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Yes. And some of that lovely American sun. If you could just box up the heat and send it over, I'd be grateful!

I'm wearing a cardigan to bed.

Only in Scotland.

This is summer.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 253d 5h 41m 55s
Do you need a blanket and soup care package from America?
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 253d 5h 45m 33s

Nulli is just tired so her coherency is at an all time low.

But I can't sleep.

It's too cold.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 253d 5h 46m 46s
Whats got your panties twisted in a knot? >.> <.< >.> <.<
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 253d 5h 54m 15s




I mean....i'm sort of smitten that it somehow existed.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 253d 6h 2m 55s
It's been ages since I've gotten on here...looks like no one else has either.
  LanguageLover / 4y 260d 16h 22m 56s
7 players on a court , each with a different position, and each allocated with a space that they are limited to.
The ball starts off in the middle and is passed between the thirds. The aim is to get the ball to the two shooters who attempt to score.
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 4y 285d 21h 24m 12s
[center [I Sounds intriguing what are the rules Netball?]]
  Joan (Jo-ann) / BlastHeart- / 4y 286d 13h 12m 16s
Nah netball is kind of like basketball.
It's pretty popular in Aus, NZ, England
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 4y 286d 15h 43m 10s
Hehe yeah.

Man today was about the worst day ever...

I don't mind the changes on ES doe.
  Joan (Jo-ann) / BlastHeart- / 4y 288d 11h 4m 8s
Which is strange 'cause Jimmy's like rarely on anymore 'cause life and girlfriend and stuff. He's a busy man nowadays. He gets on every now and then to block people if they'd got unpleasantries on their profiles that could cause us to lose funding again.
  君月 士方 / Nyctophobia / 4y 288d 11h 19m 36s
I feel like changes are being made every time I log on.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 288d 11h 21m 38s
what is net ball.
is that what people call volley ball?
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 288d 11h 33m 59s
Guiseeeee I just played 2 back to back games of netball and I'm so tired
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 4y 289d 16h 1m 51s

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