and trying to stop Harley who was rushing to knock off Victoria. "No, no! Not a red code! Harley, I demand you--"

Something clashed against him. He struggled to maintain a certain balance but ended up stepping on a puddle of hot tea. It obviously made him slip. His vision was darkened, he could swear that it was hair that entered his mouth and that tingled his face. He began falling.

Just he wouldn't fall on a chair... Don't fall on a chair and have him break his back.


Gilbert hit the floor, pressed by the weight on top of him. Slightly dizzy, he blinked several times, trying to focus his gaze. And it did focus. It focused on Victoria. For a moment he looked rather confused and couldn't help but feel a bit awkward.

"My lady," Gilbert said lowly and placed his hands around her gently, "Get off." The last bit was spoked through spilled poison. With a flick of his arms, he hurtled Victoria away from him, dropping her on the floor. He sat up, grumbling and dusting himself off.

"Gil!" Stanley exclaimed and Gilbert turned his head towards the table... everything was shattered down on the floor and his father had hidden under the table.

"Code Red canceled. Zone cleared." Gilbert did hear Harley's voice, but when he turned towards the direction of the voice... he wasn't there.
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Jacob sat beside Gilbert, feeling his inconvenience. He looked under the chair only to see the dog, who didn't look pleased in Gilbert's presence.Smiling, he laughed in an annoying way. That showed he wanted to start his teasing. "Oh, look who's here. Gi-" Gulping, he cut his statement. The gaze of Mrs.Redwood on him was like an axe on his neck. So the boy shut up and just gave a smirk at the real Gilbert to show 'I was just joking!'.

Mrs.Redwood cleared her throat firmly, feeling that they needed a good title to talk. She wasn't impressed when Gilbert kissed her hand. She still wanted a man in his 40s. But Mr.Redwood had forced her to accept the marriage. "So, Young Gilbert. We'd be glad if you talk about your interests." But her dull face didn't show any 'gladness' at all.

Victoria wasn't looking at Gilbert at all. She had a huge smile from ear to ear on her face, staring at Stanley for the whole time while tapping on the cup with the teaspoon. It looked like she had some interest in the old man but the truth was...she wasn't in this world at all! The girl had got that bored to start daydreaming. So her crimson eyes were glued on the man for no reason. Suddenly her mother snatched the teaspoon, still looking at Gilbert. Victoria blinked and looked around, finding herself staring at Gilbert's father for a long time which was so unacceptable for a young lady.

So, quickly, Victoria made an excuse. "Oh, sir. Your face reminds me of my dear uncle!" This was going to end here but Mr.Redwood's face became sorrowful. "Poor brother." He sighed. Mrs.Redwood coughed several times to warn them but Victoria didn't get it. "He died by drinking a poisonous tea that his bride had made it."

Jacob was choked in the middle of sipping his tea. drying his lips with a handkerchief, he tried to fix the awkward situation. "Oh, she's been executed." He tried to comfort Stanley. Victoria sighed, looking up regretfully. "But this wouldn't bring uncle back. Will it, Gilbert?" She glanced at Gilbert, trying to look innocent but with those yes...she looked like a devil.

Mrs.Redwood's eyes closed. Her breathings had became more uneven. "Lucy, bring the apple pie!" Her voice was weak, like she was about to faint.

The hyper maid, Lucy, rushed in by skipping. She served the apple pie happily as humming a country song. The smell of pie was good, at least something went according to the plan in the mansion. But Victoria ruined this moment too. Smiling pleasantly, she picked her share but on the way of bringing the piece in her mouth, he elbow knocked the tea cup on the table and the tea in it was poured directly on Gilbert.

Mrs.Redwood put a hand on her chest, her heart was going to stop. Victoria gasped."Let me help!" She tried to stand up but her foot stepped on the bulldog. The bulldog, shocked from the pain, tried to run but knocked all the table down. Lucy screamed at this horrible situation. The clumsy Victoria tried to walk but she slipped on a piece of cup which was wet with tea and she fell on Gilbert with a yelp.
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His arms were folded over his chest, his cheeks were slightly puffed, because in his opinion that was what a spoiled brat would look like. He couldn't have known, Gilbert might have been raised in cotton candy, but he's always aspired only for simplicity. But being mighty once in a while didn't hurt one's ego. In fact, he noticed that his dog remark had brought already enough furious redness in both Jacob's and Victoria's cheeks. First meeting went well. Except for the family's real dog, who most definitely did not wield his name for real.

Gilbert felt his eye twitch lightly and composed himself from simply sighing and walking away. He had to continue the game. He spread his arms wide open, "I do have to congratulate you for the excellent name choice for that bag of flees of yours. Just sharing the name makes him instantly better looking." The blond let a confident nod afterwards and couldn't help but shudder lightly. That sounded horrible. Were there actual people with such an ego? He raised a brow and glanced over the shoulder at the utterly awful looking dog. He narrowed his eyes. But that thing was ugly.

Later on, Gilbert was forced by the code of manners to join a stupid tea with the family. He walked on the porch and he saw that his father was there, joined by who looked like the girl's parents. Awkward enough. The boy cleared his throat and approached the table, flinching lightly when he unwillingly met the mother's eyes. She literally sent some chills down his spine. Speaking of empty shells. Then the father spoke, his wife's polar opposite. Gilbert parted his lips, for a moment tempted to come with a rude remark, or do something outrageous, but maybe... maybe it wasn't the best approach. How about...

He ran his fingers through his hair for a brief moment then he elegantly stretched forward, reaching for Mrs. Redwood's hands, placing a subtle kiss on it. He straightened himself back and arranged his collar, flashing a dazzling smile towards Mr. Redwood. "Oh, Mr. Redwood. I believe you and your lovely wife should pride yourself on the incredible beauty that is your daughter. I can only be humbled to join destinies with her," Gilbert said under the prideful look of his own father. It wasn't him to be this ridiculously polite either, he was actually a combination of the two sides he'd shown so far, in reality. Well, they could blame old man Stanley Averwick for driving the boy insane with his rigidity all this time.

Gilbert sat down at the table and soon another presence joined, which happened just to be the 'precious family jewel', with a hairstyle which looked like a collapsing building. He met her eyes too, also by accident, and he flinched again. She gives me the creeps, for some reason... Gilbert thought and sank in his chair, slightly beginning to slide under the table. His foot bumped in something only half solid. Peeking under the table, he pin pointed the growling dog. His eyes narrowed for a bit. His spine froze lightly and he attempted to retreat his foot slowly. Last thing he needed was a bite from that... thing.
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Family's dog...

Jacob' right eyes twitched. His hand went to the nearest branch, to just break one of them and use it as a nice lesson for this brat! How dared he call his sister-even if she was crazy- a dog?! This meant he was calling her a bitch, how could his family agree to this marriage? This was sooo...

Poor Victoria. Her first meet wasn't perfect. She just stared and felt her sight getting blurry by tears. She had watched the young man laugh at her miserable situation and felt small, stupid, worthless comparing to this high, almighty, good looking man. But soon, when he called her a 'dog', her tears of sorrow turned into tears of rage. Tilting her head dangerously, she clenched her fists and started shooting death glares at the one who had to be her 'prince charming'.

Jacob's hand had almost gripped on the branch but seeing that 'Harley' guy...changed his mind. "Uh, Family's dog? You mean 'Gilbert'?" Laughing sarcastically, he whistled. "Gilbert! Come here!" A lazy, fat, bulldog dragged his little round body to them. Of course his name wasn't Gilbert but he just reacted to Jacob's whistles. Enjoying this revenge, Jacob patted the dog. "Good Gilbert." He whispered. The dog just barked shortly. "So, you saw our family's do-" His mean voice was cut by the hateful voice of Victoria. "Dog or not, you're going to marry me!" This statement was quite creepy...like a threat...Jacob was covered in sweats.

Victorira ran off to the mansion to change her clothes. Her maid's screams could be heard. Surely, today wasn't Redwood's best day. Jacob sighed, sighed to comfort himself. Gilbert wasn't going to live with him...so why he had to get angry?! Making a fake smile once more, Jacob started showing him around and oh, the little 'Gilbert' followed them.
Well, after Victoria changed her clothes-she didn't tell her parents she had seen her 'future' husband already-the maid quickly set the tea and called Jacob and Gilbert to join.
Mr.Redwood was happily chatting with Stanley. Mrs.Redwood was as stiff as always, staring coldly forward without a word. Jacob led Gilbert in the mansion's porch where they were going to have tea.
Mrs.Redwood nodded her head to Gilbert, scanning him with her sharp eyes. "We were waiting for you impatiently, Mr.Averwick." But her voice didn't sound friendly at all. She preferred an older man...not a raw youngster like her daughter. Mr.Redwood laughed carelessly."You should be proud of your son, Stanley!" Way too friendly...calling the father by name. This stung Mrs.Redwood. She pressed her lips together, closing her eyes in frustration. "Victoria will join us soon..." She told them politely.
Finally, Victoria entered the scene. With another dress of course. Her hairs were tied again but it was obvious it would get loose again. This happened when she gave a spoiled smile at Gilbert, he was attractive. A girl like her-Who wasn't so pretty- would drool for such a man. However, she thought herself 'the gorgeous lady of the northern hills'. "Good morning, Mr.Averwick!" She gave another silly smile and sat down on the nearest chair. Her hair ties loosened and suddenly her puffy hairs fell on her shoulders freely. Victoria pouted."Damn.". This made Mrs.Redwood cough to cover her daughter's voice.
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Why me...?


Gilbert Averwick. At that time, the name spoke for itself. It meant, no matter how one put it, wealth and power. But unfortunately, it was the thing most people wanted, including acknowledgment. It seemed however that the Averwick family's current status simply wasn't good enough. Stanley Averwick, the boy's father and the family's head, claimed to want to ensure a bright future for the family's youngest. It would've been a great thing if... he actually bothered to ask for Gilbert's opinion. He never did. And therefore, it led up to an arranged marriage.

"This is an incredible opportunity, Gil," Stanley spoke, trying to grab the boy's attention since he was just glaring outside the carriage's window.

"Then you marry her," Gilbert uttered poisonously, startling his father. Usually Gilbert wasn't a bitter person, unless needed of course. And in this case, it was all needed. But he did have a habit of being rather silent and whenever he spoke, he had the tendency to be painfully blunt.

"Don't be insolent!" Stanley spoke out, giving a nudge to his son who rapidly spun his head around, letting his blond locks move by his face, "You should thank me instead. This union is going to ensure you a wealthy life even after I'm gone... since you don't seem too willing to continue our tradition anyway."

Here he went again. Gilbert rolled his eyes, bright apple green. "...Impertinent child, crushing a family business as old as the world for this physics nonsense... and to travel around, hmph."

"I wouldn't worry about that, father. You're managing just fine to ruin this for me," Gilbert commented and as soon as the carriage slowed down, he hurtled himself out of it, much to the worry of the personal employees that he's brought along. Again, it wasn't something that he agreed with, but lucky that the three workers, which were the butler, a maid and the chef, were people he got along with nicely.

Gilbert arched an eyebrow, scanning the mansion before him. It was nice enough. Decent. He requested his cane, one of the few formalities of showing off someone's wealth which he enjoyed. It was delivered to him by Landon, the butler, a middle aged man, but extremely noble and loyal. Before proceeding to approach the house, Stanley placed a firm hand on Gilbert's shoulder. "Take care of yourself and what you're doing. Be nice, I don't want you to ruin this opportunity," he said warily.

Oh, really? As if I'm not always 'nice', Gilbert thought and had to cough lightly to cover up a devious smile which started to creep up on his face. How much of a tragedy would it be for this opportunity to be destroyed? Terrible.

Gilbert waved his father off and approached the mansion, followed by the three employees, which were all stupidly dazzled by the surroundings: the garden, the plants, the mansion, blah blah. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and he jolted when, to him at least, someone greeted him suddenly. The chef, Harley, almost pounced on the male. Because Harley was also a ninja bodyguard, as Gilbert liked to say.

"Mhmm," Gilbert greeted the Redwood boy back with an elegant composure, "I'd love to see more of this place. Oh, also, I request that you ensure the commodity of my employees over here. Maria is my maid, Landon is my faithful butler and be careful with Harley, the chef. He has a certain... attractiveness to sharp objects."

And then, the tour began and somehow a little part inside of Gilbert had to find something to critique in about everything he saw. Too small, too ugly, too shiny, too dirty... those people wouldn't let their little precious daughter marry an asshole, would they? A spoiled brat too. There were endless possibilities, only so he could get away from that atrocity and move on with the life he itched for, a life of freedom and traveling and studying physics.

Precious daughter...

"Uhhhh...And this is my sister, Victoria;Your future wife."

Gilbert was stoned. He stared at the sight before him, at the completely ruined girl and blinked. The image was... it was... The blond boy sneered and then it developed into an uncontrollable laughter, which had him drop his cane and clutch his stomach. "Oh my Goodness! My future wife? Are you kidding me?" he pressed a palm over his lips, trying to compose the laughter. Suddenly, he clicked back to normal, the amusement replaced by a reluctant expression. He folded his arms, raised his chin and turned his head around, eying Jacob Redwood with seriousness. "Let's continue the tour. This is not your sister, it's the family's dog."
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"I said the reddest one, Fred! the highest one!" A scream filled the Redwood family's garden. There were apple trees, designed with delicious, big apple which shone under the spring's gentle sunshine. The chirp of the birds were lost in a loud voice of a young female. Anyone who heard that, thought it's the rude maid of the mansion but we know it was nobody but the only daughter of Redwood wealthy family; Victoria. She was standing under a tree, demanding the gardener boy who was on a ladder,trying to reach for the biggest apple which laid on the highest branch. The girl had long blond hairs, tied loosely and half of her hairs were covering her face. She had a long fine dress, showing she was waiting for someone important. Victoria had gripped on her dress, holding it up so high that her legs were completely showed off. It was a shame for a lady especially those times but all Victoria's focus was on the apple she wanted. Her weird crimson eyes were narrowed as the boy stumbled on the ladder. The poor worker begged."P-please, Miss.Victoria...I can't..." Suddenly he lost his balance and with a loud yelp, the young boy fell on Victoria. The girl screamed and squirmed, pushing him off. "Look what did you do?! My dress! All muddy!" She looked down at the mess, biting her lips. Her new, pretty, awesome dress...all ruined. Suddenly she rose up her head and shot a dead glare at the worker. The young worker stammered nervously. "I'm...I'm sorry! I apologize! Please, do forgive me...Not my fault..." Victoria didn't reply, she just rose up her fist threateningly. The smart worker used his thin legs to escape. Victoria growled in anger and stood up, trying to wipe off the mud. "I'll kill you..." she muttered. They'll come soon. I should change...She thought and started heading to the mansion with a stiffed back. But before she could reach there, the sound of hooves froze her. Jerking her head to the road, she saw the carriage...A gasp stopped her heart, her soul almost flew off, her face turned into the whitest white...
And just like a little rabbit who's seen a fox, she jumped behind one of the apple trees. Now...how can I tell anyone to bring me clothes?! The poor girl hugged her knees.
Mrs.Redwood stared out of the window to watch the butler greeting the carriage which held the richest man of the northern hills. Her slim face was dead serious and her pale gray eyes were anxious. "Where's Victoria, Lucy?" She whispered with an icy tone.
The maid behind her cleared her throat, hesitating to answer. "I...I don't know ma'am."
"What?! They're here! and you don't where she is?!" The woman turned on her heels to face the scared maid. The maid twiddled with her fingers, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm sorry! But I searched everywhere..."
"Oh, god! Search more! Anthony, out daughter's disappeared." The lady looked at her short, plumpish husband. The man looked laid back, with a smile. "Oh, relax. She was excited to see him. She hasn't ran away..."
The woman, who was quite wiser, demanded her son who was older than Victoria. "Jacob! Go make the young man busy, keep him somewhere...Something tells me Victoria's not in the best shape!"
The tall man sighed, running a hand in his brown straight hair. "My,my. Fine." Showing a fake smile, he walked down the front stairs to meet the young man. "Welcome to our little hut..." Laughing slightly, he shook hands with the handsome boy. "I'm Jacob Redwood. Victoria's brother." after introducing himself, his quick brain found the best place to keep him busy. The garden. Well, he had no idea Victoria would be there!
So, laughing and blabbering, Jacob almost pushed the younger man to the garden. "Let me show you around..." He made up an excuse, walking under the shade of the trees.
Victoria's eyes widened as she heard some steps approaching. Oh, no! why are they here?!She thought in fear and stood up. A tearing sound made her flinch. She looked down, seeing her bare legs. The lower part of dress had been torn by the tree! It might had been stuck to a root or something. But that wasn't important at all. Victoria covered her mouth before letting out a scream, she stumbled forward and...
"Uhhhh...And this is my sister, Victoria;Your future wife." The embarrassed brother pointed at the crazy girl with torn, muddy dress, standing in front of them with a poker face.
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