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A guy who doesn't know what his place in life should be happened to be walking down a road by a forest one day,the night sky was lit up and seemed to be getting brighter for him when he noticed something in the forest. There was something that drew him into the forest and as he walked on suddenly there she was..a girl? More than an ordinary girl it seemed. But it seemed like he was supposed to be there.
Just coming into the world the only thing,for the moment,this girl seemed to know was..this boy's name..almost like she had come here on his whim or something similar to it,but could just as well be for herself. Falling into his arms as a being and knowing his name firsthand was one thing,but that wasn't all there was to her..not by a long shot. Since she was just getting there just becoming this being,she was a little more reserved about everything since she didn't know that much but by his thoughts somehow..but she obviously would need time to get herself to function as well after all, coming into a world doesn't happen to just anyone.
What is he going to do about this? He felt responsible for her so he helped but it couldn't end there..he needed and wanted to be there for this person it was like it was meant to be that way.

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Nadia watched the way the people and things around them would blur a bit when Will would take off on the bike, then come into better focus whenever he stopped. Every time she could get her bearings, the scenes around her had changed so drastically. Tall buildings, short buildings, so many smells that attacked her nose. Some were good and some were horrible…so many questions powered through her mind, but it was hard to be heard over the bike. She was still a bit shaky when Will pulled the bike closer to a building and turned it off. [b “There’s so much…everything out here…”] She gaped from within the helmet, taking his arm and finding her footing just a little off for a moment. She went to take the helmet off, struggling a moment before tucking it under her arm and looking everywhere with wide eyes.

Focusing back to Will, as she tended to do, Nadia took his hand as he entered the building. It had a smell she wasn’t used to, like the store had. Did every place have a different smell? It was not an unpleasant one though. Keeping quiet and following him around like a shadow, Nadia waved timidly at the woman at the front of the place before they entered the warehouse section. She looked up over the many, many shelves, some boxes on them were huge and other packages were small…They lined the place, making her crane her neck a little to look up and then down again. She watched him pick out some things, offering to assist in carrying the items on their way back to the bike. [b “Do all of these go to different places or the same place?”] She wondered, watching him secure the things before getting back on the bike behind him and put on the helmet again. His question made her grip tighten around him as she thought back to the memories. [b “There’s so much…so many people and places and ..smells. It’s so colorful and strange out here. …the noise is …it’s okay.”] She spoke loudly through the helmet, though her grip around him trembled a little. [b “It feels familiar. But…I’m with you. So it’s okay. And I’m redy to go with you. ”] She explained.
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 1d 12h 34m 39s
He could have guessed the feeling might be similar to something she'd felt before, but he didn't know it would be something so specific.He could tell something was off a little bit, but he really had no idea as to what. She seemed to snap out of it as that feeling went away. Before, they had walked to more local areas with less people and vehicles, now they were closer to an area with far more business and people. The day was normal as any other, hustle and bustle all about them, he sort of forgot she'd yet to experience even these simple things. They only had a little longer to go once they were closer to the populated area, then he finally pulled into this smaller building with a warehouse attached to it. He pulled into the front and leaned the bike on it's stand. "[b Alright..we're here. You can step off, carefully.]"He informed her, offering out his arm for her to balance on as she got off the bike.
This place that he worked and delivered packages for, might seem odd, since he couldn't take too many because of his bike, but his was the specialty job, he delivered packages that were going to be delivered, the quickest, same-day and things marked for special deliveries, so he and a couple other's had those specific tasks, and a route as it were, usually closer by or very specific, so he didn't need to have a lot of packages at once, as some arrived when people who took a majority of them already would be out.
He looked to her once she was off and proceeded into the building, he'd only have to have a brief stop at the front to pick up a list and then head into the warehouse to find some packages he could take and put in the bags on his bike, or tie to the back of it. The process took a little while and he told her she was welcomed to follow, if actually asked about it he just told them, he was housing her and so he was showing her the city today. Eventually, they did get back to the bike, "[b Are you ready to go again? How did you think of the ride..noise isn't so bad once you're used to it right?]"
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 3d 7h 14m 13s
Only one helmet. Part of her felt a bit weird on that. It felt wrong somehow, but it could not be helped, she guessed. Though why he gave it to her instead was a bit baffling. When he started the bike up, Nadia jumped and gripped tighter to him. Her eyes closing a moment as the want to cover her ears crept back into her mind. [b “Mmkay..”] She spoke, though probably not loud enough to hear over the noise. She would need to adjust the volume of her tone, she guessed. She swallowed, nervous and trembling a little, though it would have been lost in the vibration of the bike itself.

The start was slow. A shifting back and forth as he walked the bike out of the garage. [b “I’m ready.”] She said, a bit louder this time and bit her lip a bit. She said the words, but was she? Then it started, the speed kept up and the wind pressed by them. It felt like what she imagined the birds felt, up in the sky. Flying…it felt like flying….or falling.

Falling. Her heart cold and slowing as her brothers and sisters passed far from her reach, the void of the darkness opening so wide to consume her. [I ‘I don’t want to go.’] The thought that penetrated her mind. Thought? What was thought? Could a sun have thought? Could a dying rock have thought? There was a feeling. A pulling feeling, that snatched her from the void. The emotion was there and strong…loneliness. The air was cold and yet hot, the void grew further away…falling with the rushing roar of sound.

The sound of the bike in her ears and the vibrations paused for a streetlight. She had stayed tightly gripped to his middle, letting go of the images in her head to focus on him and the surroundings. Other cars were zooming by, large vehicles and small ones, bikes like their own and they also passed many different stores and buildings with strange colors and signs and so much more. [b "So many people!"]
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 3d 23h 7m 50s
He definitely knew his face got a little red after she just, sniffed his clothes, but he pushed past that knowing he didn't want to linger and draw attention to it. Once she spoke on the helmet again he softly chuckled before making sure the strap would hold it on to her head too. She did pick up on him not having a helmet, but he simply shrugged. "[b For now I only have the one helmet.]"He explained to her, again she seemed to catch on to how things were pretty well. He didn't feel the need to go over every little thing, she was picking up on the cue's and general way to use things easy enough. Truthfully, today being her only bout of clumsiness was interesting since she seemed to get a handle on learning so quickly.
He started up his bike finally, hoping the helmet helped a little bit with the noise at least, still not exactly sure why she didn't like loud noises, just reminded her of crashing down to earth or something possibly. "[b Hold on.]"He said as his garage opened and he walked them out, the door closing behind him once again. "[b I hope you're ready.]"He once again notified her, as the bike finally did start to pick up speed and he got them out on to the road. He enjoyed the feeling anyway, the wind rushing by, the cool air brushing to make the somewhat hot day not matter as much, possibly they were quite like a comet for a while as he drove them toward his workplace.
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 4d 19h 53m 43s
Nadia was surprised by how the cereal changed textures so much as they ate it. Eating the last of the floating pieces before watching him start to clear the table, getting up to follow him and watch what happened to the dishes. Her head was tilted curiously, though at his words, she felt something inside shift. Her eyes turned from the dishes to his face, as he spoke, before grinning from ear to ear, feeling like something had lifted from her shoulders. Some weight of some kind. [b “You mean that? That I don’t have to be normal? …To look like ….everyone else? That’s good…because I don’t think I could change me that way.”] She followed him to the bedroom, taking the sweatshirt he gave her.

Holding the fabric to her face, she inhaled softly. [b “mm…it smells like you. I like that.”] Her grin still present, she pulled it over her head. The thought about the noise made her bite her lip…ah yes. The bike made a lot of loud noise. Following him to the garage, she shifted a little, taking the helmet and looking at it with wide eyes. [b “This is the headswallower thing…It ate your head last time….it goes like this right?”] Pulling the helmet over her head was a weird feeling, trying to get it like she saw him wear it and found it a bit darker as she watched him sit on the bike. Tilting her head, now heavier with the helmet on, she straightened up again and clumsily got on the bike behind him. Her muffled voice still there. [b “What about your head? Do you not need something on your head too?”] She wondered, as her arms went around his middle, feet sliding into place where he had told her to put them.
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 4d 21h 40m 41s
Will figured she caught on to what he was saying by the end of them eating. Once they were finished eating he nodded his head to answer her question. "[b You're catching on to things.]"He informed her and he brought their bowls to the sink. "[b I don't want you to have to worry so much about being 'normal'.]"He stated finally, letting out a small sigh. "[b I regret ever mentioning you weren't, everyone is normal in their own way..you might be something else, but it doesn't mean you have to change how you are.]" He supposed in some way, he really didn't want her to be like everyone else, he liked her how she was, he enjoyed seeing her learn and grow and adapt, she did so quickly so far.
He walked to his room and pulled a sweatshirt out for her, giving it to her, though a part of him did wonder if she was actually going to get cold at all. "[b It gets sort of chilly riding. You'll have to get used to the noise though.]"He warned her, though he was certain she wasn't going to choose to stay here over coming along with him, even with the loud noise. He pulled his jacket on and went out to the garage, waiting for her to come along. He took the helmet he had and he offered that to her now as well. "[b You're gonna have to wear this too.]"He told her and sat on the bike waiting. "[b You'll be sitting behind me, and your feet-]"He flipped down some extra pegs on his bike for her behind him, "[-will go on these, and you'll be holding on to me..]"He tried his best to explain and waited for her to get on with him.
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 7d 1h 23m 20s
Nadia’s heart continued to pound, watching him move from his chair. She observed the way he picked up and closed the container, which didn’t have too much remaining within. Feeling his gentle grip beneath her arms as he helped her stand, made her face suddenly feel all hot again. This was the second time she’d done that, was it because she was starting to adapt more to his ways of…feeling? Still, his gentle smile left her a bit confused.

His reassurance that things could be fixed made her watch him a moment, learning the way to pick up the mess, and she mimicked his actions on the floor with the paper towels, this time on the tabletop. [b “It all happened so fast…It all fell apart.”] She muttered under her breath, though in the trouble with it, she had learned how to pick up the mess and finally watched him pat her seat before joining him.

Still a bit bummed, she took the seat, feeling his fingers lift to brush her hair back from her face, the warmth returning, having not completely vanished, as she turned to catch his gaze. Remembering how he had been eating before she got to the table, shaky hands lifted the spoon meant for her and she started to try to eat the little pieces floating in milk as he spoke. Swallowing a bite, she sighed softly. Relief? Was that the feeling? [b “Do you think it would make me more normal though?”] The words were soft, taking another bite before tilting her head curiously. [b “It’s very good. This is…cereal? The pieces were all hard when I poured them, and now they are all soft. Is that..soggy?”] She swished the spoon around in the bowl a little. Slower…she did things too fast. It was so hard to keep up with speed and things when it wasn’t something she had to monitor before. She’d had no control over it in the past. [b “Everything can be done so fast here though. I guess…I lose track of what I’m doing.”] she shrugged a little, taking a bite and leaning a bit to rest her head on his arm.
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 11d 9h 29m 2s
Will didn't actually know if it was a terrible problem, her ears mostly wouldn't draw too too much attention, not overly so from ordinary people anyway. Honestly, she didn't look too different from people. He thought on it some, and watched as she observed his food and then went to try and figure out everything anyway, she seemed to have it sort of down until the bag slid out of the box and she seemed to quickly panic, for some reason he didn't figure she'd get so panic-like or worked up so suddenly. He watched her proceed to try and fix it, even before he could lift a hand to try and help, or say anything and she quickly escalated it all, diving on to the floor and he slowly blinked when they finally connected eyes.
She seemed so devastated about this, when it wasn't even really a big deal in his mind. He moved to the milk and picked it up, the remainder not all that much, but he capped it off after spying the lid. He put it up on the counter and crouched down, putting his hands under her armpits and standing her up, figuring eventually she'd be sitting in milk if she wasn't told otherwise, he was mostly thankful her clothes remained relatively unspoiled, since she didn't have so many clothes to begin with. Looking at her face he offered her a small smile, "[b You didn't do anything we can't fix.]"He assured her, now looking back to the bowl and taking the bag and throwing it out with the box. He drained a little bit of the cereal out so her bowl was normal too, grabbing some paper towels and laying them down on the floor, and offering her some to wipe down the table, as he would say to her. Once they were relatively cleaned up, he took his seat once more and patted her stool as well, "[b Cereal is usually better a bit soggy anyway.]"He informed her, once she was seated brushing a bit of her hair aside from her face. "[b Now, what were we talking about..? Your ears? I don't think they're too bad, I don't think that they'd be like a huge problem at all, all sorts of people are born all sorts of ways as is.]"He found it easy enough to not make a big deal out of this, as it wasn't really a big deal at all. She might have been a bit clumsy, but she'd have to work it out eventually. "[b You just have to take things a little slower y'know..you'll get it next time.]"He added in, just to really reassure her about this whole thing.
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 11d 11h 23m 44s
Nadia’s breath had been slightly held as she waited for his say. The subconscious mind had picked up certain things from the tore they had visited like how other people had dressed and when he confirmed that her outfit was suitable, it made her smile rather wide. Walking to the table, she pulled her chair back some, sitting and looking at the items put out before her. Her eyes moved over the bowl, the box, and the carton, before tilting just a smidgeon to look at Will himself. [b “I was thinking….about ways that we could hide my …not normal ears.”] She started, but her mind was processing information regardless of her own words.

The bowl was in front of him. So she moved her own bowl closer to herself. Examining the contents of his bowl, Nadia lifted a hand for the container of milk first. She could see the similar contents and looked over the carton before managing it open and using two hands to guide and tilt it. Filling the bowl halfway, she put the container down and bit her lip, looking from the box to his bowl again. [b “Do you think …there could be a way to wear my hair to hide them? The tips, I mean. I don’t want to get us in trouble.”] She had picked up the box and saw the top flaps opened, peeking inside to unravel the plastic, managing slowly.

Using two hands again and sitting up a bit, she started to poor the cereal into the bowl. With a sudden slide and a plop, not only did the pieces fall into the bowl, but they fell too fast, followed by the plastic inside. The pieces escaped onto the floor and the table and the plastic now sat, partially within the milk. Wide eyes and heart pounding, she looked from the mess to him, and back again, not sure what to do. [b “I…I’m sorry…It all came out so fast I…I’ve made a mess of it all.”] Her lower lip quivered just slightly, before being bit again as she tried to figure out a way to fix this. Slowly tilting the box back upright, the plastic further slid out, then completely. [b “Oh…oh no…”] Panic started to rise as the action made her jump slightly and In turn nocked the container of milk off the table with her elbow.

Watching it fall with a gasp, it felt like time had slowed. She reached for the container, making a bit of a dive off her seat to the side, and missed, watching it hit the floor, popping open to spill. Heartbeat still throbbing in her ears, Nadia froze, waiting a moment before her still wide gaze turned upward, catching his own. Levels of emotion seemed to cross through her body like a whirlwind, from fear to anger at herself to irritation to confusion to defeat in a mere matter of seconds. [b “I’m sorry…I broke everything…Wh..what do I do?”] There was a distinct noted crack in her tone, fighting back a sob.
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 11d 21h 40m 24s
He was glad she seemed excited more than anything to go with him, it sort of outweighed the pressing thought of danger in his mind, which was nice. As he waited and finally she spoke up and stepped out to him, he took in her choice in clothing, she certainly did it and did well. He was a bit surprised, she had been in more comfortable clothes this entire time, or his clothes, this though was, well like she was actually dressed and looked, well, good in them. "[b You look very pretty, great job.]"He smiled sincerely at her, glad she had that sense that most girl's seemed to have, at least in his eyes.
Her next challenge would be making her own breakfast here as he began to take a spoonful of cereal in his mouth, eating, wondering if she'd just attempt to do this herself. He had gone through the effort of the bowl being right there, and the milk and cereal were also here, just not assembled, but he had faith she would be able to piece it together. It was a bit odd trying to subtly get her to do things for herself, but he figured he would have to start doing that earlier rather than her running to him for everything, especially on the chance that he wasn't there, she had to be able to take care of herself. He did want to watch over her, he felt compelled to even, in some odd mystical way, but he did want to at his core as well. He felt like he had to figure it out though, not used to taking care of people, or even animals, since they had that stray cat she picked up.
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 16d 4h 45m 21s
Watching the way he sat up on his arms, she considered the idea of a new food and couldn’t help the smile that played on her face. It was always fun to try new things and she had yet to find something Will liked that she didn’t like at all herself. Odd, how that was. Was it because he had called to her? She sat on the edge of the bed as he suggested she find something to change into. Go out in public? It made her head tilt slightly.

[b “Go out? Are…are you going to take me with you?”] Her eyes had brightened suddenly as she looked at him, turning to sit on her knees on the bed as he went to gather his things. She smiled and jumped off the bed, moving past him to the living room where the bags still were behind the couch. She took the bags and moved back to the bathroom, waiting for him to be done before going inside. Excitement…and pressure followed.

She started to go through the two grocery bags, pulling out the clothes within. There was a cute summer dress, a pair of leggings, and some sandals. A t-shirt with pair of shorts and some sneakers. And a pair of jeans with a tanktop. Shifting a bit, Nadia started to try to pair different things to different parts of clothing. She finally decided on the jeans, but with the t-shirt and sneakers. Checking herself out in the mirror a few times, Nadia ran a hand through her long hair. She held it up behind her, like the woman at the store had her’s…up in a tie. But Nadia had no tie. She left the bathroom, heading to the kitchen. [b “Is..this okay?”] She asked, a sudden bought of nerves rising again.
  Nadia Daelarosa / urosanctuary / 19d 2h 34m 50s
Observing her slowly give in to getting out of bed, he did smile slightly, she was pretty cute whether or not she was reacting on instinct or thought. In his mind he really thought she thought about all of the thing she typically said before she said them, which was a popular adage, but not so much totally put into practice. He could only notice since she responded so..well normally and quickly, unlike when she had lots of questions or spoke typically. By the time she sat up and he did slightly on to the backs of his arms as well looking to her, he offered a small shrug. "[b I'm probably just going to get us some cereal, so that'll be different for you. While you get yourself dressed for something you are gonna go out in public in.]"He explained, it would be hard for her to make a wrong choice when there wasn't too much for her to choose from currently, but he still wanted to instill in her the sense of doing some things on her own. He'd leave it up to her to figure out that he was going to take her along with him anyway, he didn't want to leave her home alone after yesterday, at least, not quite yet, not til she understood better how to watch out for herself or..blend in more he supposed.
Still after he spoke he got up and went to his dresser to gather some clothes, stopping by the bathroom to change and take care of himself, then going into the kitchen to make himself a bowl of cereal, leaving the bowl for her, empty with all the things needed on the same table.
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 27d 23h 57s
Nadia heard his voice and replied with a soft groan, nuzzling him again and closing her eyes tightly for a moment. [b “Can’t we just…lay here a little longer?”] The words came out before she realized she was saying them and as soon as she did think about what she’d said, she sat up a little, resting both hands on his chest and her chin on her hands.

She stared at him a moment, tilting her head only slightly. [b “But…you have work, don’t you? And should probably get up and ready for that.”] Nadia bit her lower lip before sitting up completely and pulling her legs up to wrap her arms around them under the blanket. [b “What do you think we should eat today? Something new or something like we had before?”] She looked over her shoulder at him, a warm smile playing on her face as she did so.
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 28d 7h 20m 53s
Will looked down at Nadia, she had cuddled up to him in the night it seemed. He noticed that she must be awake too, as she seemed to get closer to him somehow. This did feel comfortable, it felt nice to be held this way too, now that he thought about it. It was something she mentioned before..that he was alone..somehow it still made him feel guilty, as if he pulled her away from something else, but she also said she would have burnt out otherwise. He didn't know exactly what this whole situation was, or why he was so calm about it..this wasn't an ordinary thing after all, but it did feel right to be next to her.
Perhaps she was holding on to him so he wouldn't leave, but now that he thought about it, why couldn't he take her along with him? Sure, he couldn't bring her into his work, but other than picking up the packages from there, he just drives around delivering them. He blinked open his eyes a few more times and let out a soft breath. "[b We should eat something..and get ready for the day.]"He stated, he knew she only had a couple outfits and all right now, but still.. she should probably get used to taking care of herself a little bit on her own.
  Will Hawke / Willofiam / 30d 6h 7m 52s
Nadia kept her head above the blankets and watched him, though as he started to undress and redress it made her hide her face till only her eyes were visible. Eyes that scanned him without thought to what she was doing. Seeing him lay down, but he seemed a bit stiff as he did so. It turned a switch in her from her shy thoughts to a more…relaxed one. [b “Goodnight, Will.”] though she rested there beside him, she never closed her eyes.
Watching him, slowly, until his breathing evened, Nadia gently moved closer. Slowly placing her head on his chest, she closed her eyes then. Listening to his heartbeat in the calmness of it. She found herself drifting to sleep with her arms around him, head rested still on his chest as her body molded to his side. Comfort and closeness to him felt …normal.

No dreams affected her that night either. Same as himself, she felt sure for some reason. Though his slight stir woke her, she refused to move. Nuzzling closer to his chest and closing her own eyes again. Not in sleep, but in enjoyment of his presence. Her Will. She felt safe with him.
  Nadia Daelarosa / Urosanctuary / 31d 9h 32m 48s

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