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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Russia Is Threatening The World With A Nuclear Bomb!

After World War 2, Russia gets the upperhand in the Military Weaponry and obtains the World's largest, most dangerous Nuclear Bomb. Now, they're making threats which they do follow through with and the World as we know it was completely dismantled and destroyed, but before they launched it, many underground shelters as known as Vaults were created to shield people from the bomb, but sadly, only 2/3 of the World's population was saved.

Now, some of the Vaults have allowed their people to check out the outside World. It's baren and dusty, but some of the buildings are still intact and some of the people take shelter there now and learn to live on their own. But! Some are on their ways to Russia. It is rumored that Russia was unharmed by the Bomb minus nuclear fumes and tainted-water. There are people living there and created groups like;

Russian Mafia

Russian Military

Chinese Mafia

Chinese Mercenaries

Over the whole globe are things like;

Mutated Raiders

Normalish People

Vault Dwellers



What are you going to do?

Try to make a living in an unstable building?

Be brainwashed by The Vaults

Or try to get to Russia?

It's all up to you!


1: Azalas Valentine; Ex-American Soldier
2: Airs Manson; Scientist for the Vault that is now with the Russian Military

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