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The basic internet features millions of websites that are available to the people, but only from a laptop or cellphone. The new internet revolutionizes those features and is available in a synthetic-physical form through the brain. e-link is a system that allows a person to step into the internet by linking the brain waves with the computer. It becomes a virtual reality where a person can not only see and hear everything, but feel, smell, and taste anything so long as there is a memory for it. People from around the world can meet face to face in live chat rooms. e-link is the most profitable and popular system in the world.

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  Bree Summers / NamNam / 8y 321d 17h 6m 11s

  rpgeek / 8y 321d 22h 42m 45s
*May I join?*

Full Name: Bree Summers
User Name: xMarshMallowx

Male or Female: Female
Age: -18.1
  Bree Summers / NamNam / 8y 322d 1h 23m 29s


Full Name: Molly Salt
User Name: Sea Salt

Male or Female: Female
Age: -18 or +18: -18.2

( the full name is the birth given name and must be accurate. the user name is a unique name used so that no person can be confused with another on the e-link.

  rpgeek / 8y 322d 5h 30m 42s

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