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A place that is in our world called Criged....This place is hidden by a magicle area but only a few has seen it. She smiled gently and looked apond them as Furries. They are both human and anamel. There are diffent tribes of them Wolfs, Cats, dragonkins, Ect.......

Snow was raise up from a wolf pup. She was aboned by her human family as she though. Truth was that they raised her to be relise from the human world. Her mother die and was found by humans. Snow grew up and trusted humans till they aboned her. She felt alone in the woods. No one to care for her. She didn't know that she was put in a wolf terroiry. Everything smelt wired and scary. Was she going to be killed her frist night?

________was an alfa male of the pack. He was handsome and strong. All the females wanted him to chose them to be the alpha female, everyday he truns them down. One day a scout came back to the camp and told _______ that a new wolf came from beyond the forest. He gather up few of his worriors and went to go see if it was true. He came across Snow. He went up to her and growled.

Will he invite her to join or will he kill her

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Snow snapped out and smiled gently as she nuzzled back. "They are nessery. If I am ever going to be in her shoes someday" she said and smiled. She knew Shiror was teaching her but did Thelas know that. "I wish I can talk about them but I can't. Shiror say they are not trials but more of a leasson and I see were she coming from. I just hope it wont come true the last trial." she said as she smiled yet worried at the same time.

Snow looked to the moon as she sigh gently. "How about a hunt? It would be nice to go for a run just you and me" she said as she jump over the rail and smiled up at him. She waited for him to make up his mine.
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During Snow's conversation with Shiroi the pups were called back home to their families as the evening's session with Thelas came to it's end. With a smile on his otherwise cold hollow face, Thelas watched the small soon to be hunters of the pack strutt back home. Even if he never wanted to admit it, Thelas had always been a little touched by the presence of the pups. He felt at peace with himself with them around, though he never knew why that was.

Shaking his thoughts back into place, Thelas turned toward Shiroi's hut where Snow was standing on the terrace...alone now. He could swear that he saw Shiroi next to Snow just a second ago, but now she was gone. For the next few minutes Thelas stood glancing of towards the setting sun, getting carried away in thoughts. Eventually he pulled himself together and walked up next to Snow on the terrace. Being familiar with vision trances, he saw that Snow had entered one. Slowly but surely he raised his arm a little and wrapped it around Show's waist and gently pulled her up to his side while giving her a smooth nudge with his muzzle. "Hey there, Snow. Want some company? I've heard that Shiroi's trials are rough on you." He said in a low comforting tone.
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Snow looked at Shiroi as she sighs gently. "IF that means I failed then I did" She said and sat down with her back twords the cubs fighting Thelas. her tail suck between the bars. She knew Shiroi's words were just riddles but she could never figure them out. Most of the time she just sat there and sighs as she knew she did wrong, but Shiroi didn't put as wrong just a lesson she had to learn. "your talking about your love are you not?" She asked as she looked up at her. "I was just a cub when that happen" She added. "I think I know what true fear and sorrow means Shiroi. It just a lesson I need to learn prehappes?" She asked as she stood up and turn twords the sky as the sun felt warm for her. Snow then looked down as she watch Thelas and the cubs that were in training.

Snow lean on the rail as she looked at Shiroi a vision was being seen before her eyes. When the red moon is full it time for the howls to be rise up once more She said as she stood there and kept watching it over and over till something touch her.
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As Snow came up by her side, Shiroi turned to face her pupil with her well-known warm smile across her face before her gentle voice came in response. "That all depends on exactly what you deem yourself to have failed at, my girl." Shiroi had always been known to be slightly cryptic in her words, but she was out of necessity since otherwise the cubs would never learn how to unravel the riddles of life and fate. As Shiroi herself was forced to do once many years earlier. She'd never forget the day when she had to witness the undoing of her beloved Larcenius. It had been during the bloodmoon's proving ritual where it was to be decided who was to follow in the footsteps of the great wolf to rule the land of the Howling Moon.

Reaching down into her pocket, Shiroi pulled out a small golden pendant with a moon-sapphire at it's heart. That pendant was all that remained of Larcenius after he had challenged the dreaded Kearaleth Zhûn of the Bloodhowl clan for the right to rule. Kearaleth was feared due to his immense prowess in battle, and due to that he never left as much as a paw of his prey intact in a battle. "You will soon come to realize what true fear and sorrow means, dear Snow. As I did once." Shiroi filled in as she turned back to watching Thelas and the cubs.
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Snow looked at Shiroi as she dissapper. "Shiroi?" She called as she got up and began to walk away from were she was sitting. "Damn it!" She cryed out and punch the closet tree. "She was just a spirt as well" She said as she ran twords the woods were Thelas ran to. She stop as she looked around. She called out "I'M SORRY THELAS" She could only hear echos "I UNDERSTAND NOW" she yelled once more. She hope that she could hear someone or something. Nothing but silcen in nothing but warmth? "Why do I feel so warm?" she asked as she looked up at the sky. Everything went fussy.

Snow felt warmth and started to wake up from her sleep like trance. Her frist though it was just a dream when she remeber that she was at Shiroi place. She sigh as she sat up and blinked. "Shiroi, I failed didn't I?" She asked as she walked out and looked down at Thelas and the cubs who were training under him. She drop to one knee as she felt the pain from her dream felt so real. "I don't know what to do in that dream" She said as she looked down and tears fallen from her face.
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Past times chime like the clearest tone of the bell, but yet it shall never be more than a shadow of what we are today. Thelas could never forget those words as they were given to him by Shiroi at his young years. He had been wondering where Snow had been at for the last couple of days. But every time he asked Shiroi she only said that Snow was in secure paws and would emerge free from harm. He couldn't help but wonder what she meant when she used the term "emerge", but as he trusted in her wisdom and motherly instinct he took her word on the matter. What he did not know was that Snow had been kept in a sleep like trance for several days as a part of her training under Shiroi. Due to her being a daughter of nature she has to undergo the trials of facing her worst fears and nightmares, to ensure she has the mental fortitude needed for the task ahead of her. Shiroi stood out on the balcony outside her hut waiting, as Snow would awaken from the trance when the sun reached it's peak on the cloudless summer sky. Lowering her gaze slightly she saw the youngest cubs of the pack practicing their swordmanships with Thelas. Despite him being harsh most of the time the cubs loved to train under him.
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Snow growled as she knew someone was fallowing but yet no threat. She heard the voice and saw it was Shiroi. "Mother Shiroi" She gasped and bowed her head down in respect. "It an honor to see ye again" she said as she felt another presets with her which happen to be her mother spirit. "Listen the Shiroi my child you will figure out away to help him to ease his pain" Her mother spirit said and vanish "Momma" Snow whisper and looked back at Shiroi and listen to her "How though How can I retrify to him? He won’t listen to me not one bit. He never did listen to me. I remember the first time I met him. I was a just a pup little bit younger then everyone I twisted my ankle and he can to help me as the others left to go eat. Shiroi you remember don't you? You'r the one who healed me" She said as she felt Shiroi replace her bone into it right place. "I've never knew that He was going though so much. I never said I was not unworthy. Unless someone over heared be talking to you saying that He thinks Im unworthy and will never be his mate. That the day of the raid." She added and looked down.
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"You may have been wrong, Snow. But it's never too late to retrify what mistakes that has been made." The words came spoken in a voice that Snow would without doubt recognize. It was her 'mother', in a manner of speaking. Shiroi had always been revered among many of the tribe's young and newly matured as their 'spiritual mother' in her ways of always leading them in on the right path should they stray from the traditions of their kin. But now she made her presence known in as she had followed both Snow's and Thelas' dispute, thoguh she never wanted it to go this far. Emerging from in between two bushes which glittered from the snow and ice that spread across their thin leafless branches, Shiroi shook her head at Snow before kneeling down by her side, starting to caress her leg to find and treat the injury. "Dear Snow, it has been so long, and still you and Thelas know little to nothing about how the other's fortune changed over the years. Thelas never wanted you gone from him, rather the reverse. He only scolded your presence to protect you from the elder's constant spite towards someone who they deemed unworthy to become the mate of the alpha's son." Once she found the fracture in Snow's leg, Shiroi paused from her speech to add. "Your leg seems to have broken just above your thigh, dear. I will try to retrify it's misplacement, but it will hurt while I do so."
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Snow pulled her dagger twrods her but he picked her up. After roaring into her face, she was tossed aside as if she was a rag doll. She had no clue on what he was talking about. She try to stand up but she had a broken leg. She nearly cry out in pain but she stood up again and walk slowly behind him "I do understand now Thelas. YOur life wasn't prefect. Are you mad at me or them?" she asked as she fell over every few feet she gotten to. "But I never once rember telling you that I was not worthy enough to be a mate to the alpha son. I all ways said that I will love you and I would be honor to be your mate. Or has rage got to your head and you twisted my words around?" She asked not relizing that her bone was sticking out of her leg skin now and it was bleeding. Snow kept going. "I was told by you everyday that I had to paritce my huntting or my training order for you to even angoled me." she said now holding back the crys of pain from her heart and leg. "Then One day you said shut up bitch you didnt care about me any more" She finlly gave up on walking and fell over her leg bone was pushed out of her leg it hurt even touch it. "My heart sank when you told me that. Winter my sister was soppest to go on that raid but I insteaded on going in her place maybe if I was killed you wouldn't have to see me or hear me anymore. But I was wronge." she said and begain to cry out in pain as her leg was hurting so much.
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As he approached the grove, Thelas could see the remnants running off to the west just as he expected them to. Once he saw Snow and her eyes fell onto him, he slowed down and rose back up on two legs entering the grove speaking with a growling sinister laugh under his breath. "Hm hm hm, I've already said it several times and I say it again, Snow. So utterly naive...Not only in your foolish attempt to challenge me alone, but even more that you still believe that my life was any better than yours." Expecting her to try and resist him with her daggers, but he still leaned down and swept Snow up into his massive grasp before glaring into her eyes as he spoke again. "You say that you never meant anything to me or anyone, Snow. Then why did I suffer torture and slavery for half the time I was abscent in attempts of trying to keep the Mistral pack's claws off from you? Then why did I search for tweelve moons straight when you were reported missing?! Why did I always tear myself half to pieces in secret to try and save your wretched mother's life?! I gave you all that I was, Snow!! I never said a word due to that you always told me that 'you weren't worthy to be the mate of an alpha's son.' When I was finally about to confess my feeling towards you, you had left nothing but misery for me! When you had vanished, I was treated like a piece of filth for years and years, despite what I achieved! When I finally made good for myself, you have the very nerve to show up and tell me that I still live in somekind of heaven compared to you! Either you listen now, or you've seen the last of the packs here and once they are gone, I will kill the city inhabitants too! None will be left alive, you hear me?! NONE!!" With one last roar into her face, Thelas threw Snow aside a second time before dashing off after the others in blind rage, or at least that's what it looked like. But within, his heart felt like it was falling to pieces from what he had heard Snow say to him.
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Snow growled and sigh gently. SHe didn't want to have to hurt him but yet he had to be taken down. She grab two daggers and a bow with a few arrows. She growled and went after him. She knew these woods sinces she been a outsider. She heared storys on a secrite way to the grove that was shorter then taken the long way. Snow found the path and took it. Just in time too.

She saw him there and ran to them. "Get them out of her now misty Thelas is coming. Hide your sent with pine or mud he can not find you like that" She said and watch them go as they did. She stood there and waited. As she felt the ground rumbling. She had daggers in her hand and wait. "Im sorry Thelas I do love you but I can not let you put it to the end of the pack. The pack you speck of is your pack as well. I did assumed that you had everything handed down to you on a sliver platter I never seen you work though. I had to work to get even angoled by anyone even you." She said "My life was worst then yours You don't know nothing about living to surived. You had everything handed to you really. I am naive but I guess I was wrong on loving you. I pour my heart out to you but you ripe it to shreds. I guess I was nothing to you or anyone. I should of gone back to the city and stay there. Maybe I should of never came back. Then this would of never happen. You would live your peacefull life as the alpha with out anyone who loves you" She said as it tour her heart up more. "Those females say they love you but yet they just want the title. IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU I WOULD OF NOT SAY YOUR NAME SO CAMLY" She yelled as tears started to begain rolling down her cheek.
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Glaring down at Snow as she struggled to hug around his rock hard calve, Thelas simply kicked her aside before he approached her speaking in a now deep thundering voice that struck fear into even the bravest of wolves. "Ha ha ha, another waste of life! You throw yourself at my mercy expecting me to soften up and kneel down whimpering to you, begging you to persuade the survivors to forgive me? So utterly naive! What I've become has nothing to do with insanity, nor does it have anything to do with my personal gain! It's a punishment...punishment carried out in YOUR name, Snow! That night last autumn when I had you brought here, I showed you mercy...I spared your life and was even going to try and negotiate a new place for you within the new pack the grew forth from the remains of your mother's pack. But you only saw fit to throw it back into my face as false hopes and dreams, and afterwards you had the nerve to say out loud that you LOVED me!!! Loved me!!! Even though you just moments earlier didn't feel any shame in that you completely crushed all that I was! No more! The lands are to know what you've started here, Snow. I shall kill and feast upon every last sodding wolf that reside in the wilderness, leaving you to watch them suffer at your words. You always believed that my life was dance on roses, Snow. But as you knew me as the Alpha's son, you assumed that I got everything served on a silver plate! You love me, you say! Let's put that to the test...either kill me, or watch me kill in your name!" With it all roared out, Thelas took off into the night at blinding speed, following the trace of scent Snow had left behind from the grove. Even though not many were there, Thelas was not about to spare any of them, least of all...the young.
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"Thelas" she said sofly as she walked up to him. She was scared but she didn't let it show. "What have you done?" She asked and hugged him were she could. "This is not the thelas I knew this is not you your not this animle your not." She said as her eyes begain to water "I told you when you case me out I loved you and I will all ways love you" She said and stood back and looked down away from him. She knew he could see her now. Snow didn't know what going to happen. "My heart is all ways going to be yours even if you do kill me" She added.
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As the knocks fell onto the wall beside the curtain that lead into Thelas' partly ruined hut, a sudden roar sounded through the dark village and the fleeing members began to panic calling out. "Flee those who can!! He's after blood again!!" And sure enough, not even moments after the words had been uttered, several of the older wolves disappeared into the shadows where the echoes of their screams originated from. Only seconds after their disappearence, their forms were seen again falling down from a tree...dead and halfly torn up by fangs judging by the looks of the wounds. No matter how many tried to escape they all ended up slaughtered around Snow, the only who survived were those who had already evacuated the village without Thelas' knowing.

Soon silence fell over the village again for a few minutes, allowing Snow to listen for possible survivors, but the ruined village remained silent as the grave...until he came. Crashing down in the middle of the village's circle of huts below the hill where his own home used to be, Thelas now stood up at the astonishing height of approximately 25 feet if not even taller. His body shook with tremendous strength as his paws clenched into fists and his mistral hungry eyes scanned the area for more prey, his muzzle still dripping with vast ammounts of fresh blood.
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Snow looked up at them and saw it was pair of wolves that cast her out of this area. She was going to ingored them but they were pretty badly in shape. She gotten up and went over to them. "What happen with you guys?" she asked as she examiled them more closely. She trun into her furry form. "Misty if you here please come help these wounded" She said as a dark wolf came twords them. "These are the wovles from Mistral pack" Misty said and sigh gently as she started getting them medicle treatment. "What or who did this to you?" She asked camly

Snow listen as they explain that Thelas was going nuts. Snow growled and looked at misty. "Take care of them I will send the few of the pack here at a time if I see them." She growled and ran off to the pack villige. She saw some and told them to go to the grove. She went inside the villige and did the same thing. Hopeing they would get there salfy expality with newborns. She went over to the Thelas hut and knock on it.
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