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I want a studentxteacher relationship, malexfemale. I am looking for a younger male teacher. I want their relationship to be kind of like Aria and Ezras relationship on pretty little liars where they have their secrets and stuff which we will discuss before starting.

Mini plot: Becca Reid was abused as child, and raped about 2 years ago, she trusts barely no one except her friends, when working at a coffee shop she meets ___________________ who she gets into a relationship with and turns out being a student in __________________ ____________ class.

PM me if interested
No ANIME, real pictures only.
post when possible
200+ minimum
Romantic relationship and drama needed,
No cybering
***I will duplicate if needed**

We will dicuss a small plot and build with drama and ect.

Teaching subject:
Mini bio:

Username: xLyrax
Name: Becca Reid
Mini Bio: Becca Reid is a 17 year old grade 12 student. Since the age of 3 she was abused by her parents. She is very shy, but bold when she feels the moment is right.

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Adam couldn't help shaking his head at her giggle. "You know it's not good to be burnt." He admonished gently. He then smiled as he had gotten her sunscreen rubbed in and she took Hope to the water to see how the baby girl would react. He then stood, taking Harmony to join her mother and sister and chuckled as the two girls squeed
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 178d 14h 23m 5s
Kyra giggled, "I always get burnt no matter how much sunscreen I have on" she said smiling at him, and relaxing as he rubbed it into her shoulders. The view of the beach was gorgeous, and it felt so nice to be able to just go out in public and not have to worry. After her suncreen was all rubbed in, she grabbed Hope and headed towards the water and dipped Hope's feet in, to see how she would react.
  xLyrax / 6y 209d 4h 7m 51s
Adam sat at her side and smiled to her. It was nice that they could all actually stay in town as a family. "I think none of you will burn." He whispered, gently rubbing her shoulders in once the girl's had been taken care of first
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 218d 16h 13m 1s
Kyra smiled picking a spot on the beach and putting down Hope, and laying out the blanket they had brought out. She sat on it bringing Hope out and putting baby sunblock all over her, hoping her the babies wouldn't get burnt.
  Kyra Pierce / xLyrax / 6y 245d 51m 13s
Adam smiled to her as he watched her. She seemed excited and about her age, which he liked seeing her. And the man was definitely happy they didn't have to hide their relationship anymore. He soon got out and picked up Harmony, walking with Kyra wherever she wanted to go
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 245d 59m 57s
Once at the beach Kyra smiled getting out of the car and grabbing Hope waiting for Adam. Today would be their first official family day out, and their first date type thing in tow. They didn't have to hide it anymore, she wasn't his student anymore.
  Kyra Pierce / xLyrax / 6y 245d 1h 24m 34s
Adam took Harmony and got her into the car. Once he had, the young teacher got into the driver's seat and drove them to the beach
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 251d 21h 19m 38s
Kyra smiled and nodded putting the girls into their carseats and picking up one of them as they walked down the hallway and outside to the car, she buckled in Hope, and got into the passenger seat.
  Kyra Pierce / xLyrax / 6y 252d 20h 1m 25s
A smile came to his lips and he nodded to her words. "You're right, we don't have to hide anymore. How about the one here in town?" He whispered, kissing her cheek and then walking to her side to help her with the girls
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 255d 16h 23m 34s
Kyra smiled, as she was finished getting ready. "It doesn't matter to me, We don't have to his our relationship anymore" she said smiling kissing his cheek smiling. She waited for his answer as she went back to put the girls into their car seats.
  Kyra Pierce / xLyrax / 6y 282d 22h 14m 13s
Adam smiled to her and nodded. Soon, he watched as she dressed the girls and was in the room, getting ready himself. "Any beach you prefer? I mean would you like one out of town?" He asked her, looking her over, a smile over his lips
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 284d 19h 3m 21s
Kyra smiled at his idea. "Sure that sounds great" She said standing with Harmony in her arms. She laid Harmony down in her crib, and picked out some matching outfits for the girls. She picked out a pink outfit for Hope and purple one for Harmony. She dressed them and laid them down in their cribs so her and Adam could get dressed themselves.

Kyra walked into their room. She pulled out her short shorts, and a tank top. and slipped it on, her bathing suit underneath.
  Kyra Pierce / xLyrax / 6y 290d 23h 13m 33s
A slight smile came to his lips and he nodded to her words. "How about we take Hope and Harmony to the beach? It could be a nice day out for all of us. What do you think?" he asked her
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 290d 23h 43m 40s
Kyra smiled as he burped their little girl. She loved him and the girls so much. He was a great father, she wouldn't ask for anything better. She smiled "I didn't have anything in mind, was just wondering if you did" she said smiling.
  Kyra Pierce / xLyrax / 6y 291d 20m 58s
He held Hope and gently burped the girl. His eyes went to Kyra and he tilted his head slowly. "Nothing I can really think of. What would you like?" He asked her slowly.
  Adam / AngelofLove / 6y 291d 23m 15s

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