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_____ is a diligent school teacher who believes in the policy of no public displays of affection, especially when he himself has a dark secret. In love with one of his young students, ____ cannot bear to watch his female students hug, hold, or even flaunt themselves around Regen Knurren. So he enforces a strict no touch in his class, even though where college level kids are involved, it does not always go as planned. Personality other than the diligent attitude towards pda is up to you.

Regen Knurren is clumsy, mouthy, and stubborn, but he can’t help but be who he is. For some reason, his mouthy nature doesn’t scare off the ladies and frankly he wished it did. His teacher’s obsession with no public displays of affection actually work in his favor for the most part, but when the girls get grabby he often finds himself with the afterschool detention. Is it sexism?

____ just came back from boarding school where he was kicked for excessive fighting, a bad attitude, and a complete lack of understanding where personal space is involved. His parents begged his big brother to take him in to his home and inrole him into school. Agreeing to it, ____ is now a student in his big brother’s class and though he normally sets his sights on girls, one of his fellow students seems like something else. Personality other than a lack for caring in personal space and bad boy sarcastic attitude is up to you.

Two brothers who are the complete opposite in nature will go head to head to make Regen Knurren fall head over heels. But will one’s since of morals fail due to the others lack thereof?

Teacher - Taken.
Rgen Knurren - Taken
Younger Brother - Taken


Nickolas Morrison



Regen Kunrren



Aaron Lovecraft

Little Brother



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Reason your characters have different last names is to keep it under wraps that your brothers.


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Regen glared at his teacher. Honestly he did not see the point of reciting anything in detention. Wasn’t detention time for kids to shut up and play on their phones while the teacher dozed off? Obviously Mr. Morrison had not received that little memo in what to do with your naughty students class.

Glancing over at the guy in the doorway, Regen could suddenly see some identical facial structures. He may not like to study but any idiot could see that the brothers shared cheek bones and eye shape. Win some and lose some in the world of genetics, but at least they scored points as far as physical appearance. Both seem to be around the thin side with slight muscle definition. God please just don’t let them both decide to make my life hell.

Cracking his knuckles, Regen waved the boy over to sit by him, ignoring any looks from Mr. Morrison. “Actually, I do know the morals on incest Mr. Morrison. I had a wonderful time explaining to my step sister that just because we didn’t share genetics and therefore could not accidently create a very odd looking offspring, she was still my sister in the eyes of the law and my own mental morality and therefore I refused to even go near the family pool without my swim trunks. However I do not know where you stand morally on the subject, so I suppose I should write-“

He was just about to finish his smart-ass statement when suddenly he was toppling over from leaning to far back in his chair. Falling to the side as metal thudded on tile, Regen groaned pushing himself partway up into a sitting position, his hair falling over half his face.

“I swear karma is mocking me on purpose,” he mumbled to himself as he looked up at both the Morrison brothers with a look of shear stubbornness in his eyes. “Don’t say a word…” And you better not even crack a smile or someone will be reciting… His eyes landed on the chalkboard for a sec. … with chalk for now on.
  Regen Knurren / MakiOnyx / 7y 3d 16h 19m 19s
  The outburst of regen was…different from the male that was for sure. A single brow was raised at the student’s outburst, his face null of another true emotion, but on the side he had cringed. “You wish for me to teach you, alright.” He gave a small pause as he blinked slowly, “Explain how making out with one’s brother would be immoral. Unless you do not know what the term incest means. In that case a five paper essay over it seems like the proper way to start.” Reopening his textbook, Nickolas found himself skimming the words, flipping through the pages until they began to look more familiar to him. “Sit down and reopen your book.” He instructed, walking in front of his own desk to sit on the edge. It was certainly odd that the student had thrown a fit about not wanting to go, however, from his rant Nickolas did not get high hopes that it was because he had grown to love their time together. Unless Regen was a masochist, since the boy didn’t seem to like studying all the well.

“Since you are here late, you might as well sit down and join us.” Nickolas turned his Sauron’s gaze towards his younger brother. He waved a hand towards the desks in front of him, giving his brother free reign of where to sit. “Recite pages 219-242, and then compare the main points, scene, and acts.” He paused for a moment. “Beginning half will be Regens to recite, the other Aaron.” It was slightly different to be teaching two boys. In the past he had pushed his other students onto cleaning duty, making them clean the hallways, his office, and for the worst ones they received all of the bathrooms. “Unless one of you wishes to recite it all by themselves.” Mentally, he was cursing his brother for being here late. If the male would have gotten here on time, then there would have been no call for detention today. However, a large portion of blame rested with him, since the arrival of his brother had completely vanished from his mind. Thinking back, there was probably a sticky-note at his home that was left underneath something, reminding him. Fat lot of good it did for him now. Pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, Nickolas wanted nothing more than to return home, take his vicadin and relax.
  bitter tongues / Darcy / 7y 7d 5h 8m 52s
Aaron had found the classroom with ease; the school didn't seem difficult to navigate, not at all. Then again, his old school had been a hellhole of twists and hidden corridors. They'd expected the students to navigate it perfectly since it was a boarding school. That hadn't stopped Aaron from consistently forgetting where to turn when he journeyed to class.

Upon arrival at the door of the class room, the first thing that he noticed was the door being closed. My, oh my. Seems like I'm a tad late, he thought, approaching the door and peeking in. He glanced his brother in there, of course, as the door read a bronzed plague that read "Mr. Morrison." Looked like he was in there with a student, too... when Aaron saw the student, he whistled to himself. Boy, was he cute. Dark locks and a sour look on his face...

This school might not turn out to be such a bad place if this is what my fellow student body looks like... He thought, grinning. He glanced down at his schedule, which told him where his next class was... but bothering his brother seemed a bit more appealing.

"Excuse me, sir, can you help me?" He asked, grinning as he pushed his door open. "I'm new--"

His mild taunting of his older brother halted when the student spoke up out of anger. A bit surprised at first, he quickly turned smug. Looks like Nick's students just love him.
  Aaron Lovecraft / Mortalitas / 7y 14d 14h 31m 40s
Alright what the hell was happening? Where had his day gone to land his happy ass in detention yet again? Oh, wait that would have been Monica smooching him in the middle of an exam. Yeah, life was one hell of a bitch to him. Too bad life didn’t act like the rest of his class’s bitchy women and love him.

Nothing he could do about that now but sit and start the annoying busy work his favorite teacher had just assigned him. God he could never get a break with this guy- EVER! Every time a girl touched him it was like he had caused another world war. Fucking pda rules…

Sitting in the classroom, Regen glanced up to see what had taken the teachers attention off of him for once. Turning his head, his messy hair falling over his eyes, he noticed the young man standing in the doorway to the classroom. A new student while I’m in detention? How did I manage that luck? Did I donate to charity this week…

Shaking his head, knowing that didn’t matter at the moment, Regen noted his teacher’s sudden stiff attitude and quick dismissal. “Oh no! You are not getting rid of me now, I will not make up this stupid detention another day just because you’re having boyfriend issues. Get your overactive pda compulsive ass back in that chair and teach me. If I have to watch you make out I think I’ll have to assign you detention for once.”

Regen paused. He hadn’t meant to be a smart ass. In fact that was not how he normally acted. Free day of detention? Why hadn’t he jumped at it? And what the hell was with the guy in the door?

Sorry if it is lacking at the moment, college started up with a crazy bite. Didn’t want to keep you waiting so long.
  Regen Knurren / MakiOnyx / 7y 19d 20h 17m 32s
  Nickolas Morrison was what most would label as a strait-laced sort of man. He did everything by the book, kept his personally to himself and got along nicely with all of his co-workers. However, there was just one thorn in his side that pierced his perfection. That thorn went by the name Regen Knurren, a student that should be sitting quietly in his classroom waiting for his detention sentence. The older male couldn’t quite put his finger on the reason why he was so drawn to the younger boy, aside from his looks, and it wasn’t like he had held a history of past male loves. Actually he had only a few past lovers and all had been female. Perhaps that was another reason the younger male made his blood boil the way that it did. Sorting through the papers on his desk, he gathered the small stack and began to carefully put them away into his brief case. Making Regen wait wasn’t something he had planned, but a student had demanded his attention after class, discussing the urgency of the future. Rubbing the back of his neck, the older male hung his head, looking down at his feet before letting out a rough sigh. Forgetting the sourness of his spine, Nickolas snapped his briefcase shut and stood from his desk, tossing the strap of the dark brown bag over his shoulder before heading out.

  The teacher’s office was not too far from his classroom, only two minutes away if one were to time him. His brief hit against his hip causally in a rhythmic motion that matched with his long strides. Standing outside the door to his classroom he could hear the sound of the younger male drumming his fingers against the desktop. It had almost become a welcoming sound to him, having heard it so many times in the past; welcoming and slightly sad. Pushing open the door, Nickolas let his eyes slide over the young male, from his shaggy hair to his clothing. In some way there was relief that there were no girls pawing over him, it was hard enough to watch such a thing throughout the day, the older male doubted that he would be able to handle it as well as he did if it were to happen at night. “Are you ready mister Knurren?” He asked in a monotone, taking his briefcase strap off of his shoulder to set on the desk in front of the class. Rummaging through the brief, he pulled forth the rather large composition book from it. Filling through the pages until on caught his eyes, the corner of his mouth twitched upwards as if threatening to smile, but no such thing happened. “Recite pages 219-242, and then compare the main points, scene, and acts.” He instructed, his tongue going over his bottom lip once more in a slow manner, wetting his lip. The time that he had with Regen seemed to be snatched forth from him once more. The sound of approaching footsteps echoed down the hallway, coming closer to his door until they sounded as if they were right there.

  A mental groan went off within him as he looked towards the door with a glare. “Our session will be cut short today.” He announced, angrily closing the book, placing it back within his brief case. Once more he found himself asking why he had agreed to house his younger brother. It wasn’t like he actually cared for the younger male; they had grown up in different decades and held no common ground towards one another. Sucking in slow breath, he re-strapped the briefs strap on his shoulder, weight it to make sure that it wouldn’t fall off when he was walking.
  bitter tongues / Darcy / 7y 27d 19h 1m 46s
"Mr. And Mrs. Morrison, I'm sorry but this is not up for discussion. Your son has caused an unruly amount of trouble at our school. He is disrespectful to his teachers, was involved in an alarming number of fights, and has been marked up repeatedly for being out of his room after curfew. He is, quite frankly, a menace to our school." The red-faced dean sounded more condescending than ever. The look on his mother's face would haunt him forever, though.

"But sir, please. You even said yourself that his grades are kept up, he's an A student!" She was pleading at this point; Aaron and his parents had been in the office for nearly an hour now, going over his disciplinary record with the dean. He, himself, actually found it quite amusing, an account of the feats he had accomplished during his time at the school. His parents were not as enthralled.

"His academic diligence simply does not balance it out, ma'am. We've put up with his misbehavior for long enough; Aaron is expelled from Saint Mallory's. Please collect his belongings from the west wing and our campus security will escort you out."

He had never seen his mother look so crestfallen, or his father so disappointed.

The problem child. Since he started middle school, that was all he was. Aaron Lovecraft had trouble making tendencies, to the point that he had peppered five different schools with his presence during his academic career. It wasn't like it was his fault: every school he went to, it was the same deal. There was always an easy curriculum, some amount of people who didn't like him for whatever reason, and cute guys. He was just a whirlwind of sarcasm, obnoxious behavior, and fiery red locks.

Those things always caused his downfall. He wouldn't say no to a fight, not with the pride he was constantly sporting. And without having to study, he had to find... more interesting activities.

And now, with his parents at their wits' end, he found himself sitting in yet another main office, waiting to be handed his schedule. After getting kicked out of Saint Mallory's, his parents had "had no choice" but to ship him off to live with Nick, his older brother, so that he could attend this school instead. Lucky him, he got to live with his smart, successful, perfect older brother. His utterly outstanding, hard-working brother that his parents never ceased to compare him to, or shut up about.

Once again, he was giving up friends he had worked so quickly to make, so he could be uprooted and miserable at a different learning facility. It wasn't usually difficult; generally, he was a cool guy. Laid back. But he didn't let people push him around, which was where the fighting often started. 

"Mr. Lovecraft?" The soft-spoken secretary with long, brown hair called his name, peaking over the counter at him. It snapped Aaron out of his daydream quickly enough that he stood and walked over to the secretary without missing a beat. She handed him a stack of papers. "Here is your schedule, homeroom, student handbook, and a copy of the code of conduct. If you need help with anything, you can ask your teacher and he will help you."

When he grabbed the papers from the young woman, Aaron's hands fell directly over hers. It seemed like a forward action, but it meant nothing for him. He'd never quite understood the principle of "personal space." He instinctively always wanted to get closer to people... it got him in trouble a lot.

"Thank you." He said, slipping the packet from her hands and turning away from her flushed cheeks to leave the office. As he stepped out and into the hall, he plucked up his schedule; and snorted when he saw who his teacher would be. "Pff... Well if this isn't some stupid form of irony..."

With that, he went on his merry way, off to seek out his older brother's classroom.
  Aaron Lovecraft / Mortalitas / 7y 34d 9h 10m 41s
“Twitter tweet tweet tweet Regen twitter twitter tweet.”

Long slender fingers tapped franticly on a hard fake wooden desk, fingernails worn down from nervous chewing. The harsh high pitched twitter of feminine voices falling into ambush faze on all sides.

“Could you all please just shut-“

Saved by the bell, suddenly the twitter of girl’s voices dying away, their unhappy sighs and raging hormones departing, trailing behind to their seats. Finally silence would fill the room and the migraine that was knowingly building could stop right in its tracks.

Sitting in the fourth desk in the third row, Regen Knurren really despised his place in the world of school. How many days a week did he spend in after school detention helping Mr. Morrison do something tedious around the school? Answer would be a lot, and it was never a fair sentence.

Fingers slowed down as they tapped on top the desk, Regen’s eyes glancing to where his teacher should be. For some reason, Mr. Morrison was most defiantly a sexist. It was all the crazy females in the classroom that were overly grab happy, but Mr. Morrison seemed to only notice the public displays when Regen attempted to fend off the unwanted college girl advances.

Which is just another thing that makes every other guy in the class want to pull his spine out. What kind of man ignores attention? Seriously, Regen himself felt a little defected for his lack of interest. He had told a few of his male peers that the dames in their class were all up for grabs as far as he cared, but that still didn’t save him a black eye and a raging headache.

The only thing that saved him half the time when a fight was on was his clumsy nature. Every once in a while he always managed to trip at just the right moment. Granted tripping and dodging were two noticeably different things, but it seemed the more clumsy he was or bruised the more the dames in his class swooned. Hell one had come in as a naughty nurse during Halloween and planted herself right on his desk. It had turned into a nightmare.

Sighing, Regen flipped thick strands of black hair out of his eyes, grumbling about its length but refusing to cut or comb the creature. He washed it, dried it, and called it good. On occasion he placed dark purple highlights into it. But at the moment it was really getting in the way.

The announcements on the board said that there would be a lecture on whatever they had been talking about yesterday – which he could not remember a word of thanks to all the bloody notes being passed - and the introduction of a new student. Regen was hoping it would be a new guy all the girls could drive crazy and Mr. Morrison could give detention to. Honestly detention in college was the worse.
  Regen Knurren / MakiOnyx / 7y 34d 19h 11m 56s
Hello and welcome to the role-play! Alright, I am betting I am supposed to make the first post, but which one of you wants to post second and third? I'll let you two decide. ^.^ Also thanks for joining! ♥

  Regen Knurren / MakiOnyx / 7y 34d 19h 47m 23s

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