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what a

  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 364d 7h 47m 11s
[b [#a60ec8 He's so handsome! I miss being around horsey's.]]
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 4y 364d 7h 47m 53s
This is him :) He's being lunged as he's still too delicate to hop on his back but he's a very handsome boy.
  Koda / Nullification / 4y 364d 7h 48m 50s
[b [#a60ec8 I'm excited, my aunt had a Stallion named Paco, he was the sweetest guy ever... he stuck his head on my bewbs when I first met him and let me hug his head, she was so nervous that he'd hurt me since he doesn't normally take to new people.. he loved me though. ]]
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 4y 364d 7h 48m 55s
Yeah I do! Hang on a ticket and I'll get a wee picture of him :)
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 364d 7h 52m 53s
[b [#a60ec8 Do you have a picture of him, I'd love to see one if you do... ]]
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 4y 364d 7h 53m 42s
Ive got a 3year old cob who's unbroken and I'm in the process of breaking him to be a sports con and hopefully do some cross country or showjumping with him.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 364d 7h 55m 18s
[b [#a60ec8 I am so jealous! I want a horsey! I sort of have a mini horsey... I have a Great Dane but I can't ride her... :P I have very strong legs from walking a mile to my best friends house.. and I did go to the gym last year.. ]]
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 4y 364d 7h 58m 53s
Well I have a horsey now so that'll keep me fit :)
Yeah so dieting is stupid.
Be happy with yourself.

When youre too fat to walk, then diet.
  Rykier Siberio / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 364d 8h 3m 26s
[b [#a60ec8 I was loosing weight, and guess where it was leaving... my bewbs... bunch of bullshit if you ask me.. >.<]]
  Kiahtah / kiahtah / 4y 364d 8h 6m 29s
Come work in shops here! Plz I hate being ID'd!!

I have a tummy and my god my thighs. Though! My hair has gone super ginger in the sun!!! It's like Irn-Bru.
Why on earth would you ever want to lose weight?
Girls cant lose weight.
They need full figures and nice boobs.
  Rykier Siberio / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 364d 8h 8m 47s
Usually if youre overly confident you won't get ID'd
I never ID people, which is bad.
But, im lazy and I dont get paid enough to look at everyones license.
  Rykier Siberio / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 364d 8h 9m 15s
Jacey's balls are precious.

I'm craving a plate of meat like bacon and sausages but I can't make that cuz Nulli is attempting to lose weight. But damn.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 364d 8h 10m 7s

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