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In a small town Soren and _____ are best friends. The two have grown up together since they were kids and have finally reached the point in their lives where the two must separate for college. After four years of school, the two finally return back to their hometown, excited to see the other. But over the years they have both changed drastically, and the two find it difficult to just get along. Will their decisions and new dreams cancel out the years of friendship they had? Or will they be able to pull through and become as close as they were before they left? What will their relationship be like now?

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As Soren headed back to campus, he immediately went to his last two classes of the day. Now that Yuna was back, he was more excited about hanging out with her just like old times, hoping they could click together like they used to. If there was a chance at a relationship, this date would decide the answer for that after all, Yuna knew that he liked her and gave him this shot in the first place. That must have meant that she was also single and wanting to give it a shot.

When class ended, Soren quickly made his way back to his car, seeing that it was almost four. Unfortunately he didnt have time to change, so he drove back to Yuna's house, parking his car and then taking a peek at his hair. He brushed through his dark strands and then he stepped outside onto her porch, knocking on her door.

Seeing her standing there in such simple clothes made his eyes widened in surprise. She looked just like she did back in high school. That careless look with a little bit of class. He was stunned [b "Woah look....great! Very nostalgic"] he smiled up at her, hoping his skinny jeans and flannel were okay.

[b "SO what kind of movie are you in the mood for? Scary? We can always toss popcorn at people again if you want to as well"] he chuckled, remembering how they always did that to avoid looking at the screen when something scary was about to happen.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 4y 233d 7m 55s
Yuna gave a sweet smile and nodded her head. [b "I'll see you at four then."] She stayed in the booth as he left the cafe, taking her time to relax before she would take all of her new clothes back home. Her mind wandered as she stared at her cup of tea, thinking back to high school and how much simple things were back then but she wasn't happy with herself then as she was now. At least now she would be a respected and feared person in town. She would be a lawyer who would always win her cases.

After spending some time in the cafe alone, she headed back home and got ready for her "date." Accompanied by the chatter of her mother asking about her day and such as if Yuna had just come home from a day of school, the young woman did her hair and make-up before changing into one of the outfits she had just bought that day. It actually wasn't a nice suit or something she would wear at the firm. Instead, it was a pair of shorts, a white tank top with floral words across it, a light grey over-jacket, and a pair of ankle boots. It was a style she hadn't worn since high school and her early days of college. She was sure it would shock Soren to see her in her original style.
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 4y 234d 5h 44m 9s
It only irritated Soren to know that the girl he's been seeing just had to barge in here and ruin the first lunch he's had with Yuna in years, let alone be rude to her as well. It didnt matter to him if she wasnt bothered, she deliberately tried to sabotage his lunch and that's what made him angry.

He smiled, happy to hear that at least it didnt ruin her mood one bit, or even lower his chances of trying to further their friendship. It surprised Soren to hear her asking him out to dinner. Wasnt that like going on a date? Or did she just want to go as friends? He wasnt quite sure, but either way it sounded really nice [b "A movie and dinner sound great. I actually finish classes around four, so I can maybe pick you up right after and we can head over"] he finished off his food and then he cleaned up his face.

Soren still knew that he liked her, but maybe getting to know her better would tell him if those feelings were still real, or if they were just memories of their high school relationship. [b "I have to get back to class, but ILl see you later. IM sorry about earlier again"] he stood up from his seat and then he waved to her before heading back to his car to return to campus.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 4y 242d 2h 50m 3s

Yuna simply gave a chuckle and looked away from the young woman and too the man sitting across from her. She didn't have time nor the real patience at that moment to talk to someone as annoying as this Crystal girl. Her head nodded when Soren pulled the other woman away to talk to her. Everyone was bound to have at least one crazy ex but Yuna didn't actually care to meet his. She simply took a drink of her tea and started to look over e-mails on her phone.

When Soren returned and tried to excuse the woman's rude behavior, she simply shrugged it off. [b "It's not like she really bothered me. She's not a very threatening person,"] she chuckled, placing her phone down on the table.

[b "Say,"] she started, folding her hands and placing them on her lap, [b "are you busy tonight? Would you like to go to a movie or have dinner together?"] More time to see just how her friend had changed and maybe even see if taking the relationship further was worth it. [b "I will be out taking care of job applications and such tomorrow so we won't be able to have lunch together."]
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 4y 243d 48m 48s
"I actually really like this town. I mean, I've spend my entire life here so I dont really want to leave. Not to mentions that ever since my dad past away, it's been hard on my mom. I like to stay close and keep her company, look out for her you know" he wanted to venture out and visit somewhere new like Yuna had, but with his mom being alone, he just didnt have the heart to up and leave her.

As Crystal spoke, Soren just couldnt believe what she was saying. Why couldnt she just stay out of his business and leave him alone. If she needed to talk to him, they could have spoken about it tonight. The male just sat there, an apologetic look on his face when he faced Yuna, not wanting her to worry about this girl at all, but when he saw Yuna handle in a mature manner, he was honestly quite surprised. When they were kids, she was always the first one to throw a punch, so he was expecting something else.

Crystal had her eyes on Yuna with a "Oh no you didnt" face on her tanned skin. "Um excuse me, I was just talking to him because he has an obligation towards me so it's allowed. Who on the other hand are you? Another one night stand?" she rolled her eyes and Soren just stood up from his seat "Im sorry about this Yuna, just give me a second" he glared at Crystal and then he walked passed her, gripping her arm as he walked her out of the deli. "What the hell is your problem? I told you, she's my friend visiting. Just leave me alone for now okay? ILl call you later" he tried to calm down her nerves, but Crystal just tugged on her arm and walked away with an irritated look on her face.

When Soren returned to the table, he looked down at his sandwich and he took in a deep breath. "Yeah....just ignore her. She's uhhh....not that good with other women" he shrugged, taking a bite of his sandwich.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 4y 333d 18h 48m 59s

"I'm surprised you still want to stay here," she told him. "I don't think I've ever heard of you leaving town unless it was for a small vacation with your parents." When the waiter came back for a food order, she told him she wanted nothing but let Soren order his lunch. "If I'm not busy with work when the fair comes around then I'll definitely go with you. Nothing says home like crazy rides and fried food."

When the unknown female approached their table, Yuna let her full professional demeanor take over and she only looked at the woman with a serious look. She let the woman, quickly becoming known as Crystal to her, continue to basically berate Soren in front of her but finally Yuna was able to get a word in. "Do you always just enter private conversations without an 'excuse me' or anything? And here I thought people still had manners." She gave a chuckle and looked back to her glass of tea as she lifted it and took a sip. "It's a shame. You must get must respect wherever you go."
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 4y 333d 21h 48m 19s
When she spoke about her shopping adventures of the day, Soren couldnt help but smile. Some things didnt change much and she still liked buying anything that caught her eyes. He even remembered their trips to the mall when he was younger. Sometimes she managed to convince him to help her pick out bras in Victoria's Secret, other times he'd just wait outside the store until she finished. "Well Im glad you were able to have some fun at least. Usually the people that leave Hunt never come back. Im glad you did though" he admitted before continuing to look through the menu.

He eventually decided on a roast beef dip sandwich, having an appetite after only drinking a coffee in the morning. When the waitress returned, he gave her his order and then smiled up at her, remembering the fair "Not really, I stopped the year after you left since I didnt really have anyone to do it with, but the fair is still fun. Nothing like dangerous rides to get your blood pumping. Maybe we can go again this year for old times sake" he suggested, thinking that he would have more free time after his last exam.

"I think after work today Im going to do some shopping too. I have to look good at the reunion or else people will think Im still some low life ditching classes and running after girls" he laughed a little and took a look at the time. At the corner of his eye, he spotted Crystal making her way towards the register. Crap he thought to himself as he tried to avoid eye contact.

Just when she had her lunch to go, she spotted Soren in the booth with another woman and she just walked over "Oh there you are Soren. Lemme guess, another date this week? How many do you seriously go through?" she had her hands on her waist and then she crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes at him.

Soren just rubbed his forehead irritatedly and sighed "She's an old friend Crystal. She's back home so we're hanging out, that's all and last time I checked we werent dating?" he looked up at her as he rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, save the crap story for later, I dont even know why I even stay around you. So Im guessing we're not meeting up tonight then?" she asked, completely ignoring the fact that Yuna was there.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 4y 344d 18h 13m 29s

Yuna chuckled lightly and nodded her head as she looked over at her shopping bags. "I might have tried on anything nice that actually caught my eye," she replied. She always really enjoyed shopping and now, with an extended taste in proper lawyer clothing, she had even more fun shopping these days." She picked her head up when the waiter came by and ordered a sweetened tea just like Soren. "I guess I have to admit that I did miss this place while I was gone. It's a good thing I never came to visit. It makes coming home that much more sweet."

"I just bought some more clothes for work," she replied, looking through her different bags. Macys, Dillards, Charlotte Russe, Victoria's Secret; all the places she preferred shopping at these days. She never even set foot in most of the places she used to when she was younger.

She brushed her bangs from her face and looked back up at him. "Do you still volunteer at the Summer Fair?" she asked, remembering their days as teens, running various booths at the Summer Fair for a little extra cash. It was always the most fun they had during the summer.
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 4y 345d 6h 12m 36s
Usually Yuna was very punctual when it came to meeting times, so Soren wanted to make sure he was at the deli at least ten minutes early. It never was nice being late in his mind, and he didnt like making people late, so he always tried to either be on time or early. His classes were a different story though.

When he headed into the deli, he remembered how many times he's sat in these booths with Yuna when they were in high school. Hunt was a small town, and not much had changed in eight years except for some scenery and a few renovations here and there. The basic design stayed the same, so it felt like he was back in high school.

Letting his mind wander for a bit, he saw Yuna taking a seat before him, waking him from his daze with the sound of plastic bags rubbing against each other, along with tissue paper crumpling. "Well it looks like you took your time shopping" he stuck out his tongue and looked at his watch. "I've only been here for about five minutes. Just got out of class. I can see that you're enjoying being back home future Lawyer" he called the waiter over and ordered himself an iced tea.

"At least it's Friday. With the reunion tomorrow, all I have to worry about is one more test before summer break" he smiled up at her, hoping to at least spend some time with her before his next term began. "So what exactly did you buy today? Please dont tell it's more band cds?"
  Soren / ellocalypse / 4y 364d 20h 16m 55s

Yuna's morning had been filled with breakfast and casual conversation with her parents before she left for the mall. She really did miss her family the whole time she was in California and actually felt a bit bad that she had always stayed at school during holidays, not seeing her parents only a few times over webcam over the eight years she was in college. There were many things she told her mom about school [along with many things she kept secret like her relationship with William.] Her dad couldn't stop telling her how proud he was of her for those many years on the Dean's List.

When she was finally able to get away from them and actually head out, she actually couldn't be happier. There was only so much she could handle having to listen to parents constantly praise the work she knew she had done. The praising was great especially when she had so many people who did so while she was still in California but she'd rather then praise her for being a fantastic lawyer.

The mall was thankfully not pack when she arrived. Of course, school was still in session for most in Hunt so it wouldn't get busy until after 2pm. She didn't mind the crowds or the noise but she was glad she wouldn't have to fight some young 20-something for the clothes she wanted.

After all of her shopping was finished, she headed over to the deli she was meeting Soren at, at least three bags on each arm. She saw him immediately at a booth in a corner, staring out the window like he usually did. Probably daydreaming about being a big time doctor. She walked over and took a seat across from him, placing her bags next to her on the seat then fixing a bobby pin in her hair. "I hope you haven't been waiting long."
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 5y 4h 52m 48s
The time wasnt in his favor and Soren mentally scolded himself for sleeping and in forgetting to set an alarm after that day yesterday. It must have been the fun and the excitement of seeing Yuna in nearly seven years that could have gotten to him. Last night's dream didnt help either because it felt too real and had shaken him up this morning, so his mind was all over the place.

Carrying his backpack, he hurried towards his classroom, thinking about the meeting place "Sounds perfect. Ill meet you there in two hours. Unfortunately I've had classes ever since I graduated high school. A lot has changed" he smiled and then he hung up before entering his class.


By noon, Soren was driving towards the deli close to the mall. He was lucky to have made it to class only five minutes late and now he was just happy to be having lunch with his best friend. It may not be that way now, but he was hoping that their past could bring them closer again.

He parked his silver sedan along the curb as he headed into the small deli. When he looked around, he didnt see any sight of Yuna. He could spot her even in a crowd with her rosy hair and blue eyes.

Soren fixed his tie and then he dusted off his collared shirt, wanting to look decent when Yuna came. He didnt know why, but it was force of habit. He always wanted to look nice so Yuna wouldnt complain and he's been doing that since he was in high school.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 5y 6d 5h 39m 16s

Yuna gave a light chuckle when Soren picked up the phone. Just by his voice, she could tell he was rushing to class and she was even betting that he had microwaved his coffee and ate nothing before he left. "Ah, yeah, that's exactly what I was going to call you about," she replied, giving a 'stop thinking whatever it is your are thinking' look to her mother, before taking a sip of her own coffee. "That small deli by the mall is still open right? I was going to be heading out a little later to do some shopping for the reunion picnic and figured it would be the easiest place to meet at."

She had been debating all morning of how she should dress for the picnic, part of her wanting to trick them with a band t-shirt, some shorts, and converse like from her teen years but the other part wanted to dress in lawyer attire just to make them freak out even more. She figured maybe she'd figure it out when she actually got to the mall later. She reached over and took up a banana from the bowl of fruit on the kitchen island. "I thought you didn't have any classes today," she teased, letting a bit of her high school attitude slip through.
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 5y 6d 16h 50m 48s
When Soren left the party, he stepped into his car and glanced up at the rearview mirror, his eyes looking over his facial features. He knew that he could get any girl he wanted since most of them didnt hesitate to come home with him, but he was so busy with school, the last thing he needed was a relationship to screw things over at the final stretch. What he wanted was to bury his face in his books so that he could finish at a quicker rate.

When he got home for the night, he climbed up to his apartment, seeing that his roommate had some friends over. They were all enjoying themselves in his bedroom, so Soren just made his way into his room for the night.


In the morning, Soren slammed his hands on his alarm clock, realizing that he had to hurry to class because he slept in. He had a dream about high school the day he admitted his love for Yuna too late. It was a horrid day and a horrible dream because he was sure that those feelings were buried deep inside, but still there. He was sure that Yuna has experienced more relationships than he ever did and probably never even liked him in that sense. Still, she was so much more attractive than high school, and she was soon to be a great lawyer. If their parents wanted them together, he really wouldnt mind it.

All of these questions were filling his mind as he quickly downed some microwave coffee and hurried out to his car, making his way on campus. When he grabbed his bag, he felt his phone vibrating and he quickly answered it, seeing Yuna's name on the ID "Hello? Yuna? Hey what's up. Im actually heading to class right now, but if you want to maybe meet up for lunch? Im free around noon?" he suggested, wondering if that was what she wanted to talk about.
  Soren / ellocalypse / 5y 10d 6h 10m 32s

Finishing off the glass of wine, Yuna looked to Soren and chuckled softly. There was no doubt in her mind anymore that she actually could get any man she wanted in Hunt but having a love life was just distracting from her work life. Why would she want some man tied to her while she's busy becoming the most powerful lawyer in the State? "I don't think I would be able to have any man," she replied laughing, contradicting what she had thought in her mind. "But you, Mr. soon-to-be Doctor. I'm sure you'll have every female patient and nurse falling over you and just begging for a date." Soren was actually a pretty handsome man and once he was established in an actual hospital, he would be a pretty popular man in Hunt. Of course, that mere though had the wheels in Yuna's head turning. A powerful lawyer and a fantastic doctor would no doubt be the envious couple in the town, much like celebrities back in California, and future children would be expected to excel at everything they do. Maybe she would humor their parents' lifelong wish to see the two together to really see if they would be the power couple of Hunt.

When Soren stood up and proceed back inside, Yuna was quick to follow, empty wine glass and full snack plate in hand. She watched him say his goodbyes and gave a simple wave as he left. Once the reunion calmed for the parents, she made her way upstairs to her old room. It had been so long since she had been home, barely able to make it for holidays during the school year. Her room had been untouched by anyone in the house. Band posters and photographs hung in a collage right by her bed, a collection of movies and video games sat on a set of shelves, decorating the wall above her desk, everything just as she had left it [minus the gaming system she usually kept in there which was obviously in her brother's room now.]

After a nice shower and a little bit of light reading [not to mention at least a couple more glasses of wine,] Yuna settled in bed. Surprisingly enough, she was able to get to sleep a lot quicker in her own bed then she ever did back at school.


Yuna woke up early like she usually did, about 7am to be precise, and wandered downstairs in a nice, silk robe. Her mother was in the kitchen, making a nice breakfast for the family, and her father was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching the news and drinking a cup of coffee. She greeted the two as she made her way to the coffee pot. As she poured herself a cup, she turned on her phone and flipped through her most recent messages. A drunk text from one of her college friends, a delayed congrats from a professor she had in her first year, and something from William that she didn't dare open. Instead of replying to any of the messages, she instead dialed up Soren's cell number, her mother had made sure to keep her updated on his numbers, and listened to the ring, waiting for him to pick up.
  Yuna Sagahara / MiyukiGainsborough / 5y 10d 6h 44m 9s
The sun was beginning to dawn and the cold of the late afternoon breeze was setting into the backyard. As the trees swayed and the bushes rustled, Soren kept his gaze on Yuna, wanting to take in that old familiarity that he hasnt experienced in years. Just like nearly seven years ago, Yuna's dream was something he believed she could achieve. From her attire to her determined attitude, he knew that she could get a job at the states' top law firm if she really wanted to.

"That sounds like a dream about to come true. I just want to finish up my residency so that I can start working. I feel like school has taken over my life, but once I finish, Im going to try and become a physician at the hospital here in Hunt" it was nice realizing their dreams and almost making it to reality. THey were so close and just hoped that she had whatever she wanted to. Soren had always been like that, giving in to what Yuna wanted.

Her love story kind of matched up with his, minus the fact that she was in a longer lasting relationship. "Sounds like a lot of history. Well Im sure if you wanted to, you can attract any man in Hunt" he smiled at the idea. People liked foreigners and since she came back from a state like California, people would think she was a big shot.

"My dating life is pretty much the same. A few good nights here and there, whatever you can get before all the school the next day. I might be single for the next two years till I finish" he shrugged his shoulders and then he stood up from his seat.

"It's getting late and I have class in the morning. It was good to see you back home. Maybe we can have lunch tomorrow, and if not, Ill see you on Saturday for the reunion" he grabbed his plate and then he headed back inside to say goodbye to everyone for the night.
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