Easy Bake Oven

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Easy Bake Oven!!

We are supporters off the;

Bitches and Whores...thankyouverymuch c;

We do not accept your text talking..or weird ass roleplays no one cares about.

so shooooooooooooooo~or have unprotected sex with us.

You're a bunch of stupid whores.

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Well, it's been a while...

Is anyone still around?
  Evangelion Kilmore / bookface / 101d 3h 25m 1s
I used to be the baby.

Now I'm like, the old lady.

  Kyrie Black / Nullification / 3y 40d 15h 46m 11s
Thats kinda kinky. And also partly gross. Asian porn idea?
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 3y 42d 2h 18m 49s
Ill rip your tongue out and replace it with a fucking dead snake.
  Taskaru / Rumpelstilzchen / Taskaru / 3y 42d 6h 30m 2s
Says the three hundred year old grumpy gills. huhuhuhu
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 3y 42d 9h 57m 31s
I dont get it. We arent all that old.
Hubba bubba bubble gum
  Taskaru / Rumpelstilzchen / Taskaru / 3y 43d 5h 25m 31s
We're old.

We're the last of our kind

But it's fine because that means we can boot people up the butt "BACK IN MY DAY THERE WAS NO CHATBOX YA LIL SHIT"
  Kyrie Black / Nullification / 3y 43d 10h 8m 11s
YOu are super old. Youre like a senior citizen of this site. Unfortunantly I am too ;-;
were special cuz we miss the old format eliteskills.~~
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 3y 43d 11h 33m 31s
I feel super old on this site.

Like, real old.

I'm gunna get a walking stick and a lawn so I can shout at kids to get off it.
  Kyrie Black / Nullification / 3y 54d 12h 36m 11s
I really need to start posting and logging into here more. I feel like my creative juices have drained. Plus this site makes me feel super old.
  LanguageLover / 3y 277d 15h 10m 55s
You should PM me instead so we can get Dead End Alley 2 rolling.


I'm desperate.

Cuz like, I get to have a character that's a total bitch, cuz Rykier was a total asshole half the time. :)
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 3y 298d 14h 18m 27s
When I feel lost on the internet, i post in here and read roleplays.
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 3y 326d 11h 4m 33s
Haven't been here in a while....anyone even here anymore?
  LanguageLover / 3y 356d 13h 14m 11s
Yes. And some of that lovely American sun. If you could just box up the heat and send it over, I'd be grateful!

I'm wearing a cardigan to bed.

Only in Scotland.

This is summer.
  The Protected and Protector / Nullification / 4y 52d 8h 14m 29s
Do you need a blanket and soup care package from America?
  Jacey / TasteMyRainbow / 4y 52d 8h 18m 7s

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