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Nine hours, nine persons, and nine doors.

I am Zero. There are nine of you who will play in this game. As you can see, this is the Gigantic, the Titanic's sister ship. Each one of you have a bracelet, each bracelet has a number 1-9.

There are nine doors, nine doors with numbers on them. To open each door, you must activate the pannels, the "Reds", to open them. To activate the "Reds" you have to the digital rout of the number on the door and you can only activate the "Reds" with 3-5 people. After 9 seconds of activation the door will shut. You have 81 seconds to find a "DEAD", a machine that you have to touch to prevent the detonator in your bracelet and you will die. Everyone who has entered the engaged room must activate the "DEAD" or all of you will die.

In each room, you have to find your way out. Escape is what you truely need.
Find the door with the 9 on it, and you win.
Don't find door 9, die, I win!
Good luck.

One more thing, with each one of you dead, your bracelet will come off, and here's a map to help you along.
<<>Map coming soon!<>>

User Name:

User Name: Alum
Name: Z.E.R.O.
Occupation: Manager of a medical research group.
Bio: Hints and clues are left around the ship, see if you can find out who I am?
Number: 0

User Name: Echelon16
Name: Rita Mayaki
Age: 17
Occupation: High schooler/part time worker
Bio: Rita, also known as Rue or Euri, a short/long distance runner has always been fascinated with art. She has supported herself, being reserved and living on her own in London. When it comes to Hand-to-hand combat she's usually the weaker opponent strength wise but is able to escape and dodge her opponents very easily due to her tiny figure, quick reflexes and her highly skilled defense which has given her the upper advantage. And now that her life is placed in a Game, she is determined to reach the end, win and find the person behind this sick game she is yet to face.
Number: 2

User Name: Sinner
Name: Ryuka
Age: 21
Occupation: ex Soldier
Bio: There isnt much know about him, he keeps his head down and not say much to anyone
Number: 3

User Name: Narukid286
Name Nikki Nintoruma
Age: 15 but looks younger
Occupation: Senior in Highschool/gymnastics star
Bio: Nikki was extremely intelligent for a girl her age. She had just recently started her senior year of Highschool at only 15 years old and along with being incredibly smart she was also an unbelievable gymnast. She could do any trick and any routine from the floor to the uneven bars she'd practiced her gymnastics all her life always finding new routines and tricks to try. Eventually she became as good as a pro and was offered a chance to go and compete in the Olympics just like she'd always dreamed but then Zero came in and ruined everything. On the day before she was suppose to leave for the Olympics she went to practice her routines one last time and everything was going just perfect until she went to practice on the uneven bars. As she was going through her final routine the high bar came unhinged causing her to crash into the low bar and land on the floor in the wrong position which caused her to break her left arm and leg which forced her to stay in the hospital and miss what might have been her only chance to compete in the Olympics. Once she was finally healed and out of the hospital she made a promise to herself that she would find Zero and make him pay for what he did.
Number: 4

User Name: pheonix
Name: Ginger McKaye
Age: 15
Occupation: Highschool Student
Bio: Ginger was extremely smart for her age and works on making weapons for her personal use. She enjoys testing them outin the woods behind her house and it has been said that shes a bit insane. Now that she's part of the game, shes ready to try out her smarts and stay alive.
Number: 5

User Name: ShadowOfSkills
Name: Meya Suhomi
Age: 17
Occupation: Serial Killer
Bio: Meya has a long, dark, and wreched past, involving murder, asylums, and cannibalism. It's a long story, and says much about Meya's craftiness, skill, and the sadness and rage inside of her...
Number: 6

User Name: cowgirl5396
Name: Lilly
Age: 7
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Bio: She may be young, but is a skilled fighter, her parents were killed when she was a baby, by zero himself, and her uncle trained her specifically to be placed in the games. Her game plan is to appear defenseless, so zero won't see her as a threat, and seek revenge for her Parents.

Username: RageInSorrow
Name: Leon Harris
Age: 19
Occupation: Hacker
Bio: Dropping out of highschool because it was too easy, Leon dedicated all his spare time to hacking. He just finished his parole because he hacked into the police database, just to show he could. Hearing stories of Zero's games he pushed himself to become the greatest hacker just to see if he could cheat Zero.
Number: 8

User Name:catthhay
Occupation: Freshman in highschool. Secretly a spy for the government.
Bio: she was always on the inside, someone who always got the information she wanted. at age 10, the government finally caught on to her skills, and recruited her as the youngest field operative yet. She is extremely skilled, and is, presumably, bent on escaping and finding out exactly who this 'Zero' is, even if its the last thing she ever does.

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If you're all staying, so will I, for as long as I can. Also, I implore you all get to play 999 and Virtue's Last Reward, I hear that 999 is having a rerelease soon and with a special preorder bonus you get a Zero Escape replica watch XD
  Zero / Alum / 7y 336d 2h 38m 3s
If you're all staying, so will I, for as long as I can. Also, I implore you all get to play 999 and Virtue's Last Reward, I hear that 999 is having a rerelease soon and with a special preorder bonus you get a Zero Escape replica watch XD
  Zero / Alum / 7y 336d 2h 38m 50s
Not me, I've got too much on my mind and in my heart... I cant focus
  Ryuka / Sinner / 7y 359d 16h 16m 40s
So will I
  Nikki Nintoruma / Narukid286 / 7y 359d 17h 7m 18s
I'll stay and wait xD
  Kai Umane -No Mask- / RageInSorrow / 7y 359d 23h 27m 20s
I'll be willing to stay on as well, if this is eventually restarted. I get the being busy and everything.
  Ginger McKaye / pheonix / 7y 360d 19h 54m 52s
Im not going anywhere
  Lilly / cowgirl5396 / 7y 360d 20h 23s
Well, I might come back after the school year is over, it won't be but a few months. Its just that I've got work and school and family visits to tend to. I'll get on when I can, but it'll just to say hi. I will restart this Nonary Games as the 4th... or maybe the 5th or sixth
I encourage the game highly for people who love a challenge and multiple endings.
  Zero / Alum / 7y 360d 20h 33m 23s
I will be the same, I will just have less time for it than normal...
  Meya Suhomi, Pure Insanity / ShadowOfSkills / 7y 360d 20h 40m 50s
im still gonna be addicted to this site when im in college
  Viincent Brown (Number 1) / Herobrine / 7y 360d 20h 41m 56s
I'm going into college soon, that's why I say I don't know if I'll still be up for this or not. If I'm not too busy, perhaps. If I am, then I appologize to all of you...
  Meya Suhomi, Pure Insanity / ShadowOfSkills / 7y 360d 20h 45m 50s
awww ok then im gonna write a letter to the makers......
  Viincent Brown (Number 1) / Herobrine / 7y 360d 20h 47m 6s
I will still be around and willing to play when ever you feel like continuing this roleplay, Alum.
As long as it's not a year or 2 from now, 'cause by then I'd already have forgotten and be focusing on college and what not.
Your roleplay theme was good though.
  Eureka / Echelon16 / 7y 360d 20h 48m 24s
the game series is much better than what I could do, believe me, it's slow but has it's fast pace at times, I expect a lot from the new game comin' out in october for the 3d and vita. 999 is only for the ds.
  Zero / Alum / 7y 360d 20h 49m 34s
im going to remain loyal till i die in this rp
  Viincent Brown (Number 1) / Herobrine / 7y 360d 20h 55m 35s

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