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An odd group of friends find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere when a roadtrip goes horribly wrong! Can they make it back to civilization while retaining their friendship?

Rules :
-Real photos please
- post often
- let me know if you're going to bail so we can kill off your character
- It's about teenagers stranded, we WANT drama, ramance, and all that!
- Have fun!

needed: teenagers

short bio:


username: trickynicky97
name:miya lynn
age: 17
gender: female
sexuality: straight
short bio: She's tough, sweet, funny, and a major flirt. She gets suspended a lot for fighting, but only because she defends her helplessly gothic step sister, who cant stand up for herself.

Username: trickynicky97
Name: Eve
age: 16
gender: female
sexuality: bi
short bio: she may look tough, but she's really a wimp. She gets beaten up a lot because of her looks and sexuality. Eve is intuitive, shy, really smart, and loves to laugh.

username: StayWithMePlease
name: Zane Starr
age: 17
gender: Male
sexuality: Bisexual
short bio: He and his twin, Temptation lived together at their home until he got kicked out. This trip was their attempt at
bonding again. Zane is stubborn and hotheaded, but he is
also silly and fun.

username: StayWithMePlease
name: Temptation Starr
age: 17
gender: Female
sexuality: Lesbian
short bio: She and her twin, Zane lived together at their home until he got kicked out. This trip was their attempt at
bonding again. Temptation is sweet and shy and mainly tries
to keep to the background. She isn't as strong as her
brother, but she tries to be.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 319d 7h 39m 39s

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 328d 9h 23m 10s
Now all giggly, Temptation gathered up all of her stuff, carrying it out and tossing it out into the back of the truck. Looked like Zane had done the same and had fallen asleep again in the front seat. She went back into the room, yawning.

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 331d 5h 39m 53s
"I'm sorry miss, but our recources tell us that you are holding a hostage."

Just then, Eve cam out of the bathroom, her hands up in a surrender. "Officer? Can i go home now?" She burst out laughing

Miya started laughing too. "Okokokokok! Get your stuff, we're leaving soon."
  Miya Lynn / trickynicky97 / 7y 331d 5h 51m 55s
Despite all of the seriousness in the room, Temptation grinned, giggling. Hopping up, she ran to the door, throwing it open. "oh, no, you caught me!" she teased, pretending to look scared.

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 331d 6h 18m 2s
Miya knocked on the door of the girls room, check out was in an hour."It's the police! Open up!" She banged on the door< trying to mess with them.
  Miya Lynn / trickynicky97 / 7y 331d 6h 34m 53s
Temptation nodded, laying on one of the beds. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on the silence in the air. She didn't want to think.

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 331d 15h 2m 31s
"It's ok, just talk to me though. Ok?" Eve stood up and went to the bathroom. "Smile, sadnness doesn't ecome you."
After she closed the door, Eve put her hands on the counter and took a deep breath, still trying to absorb everything. She thought about what to do in the shower, a little confused. She was sure that she didn't want something like this to ruin her relationship with Temptation.
Mostly, she was afraid that Tate would hate her know that she knew...
  Miya Lynn / trickynicky97 / 7y 331d 15h 7m 36s
Temptation laid her head on Eve's shoulder, her hair covering her face. all she could manage was as soft, "I-I'm sorry..."

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 332d 6h 9m 53s
"Sweetie!" She was sympathetic. "You don't have to face things alone!" Miya hugged Temptation tightly, trying to comfort her
  Miya Lynn / trickynicky97 / 7y 332d 6h 14m 34s
Temptation pushed herself against the wall and chewed on the inside of her cheek feverishly. "I-I..." she started, but the words tasted bad coming out of her mouth. This feeling of same was why she had never told anyone before. She decided that if she told her straight, it would be quick and painless, like a band-aid. She knew she was lying to herself. "U-uh... razor and a lighter, b-be-because..." she didn't want to tell why but knew she had to, "Because I didn't w-want to bother you guys and I knew I could handle everything by myself if I did this. And between sixth grade and last year." she was talking so quietly she doubted that Eve could hear her, and she stared at her feet, chewing harder on his cheek.

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 332d 6h 29m 41s
Eve held her head in her hands and freaked out. "HOW?! WHY?!" she was going to go ballistic."WHEN?!"
  Miya Lynn / trickynicky97 / 7y 332d 6h 37m 12s
At first, the pretty brunette felt like she couldn't move. Every part of her wanted to put on clothes, and follow Eve out, but she couldn't. She saw. Temptation told herself, and prepped herself for how Eve might react. Don't be surprised if she doesn't want you anymore.... Temptation finally pulled on clothes, and tucked herself in a hoodie, even if it was warm out. She was used to wearing long sleeves i heat. She hurried out, looking at Eve, trying to gauge her expression, trying to figure out what to say. She had never told anyone of her self-harm issues. She hugged her sides, feeling the burn and cut scars through the fabric. They both comforted and disgusted her.

  Tempation Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 332d 9h 20m 12s
Eve woke up and stretched, yawning. She looked around, noticing Tempptationns absence. Eve guessed she was in the bathroom.
Eve grabbed her toothbrush and clothes, and knocked on the bathroom door, "Morning!" She went to see if the door was locked, and seeing that it wasn't, opened the door.
She assumed that Temptation was just putting on makeup or something. Apon openingthe door, Eve saw Temptation and blushed. Then she noticed the scars and paled as she shut the door, embarressed
  Miya Lynn / trickynicky97 / 7y 332d 9h 28m 16s
Zane's eyes fluttered, and then opened. He had almost been awake anyways, and he smiled. "Good morning" he said sleepily.

Temptation had slid easily from next to Eve, and had gone into the bathroom, take a shower. Now that she finished, she stood in front of the mirror, naked, staring at all of her scars. She had left the door unlocked.

  Zane Starr / StayWithMePlease / 7y 332d 18h 33m 44s

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