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Five people can keep a secret of four of them are dead...

They grew up with each other and made pinky promises to always stay by each other, never lie, never backstab and never kill each other. A promise left unkempt. They grew up and that was their only excuse. When do you ever grow old enough not to keep promises? The tomboy became the top girl. The innocent girl followed the quote of ‘the good die young.’ The boys lied, backstab, and killed. Eventually, it will all reveal. What made them change, die, lie, addict and kill.

How to Play

Step 1: Some characters has more secrets that is not mentioned in the Bio. I'll pm you your character's other secrets.

Step 2: You cannot tell anyone your character's secret. They will not know your secret until the end.

Step 3: Secrets I send to you by Pm, I don't want to see it directly in the post

Bad ex." I can't believe that they still don't know Jarren is my brother! "

Good ex. "I turned my head to face Jarren and didn't know how they didn't see it."

Step 4: It's a secret, your character either doesn't want to, embarrassed or afraid to tell.

Step 5: Let the secret slowly reveal itself and we’ll discover by the clues we give each other.

Step 6: Eventually everyone will know all the secrets and either a happily ever after or a Tragedy. Put the PM title as I’m a liar


Rule 1: Post once a day if you can but no post for more than 3 days... I’ll be vicious. Unless you pm and tell me you aren’t able to, than I’m understanding: D . If you now have a lot of role-plays going on and have trouble posting them on time, it’s better not to pick up another one. Don’t join and tell me as soon as we start you can’t because you have to be gone for a week ._. It’s like getting a kiss and saying you have to leave to Antarctica.

Rule 2: Be creative. Add drama. Add plots. Do not just make your character all alone. It’s okay for your character to have a fight with another.

Rule 3: It’s a mature RP, drugs, sex, violence. That does not mean you can cyber or godmod. Take things to Time skip. I don’t want to read it...

Rule 4: Above 300 words. No less. Small mistakes in grammar once and while is okay. I accidently miss things too. Just as long as you know how to use a period, comma and capitals...

Rule 5: Follow the rules. Not first come serve.


I suggest you read all of the character's Bio! The biography, sexuality for each character is filled means you are not required to fill it because it’s already there. As for the date and crush section, fill it out depending whose your character. Just checking if you were actually reading it. Later on I will double as a male character and you’ll have to discover on your own his purpose of being in the RP. 1. Send me a professional done picture, no scene, gothic, exotic, black and white pictures with the link. 2. Sample post above 400 words. 3. Type Berry in your PM.

Female 1 - Taken

Female 2 - Taken

Male 1 - Taken

Male 2 - Taken

Male 3 - Taken


Iris R. Black

Puppet Master: Lexxiia

Age: 21

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: Iris's family is loaded with money. She used to be your typical blond, blue eye girl in high school. She would enjoy playing with the guys and getting her things her way. When she came back from vacation, she was no longer the same. No one knows what miracle happened through her weeklong vacation to Paris. She slowly started to become more of a tomboy like she was before high school and stay true to her boyfriend Zack. She is now 21 years old and became a well known singer and has a two year old daughter named Bree, that doesn’t belong to her boyfriend. She lives with Zack in a condo.

Job: Singer

Currently Dating: Zack

Crush: No one yet

Alice Everchant

Puppet Master: Lexxiia

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Bio: Alice was always the smartest out of the five and the quietest. Her parents were proud of her and her life couldn’t be more perfect. She was at the top of her class and the most innocent one of all. That was until she hit seventeen and left for onboard studies. She came back different. When she grew the age of eighteen, she disappeared for a week. Her parents sent the cops to find her but found nothing. She arrived home on Monday, perfectly fine and claimed to have lost her memory. Alice would never allow any of her friends to come over her house. She is currently dating Eric even though she knows he’s cheating behind her back twenty-four seven. She holds the biggest secrets of all.

Job: Photography

Dating: Eric

Crush: None yet

Zack Anders

Puppet Master: kyanydkwc

Age: 20

Sexuality: Gay

Bio: The biggest memory Zack had as a child was in kindergarten, Eric kissed him after kissing so many girls and getting suspended for it. Zack is average guy growing up with all his four friends. He’s usually seen as calm, collected and responsible although he also has many faults. When he was younger Eric would tease him about acting gay. As all his friends grew up and Eric would continue his teasing and going out with so many girls, he grew annoyed and mad. Zack started dating Iris. Iris, at the time was queen bee of the school. Iris was someone even Eric couldn’t get and it made Zack feel as if he won the match with Eric. When Iris came back from vacation, he did started to care for her but only in a sister way. He continues to be with Iris and Bree, even if he feels a little guilty for using her to beat Eric at his own game.

Job: Free lance journalist

Dating: Iris

Crush: Eric

Eric Loui Vondrazel

Puppet Master: Sweet Disaster

Age: 20

Sexuality: Gay

Bio: From toddler to teenager to adult, he’s always been a ladies’ man. He was suspended from kindergarten for kissing pretty girls and being rude to ugly ones. His parents were for sure he was straight but didn’t notice why he was kissing the girls. Then one day he kissed Zack and blurt out he liked him. As years go on Eric would make fun of Zack for acting gay and didn’t notice it was bullying. In high school, being gay was looked down upon and Male2 decided to play with the girls. He was the biggest player around and one of the most popular guys but never could seem to get the biggest toy yet, Iris. When Eric saw Zack get Iris, he got jealous that his crush got the biggest prize. He is currently dating Alice but still cheats behind her back and only cares for her as a friend.

Job: Model

Dating: Alice

Crush: Zack

Elias Killian McConner

Puppet Master: OREO


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Zack walked back into the door, heaving a sigh. It was the usual drama of trying to get Bree to succumb to daycare, however she ended up liking it. It was always the hesitation, the fear, the small "let's do this instead"s and "we don't have to"s. However, upon getting there, when he could get Bree inside the daycare, she would always run off inside and immediately get lost in all the other kids inside. He couldn't help but smile at the thought.

He sat back on the couch and opened up his laptop, where a document flashed on the screen depicting Iris in her new dark hairstyle, an accomplished look on her face. He smiled at it. She looked happy, or happier, to him and it was quite a refreshing feeling considering her lack of genuine "ups" lately.

Zack finished drafting up the very-positive review of Iris's new style and sent it in to his editor, hoping it wasn't too obvious how one-sided the piece would be. While doing it, he saw nothing that could have been portrayed as bad besides the shock of fans, however great he thought they would eventually react in support of her changes.

As he sent the piece in, he realized that it was almost six. He ran down to the daycare and picked up Bree eventually had her asleep in her bed just before eight. He then got a message from Iris, letting him know that their guests would be over soon. No sooner had he read over the message, he heard a knock on the door. He smoothed himself over and went to answer the door.

"Alice! Long time, no see, I believe. Come in, come in."

Zack hesitated upon seeing Eric with her, but offered him the same greeting with a more muted voice, suppressing the scowl that fought to reach his face. He was quite surprised that they were still together.

"You two are the first to get here. Iris is on her way, and Elias should be here eventually. But come in! Make yourselves comfortable."

Zack found himself to be repetitive, but couldn't help it. He should have been more prepared after Iris's idea to get everyone over. It was Iris, after all, and she rarely ever defaulted on her plans once she was set on them.
  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 243d 6h 59m 28s
^.^ I'll just play as female 2 for now one. I hope nobody left.

She was off into her own world heading toward the apartment. She didn’t notice Eric until his voice popped out of nowhere. She slightly jumped at his voice but continued walking, looking over his shoulder to see him. She stared at the coffee and was going to point out that she hated bitter things but he interrupted her.

“Thanks,” She slipped on a smile and thanked him once again when he opened the door and let her through first. That’s all there was to their relationship though. She didn’t know if she’d call it a relationship. Of course, Alice still liked hanging out with him once and a while but not in the lover sense. Even so, the two didn’t seem to open their mouths about it and still played as boyfriend and girlfriend. They entered the apartment and then suddenly he mentioned Elias coming back. She became silent for a minute, in thought. That was right. He was doing a movie and finished. Alice didn’t think that he’d arrive so soon because the movie was said to be long. She licked her lips and then finally spoke out “Oh, is he...? Um, sure, I guess we could.” She slowly drank her coffee while putting some things away and then entering her room to change into comfortable clothes. She then came out and looked over at Eric.

“What have you been up to all day?” She asked and dropped down on the couch, resting her head at the edge. She felt her phone vibrate and pull it out. She got a text from Iris. They haven’t seen each other for a long time either. Actually, she hasn’t seen most of them for a long while. It wasn’t like before when they could meet up so often or even every day. She raised up her cell-phone and read the text.

Hey, want to meet up at 8 at my condo? Tell Eric to come by. I’m trying to get Elias to come over too. It seemed that Iris was thinking the same thing as Eric. Who knows, maybe it’ll be fun to hang all of them together. After all the things that happened it felt all torn apart. Although, she could feel a slight awkwardness meeting all each other again. Maybe not to the rest but for her it was.

“Well, you said you wanted to meet up with everyone right?” She glanced at Eric “Iris invited us over to her condo at eight. It’s not really smart of her because we might end up causing some kind of fire. Don’t overdo the drinks if there’s liquor, okay?” She forewarned. Every time someone got drunk, she’d always have to be mature adult. Sometimes she wished it was the other way around because taking care of her four drunk friends was a pain in the ass. She rose from the couch “I’m going to go get changed.” She went into her closet and then changed to a small, comfortable, casual red dress and when it was time she grabbed Eric’s hand.

“Oh and I’m driving,” She flashed a smile shaking her car keys. She got him onto the basement and then went into the car and waited for him to get in. He could have used his own car but if he did, she’d have to make a car race out of it. She enjoyed beating the other person at driving. Either way, she had to get there. She took her car to arrive to Iris condo and then knocked on the front door and just waited. As usual, she’d be the one to listen to others and mostly keep silent unless it was something important she had to say.

  Alice Everchant / Lexxiia / 7y 247d 4h 6m 37s
Jasmine dropped out. So I'm thinking either finding a replacement or someone to double, me or anyone else wants to take the role. Doubling seems a lot faster. What do you think I should do?
  Iris R. Black / Lexxiia / 7y 256d 23h 26m 6s
As she put her cell-phone back into her pocket she moved right near Bree. She was delighted to hear that Zack took a liking to her new hair. Having everyone turns their back to Amber and her opinion made her feel better even though Amber was right to a point. Her head turned to see Zack right back on his laptop. She could sense that he was having trouble and looked overly stressed. For a couple of minutes she just stood there, watching Bree and then back to Zack. She wanted to help out in any possible way. When he had responded to her question he seemed almost out of it. Hell, Zack probably didn’t even hear her question. She frowned, and the moved right behind him. She wrapped her arms over his broad shoulders.

Don’t stress too much about it. If there’s anything you need I’ll help, ” She suggested. She smiled sweetly to hear that he wanted to use her in it. Normally, she’d find it irritating with others writing things about her, mostly because she expected them to degrade her. The only writer she trusted was Zack of course.

I will. I was about to even suggest it, ” She encouraged and then repeated “Don’t stress yourself. Stress can kill you. I don’t want you to get sick.

Daddy’s sick! ” Bree gasped. Iris laughed gently and looked back at her “No, he’s not and he won’t.

No lying! ” Bree warned.

Lying is bad. I won’t lie to you Bree, ” She promised as she went to the girl and ticked her from the waist. Bree giggled and then grabbed Iris’ hair telling her she won’t let go unless Iris stopped tickling her. Iris let her go and kissed her on her forehead before she got up again remembering she should be going. She got her bag and headed to the door.

Zack if you’re going out, take Bree to daycare okay? ” She said right before she exited the condo and heard Bree saying ‘Bye mommy’ right behind the door. Iris smiled to herself thinking how glad she was to have Bree in her life. Bree was her everything. She didn’t regret any choices she made to have Bree there. She head out into the hallways and out into the street. Then she received a text back. She pulled it out as she walked and aimlessly walked down the street. She guessed that Elias arrived. She sent a short text to receive a good sized one. She remembered during the time in high school where she would just send ‘Hi’ to a random person and they’d sent an easy explaining they wanted to many things with her and get married right away-that or they were ‘go to hell and die bitch, you’re a worthless piece of shit!’. Thank god those days were over. She smiled a little at the text and rolled her eyes at his teasing.

Better be some good money to work for that long. I’d sue them if it wasn’t. *sarcasm* Miss you too love ;D But I think I’m the only one. You won’t recognize me next time we meet Trust me .’ She clicked send and as she was about to take the next step, a hand roughly pulled her back. Her mood instantly switches as she faces the person he pulled her but then had noticed something. She looked ahead to see a rush of cars moving in high speed and it was not a red light. She turned back to the man “Thanks.

No problem. Watch where you walk next time. You could end up like your sister, ” He finished off. Iris doubly blinked and stared at the man. What did he mean? How could he have known? His hair was sharply dark brown, his eyes dark and his body practically seduced her. Who the hell was he?

What? ” She asked in confusion. He smirks as the people from behind her move down the street and covering where he stood. She waited until the people went by but when she looked, he was gone. She stared stupidly at the empty space and decided to walk down the street, still in wonder of what happened. She tried to dust it off her shoulders and headed to the photo shoot. She arrived on time having some people she knew freak out of her new hair. At first they didn’t recognize her and criticise her for trying to be Iris. It wasn’t tell Amber came to clarify I was her. Iris then started to text Jasmine.

Hey Jazz, want to meet up at 8 at my condo? Tell Eric to come by. I’m trying to get Elias to come over too. ’ The photographer actually seemed pleased to see her new dyed hair and decided to go with a dark theme of a fallen Angel. The photo shoot hours and right when they were about to finish an accident happened and Iris had to stay slightly longer. When it finally finished it was late, it was already eight. She quickly dials up Zack.

Zack, I’m going to be late. I told everyone to come over. Hopefully you can handle all of them... I’ll be there in ten minutes or so and-oh got to go. Found a taxi ,” She spoke and then hanged up quickly to get in the taxi. It would be so much faster taking the taxi than walking thirty minutes.


Hint: The man that stopped her from crossing the street Is important. He'll be the second guy I'll be using later on.
  Iris R. Black / Lexxiia / 7y 263d 3h 2m 10s
"Hello Passengers this is your pilot Lawrence Ozera, We shall be landing in 10 minutes, it is 65 degrees outside, and will be 10:45 current time when we land. Thank you for choosing International airlines. We look forward to servicing you again."

"Finally, Home at last." Elias muttered and shook his head a small smile on his face at the thought of being back, of the break from movies he will have, the thoughts were definitely welcomed as the huge plane started losing altitude and came closer and closer to the ground, which Elias had not been able to feel underneath his feet for the past 11 hours. Of course him flying from Italy to New York , which were 7 hours different, took awhile.

Even with no sleep the past day Elias had only slept 6 out of those 11 hours which left him with a lot of time for thinking, foreign movies and annoying passengers. To bad he was against becoming too flashy or materialistic or he would definitely start investing in a private jet and pilot or something of the sorts. Elias chuckled at the thought, it was ridiculous to him how much big stars got caught up in the fame, the money and fake world they lived in. How they all paid extreme amounts of money just to make themselves look 'cooler.' It was all a bunch of B.S. that he was thankful he didn't have to deal with outside of his work in the movies.

Finally after the forever seeming ten minutes of waiting anxiously to step onto his homeland the plane halted to a stop, the doors were opened, passengers stood and exited the plane and Elias was right behind them rushing into the cool air of the city around him a huge smile on his face "Finally home."

It didn't take long for him to spot his bright blue suit cases, where he was met with his driver, since he had left his car at home fearful that he would be in Italy longer than he would have paid for at the airport. Yeah he was a tad bit paranoid when it came to his car, but not only was it crazy expensive, it was also customized to his liking, that was the tad bit of being an unseen movie star coming out of him. Slipping into the sleek black Lincoln town car limousine, the usual car used for limousines, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket,"A text already? Someone must have missed me." he chuckled and pulled out his phone, reading the message put a smile on his face.

Of course knowing that Iris was the first person to welcome him back made his mood a lot better. Quickly texting back he sent the message and looked out window towards the road.

'Hey Iris, yeah I just landed and I'm on my way home! The movie was alright a lot of planning and redoing things the director didn't like, but ya know can't complain when I'm getting paid. I really missed home though, especially you sweetheart ;] But yeah we should definitely all get together it's been quite a while.'
  Elias Killian McConner / OREO / 7y 263d 4h 40m 22s
Eric walked along the side walk, entering a coffee shop at the corner. The line was filled with about three people. The girl, a red head, at the register had a bright smile upon her face as she looked at him. Eric smiled back lifting up his hand and holding up a peace sign, classifying that he wanted to of his usual order. The red head, known as Charity nodded before leaving don and writing down an order on a piece of paper and placing it to the side so that her coworker could get started on the order.

The male stayed in line as the fourth costumer though. Letting the others order their coffee. Once up front the two smiled at one another. "And how are you today miss Charity?" he asked in a flirtatious tone.
"I'd be better if that extra coffee was for me." She said with a smile handing him both cups. Eric shook his head though making the girl give him a pouty look. "Maybe next time." Charity rolled her eyes knowing that next time usually meant never when it came to Eric.

Feeling a vibration in his pockets, Eric placed the coffee's back down onto the table, reached in for his phone and opened it reading the text. Hey, What are you up to? Maybe we can hang out, let me know. Eric closed the phone, without a response and placed it back in his pocket before grabbing both coffee's and heading out the door.

It didn't take him long to reach Jasmine's place. Her parents house wasn't far from the coffee shop, just a 5 minute walk. Upon reaching the house he saw the blond out front walking up to her door step. "Guess we had the same idea Min." He said calling her by the name he usually called her, minnie or just min for short. Eric quickly walked over to her and handed her one of the two coffee's. "Drink it, before you even say you don't like coffee. It's a special kind. There's a hint of extra sweet flavor added to it." He said not letting her know exactly what he had ordered. Walking in front of her, he turned the door knob opening it and walked in right after she had. "Today's the day, Elias is back. We should probably go see him for old times sake. Maybe even see the rest of them." He added.

Sorry about the wait, I never made a new account so RecklessDreamer is letting me put this up on hers.
  ᴄʜɪʟᴅ ɢᴇɴ / RecklessDreamer / 7y 263d 7h 15m 42s
Zack hovered over the blank page on his laptop, stressing over a story. He was always hesitant to do anything revolving Iris, even with her consent, and now he hadn't much news to go off of that wasn't already common knowledge. What would he be able to cover? What could he do?

Mentally, he cursed to himself as he powered down his laptop and sat back down, letting the buzz of the TV fill the room as Bree watched in silence, transfixed on the nonsense show that was on. However, that focus was broken when the door opened and what sounded like Iris's voice and her agent, Amber's voice, talking almost heatedly upon entering the room. Iris sounded positive, Amber not so much.

Zack almost didn't recognize Iris, her hair much darker than the so-called "barbie blonde" that many had become accustomed to. It was black, but with a blue that shined faintly through it all. Zack had immediately liked it, much to the point that the expression of delight mixed so seamlessly with his look of surprise.

Responding to Amber, Zack smiled.

"Well, if she's lost her mind, then I wouldn't mind losing it too."

Zack's smile grew as he listened to Bree's innocent question. It made him chuckle and he sat back down in the living room. He stared blankly at his laptop as he settled himself, not exactly sure of what he was going to write about. Of course, Iris's change of style would make for an interesting Art and Entertainment piece, but he didn't want to overstep any boundaries by writing about her, even if it was an anonymous submission. Perhaps he could send something in anonymously to present a better light than critics would ever do so.

Zack had, for the most part, tuned out, at least until he heard the prospect of hanging out with the rest of the gang. He hadn't seen them for a quite a while considering he'd been stressing so much over nonsense. Perhaps it hadn't been that long, but it had felt like it in his world, especially when each day felt like three in one.

"Sounds like a good idea,"
Zack commented, almost absentmindedly. His thoughts were drifting; people, priorities, and possibilities.

He decided against his hesitation and began writing the piece regarding Iris's hair.

"Hey, you should send me a throwaway picture of your shoot to send to the paper. Better that then an awkward street shot of a certain agent of yours chasing you down the street shooting daggers in your back."

Zack grinned at the image and continued typing almost feverishly, trying to hold on to his initial reaction to put it into the piece, subtly injecting as much good bias as he could without breaking press protocol.
  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 267d 22h 45m 32s
Through the lens of the camera, Jasmine shot each perfect moment. The way the two laced their fingers between the others. Even when they had their first kiss as a married couple. Jasmine adored these scenes. They were simply beautiful. She sort of envied them, due to the fact that it was exactly what she wanted before. But they were happy and that was all that matter to them.

It didn't take a long while until it was officially over. It was a short ceremony and they had started it early. She was only there for to take pictures when they were actually getting married. Another person was to take over after. Taking out the disk from her camera, she handed it to the groom with a smile on her face. "Here you are, pictures that will last a life time. I wish you both well." She said before turing and heading to her car.

Jasmine looked at her phone. There was nothing new. No one had messaged her or called her. She figured Eric was doing what ever it was he did when they weren't together, which was a lot actually. She never really liked being around people. Not since she had studied abroad. She was just… too different. She had more responsibilities to take on. But each would take time. Jasmine started up her car and headed back home. She was still living with her parents because they wanted her to. They could tell something had been wrong with their daughter, but figured it was simply because she was missing her friends where she had studied away.

The car had passed by the same streets it always had on her way back home. She had passed by everyone's home. Eric's, Iris and Zack's, even Elias'. It wasn't that she wanted to pass by each house, but it was the quickest way home for her. Upon reaching the house, Jasmine shut off the engine and got out of the car. Flipping open her cell, she decided to text Eric, since he was in fact her boyfriend.
Hey, What are you up to? Maybe we can hang out, let me know.

It was the same text she sent every couple of days just so that her parents, him and others wouldn't think anything of her odd distance. She just never really had a reason to become close to them. There was no point not at the moment. There was no need for it. She was better off in her own little bubble.
  ᴄʜɪʟᴅ ɢᴇɴ / RecklessDreamer / 7y 268d 50m 19s
She leaned her head back as the water rushed down her scalp and hair. She never felt so happy to get rid of her blonde hair. She used to love it and would do anything to keep it at its state. It wasn’t that she hated the color, it was that she wanted to do something that symbolized she did change. Some people get tattoos, some pricings and her-dying her hair. Iris knew the hair dresser and trusted her enough to make this big change. Instead of dying her hair purely jet black, she was making it a dark navy blue. The only thing that she cut was getting straight bangs. When it was all done, she spends a couple of minutes just looking at herself in the mirror and smiled.

What do you think? ” Taylor asked, biting her lip so hard that it looked like it would bleed. Iris turned around and hugged her so hard that it stopped Taylor’s process of breathing. She then just smiled at Taylor “Thanks so much. I love it! ” Taylor breathed out in relief as she took a step back.

Good, because I don’t want to be hated by your fans and have them break into my apartment and kill me, ” Taylor rambled. Iris just laughed. If that would ever happen, Iris would do just about anything to stop it. Iris gave her thanks again to Taylor and walked out into the street. All was swell in her mind. She was walking confidently down the city streets and staring a head as if it was going to be a good day. It wasn’t until she felt a presence behind her, slowly starting to creep behind her that she lost her joy. She instantly spun around with her heel to grab the hand that was about to touch her ass, and painfully bended the man’s wrist. She could have done worse considering she took classes for self defence and more. She gave the man a nasty stare, rolling her eyes and then let it be. She walked off quickly and knew that she was still being followed. All she needed was to recognize someone in the street and talk to them and he’ll leave her alone. Then her eyes picked up the lost puppy hazel eyes of Amber. She went in front of Amber’s view and Amber just stared at her confused. Just as Iris was about to open her mouth, Amber spoke.

Hi, have you seen a girl just about your height that almost looks exactly like you with blonde hair? She’s a famous singer, so you should be- ” Amber began.

“- Amber, I’m Iris. You like...? ” Iris flashed a smile and watched the color drain in Amber’s face. Amber opened her mouth and started to yell; Iris covered Amber’s mouth and decided to head to her condo. Amber would follow her, sealing her lips so she didn’t cause attention. Iris arrived to her apartment, fit the key and opened the door. She spot Zack and then Bree in the room. Bree slowly turned her head to Iris and dropped her small jaw.

Even your own child thinks it’s a crazy idea! ” Amber blurts out and then turns to Zack “ She’s completely lost her mind don’t you think!? I couldn’t even recognize her! What the f -” Iris gave Amber a nasty glare reminding her Bree was in the room and she didn’t want Bree picking up bad words. Bree slowly walked toward to Iris. Iris picked up Bree and watched Bree stick out her tongue at Amber “Mommy looks pretty!

She looks like a Goth puked on her! ” Amber exclaimed.

Hey, no need to insult Goths ,” Iris warned.

What’s a Goth? ” Bree innocently asked. Iris moved into the living room and sat down on the couch, also letting Bree sit down. She didn’t want to be yelled out for the change. People should be happy she did change. Amber had decided to leave but reminded Iris that she needed to be at a certain place in two to three hours for the photo shoot. There was a chance it may be changed considering she just dyed her hair but that didn’t bother her. The tension in the air started to drop and silence started to fill in the room. She shut her eyes for a second and then remembered she had things to do during the day and Zack probably wanted to get on his work before the deadline. She didn’t worry too much of him not finishing it up. Iris made a good amount selling her albums and even if she didn’t, she did have help from her parents because they were wealthy.

I suppose you would want to try to finish your work up, right? Oh and, do you honestly think my hair is bad now? ” She asked Zack. She was hoping he didn’t think it was bad. His opinion mattered. She stared at the program Bree had the TV set on. It wasn’t a children’s show. It had bunch of violence. She grabbed the remote and switched the channel. She then thought of all her friends. Maybe it was a good idea for all of them to meet up tomorrow or sometime because it’s been a while since they all were together.

I think we should all meet up sometime, with everyone. It’s been awhile. Elias should be down the movie by now, ” She blurts out her thoughts, just remembering. She then got out her cell-phone and decided to give a text to him. She didn’t know the exact time he’d arrive; just that it was probably today. She never kept up much with her friends lately. She’s been so busy with her career and Bree.

Welcome back :D How was the movie? We should all meet up sometime ’ She texted and then put the cell-phone in the pocket. She glanced at the time on her phone and knew she should be heading out. She should take Bree to daycare as well too, or ask for someone to babysit her while she did her photoshoot.

  Iris R. Black / Lexxiia / 7y 271d 10h 4m 44s
“Alright, So when he swings the right hook you're going to lean back let it pass your face, then grab onto his forearm, pull him towards you and raise your knee quickly, Alright?” The male asked an eyebrow raised, the actress he was talking to nodded and he quickly backed off the practice mat and watched from a distance.

“Action!” An Older man seated in a chair yelled from his chair behind a very expensive looking camera as the two actors started the fight scene, cameras rolling to get a look at how realistic the choreographed fight scene looks. Elias yawned softly as he leaned against the wall behind him. This would be his last day working for this movie, his last day 'living it up' in the European Country, The Great Italy, Home To The Wonderful Colosseum and Amazing Food.

I will need to come here when I have time to look around and not stuck in this mass of chaotic people. he thought to himself and smiled nodding. Though these rare out of country jobs were fun and about all paid for, he still missed his house, still missed his class of kids and his friends. Nothing could keep him away from his home. So as this real time fight scene dragged on for two hours, which would only be about an four minute or less scene in the movie, the director had called a wrapped, camera crews, extras, Stars, supporting, any of the likes were allowed to retire home, wherever that shall be as the footage would then be moved to the 'computer geeks' of the production team.

On his way back to the Hotel, Elias pulled out his phone and dialed up his friend, who happened to own the gym he taught at.

“Hello?” A slurred baritone voice sounded over the phone.
“Well nice to hear you're awake. Well the filming took longer than expected, the next flight doesn't leave for another hour and a half, so I won't be back in time for my class tonight, have someone fill in my spot.”
“Alright, what time is it?”
“Hmm? Like 3 something, I don't know. We've been filming non-stop, I didn't really get much time to sleep and when I did, I kept waking up.” Elias grumbled and shook his head.
“Is it that same dream again, the one in the w-”
“Yeah, it is. I can't get it out of head. It's forever stuck there.” he muttered and sighed slumping back against the seat looking out the window.
“Hey man, maybe you should talk about it, it might mean something? Maybe see a therapist or something?”
“Dreams are just dreams, I'm not crazy, Matt. I don't need to talk to a therapist.” Elias shook his head rolling his eyes,“Look I gotta go I'm almost to the hotel, I'll see you when I get back.” He said and hung up after his friend agreed. Elias placed his phone back into his pocket and sat up as the taxi driver pulled up in front of the hotel building. Asking the driver to wait for him he got out and hurried into the huge building and into the elevator.

Elias exited out onto the Very top floor into the small hallway that had a cream colored door to a huge, one floor, condo like room, which he had been staying in the past two weeks. Grabbing his two big black and blue suitcases, leaving money for room cleaning services and returned to the elevator, going over his time spent in Italy, being with this movie he did get to see some cool parts of Italy just not everything he wanted to see, at the pace he wanted to see it, he definitely didn't get the pleasure of indulging in the culture of this beautiful country.

Handing over the key cards and his debit card, he checked out of the hotel and got back into the small white and yellow Taxi, headed to the airport where he'll soon be descending from to return to the familiar, welcoming confinements of his town and his home.
  Elias Killian McConner / OREO / 7y 272d 2h 30m 41s
Eric rolled out of the bed he was in. The sent of sweet strawberries filled the air, letting Eric know where he was. He turned his body viewing the girl who laid in the bed. The blanket was wrapped loosely around her legs while her upper body was exposed. He smiled slightly, it was a pretty ok sight. Not the best, but it was something. Something was better than nothing.

He bent down and picked up his cloths that laid in right in front of him. He always made sure, that was the place he had to put them. He trained himself to do so, so that he'd be able to leave as quickly as he could in the morning. This was just what ever it had been, nothing more. Erick kissed, but did anything too intimate, besides possible sex. All he did was get it in, get some sort of sensation and get out.

Sex was something he could never do with Jasmine. He could with any other girl. But Jasmine was special. She was a friend, his girlfriend. Eric threw on his cloths and headed for the door, quickly and quietly to not wake the sleeping girl in her bed. Once out and down the steps, Eric looked around. He could hear a jiggle at the door, which made a smirk appear on his face. Her boyfriend must have finally returned.

Eric had two things he could do. Walk out the back door, or face him. The door knob turned and was soon pushed open a blonde male with blue eyes stood at the front of the door, his eyes meeting with Eric's brown ones.

"Who the f--" The male looked up at the steps behind Eric. Eric wasn't sure why exactly he was looking up there. But, it must have been the girl. Eric could hear little whimpers coming from the top of the stairs. She must have been scared. He could see the angry look in the male's eyes as he looked at his girlfriend.

"Well, maybe I should go.."
"You whore! I'm gonna murd--" His sentence was cut off as he towards the stairs. Eric blocked his way pushing the blonde slightly away before punching him. Once, twice, a third until he was on the ground on top of the male. Eric gripped the male's shirt pulling him close. "If I find out she is dead, or hurt, or anything. I will find you. Besides, all we did was pass out on the bed naked, what happened before that, you can leave that up to your fucked up imagination." Eric flicked the males head, before getting up and off the male.

All though Eric was indeed the biggest player. He had respect for women. If they said no to having sex, then it was no. He wasn't going to persuade them into anything. He was a player due to the fact that he flirted and that many girls just wanted him. Not because he could get every girl's panties off.

"I'm coming back tonight to get some more, but I'll take it else where. The smell is very appealing so it will be unnoticeable." Eric walked over to the door and walked out closing it behind him. He shook his head. It was crazy what some men would do just for a woman, but women were also the same way. A burning sensation filled with in his veins, notifying him it was time to search for some more of what he craved. It was then that he settled on the idea of heading to the coffee shop. Maybe he'd get two and surprise Jasmine. He knew where she was heading today. He just wasn't sure exactly where she was when he would be done. But he'd call her up or something, or just meet her at her parents house, which sounded like the better choice to him.
  Male / SweetDisaster / 7y 272d 12h 37m 18s
Zack woke with a bit of a start. Faces were in his dreams, many were stressors in his waking life, good and bad. His boss, always demanding a story, always asking him about Iris and what she was doing, always trying to sniff out a story from trustworthy sources. His family, or more specifically his mother, always asking him how things were, why he wasn't married, who is this Iris girl he kept hearing about. Bree, dancing around, all innocent, calling him adorable things like "daddy." Iris, and all her changes since she had come back from Paris, although for the better considering that she was slowly becoming herself again.

Zack sat up at the thought. Where was Iris? He didn't hear her usual morning conversation with her agent, or even her footsteps around the condo. He wondered if Bree was around with her or still about the condo. The smell of eggs still lingered through the partly open door, as well as the heavy silence.

He got up and took a shower without delay. For reasons unknown to him, he thought a shower would be the place to clear his head, morning after morning, but such was never the case. He needed to learn to deal with stress better. Just keep smiling, he always told himself. Better that than be a bother to others.

Settling with a pair of distressed jeans and a red t-shirt, he got dressed and walked to the kitchen.

a small voice called out to him, rushing to his leg.

Zack looked down and saw Bree clinging to his leg. He couldn't help but smile at this adorable ball of energy.

"Hey there, little one. Good morning!"

Zack tried to match the usual cheerfulness of Bree, but found it hard to do after waking up not long ago. His voice still sounded almost scratchy and wholly unused, considering that he'd spent most of his morning talking inwardly.

"Mommy went somewhere,"
Bree said, flashing a big smile as if she was happy to have done as she was told.

"Somewhere? Know where?"
Zack asked, trying again to match her smile and failing.

Bree simply shook her head, and looked down at the ground, her signal to let Zack know that she was done being picked up. He let her down and she ran off into the living room, presumably to watch TV or draw as she usually did. Sure enough, the buzz of the TV filled the house, quickly going lower to a small hum. Zack couldn't help but put on a smirk. At the very least, despite all her energy, Bree could be a very well-behaved child.

But that couldn't really ward off his stress. He hadn't a deadline to meet exactly to submit a story for consideration, but he still had to write something eventually. As much as she didn't mind, he didn't want to be living off of Iris's and his parent's money forever. It just didn't sit well with him, all things considered.

After grabbing a bagel, he sighed. Perhaps he could go out later with his camera and find some mundane story. It was always better than nothing.
  Zack Anders (cl) / kyanydkwc / 7y 272d 20h 26m 19s
Green eyes revealed itself as a blonde young woman had opened her eyes. The blinds in her room hid her from the sunshine and from the outside world. The blonde had kept away from everyone, which according to her parents was unlike her. But there was no need for them to come over, not even her boyfriend Eric. The people she knew were still people she talked two, just not as much as before. They didn't have to come over in order to be her friend. The continuing music that had been ringing for some time now continued to play. Her hand swung behind her and gripped the phone before placing it against her ear.

"Hello?" Jasmine answered in a sleepy voice.
"Aren't you working on that wedding in a few hours?"
"Yeah.. I'll be there on time, don't worry." With that, Jasmine pressed the end button on her phone and placed it gently beside her. She really did not want to show up, but she had no choice. She had to live her life. Rolling off of the bed, Jasmine made her way into the bathroom to get ready. Once she was finished, Jasmine threw on a pink blouse along with black pants and some flats. She was professional, yet comfortable.

She quickly made a cup of coffee and headed out into her car. There was no way things will get in the way of what she had to do. She would find a way to do them as quick and effectively as possible. Once at her destination, Jasmine exited her car after popping the trunk open. Walking around to the trunk, Jasmine took out her camera bag and pulled it on to her shoulder.

Her green eyes glanced around at the park. It was the perfect place to get married, actually, it was her perfect place. This was the park where she hoped she would get married some day. She never knew who she would actually get married with, but in high school, this was the place she dreamed of.

Jasmine could not wait to be in that white dress, her hair and make up done beautifully. Her father would have walked her down a white carpet, while she stared at the man at the end of it. And Bree, she would be there too, as the flower girl. The thought made her sad. But with the way things were, that would never happen, especially with Eric since well, he was with almost every other girl. Sometimes she wondered why she had even chose to be with Eric. It wasn't as if she loved him.. It was just.. a way to say she was with someone, even though in her mind, she really wasn't since he was also everyone else's.

Jasmine took a deep breath before walking up to the group of people who stood at the end of the park near the water. Upon reaching there, she introduced herself, letting them know she would be taking their pictures today and hoped they would enjoy them when they saw the pictures.
  ᴄʜɪʟᴅ ɢᴇɴ / RecklessDreamer / 7y 273d 3h 16m 15s
I forgot to mention the posting order. For now the posting order will be the way I set up the characters. Next would be RecklessDreamer, after kyanydkwc and so on...

  Iris R. Black / Lexxiia / 7y 276d 4h 27m 9s
The skin she lived in was no longer comfortable. Living as a prize/a trophy disgusted her and even though she changed others continually to treat her same. She needed to do something so that others no longer saw her same. Iris from the distance looked like Barbie herself. Her silky straight blonde hair and her pale icy blue eyes with plump pink lips. The way she walked and the way she talked lured everyone in but this time she was different. She was done being everybody’s Barbie doll.

She made the biggest mistake in high school trying to impress everyone and trying to get her parents proud of her but it all failed. Her parents would never be proud of her no matter how hard she tried. They were always comparing her to someone not really related to her. The innocent tom boy who stood up for everyone else turned into a bitch and now, she didn’t know who she was.

Her eyelids slowly started to flutter open into the morning. Her senses all came back in and she heard today’s forecast. She stared across from her and made out the large flat screen TV, on. She must have fallen asleep on the couch by accident when she woke up 3AM because Bree had a nightmare. She stretched out her arm into the air and groaned over the soreness spreading down her arm to her back and to her ankles. It was 6AM. That was oddly early for her to wake up, although she usually receives calls at this time from her agent. Her agent was a morning person, Iris not so much. She sat up and stretched out for the remote on the fuzzy red carpet and turned the TV off. She eventually got to her feet and moved into the large washroom, brushing her perfect straight teeth, combing her hair that was barely even messed and washed her face which showed how little sleep she got for the past couple of nights. That’s it. She was going to the salon today and die her blond hair black.

Mommy, ” Bree’s voice snuck up from behind her. Her small arms wrapped around her right leg, looking up with innocent light blue eyes with straight dark hair very much tangled. She wondered how long Bree has been awake. Iris sighed and picked up Bree and smiled at her “Shouldn’t you be asleep? It’s early. ” Bree nodded no and then spoke out with a soft tired voice “I want food. ” Iris sighed and then rested Bree on the counter top, washing her face and brushing her hair. Then she lifted her up again and went into the dining room and rested Bree on the chair. Iris wasn’t the best cook but she was decent. She glanced over at the bedroom and didn’t think it was good idea to wake up Zack so early. She went into the large kitchen, got some eggs and milk. She made scrambled eggs and then poured some milk for Bree. Then her I-phone rang. She picked it up instantly.

What’s the plan for today? ” Iris sighed.

The photo shoot I’ve already notified you of yesterday, ” Amber, her agent replied.

Whose doing the photos?.

I don't remember. I'll check later.

Well, I hope that photo shoot won’t require me to have my hair blonde then.

What...? Why? What are you going to do? ” Amber spoke in panic. Iris respected Amber but at times she got annoyed of her when Amber all cared for was Iris’ image.

I’m dying, cutting my hair.

Iris you can’t do that! A celebrity’s hair is big. You’ll ruin your image. It’s like from Barbie doll to-!

Exactly, ” Iris pointed “Amber, I’m just sick of that image. I’m going to die my hair dark, wear comfortable clothing and be what I once respected. I’ll see you afternoon.

Iris! People will lose interest, ” Amber warned. Lose interest...? Because she didn’t want to be the girl that everyone saw as a prize for? If they lost interest because of that, she could care less.

Then let them... I’m doing this for me, ” Iris spoke and hung up and clenched her teeth. She turned her eyes over to Bree. Bree had her eyes wide, her mouth open just about to put the food in her mouth, curiously staring at her. Iris quietly laughed at Bree’s expression.

It’s Amber, ” She explained.

Oh! Mommy is mad? ” Bree asked.

Nope, ” Iris smiled. Not at all... She should get out of the condo and die her quick before Amber arrives to the apartment and tries to stop her. Amber being ten minutes away from her condo would come straight here. Iris bit her lip and then leaned into Bree.

When Zack wakes up, tell him I’ll be back in three hours or so ,” Iris instructed.

Daddy...? K! ” Bree exclaimed. Iris didn’t want her to call him that but didn’t want to say anything to Bree about it. Iris quickly went into the bedroom where Zack should be sleeping. She got into the closet and pulled out a t-shirt and light blue skinny jeans. Since Zack was asleep, she just changed right there quickly. She got her purse and got ready to run for it to the salon.

  Iris R. Black / Lexxiia / 7y 276d 7h 55m 18s

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