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Grace was attacked by a pack of wolves when she was 12... They had come into her backyard, and took her, while she was on her tire swing one winter. But on of the wolves, with outstanding yellow, human-like eyes saved her. Ande ever since then they have watched eachother, too afraid to come any closer....

Until Grace woke up hearing a tapping noise. She looked out her window to see a boy, somewhere around her age, naked laying in pain at her backdoor. He was covered in blood. Grace ran down, grabbing a blanket, and helped him in.

She took him to the hospital, where he told her everything. His name was Sam, he was 18, and he was a werewolf. He changed when it got cold.. He was shot, turning him back into a human...

There had been a bad wolf attack, Jack, a boy at her school had died as a result....Or at least that's what they thought....

Please be literate, I have a 600 character set.
PM me with your applications, questions, comments, etc.'
Real, or anime pic.... I know it might be hard, since Sam has yellow eyes, but try your hardest.

I really am looking forward to this so lets have fun. :)


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He laid there still. Minutes passed and he woke up scared. He started shivering lightly against and sat up straight almost screaming in pain when he did. Where am I!?!?! He yelled and looked around five times before noticing the girl. Help me... I need help! He knew he wasnt safe untreated. He knew he had lost memory What happened? How long was I unconscious He noticed the darkness outside. Was it hours? He asked. He was scard for his life. Please help me somehow He laid back down and rested tightly against the pillow. So much pain.... He then moved her hand to his chest. It was ice cold. do I feel fine? He asked in fear and shock.
  werewolf / DarkestDreams / 7y 169d 13h 2m 21s
"Oh my god, are you alright?"
She asked, shaking him, trying to wake him up.
She wrapped the blanket around him and tried to warm him up, thinking that it may help.
She laid there and watched, waited, for any movement, or sign of him waking up.
She was in complete suspense, and she was scared shitless.
She was afraid he might die, and she didn't know how she'd handle that.
Then she started thinking positive.
Maybe he's just extremely tired and worn out, so he passed out.
Maybe he's in thought.
Anything but dying.
Hopefully so, she thought.
She bit her lip as she continued watching him.
  *~Grace~* / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 169d 13h 10m 56s
he blushed slightly. He now showed her how shy he was. he hid his face slightly and softly pulled her closer to him trying to make it to where she wouldnt notice. Suddenly his mild shivers turned into a violent shaking. His eyes started to fade and his body shook frantically. His body was flying in different directions and now he had no sense of taste. No Sense of Smell. No sense of touch. No sense of sight. Nor could he hear. The cold weather and violent attacks led him to shock and hypothermia. Then suddenly as fast as it started it stopped. but he remained not moving. He couldnt even think.
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She looked at his hand as he slid it under hers. Her hands were tiny in comparisson to his.
She then looked at him and froze for a moment, then nodded.
She laid next to him and looked at him, wondering what was going on in his mind at this very moment.
She moved her gaze to her wall, the one that was virtually empty.
She stared at it for a while, wondering what to do now.
After a few moments of thinking, she returned her attention back to him.
She stared into his eyes for a split moment, then back down to his hand.
It was a very warm hand, unlike hers.
Well, her hand was warm now, due to his.
She blinked a few times then looked back at him, thinking of what she should say to him.
What would he want her to say? What would he want to hear. She didn't know the answers to those questions.
  *~Grace~* / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 169d 13h 38m 32s
He smiled softly at her now wrapping himself up. W-where are you going to sleep? He asked with light continuous shivers. W-with me? He asked her and wondered to himself. He wondered if he could be with her. After all she has been nice to him. It could have just been her paying me back though. he thought. He stared around her room and slipped one of his hands under one of hers. He knew though that if he became close to her. He would have to explain everything. Give his story up. Communicate with her alot. And... He would have to have a stable place to live. He rubbed her hand softly and then softly asked w-will you lay with me... At least? He asked as if she hadnt just saved his life. He needed immediate care though. He wanted to be held.
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She helped him into her bed and looked at him. "Are you sure you don't need anything? It isn't a bother." She asked biting her lip. Hopefully he'd be healed completly in the morning. She waited for him to answer, as she looked out her winow with her perefrials. She sat at the edge of her bed, and drifted into deep thought. Why did he safe her those years ago? What was so special about her? Why did he come to her door? Why? That's all she could ask herself. She didn't completely understand yet. She didn't know if she ever would at that.

She pulledon a pair of socks, since it was unusually cold tonight.

She turned her attention back to him, studying him. Obvserving every movement, including his breaths. He was kind of perfect. In some odd way.
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He was in pain. And it wasnt his fault. He did come to the one person left he thought would help him. He was helpless at this point in time where he knew his pack had pretty much left him for dead. He now had no home but didnt want to disturb peace to her either. He knew her parents wouldnt like something as sudden. He wouldnt want her lying for him either. He tried a smile. It was very fake and hard to produce. At the feeling of his muscles moving he whimpered a small sound. "I-I... I dont know" He said softly. He knew he would be gone in the morning if he refused though. All he could remember is what happened to him. And how they had met before on bad terms that was corrected. He shivered softly as the cold breeze blew over his naked body covered with blood. He wondered what she really thought though. In his fight for survival he had just remembered he had no clothes and covered himself with his hands. He started shivering and stared at her blankly. "Do what you like."
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So Sam was a werewolf... The wolf she'd been watching every winter for all these years, was Sam... She instantly fell in love with him... And it seemed he was in love with her too...
She kept going over it in her head, trying to process it all. She looked at him, his dark hair, his bright yellow irises....He was flawless, except for a few scars...
They were in Graces bedroom now, returning from the hospital a few moments ago....
She watched him for a few moments more, then decided it was too cold down on the floor.
"You know, all the cold is down there. Maybe you should just come lay in my bed."
She saw him hesitating, she didn't mean anything bad by it though. She just wanted him to be comfortable...
  *~Grace~* / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 221d 10h 38m 49s

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