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The king kept an eye on Elhil as he led him to the horse. He was worried that Elhil would be cold and that was just not acceptable. Eldarion wanted Elhil to be as comfortable as possible and a ride in the chilly morning did not equate to comfortable. Already a plan was forming in his mind on how to keep the other warm while riding.

[B “Two days if all is in our favor. There is a bridge we will need to cross but around this time the river starts to flood and makes the bridge impassable. If that happens then we will need to go around which adds time and more danger. The road that the bridge is a part of is protected by Gondor. The road that goes around, however, is free territory and slavers don't hesitate to use it.”] If they had to go around then they would have to move quickly and there would be very little rest. Eldarion didn't know how well developed Elhil's weapon skills were and really did not want to find out when on the road.

Eldarion offered a small smile to Elhil, [b “But we will be fine,”] he said before offering his hand to help the elf onto the horse.

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Vehiron let our a small snort as Elladan said that Elrohir was distracted; that was an understatement. The lord had also been distracted by the handsome figure of the younger elf. Time had seemed to stop when he laid eyes on Elrohir that first time. The only thing bringing him back to reality was the pain of an arrow embedding itself in his flesh.

Sidh looked up at Elladan as he spoke with large doe eyes and Vehiron began to snicker softly at the display. “Very true. The few times I have met Castien he has presented himself to be a very honorable person.”

The young elf tore his eyes off of the half-elf and returned them to his lord. [#265612 “You are both right. I'm just worried,”] Sidh softly responded.

Vehiron yawned and stood up. “I know. Now go to bed. Lord Elladan will escort you to Celeast in the morning but not before you get some sleep. Good night you two.” With that Vehiron left the kitchen to hopefully get a few hours of sleep.

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Gimli let out a little huff, [b “You two would be fine with all that fat you two have.”] Not that Gimli should talk. Having gotten married had added a couple pounds to him. [B “A few more hours of walking and we should be meeting up with my husband. He should have been able to get a few ponies.”]

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[B “She has a great love for Hobbits and when she saw multiple Hobbits go on a great adventure she was so happy. She wasn't happy about my treatment towards you. She had me be a statue for her garden,”] He said grumbling the last part.

Thorin took Bilbo's hand and leaned slightly against the smaller male. Sure he was being extra clingy but he just couldn't get enough of Bilbo. During the journey there was little to no privacy and afterwards he was plagued by gold sickness. It was a miracle enough that he and Bilbo got to have that one night in peace to create a child. So now that there was no one there to harass them he was going to get his fill of contact with Bilbo.

Andwise listened to his Nana carefully a small frown on his face. Sure his Ada helped his Nana through with the ring but Ada didn't carry it. Nana did. Nana had to bear the burden of the ring and from the stories he heard it wasn't a good time. Without a word the hobbit moved towards his Nana and wrapped him up in a large hug. “Nana there was no one hero. You were a hero because you carried the ring. Ada was a hero because he helped you get through it. Uncle Merry and Pippin were heroes because they helped you and then they helped in battle. Everyone were heroes in their own ways,” He softly said.
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Elhil watched as the king returned, seemingly frozen. The temperatures had dropped and they needed to ride through it. Elhil couldn't complain after living the life that he had lived, especially not in the presence of a king. When asked if he was ready the young elf gave a curt nod to the king, turning to bow to the guard. [+ForestGreen "Yes thank you so much for your hospitality. I don't know what we would of done if it hadn't of been for you."] Turning on his heels Elhil made to follow the king outside.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" The air was cold and frigid and sent shivers up Elhil's spine. The young elf bit back the urge to shake like a leaf as he looked around. The sun was shining at least, but the cold was bitter and nasty. [+Forestgreen "How much longer do you think it will take for us to arrive there?"] The young elf spoke quietly, trying not to seem to loud or to rude in the presence of a king. Their mission was urgent and Elhil knew that. He only hoped that they would arrive in time.]]

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[center [font "Segoe Print" Elladan tried to stifle a laugh but failed at the getting shot comment. It had happened, granted by accident, and he could understand why the other did not want it happening again. [+Green "Well for now you can just really hope he doesn't do the same as his nana. Though it was because his Nana had been staring at you that you ended up getting shot."] Elladan knew what the story went like, but he had also known his brother was caught off guard by the handsome man walking through the gardens. Thus said man ended up getting shot with an arrow.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+Green "Castien won't reject it, not if he knows what is at stake. He did rush after Celeast to save him didn't he? I doubt he would let all that work go to waste by rejecting a bond that could kill the man he just nearly died saving."] Elladan could slap his brother for that one, and the worst of it was that no news had returned from his nephew, Eldarion. Meaning the king was not where he was supposed to be.]]

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[center [font "Segoe Print" Both brothers gave a hard laugh as they looked at Gimli. [+SlateBlue "Yeah it would probably be best if one of us did the hunting. We don't want to starve the poor lad here now do we? Lord knows if you hunted he would end up starving clear to death!"]]]

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[center [font "Segoe Print" Bilbo raised an eyebrow as he moved to climb up next to Thorin. The hobbit studying his lovers face though he could tell he was in a great deal of pain. [+B "Why do you say that?"] Bilbo knew little of the dwarven gods but enough to understand who it was that Thorin was talking about. If the god favored him and his nephew that was a good thing, though why Biblo wasn't sure of.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" A sigh escaped Frodo's lips as he stared at his son. He was going to have to answer the question whether he wanted to or not. [i "I struggled with living after the ring. Everything seemed boring and mundane, life at the shire was just.. to much. Everyone regarded me as a hero but I knew the truth. Your Ada was the hero, not me. He was the one who got me through mount doom and when he married Rosie, it was to much. I had to leave."]]
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Eldarion wrapped his cloak tightly around him as he stepped foot out of the little house. The mornings, as usual had a rather unpleasant bite to it. Morning made Eldarion wish that he couldn't feel the effects of the elements but by being half elven he did. Luckily it wasn't as bad as his sisters. They seemed to feel the cold much worse than Eldarion and normally retreated south in the winters in hope of running away from the cold.

The stables weren't too far from the house and Eldarion made it into the rickety wooden structure in record time. His magnificent steed, also to be read as lazy stubborn ass, stood there chomping away on some hay that had been left behind.

With an extradonarily large amount of coaxing Eldarion managed to lead his horse out of the stable and saddle the punk. Once the horse was situated and ready to go did he return to the house. [B “It is freezing out there,”] He commented as he bent his stiff fingers and made his way to the dish he had abandoned. Eldarion had no issues with cleaning up after himself. With Aragorn being Eldarion's father he had to learn how to take care of himself especially out on the road and Aragorn made sure his kids knew how to. Dishes just happened to be Aragorn's favorite lesson and Eldarions least favorite chore. Especially after he did dishes after a banquet because he decided to sneak out after his bed time...

Cleaning his plate and fork he put them on the rack to dry and turned to the guard. [B “Thank you once more for your hospitality,] He told the guard.

“It was a pleasure your highness,” The guard simply responded before stuffing his face with even more food.

Eldarion smiled slightly before moving over to Elhil. [B “I'm ready to go if you are.”]

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Vehiron looked down at the fussy baby. “If he is like Elrohir then I'm going to get shot. Again.” Vehiron hopped that the little precious darling in his arms did not take after his Nana in that way and that he would not get shot. Looking back up as Elladan spoke again he arched an eyebrow at the linked hands. Interesting. If Celeast survived the Vehiron would make sure that his favorite councilor finds out about Sidh and Elladan and set up a possible courtship.

“That would be beneficial for both of them. Castien isn't as reliant to the bond as Celeast is but the bond will help him heal faster.”

Sidh simply squeezed Elladan's hand in response. Hopefully Castien would listen. Sidh had already been orphaned once and was not interested in it happening again.

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Gimli had forgotten for a moment that he had grown up with these two tricksters. Not only grow up with them but learn how to fight and hunt with them so of course they would know of his bad luck in hunting. In fact Dwalin thought he was hopeless with a weapon until they gave him an ax. Now that was a true weapon worth of Gimli's time.

[B “It would probably be better if you two did the hunting...”] Gimli admitted after a moment.
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Thorin pressed one last linger kiss to the golden curls before moving away from Bilbo. His ribs protested a bit as he moved closer to the bed and climbed up on it. Hopefully they would heal soon. He knew that the Valar were angry at him but he didn't think them to be so cruel that they would leave him with long lasting pain. [B “Yavanna favors you greatly. You and Frodo,”] Thorin softly said as he patted the spot next to him.

When Thorin had returned to the stone he remember hearing Yavanna storm into Aule's workshop and was screeching at him about Thorin. The only reason why Thorin hadn't been cast out of the stone and sent to Namo was because Yavanna had other plans. Other plans included being stuck in a water fountain in Yavanna's garden with some consciousness left. It was not fun. There was so much pigeon shit.

Once the whole room was inspected Andwise turned back to his Nana. “Nana,” he paused not wanting to ask the question but dreadfully curious, “Why did you leave Arda? All your stories of here seem like happy times with the exception of the ring. Why leave?”
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[center [font "Papyrus" Elhil raised an eyebrow as the King moved to set his plate in the sink offering to clean it himself. It didn't seem right that he should clean up being the king but if he wanted to the young elf could not argue with the dreamy man. It had been quiet an interesting trip thus far and Elhil wasn't sure what else would come out of it.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" For some reason though he felt something interesting would happen when they arrived. The feeling was unsure and strange but Elhil just knew it had to be right, for some reason or another.]]

[center --]

[center [font "Papyrus" Elladan raised an eyebrow as the lord came into the room. The infant did not seem to be happy as it was moved giving a fussy whine. Though Elladan could only shrug at the man as he accused him of the infant being fussy, as if it was his fault. [+ForestGreen "Well he is Elrohir's baby. He was quiet fussy as a child so that's probably why. Maybe that's what they have in common, they can't stay away from you."]]]

[center [font "Papyrus" As they started to speak of the bond Elladan grew quiet, his eyes flashing as his hand was taken. The elfling must of been so nervous he hadn't realized what he was doing. [+ForestGreen "Let me speak to my nephew when he wakes. He won't reject the bond if he knows what it means. Trust me."]]]

[center ---]

[center [font "Papyrus" Both brothers looked at Gimili slightly amused. THey had seen him hunt at one point or another and neither one believed he could hunt. [+Goldenrod "I suppose we can hunt if your hunting fails too."]]]

[center ---]

[center [font "Papyrus" Bilbo lifted an eyebrow at the dwarf but gave a short nod. If he needed rest than he was not going to stop him. It seemed that the Valar had been cruel to him though it was mostly his fault. Bilbo couldn't hate him though, not with all the love in his heart that remained. [b "Than lie down."]]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Frodo shook his head as he watched his son bounce from carving to carving. He never knew what went on in the boys mind but he never dared to question it. Just answer any questions that he may have.]]
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Eldarion finished the last delicious bite and sighed. That was perfect. It was a pity that for most of their trip they weren't going to be able to get their hands on anything to make a decent meal. Well a pity and a good thing. Eldarion was sure if he ate Elhil's cooking then he would grow rather large and unable to fight which would do no good. As the son of two renowned warriors it was expected that he too be a warrior and the commander of the military. Not being able to fight besides his men would leave a sour taste in is subject's mouth and it would all be the perfect and beautiful Elhil's fault. Well not really. It would be Eldarion's fault for not resisting but still.

Standing up he gathered his plate and placed it in the sink, fully intending to clean it once he checked and fed the horse. Turning to Elhil, he rested a hand on the elf's shoulder. [b “Thank you Elhil. I'll be back to help clean up in a moment. Just need to check on the horse,”] he softly said, unconsciously lingering before gathering his cloak and braving the early morning cold to make sure the horse was rested and ready to whisk them away so he could smack his brother.

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Sidh sent another smile at the older elf as he took a cookie out and happily munched on the honeyed goodness. [#265612 “Thank you for your promised silence. Lord Vehiron eats more sweets when he is stressed. There was one time when slavers were a really bad problem and Lord Vehiron was up for several days. All he ate were sweet cakes. Celeast actually banned the creation of any more sweets for several months afterwards because Vehiron had gained weight. It was rather funny watching the Lord run around the palace while Celeast watched. Well it was until Celeast made me join in.” ]

As if on cue Vehiron stepped into the kitchen with an infant dozing on his bare chest. His eyes zeroed in on Sidh and the cookie jar. “No.” He said glaring at the elfling.

[#265612 “I wasn't going to eat all of it!”] Sidh responded as he vacated his seat for the Lord and took the seat that just happened to be right next to Elladan.

Vehiron rolled his eyes as he readjusted the newborn and grabbed a cookie. “Your nephew is being rather fussy,” He said accusingly at Elladan like it was his fault. For some reason the poor little darling would not let Vehiron be an arms length away which was putting a damper on his sleeping. Not that he was going to get much sleep. He was worried about Celeast especially after the news he received from the healers. “Sidh,” He said with a sigh. Damnit he didn't want to give the elfling this news. “The healers think that Celeast will wake up in the morning. The bond has stabilized the two a lot. They are, however, worried about the rejection. If Castien outright rejects Celeast the healers give him two days at most to live. And if Castien doesn't reject him and is willing to wait it may be awhile until the bond can safely be broken. The damage to Celeast fae is extensive,” Vehiron finished.

Sidh sat there shocked. He expecting Celeast to be out for much longer. So the fact that his only parent was going to awake soon was amazing but he was also afraid. Castien was a nice guy but no one could be nice enough to stay in a bond that they didn't even consent to.

So Sidh sat there, mulling over the details, not noticing that he had grabbed onto Elladan's hand.

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[b “And if there is none then we can sneak off and hunt some food,”] Gimli said, slightly shivering at the idea. He was the worlds worse hunter. In fact he scared animals away it seemed so the prospect of meat was a very unlikely one. But he could hope.

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Thorin pressed a few kisses to the golden mop of hair for a few moments. [b “And I you My One,”] He whispered into the beautiful curls. Bilbo was much better than a cold useless stone. He didn't understand what he saw in the Arkenstone because Bilbo was much more beautiful and precious.

Slowly Thorin pulled away so he could look at his Bilbo when his ribs twinged. Bilbo may have forgiven the dwarf but the Valar had not. [b “I think I may need to lay down,”] He grumbled, brows furrowed in distaste.

Andwise nodded at that. He was happy that Uncle Bilbo had been reunited with. He just wish he could reunite his Nana with his Ada. Smiling at his Nana he bounded off to the next carving.
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Elhil glanced up as the guard walked into the house. With a small smile and a nod Elhil mumbled a [+forestgreen "You're welcome."] Eyes dropping onto his food Elhil began to pick more at the food as he ate. It wasn't uncommon for Elhil to half play with his food while eating, mostly due to the fact he would get awkward creepy stares from his former master. Though it did not happen anymore, the picking had become a habit that Elhil was still working on over coming.

Once finished with his plate Elhil glanced up to see how the other two were fairing. The elf intended to clean up before the two would set out on the road once more today. Elhil still had no clue how far from the place they were heading too they were but he knew that it was going to take a good amount of time to get there.

[center -]

Elladan moved to sit at the table like he was told watching as the elfling wandered through the kitchen. It seemed as if Sidh was a master at finding what he wanted in the kitchen and before long the young elf had dropped food in front of them. Carefully reaching out the elven warrior took the bread and broke off a piece taking a bite of it.

[+Green "I won't tell him that you got a hold of his cookies. He's got enough to worry about with a baby and my brother on his hands now."] Elladan had to admit the lord had it tough now he had a baby on his hands to take care of, one that was not even biologically his baby. Though Elladan had a feeling that really did not matter to the lord.

[center -]

Both brothers perked up a little at the word of a dressing. Maybe this food wasn't going to be as bad as they thought it was. Though it probably still wouldn't be the greatest thing on the planet. They would suffer it until they were able to get a hold of some delicious meat that they could stuff their faces with. [+Goldenrod "Well let's hope there is some."]

[center -]

Bilbo couldn't help but sigh a little as well. It seemed as if Thorin was going to beat himself up about what he had done for awhile. Though Bilbo couldn't blame him. Bilbo himself had beat himself up for not trying harder to stop Thorn. [b "I will always love you. For better or for worse Thorin."]

Frodo couldn't help but laugh a little and nod. [i "Yes he is with Thorin right now I would imagine. Uncle Bilbo has waited a long time to see Thorin again. I doubt he will waste any of those moments."]
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Eldarion ate the food in a state of happiness. Each bite was perfect and better than the palace's cooks. It took every fiber of his being to not inhale the food in one go. Luckily the guard walked in so Eldarion had more of a reason not to make a fool of himself.

“I thought I smelled something amazing,” The weary guard said with a small smile as he looked at the food. It had been a long time since he came home to anything warm waiting for him. “Your Majesty,” He added, acknowledging his King before turning towards the cute little elf. If he didn't have his Maria back at home he would be showing intense interest in this elf because he was gorgeous but he did have a woman and honor. “Thank you sir.” That was all he said before taking a seat and began to eat, joining the King in food heaven.

[center [pic]]

[#265612 “Sit down my lord. I'll find the lembas,”] he said waiving Elladan towards the nearest table as he moved through the kitchen like an expert. And he was. After many late nights working in the library Sidh knew the kitchen and its hiding places like the back of his hand. He also knew which exit to take when the grumpy cook came to see if anyone was in her kitchen.

Grabbing the lembas from the pantry and grabbing the cookies from the table he returned to Elladan and sat his spoils down in front of them, a beaming smile on his face. [#265612 “Don't tell Lord Vehiron that I got a hold of his cookies,”] He said happily as he removed the lid. Vehiron and Sidh both had horrible sweet tooths. To make it worse they both enjoyed the same sweets so it was always a race to get to the horrible tooth rotting sweets.

[center ~]

[b “I leanred if you poor this sauce ontop of it the leafy greens become more bearable. Hopefully Legolas has some made when we get there. I think they call it dressing or something. Maybe ranch. I don't remember,”] Gimli said in a poor attempt to reassure the others.

[center ~]
Yep, he was damn lucky. Burying his head further into the golden curls he sighed. [b “For loving me. I was horrible to you those last moments,”] he responded with a regretful sigh. He was going to be beating himself up for this one for a long while.

Andwise nodded, “Is he with Thorin?” He asked. Andwise had a terrible eaves dropping habit and an even worse curiosity. But it came with have such an indulgent nana.
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Elhil almost froze for a moment when the king told him the food was amazing. The small half elf turning and facing the other and giving a small smile. [+ForestGreen "I'm glad that you like it."] For some reason impressing the king seemed to make a big impression on Elhil and the elf couldn't help but smile a little bit at it.

Moving to sit down himself, Elhil listened quietly to hear if the guard was coming as he filled his own plate with food. Slowly the half elf began to eat half watching the king eat at the same time. Something about seeing the king happy with his food warmed Elhil to his core. It made the elf want to do nothing more than cook for him for the rest of his life. To grace him with the gift of good food if it was enough to make him happy.

[center -----]

Elladan continued to follow Sidh through the corridors of the home. His own mind wandering to how long it would take for Elladrion to arrive to see his brother. The king was not going to be a happy camper when he arrived and found out Castien had gotten himself poisoned. Nor would he be entirely thrilled when he found out they had to force a temporary bond on the two of them to keep Celeast alive.

Elladan couldn't help but blink as his thoughts were broken by the young elf. [+Green "Hm? Oh no not really. I suppose I'll just look and see if we have an lambus bread. That sounds good enough to me right now."]

[center -]

Both Fili and Kili couldn't help but scrunch their noses up at the thought of having to eat leafy greens. That was the worst thing ever, and they had hated it when they stayed in rivendale once a long time ago. However if it was what was there, than they would have to deal with it. It would be later that they would raid Gimili's home or Alaric's home to get the type of food that they desired. [+Goldenrod "Damn elves."]

[center -]

Bilbo couldn't help the smile that stretched across his face. It was nice to have Thorin back after all of these years. Bilbo had missed his dwarf lover, even if Thorin had turned into a dick for awhile. [b "For what? I couldn't just stop loving you. I'll always be your burgler."]

Frodo glanced up at what his son was glancing at trying to remember. To be honest Frodo didn't remember what they were from and Bilbo could or couldn't ether. [i "Uncle bilbo might know them, but ask him later. I don't think we should bother him right now."]
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Eldarion just looked at Elhil for a long moment, a small smile playing on his lips as he was ensnared by those beautiful green eyes. After a long moment he shook himself out of his daze and his smile broaden. [b “It smells great,”] He replied as he moved to the table. The guard would be meandering into his hut soon enough, therefore Eldarion did not bother to seek him out. Instead he took a random seat and eyed the food before taking a bite.

For a simple meal it was divine. It was like the Valar descended upon his taste buds and gifted him with the most perfect meal ever. And if everything Elhil cooked was this delicious then Eldarion ran a risk of becoming a rather large but content king.

[b “This is amazing Elhil,”] Eldarion finally said with a rather lack of decorum that was befitting of a king. Because kings [b did not] speak with their mouth fulls...Unless the food was just purely amazing.

[center [pic]]

Vehiron glanced up from the sobbing terror to watch Elladan trail after Sidh. A fine eyebrow arched upwards as he evilly plotted to get the two together. All Vehiron needed to do was consult with the love of his life and silence this beautiful little angle in his arms. Smirking to himself he began to plot on getting the two locked into a broom closet.

Sidh silently padded through the castle, mindlessly making random turns that would eventually lead to the kitchen. After spending so many years living here he didn't have to think about where he was going, he just went, such as now. His mind was busy on thoughts such as Celeast and Castien. If Celeast rejected the bond, like Sidh felt like he was going to do, then Celeast would not have that much time to sail. IF he wanted to sail. Sidh doubted that Celeast was going to sail so the only way to keep Celeast here would be to force him to accept the bond. Which was going to be miserable.

Rubbing his head Sidh sighed. Why couldn't everything be simple? With one last sigh he turned into the kitchen. [#265612 “Would you like anything specifically Lord Elladan?”] He asked, eyeing the jar of cookies sitting on a lonely wooden table in the far corner.

[center ~]
Gimli rolled his eyes. OF course the boys were worried about food. Not the freaking civil war going on in their mountain. “Probably. Lots of greens though. A lot of the remaining elves took to living in Gondor versus living in empty settlements. If they aren't living in Gondor they are living with Lord Vehiron. All they eat is leafy greens,” He said the last part with a scrunched up nose. He hated going to the hidden city because they never had any meat. In fact killing a bunny just to eat it was like a crime or something. Well that had more to do with Beorn protecting the city but still!

[center ~]

Thorin just buried his face further into Bilbo's golden curl. He was the luckiest dwarf in the world to have found such a forgiving One. And even if Bilbo forgave him he would never be able to. He would do whatever he could do to right his wrong with Bilbo. Everying. [b “Thank you,”] He said in a small muffled voice.

Andwise smiled happily. “I cant wait Ada,” He simply said as he bounced from one scene to another. “Do you know the tales for these scenes Ada or should I ask Uncle Bilbo?”
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Elhil watched the food cook for a few more moments before removing the pan from the flames. After which he set out to putting the food onto three plates; one for the king, one for the guard, and one for himself. Though the king being close to him was more than enough for the young elf. [+ForestGreen "The food is ready King Eladrion."] Elhil turned his forest green eyes up into the kings, his breath hitching for a moment as their eyes met.

[center ----]

Elladan had to look away as Sidh stretched and revealed his stomach. The pale skin was tempting but the young elf was far to young for things like that. Elladan couldnt touch him, not without fear of something bad happening. As Sidh left, Elladan instead focused on following him also noticing the tired lord trying to shush his nephew back to sleep. The cooks would be irritated but Elladan really didn't care. Food was a good idea right now.

[center -----]

Fili and Kili could only both blink at what was told. Human's now handled most issues? Well that was strange but a pleasant surprise. Dealing with the elves of Rivendale had been horrible, mostly because of the leafy green food. [+Goldenrod "Well that's a change but a welcome one. Will the king have good food? I could go for some good food right now."]

[center ----]

Bilbo could only breath heavily at the feeling. If you had asked him fifty years ago if he would of forgiven Thorin Oakenshield he would of said no. If you had asked him fifty years ago if he still loved him, he would of said yes. Bilbo hadn't stopped loving Thorin even though he had done all those horrible things. [b "And it's what you get. IT's been long enough, I can forgive you for all that has happened."]

Frodo continued to watch his son touch and look at everything, raising an eyebrow at the comment. [i "Yes son they were very talented. You will find that a lot as we travel back to the shire. Many things there are interesting to look at as well, I think."] Frodo could only whisper it and smile at his son, hoping he would love it just the same.
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Eldarion lingered near Elhil as the food cooked. The smell of eggs and bacon filling the small house and causing his stomach to loudly grow. [b “It smells delicious,”] he responded with a smile. Despite being starving and the food smelling divine he was more interested in the half-elf near him. He just could not tear his eyes away from Elhil. To make it even worse he couldn't find it in himself to move away from Elhil either. Something about his presence made Eldarion not want to leave. Ever. And when he found his brother Eldarion was going to make sure he doesn't have to leave Elhil ever. Hopefully Elhil felt the same way.

[center [pic]]

Sidh stood up and stretched his stiff limbs. As he raised his arms above his head his tunic rose up a bit to show the pale expanse of his stomach, not that Sidh noticed. With a content sigh he turned his attention back to Elladan, [#265612 “Well then follow me. I'm sure the cooks are asleep now so they won't bother us as we raid their kitchen.”] The cooks were rather rude about intruders in the kitchen but Sidh really didn't care. He couldn't stand staring at a wall, looking over the same passage, gazing at Elladan, or worrying about Celeast so he was going to use the best distraction measure ever. Food.

Moving towards the door he gestured for Elladan to follow him before silently padding out of his room and passing a tired Vehiron who was shushing his adopted son to sleep.

[center ~]

“Because after the elves left Rivendell was no longer the center of negotiations. In response to that need for a middle man in kingdom disputes King Aragorn took over the role of negotiator. Now that he is dead his son takes over that role. His son should be in Gondor. I don't see any reason for the King to be gone,” Gimli responded.

[center ~]
The greedy part of Thorin wanted more than the possibility of forgiveness but the logical part of Thorin new just the idea of forgiveness was something he didn't deserve. [b “That is all I ask of you burglar,”] He whispered as he continued to hold his hobbit close, his cheek pressed against his soft curls.

Andwise beamed at his father before he continued to explore the room. Despite having lived with elves his whole life he still found a thousand things interesting. So far the most interesting thing he found was the carvings in the wood. “Whoever did these carvings are very skilled,” he commented, running a finger down one carving that depicted the Years of the Sun.
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Once given the things he had requested, Elhil set to working on making a meal for them. The small elf cracking the eggs into a pan, followed by the ham next to it. Elhil didn't say much, instead focusing his attention onto the food that was simmering inside. Though it was unmistakable how good the king's presence felt being so close to his own. There was something about the king that Elhil couldn't quiet put his finger on. It was almost magical and Elhil wasn't quiet sure what to make of it. Only to accept it for what it was.
[+ForestGreen "The food is almost ready."]
[center -]

Elladan looked up from his location on the seat, a small nod coming from the older elf. [+Green "Yeah sure I'll come with you to the kitchen. I mean we don't have much else to do around here."] It was the truth, aside from Elladan telling the young elf stories there wasn't much else to do. The young elf, though attractive, was not of age for Elladan to do anything with him. So unless they wanted to stare at the walls waiting, food was the next best option.

All Elladan could do was hope for the best for his adoptive nephew and the elf who had suffered greatly. It would be a miracle if the half elf and the other survived the night, let alone anything else. And the chances of Celeast fading when the bonding faded was highly likely, a pain which Elladan could feel growing in his chest.

[center -]

Alaric tried not to laugh as Gimli's husband smacked him, his eyes traveling to the brothers. Fili and Kili both looked amused at the smacking, but not so much at the distance. [+Goldenrod "At least we will have pony's to get us there. So tell me Gimli, why are we going to gondor again?"] It hadn't taken long for Fili to forget, or had he been told to begin with? Ether way the dwarf was still at a loss as why they were going so far.

[center -]

Bilbo's breath caught as he was pulled against Thorin's chest. Listening to those apologies were enough to make him want to cry. After all these years those were the only words Bilbo had ever longed to hear, knowing he loved the dwarf more than anything in the world. [b "I know you are Thorin, and I..I think I forgive you."]

Frodo smiled and nodded towards the boy with a bit of happiness. [i "It is amazing as in our stories, I am sure that you will love it."] Frodo was sure his son was anxious to meet his father as well, though Frodo didn't say it. Sam was happy now and Frodo was unsure what would await them when they reached the shire. A fear he kept bottled up to himself.
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Eldarion nodded and grabbed the ingredients that Elhil had requested. Settling them near the elf and hovering around him for a moment. For some odd reason he felt drawn to Elhil and he didn’t understand why. Sure the other half elf was gorgeous and everything a man could ask for and yet there was something else that just drew him to Elhil. It was as if they were meant for each other and Eldarion didn’t understand that but he was not going to question it. Instead he was just going to accept it and stay close to this enchanting elf.
[center [pic]]
[#228B22 “I know. I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to either. What happened to Celeast…”] Sidh trailed off and shook his head, not wanting to talk about what happened in the last few hours to both Celeast and Castien. The image of Castien’s pale body and Celeast’s bloodied skin slipped to the very forefront of his mind for a moment and lingered there until he forced the images away. He couldn’t do much for them right now but he could research and make sure the bastard was ruined.

Gathering up the book he took from the library he silently leafed through it for a moment and pausing at the one tiny section that detailed northern clan’s determination of an elf reaching majority. Sidh blankly staring at the words he sighed and looked back at Elladan, giving the warrior a weak smile. [#228B22 “Would you like to accompany me to the kitchen. I find myself to be hungry,”] he said as he sat down the tome.
[center ~]
Gimli rolled his eyes. [b “About half a day of walking until we get to the nearest city, But we could just walk all the way to Gondor. It isn’t that far, about a week, and it will be good for all of you,”] He said until his husband smacked him and scowled at him. [b “Okay, we will get some ponies.”]
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Thorin pulled Bilbo over to him into a crushing embrace and buried his face in his curls. [b “I couldn’t fall asleep knowing that you were just down the hall,”] he grumbled as he held his beautiful Hobbit to his chest. [b “I’m sorry Bilbo,”] he muttered into the golden curls before pulling away slightly to examine his one.

Andwise nodded happily as he looked back at his mother and smiled. “It is beautiful from what I have seen. I can’t wait to see the shire. From yours and Uncle Bilbo’s stories it must be amazing,” He said happily. He also couldn’t wait to meet his father but he wouldn’t mention that.
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[center [font "Papyrus" Elhil nodded to the king as afirmed that he should cook. Again not that Elhil really minded, the elf loved cooking. Moving Elhil started to find the right things to use to cook the food. The elf looking up as the king offered to help him. [+forestgreen "Could you perhaps bring me some eggs and some ham? Once I have those things I can start cooking enough for us and for the very generous guard."] Biting his lip Elhil looks over his shoulder at the king.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Part of him wanted to tell the king that he should come over here. So that he could feel the king close to him, but Elhil knew it was inappropriate and definitely not the time for it. The goal was to get to the camp to find the king's brother so that they could be sure he was safe. As far as Elhil knew, Castien was safe but just because he didn't get a vision did not mean anything.]]

[center _]

[center [font "Papyrus" Elladan glanced up as the elfling told him to go to bed. As much as Elladan wanted to, he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep even if he did. Or at least sleep by elf standards. Not with everything that happened and his nephew tucked away in the hospital bed from poisoning. There was no way his mind was going to let him rest enough to sleep, besides he couldn't leave Sidh alone after what had happened to the man who had taken him in.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+green "No it's fine. If I tried to sleep now it wouldn't happen anyways. To much has gone down for me to be able to get a good nights sleep."] Stretching Elladan pushed himself up to get his blood pumping a little, or at least enough to keep him semi-awake.]

[center _]

[center [font "Papyrus" Fili nodded as Gimli explained. It wasn't to surprising that there were many hybrids in this world now, and it wasn't like Fili really minded. The idea of being able to marry who you wanted was attractive to the young elf and he wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize it. [+Goldenrod "It is true we are young but how much farther is it going to be until we reach the place we are going?"]]]

[center _]

[center [font "Papyrus" Bilbo was still having trouble sleeping when he heard Thorin's voice through the door. Tossing the covers off of himself the hobbit made his way up and over to the door tugging it open with some difficulty. [b "I am here Thorin."] Bilbo couldn't help but smile at his lover, so very glad to be able to see him right in front of his eyes.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Frodo watched Andwise moving around and looking at things. A smile forming on his lips as he remembered being that young and that curious. [+blue "I am glad you think so, because this is our home world."]]]
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Eldarion moved closer to the fire and rubbed his arms. “Please. I would offer to cook it myself but my cooking is not the greatest,” He responded with a soft smile. The last time Eldarion had cooked the whole party ended up throwing up. After that his father just made Eldarion gather the food or carry it if it is lembas.

Once he was warm up he moved away from the fire and turned to Elhil. “If you need any help then I offer my services,” He said kind of hoping that Elhil won’t ask for much help outside of gathering stuff for him to make a good meal. But cooking with Elhil couldn’t be too bad; it would give him an excuse to be in the other half-elves space.

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Sidh sent a small smile at the elf before him. [#228B22 “Go to bed Lord Elladan,”] He softly responded. Sidh really didn’t want the male to leave but he also couldn’t force the elf to stay while sleepy. There was just some part of Sidh that wanted to take care of Elladan. He wanted to drag Elladan to the nearest bed and tuck the elf in and cuddle him but he couldn’t. He was still underage and Elladan probably had someone waiting for him. After all Elladan was quite the catch. He was intelligent, funny, caring, and of course handsome.

Pushing those thoughts from his mind he stood up to put his tea cup away to clean later. [#228B22 “Thank you for staying with me Lord Elladan,”] Sidh said once he returned, a yawn escaping his lips. He was also tired but he was going to be stubborn and not sleep most likely.
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Gimli nodded, [b “After Legolas and Aragorn married people decided to ignore race and gender and just married who they wanted.”] There had been a lot of hybrids in the world now and Gimli thought it was pretty cool and his favorite hybrid was dwobbits. They were just damn adorable, especially if they looked like hobbits. [b “We will get some soon. Come on lads! You are all young so this walk should be nothing.”]

[center ~]
Thorin gave up on trying to sleep. He was sleepy and his wound was throbbing but he just couldn’t sleep. He wanted to see Bilbo. His Bilbo. His one. His one that he nearly killed in a fit of gold sickness and then left him with child who then went missing. His poor Bilbo. Sighing at those thoughts he moved out of his bed. He needed to see Bilbo. Slowly Thorin made his way out of the room and down the hall, peaking into the rooms that had their door open. Once he found a door the was closed he made a guess that was Bilbo’s room. “Bilbo?” He called as a hesitantly knocked on the door.
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“Of course Master Frodo. I will see you and your son later,” Cirdan said before leaving. Andwise looked up when Cirdan left a smile on his face. “Nana,” Andy said as he looked up at the mantel from his tippy toes. “This place is awesome,” He finished as he followed the story that was carved on the mantel.
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