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Bookie I miss you and hope you're good <3 love love love
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 357d 13h 5m 0s
hi, this post requires a minimum character limit of 50.
So i just essentially wanted to say 'hi'..but yeah

hope you're all well!
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 4y 357d 13h 35m 26s
I came back to this because I hope to find some of those amazing writers.

So far I found some promising people.... but its nothing started yet from two days ago :I

Aaron is a guy.
He just likes being pretty.
  Denyul / 4y 360d 17h 12m 31s
..... Yes because I'm twelve years old and enjoy men who glitter and have the emotional range of a dead budgie.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 361d 4h 6m 57s
if this is some twilight birthing shit im out.
outtie 100
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 361d 4h 7m 55s
Exactly! But they are getting fewer and fewer.

I know they're still about cuz I still see familiar names every now and then.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 361d 6h 10m 5s
Yeah >_>
We have those hidden people on ES though that are just fantastic writers.
I think that makes it worth it.
Finding the people you enjoy the most to create different adventures with.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 361d 6h 11m 44s
Hah xD

I'm trying to think of ideas for new roleplays but I know I'm gunna end up with the illiterate insta-romance folk who use text talk.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 361d 6h 13m 21s
Im more concerned if you can roleplay xD
Gender is useless because obviously were not doing much fucking online.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 361d 6h 16m 43s

I get lost with what genders people are on here so I just stop caring :)
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 361d 6h 17m 51s
If he was a girl or is a girl, hasnt been around ever since like old EBO>
so, old news.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 361d 6h 22m 49s
Stop it! I don't know what else to do!

She did ask what Lucipher would give her in return.

And asked Rykier what he wanted her to do.

Plus she gonna have his Rugrat.

And I was up trying to think of a loophole in Lucipher's plan. But I'm really dumb so I could t think of any. Unless she struck a bargain that her and Rykier could have a mortal life for like, 70years and promised her soul to Satan after she died to work on one of the floors for eternity.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 362d 13h 10m 13s
Nulli >.>
How you gonna leave Rykier to rot alone in hell.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 362d 13h 13m 27s
what the fawk, pfjiefejfijeijfefjefjiefjfjeifeijfeifjiefiedcojsockosckoskcpo
  Maverick / kiahtah / 4y 364d 6h 27m 4s
[b [#a60ec8 They are scattered, lots of them left... I lost a lot of friends two years ago... and I think a few have different profiles.]]
  Maverick / kiahtah / 4y 364d 6h 40m 37s

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