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"Everything had started out completely normal..."

Ashilin and Trevor were soon to be married, and had a child on the way. They moved from the hustle and bustle of the city, and settled down in a wonderful little cabin that would be great for raising a family. The town of Forreston was small, but still lively enough to bring in interesting people, and the forest that surrounded it was peaceful, and welcoming.

"Then it all changed..."

There was a knock at the door one day, and Trevor opened it only to see his brother standing there. The past was back to haunt him. "I didn't know you had a brother." Ashilin said, but nonetheless welcomed him into their home.

"The pieces began to fall into place..."

Trevor had been hiding the secret for a while. His family wasn't just any ordinary family. They were Fae. Royal Fae at that, and of the Winter Court. At first Ashilin finds it all hard to believe. She was just a human girl from a family of teachers.

"But when the Summer Court steps in..."

They tell her that her child is the one that will bring unity to all the courts. To make sure that the Winter Court doesn't have any nasty tricks up their sleeves, they send two of their own to protect and guard Ashilin until the baby is born. One is the daughter of the Summer Court's King, and the other is the son of the General of the summer sourt's army. Both lethal, and at first unwilling to stay with Ashilin. But, when the son of the general begins to develop feelings for the human, things begin to get hectic....

And so it begins.

Okay, firstly, this role play is based off of a dream I had. If any of it is a bit unclear, just ask for an explanation.

There are FIVE main roles, but that doesn't mean others can't join! There can be friends of Ashilin and Trevor, other fae that arrive to protect the unborn child, etc. The more characters, the more interesting this can become!

I'd like to make this semi-literate at the least, being that I will be putting a limit of 500 characters, to keep it from going stale. You can write as much as you like, but please, keep from putting in mindless detail. Quality over quantity, you know.

For this role play, I'd like it if we use REAL PICTURES. Or illustrated. No anime please.

The only two roles with names are Ashilin and Trevor. The other two, you can decide their names. Trevor is only the character's name. You get to decide his personality, bio, etc.

Ashilin's Role is taken by me.

Below is the Skeleton. Please fill it out and PM it to me, with the title being "Faery Fae". If you do not put the title, you will be rejected.










Accepted Characters

Other characters are still welcomed!

Username: Conspiracy

Name: Ashilin Marie Collins

Age: 24

Race: Human

Side: Neutral

Personality: Sweet, Good Natured, Sometimes stubborn, Always wants to help those in need.

Bio: Ashilin comes from a family of teachers, and likes to think her life is very much normal. She is engaged to Trevor, who she had known since her freshman year of college. She proudly expecting her first child, and agreed with Trevor that they should move to Forreston to start their family.


Username: Turn_Coat

Name: Trevor Collins

Fae name: Aelfric

Age: 25

Race: Winter Court

Side: Conflicted

Personality: Sweet and Caring. But around his brother, another side comes out...

Bio: Prince of the Winter Court that went against his family to start one of his own...With a human.


Username: Conspiracy

Name: Nickolas Ainsley

Fae Name: Levian

Age: 26

Race: Fae - Winter Court

Side: Winter Court

Personality: Sarcastic, Cold, Doesn't trust easily, a bit reckless.

Bio: Nick is Trevor's older brother. When he heard news that his brother would be having a child with a human, he had to see it for himself. Now that word has gotten out to the Summer Court, he is being forced to stay and watch over Ashilin and the unborn child.


Username: DRLinvation

Name: Ariel

Age: Appears 23

Race: Summer Court Faery

Side: Summer Court

Personality: Bubbly, friendly, hopeless romantic

Bio: Ariel was the daughter of the Summer Court King. Being this, she was spoiled in every way possible. Although she always had a knack for helping those less fortunate than her.


Username: Turn_Coat

Name: Fabian

Age: 27

Race: Seelie

Side: Summer Court and Ashilin Marie Collins

Personality: Calm, Quite, Observant, and Follows Orders.

Bio: Fabian's father is the head general of the Summer Courts armies. Naturally, Fabian enlisted and was on a special assignment task force under the Summer Lady's command.


Username: StarshipRanger

Name: Nerida

Age: 24

Race: Seelie - Summer Court Fae

Side: Summer

Personality: Bubbly, Collected, Mature, Humble, Kind, Hardworking, and Dedicated.

Bio: Nerida is Fabian's cousin. She was told shortly after her cousin Fabian left that she would also be going to protect the new faerie baby, under Ariel's command.


Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (500 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Nick leaned against the door frame as he watched his brother exchange words with the Summer court. The look of disinterest on his face was apparent, and even more so when he picked up the abandoned magazine from the arm of the couch. The way the four looked to him, it was clear that the summer fae and his brother had a great disliking for him. So he was a bit ruthless, and had a temper. They should be thankful that he was here. If it wasn't for him and his way with words, the Winter King and Queen would be after more than just their unborn grandchild. So, in a way he was trying to protect his baby brother... but leave it to him to not realize it. Nick snorted at his thought as he turned the page. His eyes glanced up as he seen Ashilin return into the living room. "Ashilin, can you be a doll and show me how to make this "tea" that you humans drink? It's nothing like fae tea, but it shall suffice." He tossed the magazine to the side, making mental note of what page he was one while he walked into the kitchen.
  Nick (Levian) / Conspiracy / 8y 2d 19h 6m 4s
Ashilin stood there for a moment longer, staring out the window before she turned to look at Trevor. She took a hold of his hand, and placed a small kiss on his palm. "Just be there for me. This is still such a shock to me, and I know that sooner or later I will start crying." She said in a slightly humorous manner. "I'm just worried... Having you and your brother here with the two Summer Fae... The tension is thick. I can feel it." She said softly as she let go of his hand. "But, let's worry about that later. I think that I should at least make them feel a little bit welcomed here." She smiled to him before returning to the living room. How long would she have to wear a smile on her face before someone realized that she was scared to death? She pushed the thought away as she looked at the three Summer Fae. "Well, I know you already know my name, but I don't know yours."
  Ashilin Collins / Conspiracy / 8y 2d 19h 13m 37s
Trever didn't like being accused of breeding to make a weapon for the Winter Court. I wanted to have a normal life...A lot of normal families had children, human and otherwise. Perhaps that's why the Winter Court didn't fight him as much as he thought they would when he left. Did his mother plan this? For him to have a child and his brother to come and claim it for the Court? Her heart was cold enough. He watched as Ashilin left for the kitchen then looked over at Fabian. He didn't like that two of them were going to staying with them. Maybe his brother would leave if they stayed...That made him like the two a little more.

"I apologize if my hospitality offends you, your grace. This entire ordeal is effecting me more than I would like." he said to Ariel with a small nod of respect. Trever turned and left the room after his wife. She was looking out the window, like she did often when she wondered. He came up to her right and lightly touched her arm. "Ash...Is there anything I can do? Anything to help you?" he asked softly. He didn't want to fight the Summer Court and he wanted to remind Ashilin that he was still there for her when she needed him.
  Trevor (Aelfric) / Turn_Coat / 8y 7d 15h 53m 44s
"Oh, okay. That isn't very far from here. It's just inside of town." Ashilin said to Ariel, before taking a seat next to her. She nodded to Fabian, feeling somewhat at ease with the Summer Fae being here. Perhaps it was because they seemed to radiate warmth, while Nick and Trevor (lately) were so cold... She didn't like seeing Trevor that way, and really didn't like how Nick was making it worse on her beloved. She still didn't understand why her child would be such a threat. She doubted that such a small being would alter the fate of the Fae Courts.

Her eyebrows scrunched together at the thought, and she got up to walk into the kitchen. She could not deal with these things right now. Not in this state, and not when she could slice the tension between both sides with a knife. She let out a small breath as she looked out the kitchen window. She felt like running, and getting away from it all.
  Ashilin Collins / Conspiracy / 8y 8d 19m 1s
Fabian looked at his cousin and raised an eyebrow. "Nicely put, Nerida." he said before looking over to Ashilin. "As our commander has said, she will be staying elsewhere. The king commanded it. A mortal driver will be here to pick her up shortly. To keep a closer eye on the situation, Nerida and myself will be staying here." he stated then looked back to Trevor. Something about the way he was standing, his face, it said he hated them. All of them. Not just the representatives of the Summer Court either, his brother as well. Everyone was making a big deal over his unborn child, calling it a potential threat while it's still in the womb. That would make Fabian a little stressed as well. He almost understood his hatred and pain. Then he remembered that he was of the Winter Court and was raised in hate...To hate.
  Fabian / Turn_Coat / 8y 13d 2h 58m 14s
Ariel took a look around the small house. She sighed and slowly sat down on the plush couch in their living room. Ariel sat silently as Ashilin spoke. She smiled when Nerdia made her snarky comment. It was true, but slightly unnecessary. She stood and waved her hand, Ariel turned to her escorts for guidance. They nodded when she got the name of the hotel correct. She smiled and turned back to face Ashilin with the same smile. She held up her phone to show what she was talking about.

Ariel clear her throat and nodded her head to Ashilin in respect before sitting back down. She looked to her escorts who were standing shoulder to shoulder guarding the door. She pulled at her very uncomfortable sleeves and continued to listen to the words spoken at the meeting.
  Ariel / DRLinvation / 8y 17d 20h 11m 16s
Nerida listened to the General's orders and quickly walked back to her room, packing a few outfits and changing from her more regal gold and purple outfit into a more humanesque outfit. She pulled on a pair of blue denim shorts, a bright green long-sleeved shirt, and a white tank top over that. She pulled on sneakers and tied her long blonde hair into a messy bun and walked back out to meet Fabian. After they had gone and met Ariel, they soon arrived in the human world and began driving towards the Collins' home. Nerida had discovered a 'cellular telephone' and found her family member's numbers, including Ariel and Fabian, in the phone. She had called her mother, letting her know she was safe and then hung up, storing the device in her pocket.

After arriving at the small home, in the middle of nowhere, she watched as Ariel knocked on the door. As soon as the door opened Nerida felt a shiver run up and down her side and she instinctively stepped a little closer to Fabian and Ariel.

Entering the house she took note of all of the new human things she didn't know about and made a mental note to ask about them later.

Hearing Trevor's question, Nerida wasn't sure if it was her place to answer, but she did, nonetheless.

"Your child could be the deadliest weapon to grace the Winter Court, did you really believe that the Summer Court would not interfere and make sure that you were not plotting anything?" she asked calmly.
  Nerida / StarshipRanger / 8y 18d 18h 41m 4s
Ashilin walked down the hall after Nick told her that the Summer Fae had arrived. She stood there for a moment, letting the fact that she had three strangers standing in her living room sink in. "Hello everyone. I'm Ashilin. I'm guessing you're here because of me... Well, more namely because of the baby. It's a pleasure having you here." She gave them one of her smiles, although on the inside she was as nervous as ever. More so than when she met Nick. Everything was just changing so fast. She wished she could go back to her quiet mornings of drinking tea by the fire place, and reading a nice book. She turned to Trevor, and smiled to him. "Should we show them to their rooms?" There were only two other rooms open, one of them being the den and the other being the guest room. Nick had taken over the baby's room much to her dislike, but Trevor told her that he wouldn't deface anything.
  Ashilin Collins / Conspiracy / 8y 20d 12h 18m 2s
Trevor came into the living room and looked over the three Fae in front of him. One male and two females. He recognized the Princess of the Summer Court immediately. Nodded is head in respect and started to analyze the tall male with her. He looked semi-familiar, but he couldn't place a name to the face. The other female had the same eyes as the male. A sister perhaps. "I'm going to get straight to the point, forgive me if I come off a little rude...But why is the Summer Court so interested in my child?" he asked them. They gave nothing away on their faces and Fae can't read other Fae very well, unless they were thousands of years old.
  Trevor (Aelfric) / Turn_Coat / 8y 20d 15h 46m 44s
Nick looked upward at Fabian, a slight sneer on his face. "Sure, go talk to Trevor. Ashilin is in the study, but I am sure she will be out in a moment." He lead them into the living room, and left them there for the time being as he went to fetch the human. "Ashilin. The Summer Fae are here. They request your presence." He called out from the hallway in a sarcastic tone. The mixing of the Summer and Winter energy was making him go on edge, more so than usual. He, for the most part, largely detested the Summer Fae, and would rather see them leave than arrive. A moment later, Ashilin opened the door and looked up to him. "Thank you, Nick." She said softly, before walking down the hall and into the living room. 'It seems the human has been crying. Pity.' He thought to himself as he followed after her.
  Nick (Levian) / Conspiracy / 8y 21d 15h 11m 16s
Human technology was so foreign to Princess Ariel, it was almost amusing to watch her reactions to all of it. Motor vehicles scared her, which was understandable. Any new magical creature coming into the human world seemed to react very similar to their technology. Nerida seemed to like her phone. Fabian took up the role of being the driver and the one that had to find the Collin's home. It was easy to find, considering the two Princes of the Winter Court were in the same house. The cold energy they produced could be felt from miles away. They arrived with a little daylight left.

When Princess Ariel approached the door, Prince Levian answered it. Fabian stepped in between the two royals and stared down at the prince. He was slightly taller then Prince Levian and made him aware of it. The energy from the three Summer Fae was twisting and mixing with the energy from the Winter Prince. It sent tingles through Fabian. "We would like to speak with your brother Prince Aelfric and his wife, Ashilin Collins...We have no quarrel with you, unless you make it so."
  Fabian / Turn_Coat / 8y 25d 18h 23m 41s
Of course, Trevor had to come into the living room, and ruin his peace and quiet. This human magazine was very interesting. He didn't fully understand why humans worshiped some of these fools. Without so much as glancing upward, Nick let out a small laugh. "Little brother, you are much too suspicious. As much as I'd love to rule over this pathetic human realm, I have no desire to take your human from you. She is yours, and why would I want her when I can get any fae woman I desire? Now, go tend to your wife. She didn't seem like she was very happy when she walked in." He called out the last part as Trevor made his way into the kitchen. After a few moments, Nick returned to the magazine, reading it as if it was the most interesting piece of literature to be in his hands. Then, there was a knock at the door. "I shall get it." He called out, making sure that his brother wouldn't come in there to bother him some more. He opened to door only to peer down at Ariel, Princess of the Summer Court. "Well, I did not know that they would be sending you." He said with a look of distaste before letting her and the escorts in. "I suppose you want to meet the human, right?"
  Nick (Levian) / Conspiracy / 8y 26d 23h 54m 54s
Ariel's escorts arrived and positioned themselves protectively on either side of her. She smiled and waited for the gate to be open. There was a loud creaking noise and then a flash of blinding light. Ariel squinted against the light and tried to see what was happening. She was unsuccessful for the light was too bright. When the light dimmed she was in a different place. There were paved pathways with big mechanical machines racing around. They gave off a terrible smell. She gagged slightly and was hauled into the back of one of the machines.

She sat quite uncomfortably in the machine as they traveled down the path. One of her escorts was driving while the other was in the passenger seat talking into a device similar to the one she had received from her mother. Suddenly the machine stopped. The escorts got out and a door was opened for her to step out as well. She looked around. There was a small house surround by dense forest. The escorts took her to the front door of the house. One of them knocked on the door and then they waited.
  Ariel / DRLinvation / 8y 27d 17h 21m 27s
Trevor nodded and watched Ashilin as she walked inside. He waited about a minute before he went inside himself to find Nick. As usually, Ashilin locked herself in the den because she was upset and he didn't want to bother her. Nick was sitting in his favorite recliner, looking very interested in the human magazine he was reading. With his hands balled into fists, Trevor stared down at his brother with the coldest blue eyes he's had since he left the court. "Even with the Summer Court coming and my child's life potentially in danger...You're a selfish bastard. You speak of the human world as if you can take it...You look at my wife as if she is yours. If you don't straighten up, I will rip out your throat." he said before he went into the kitchen.
  Trevor (Aelfric) / Turn_Coat / 8y 28d 54m 37s
Ashilin bit down on her bottom lip, while watching Nick return inside. She really didn't like him. He was so negative... and cold. Trevor began to explain the Summer Court to her, and she nodded her head. She still didn't fully understand, but she didn't bother telling Trevor that. He seemed like he had enough to worry about. Her hand reached out and gave his a gentle squeeze. "I'm sure everything will be okay." She said softly, although the feeling in her gut said other wise. Ever since Nick had arrived, her beloved Trevor had been acting more distant... and she was beginning to worry. "I'm going to go inside. I want to figure out what to make for dinner." That was her excuse to lock herself in the den. It was where she always went when she was upset. The walls were covered in book shelves, there was a fire place... The room was her sanctuary. She sat down into the soft leather chair, placing a hand on her belly. "My poor baby. You're not even here yet, and everyone is making a fuss." She said with a large sigh.
  Ashilin Collins / Conspiracy / 8y 28d 14h 5m 7s

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