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[b [#a60ec8 The fuck... didn't have a character selected >.> fantastic.. ]]
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 5y 3d 3h 25m 59s
[b [#a60ec8 No fucking way! Jacey! Holy fuck. How are you? ]]
  kiahtah / 5y 3d 3h 27m 4s
i am around.
i just got old
everyones old
  Pollen and Salt / tastemyrainbow / 5y 3d 3h 37m 44s

Well if Jace isn't around anymore then I agree.
  Untitled, searching. / Nullification / 5y 63d 11h 46m 44s
I don't think its possible to revive this place....
  kiahtah / 5y 63d 16h 37m 51s

It's in a coma. We are looking at medical stuff for it. : P
  Untitled, searching. / Nullification / 5y 263d 17h 31m 4s
everything needs rest.this place sleeps way too much though.
  Pollen and Salt / tastemyrainbow / 5y 265d 23h 21m 19s
yeah well it sleeps for a hella long time.
  dicks. / Kier / 5y 337d 50m 17s
  Untitled, searching. / Nullification / 5y 348d 18h 12m 1s
ebo never dies.
it sleeps.
  Pollen and Salt / TasteMyRainbow / 6y 22h 16m 11s
It's been like half a century since i've been on this site.
and all the chats i used to go in are dead.
and, like.
it's so sad.
  Buckets Sheahan. / Kier / 6y 37d 9h 26m 37s
Hope work was good!
That's okay, bound to happen anyway.

Mostly in Germany. But we were in France, Netherlands, Austria and Czech Republic as well :D

That's good to hear!
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 6y 72d 8h 29m 56s
I'm doing fine. Just got out of work, sorry to hear about the jettlag.

Why where you in Europe?

And its warming up now...crazy weather hormones.
  Lavinia Rose Beals / Avannessa / 6y 72d 8h 55m 59s
I'm good thanks! Still jetlagged (weak!).

How are you though??
Keeping warm??
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 6y 72d 9h 55m 55s
Aww pooie.. its gone. Bleh.
I was having fun with it. ahaha!

How are you booky my love?
  Lavinia Rose Beals / Avannessa / 6y 72d 13h 56m 20s

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