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If only I could go to bed with the sun and get up with it. I'm a slave to my alarm -_-' Capitalism is doing us all in. Whoever decided work was a mandatory obligation to survive?

I'd rather just do what little I need to survive.

I think I might have woken up in the wrong era.

You do?
What about the watch? Is it still ticking?
  Urizen / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 225d 21h 23m 24s
it has always been like that, hasnt it?

but thats why we are bound by goo
string and moronic things

due to other people not ‘getting’ it.

mm well i tend to wake up a little
before the sun
and then to go to bed with it.
thats the plan, any way.
sticking with schedules is ...
well, kites go where they may
when not tugged accordingly

yes! she will definitely be a hefty gal

by the way
do you know i still have your box?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 227d 7h 10m 45s
That's a pretty big lizard :o

Audience? I guess we're just that entertaining. The pitiful and moronic sorrow of two souls bound together loosely by goo and some string, maybe boxed in by a fence or blown on the wind.

The turning point seems to be the longest day of winter. I always look forward to the days prolonging and seeing the sun once every while in the morning.

I don't think that desire for death or simply for life to have ended will ever fade entirely. Forgotten, but frankly, not a day passes that I don't think about it.

And that's fine too.
It's always been like that.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 228d 14h 41m 34s
look at that little harmless nose!
a good boi if there ever was one

oh yes, she is entirely grumpy.
as a dragon should be, no?

mmm well lets see. right now she can lay
across all of your fingers and fit,
tail not permitting,
and if your hand is quite warm she
will want to stay. if not
she’ll start climbing
and puffing her throat to
indicate her dissatisfaction.

but once she is grown
she can fit the length of your forearm,
wrist to elbow.

we seem to have garnered a small audience here.
but thats just our way, isnt it?

yes, that’s the bulk of it.
i feel like im coming out of my low point
of the year —but do you ever really?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 229d 9h 23m 57s
Mr Snuggles is the shy sort.

[pic https://i.ibb.co/nmDsmLL/EF1-C1-A29-7715-4590-802-F-DA47-BF6-C9-EDE.jpg]

Mymble looks properly grumpy, haha. So small still. It's hard to put into perspective. How big do they get?

You know Nulli is the easiest person to get along with, so yeah.

Hmm, also, that's a shame. Sometimes I wish there were more to the world and life, but sadly, there's just some self-loathing, eternal doubt, lack of self-confidence, fear and fleeting moments of happiness.
  Urizen / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 229d 14h 8m 0s
[pic http://i63.tinypic.com/28c0wh2.jpg] sorry this is so big,
formatting on my phone is meh.
but this is Mymble!
she is shaking the last of her shed here.
9 1/2 inches long and packed full of lazy sass.

Darling is lovely,
and certainly looks like a handful
though i think Charley
has stolen my heart

[i ]

ive been discussing space themed stuff lately.
truly also miss Raindogs.

i assume you get on well with Null still?

well, rock, you are not missing much out there.
not much at all.
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 230d 12h 34m 0s
Charley does the gentlest of boops, honestly. She also loves tickling your ears. She's a sweetheart, really.

[pic https://i.ibb.co/2vc100t/3-DE9-A54-F-4-A72-4-A52-95-AC-3661-DC240180cpy.jpg]

Our little Darling. She is a sly one. We always have to manage her with two people, because one has to snake-sit.

On the mark with Nulli; started a roleplay recently. An older roleplay of mine, Black goats, with KaitoXi.
We don't get along well, but that makes roleplaying easier I suppose. It's just one of those things. Socializing is for the patient.

*reels out a little more string* I know how it is. As a rock, I prefer to remain stationary and watch everything else flutter by instead.
  Urizen / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 230d 14h 5m 30s
Gosh she is a giant beauty

I wouldnt mind a face boop
from such a lovely gal

only two? who with?
im assuming one is Nulli
— i wont look to save myself some suspense

mostly thats still me, yes.
ill roleplay offsite with Emine but
thats about it.

sometimes some chatter about new stuff,
but you know how it is as a kite ~
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 231d 12h 15m 2s
[pic https://i.ibb.co/kyy5HZ7/FAA03-D1-A-E33-D-4-AB1-B555-B1-DEA4-FF2-F9-B.jpg]
My lady Charley.

I taught her it's okay to slither up to your face. Now people are scared of her sometimes -_-

*flops on dust-bunny*

Two are still ongoing, but I haven't had the time for much more, sadly. How about you? Still struggling with the combination of desire and lack of motivation?
  Urizen / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 231d 21h 1m 17s
Frankie [s my] beautiful child

such a lovely little noodle.
that nose deserves the softest
and most affectionate of boops.

ahhh... yes, well.
we both know i love to languish
in dust, hmm?

do you have stories going?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 232d 6h 20m 24s
[pic https://i.ibb.co/0mZtn3P/1548261564232.jpg]

I'll just leave this here so you can meet little Frankie.

*wipes the dust off of some of the shelves* I haven't been here in ages.
  Urizen / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 232d 12h 35m 35s

  Architer Ash Gaon / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 5y 165d 20h 56m 21s
Passion cant be just friends.
Oh, but how they deeply yearn for it.

Its best to close all contact.
No good will come of it. At all.
I know.

Its like giving up your favorite thing.
But you gotta. Let em live their life.
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 5y 166d 1h 13m 48s
They are commited and regretful, to the point where they are attempting to have children, marriage is not something that is the standard defacto however.

We wanted to see if we could just be friends, like that
  Architer Ash Gaon / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 5y 167d 3h 5s
Alright, fine.
The sun needs to stop setting.

Are they committed at all?
Sounds like a lot of passion.

Why not go for it?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 5y 167d 3h 6m 2s

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