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It's like a drop in the ocean
a change in the weather

Rosie and Aion were family friends. His parents were close to her own. Though the two never became close until that tragic day that Aion had screwed up an entire family... her uncle's family. The caring young teenaged girl had taken care of the broken down soon to be adult, until she was admitted into the hospital for the deadly disease that would change the course of her life.

How long would it take for the deadly disease to fully take over the body of a teenage girl? The doctors did not know, so they had brought Rosie in, a young loving teenage to see what they could do to keep her alive. On the upper level and other side of the hospital took care of the mentally ill. A man they had found bloody outside was admitted into their facility.

A stormy night, an escaped psycho, and a frightened teen led to the odd chance of these two meeting at a place as such. The man, Aion who was unsure as to why he was there. The teenager, Rosie who was afraid to see her friends and let them know what was going on. What will happen when he finds out, when he is free to leave, while she is stuck there? He would keep her company of course, but children are like their parents...

I was praying that you and me, might end up together
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
I'm holding you closer than most
You are my heaven

Let the complications begin...


As Played By:

Rosalynn Lilliana Agetha Nixon

August 22



Short Bio:
Rosalynn was that typical good innocent young child, who grew up to be just that. She had always been the smallest and youngest of her friends and family. A porcelain doll was what she was. The young Sheerly Temple with the golden curly locks who enjoyed singing. The young curly blonde was quiet and enjoyed and enjoyed to read. She was a strong independent girl. Though she was shy at times, she was smart brave and spoke her mind instead of keeping it in. She was also very determined and helpful. Being the only daughter of the Nixon family, she was Daddy's little girl who enjoyed staying up late until he arrived home, sang with him, and even learned how to be a tattoo artist by the age of 8. She also enjoyed being with her mother and taking care of animals and other children. She was sweet. Unlike her mother though, who was 'innocent,' this child was truly innocent. She did not swear, nor did she like to hear about indecent acts and she knew nothing sexual. By the age of 13 the young girl was diagnosed with Cancer. The child, being who she was, decided to keep it from her family. She did not want to worry them. But she knew one day it would be exposed and when it did, she left to spend time in the hospital for as long as it was needed, but told her family to tell their friends she had gone away to a school out of the country. Even though she knew, the truth would be exposed sometime after she was already gone.

Theme Song:
Put Your Hearts Up
Keep Holding On
Who You Are
Last Chance
Beating Heart

As Played By:

Aion Ace Vendetta

October 31st



Short Bio:

Theme Song:
Tokyo Drift
Ooh Aah
Teach Me How To Scream
Purr Like A Cat


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Warmth covered the young blonde's body. Ken was probably one of the people Rosie felt calm around. He had this way of speaking that kept the girl at ease. Rosie would help Aion, even if she feared the idea of getting hurt. Aion needed a friend that would dive in, head first without worry. Screw her own well being, Rosie knew she was on the brink of death. As long as she could help her friend she would be happy.

Rosie smiled softly and nodded. Yes, they could bother Irene or at least she'd watch her brother do so, when she didn't feel as exhausted. Rosie pulled from her brother and laid her head on the pillow. "Do you mind if I have a bit of time to myself?" Rosie questioned the two politely. Rosie wanted to be alone... just this once.

Sensing his eyes on her, Irene's eyes glanced at Ken jr beckoning her to step outside. She nodded slightly, soon being led out with just the touch of his hand. Irene's eyes were glued to his hands, the warmth that sparked chills against her palm. Irene already knew what he was going to use this moment for, his words clarifying her thoughts once he closed the door behind them.

There weren't any words that her pride would let her say, but there was a lot of things she wanted to say. Irene hated that he left with out a word. She hates herself for pushing him away so much. The only things she really regretted in her life at this point were her moments with Ken Jr. The way she would chicken out and refuse to admit her feelings for him. And yeah, Irene was still scare to turn out like her parents. But those months without Ken were brutal. Even if she did have a bit of a distraction.

The fact of the matter was that she pushed him away. Not once, not two, or three times. She pushed him away more times than she could count. But he'd come back each time, more annoying than the last. Only, this time... he left, without really saying goodbye. Without coming through her window that morning to try and kiss her. And it was all her fault. It was her fault he wasn't there when things happened to Rosie.

Blurred eyes sent drops of tears down her face. She lowered her head, afraid to even cover herself with Kenneth's comfort.

"I... Missed you... and.. I'm--" She was choked up, unable to speak. How could she even say sorry to him for all of those things she did to him? "Sorry for pushing you away so much that you had to leave and not be with Rosie in the state she's been in." Yeah... that's the only reason why she really felt sorry.. for Rosie, or at least that was what she'd try to convince herself. Irene wouldn't be able to face him if she told him that she was sorry for all the lies she spoke, her actions towards him. Irene refused to look him in the face. She was nervous unsure of how he'd react to her apology. The only thing Irene really knew at this moment was that she was enjoying this bittersweet moment beside him.

There was no doubt in jasmine's mind that Victor was relieved that she had survived. Hell, she was relieved that she didn't die. If she had, Jasmine wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to do what she was doing now. Though, there was a sudden change in Victor's usual reactions to her kiss. Jasmine froze, her cheeks burned red with embarrassment.

Though, why was she even embarrassed? This was Victor. But.. He was kissing her back. He never kissed her back. Her hand was soon covered by his own. Jasmine melted completely.

Oh how she wanted to just wrapped her arms around his neck and tell him to take her here and now. But she wouldn't scare him off. Oh no... She wanted to savor this wonderful sweet moment of bliss. Yet, he had slowly began to pull away leaving Jasmine with her eyes closed momentarily. Her eyes fluttered open, her heart raced. He had overwhelmed her with just one kiss.

Jasmine's eyes stared back at him almost as calmly as his own. She was content. Her eyes glittered with happiness. Jasmine wanted to kiss him again. She leaned over just a bit, though at the same time a knock was heard and Victor had averted his gaze. Jasmine in turn, glanced over as well, only to see her father standing at the door way.

Jasmine smiled brightly. Yes, she had been caught kissing. No, she didn't care, but she knew Victor probably did. His actions made it clean that he had. She looked back towards him though his glance had averted else where. Jasmine stifled a laugh as she glanced back at her father who made his way beside her.

"Victor was just happy I survived." Jasmine waved off. Though her smile said other wise. Her eyes stared into the same colors that she owned. Xavier had been worried, something Jasmine hardly ever did. She never made her father worry for her and if she did, Jasmine was never around when it happened.

Jasmine smiled as her father spoke nonsense, yet truth and pulled her into a hug. Jasmine wrapped her arms around him. She closed her eyes for a moment, taking in the sweet relief of survival, of her father... The man who would always be around no matter how old she got.

When it came to Xavier, there were no questions asked. Jasmine knew her father loved her unconditionally, just as he loved all his children, even the ones who weren't necessarily from his seed. And there was never a bone in her body that ever questioned if she loved him. Jasmine had loved the man even before she laid eyes on him at her fourth birthday party. And although her mirror twin questioned, Jasmine always knew he was her father, a man she looked up to.

"Was there ever a doubt?" Jasmine wasn't sure why anyone doubted she would survive? Yes, they were scared. But Jasmine wouldn't ever give up. Especially when she knew she had to marry Victor and have a kid or kids. Jasmine wouldn't go away until long after Victor admitted his love for her with words.

"And thank you for caring for my precious daughter. It seems that you will be a good husband to her as I thought."

Jasmine looked over at Victor. Embarrassment was painted over his face. A bright smile came to her lips. Was it that embarrassing to be her future husband? No, but Victor still wasn't ready just yet to admit that was what he honestly wanted. And that was perfectly fine with Jasmine. As long as he didn't go off and marry someone else first. Though, even then.. She still wouldn't mind. She'd still keep her virginity intact for him. Even if he lost it.. Even if she had to play with herself until then.

"So, my dear, who exactly did this to you? Or was it an accident?"

His question drew her back from her mind. Jasmine's smile faded. Her eyes were low as she turned back over to her father. "It.. Was an accident. I... I was helping Aion clean off..And.. I told him someone wanted to see him. I... I guess it triggered something. And well... He blacked out." Jasmine glanced up at her father in a pleading manner though there was no need. "I know it wasn't it.. I know he didn't mean it. I.. Just want to see him." Jasmine wrapped her arms around her father. Tears formed in her eyes. The girl was never one to cry.. But she was scared, not for herself, but for Aion. For what those people 'caring' for him would do to him. Jasmine buried her face into her father's chest before pulling from him and continued. "And when he came to he went out to find help. A nurse came and untied me.. I told her to tell Aion I was ok..but I don't know if she did."

"So Aion did this?" The sound of a female voice came from the door. Jasmine glanced away from her father only to noticed her mirrored twin at the door. Elyse's words were filled with bitterness. Her arms were crossed against her chest.

Elyse was enraged. How the hell could Aion let himself do this? Especially to Jasmine of all people? The youngest... [i purest] Vendetta of them all. And for Jasmine to sound so sympathetic? Ugh! She was so blinded. Green eyes narrowed at her twin before she caught sight of Victor who sat in the chair. "And you!" Elyse chuckled. "Victor.. Victor Victor... Why are you even here? Shouldn't you be busy with some other girl?"

"Elyse... Calm down." Jasmine insisted. "I'm fine. I promise. Just go..."

Elyse shook her head. "Actually.. Daddy, can you excuse us.. I'd like to have a talk with Minnie. Victor, you can go too." Elyse stepped inside the room and stood in front of the end of the bed.

Yes, anger was Elyse's way of showing worry when it came to anyone. But she damn sure was angry with Victor in general. No she didn't worry about Victor. She didn't give to shits about Victor unlike her opposite. Victor was a pest. Elyse disliked him with a burning passion. And yes, she had made that clear with in the past year.

Though what most saw as hatred, Jasmine saw as jealousy. Elyse was jealous of Victor. Because Jasmine was in love with Victor. Because all Jasmine ever wanted was to be around Victor. And it was becoming evident that although twins, Elyse and Jasmine were separate entities, following their own paths. Something Elyse didn't want.

Once their father had left the room and closed the door behind him, Elyse narrowed her eyes at Victor who had sat still and refused to leave. "You know this is why I don't understand what she sees in you. Your a cold hearted bastard."

"Elyse!" Jasmine interrupted, but her twin simply kept speaking.

"You run around following some bitch who only wants you for what ever reason it is. I know it's not your dick because you're still a limp virgin and she's ducking other people. But then you have the audacity to allow my sister, my twin, my little Minnie Mouse, to do what ever she wants to you. You're a selfish bastard. Have you ever considered her feeling? Because the entire fucking world knows Jasmine is in love with you. Even you know it! But you can't get your head around the idea of ever liking her. Or wanting to be with her. You're the biggest dick hole I know." Elyse turned her attention to her sister who spoke kind words to the ass, telling him to ignore her.

A chuckle escaped her lips. "Oh Minnie. Don't be so naïve. It's the truth." Elyse walked around the bed, the opposite side of where Victor was and sat down on the edge. Her green eyes glanced down at Jasmine's wound. Her eyes narrowed. Elyse placed her hand upon Jasmine's wound and pressed down. She glanced up to see her sister wince as a smirk of disgust formed on Jasmine's face. "Our brother is insane. He would have killed you. Me on the other hand. I'd let you live.. Torture you, but live. So, you deserve this." Elyse retreated her hand and glanced over at Victor.

"I heard Rosie was here... What makes you think she won't be Aion's next victim.. Or maybe she already had been." Elyse stood from the bed.

"Get out." Jasmine narrowed her eyes at her sister. "Leave Victor alone. He has enough stuff on his plate to worry about. All you want to do is cause trouble. You're just mad because he got to me before you could. You've always been jealous Elyse." Jasmine sighed. Her eyes softened. "Elyse.. Just go.. I promise we'll spend the next few weeks together. I'll go with you and do anything you want. Just please?"

Elyse plastered a smile on her face. She wasn't pleased. And Jasmine was only promising to spare Victor of Elyse's fire. But that was fine. Elyse would be fine. "Ok. Fine. But.. Don't miss me when I'm gone." Elyse headed over to the door, but stopped before opening it. "Oh and Victor. I'd make sure little Rosie's virginity is still intact if I were you. My brother has a way of slipping through tight holes." Elyse left the room.

Jasmine would pay for the slight humiliation she had just put Elyse through. If Jasmine wanted her gone, then fine, she'd leave. She'd be gone forever... Right in front of Jasmine's pretty little eyes.

The blonde sighed softly as she looked over at Victor. "I'm sorry.. But, at least Aion is locked up in his room right?" Jasmine smirked to him. Hoping he was ok, but she knew Elyse had caused him to worry and ponder about his decisions even more. Jasmine pushed herself off of the bed, tearing the iv from her veins. She sat herself on top of Victor's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. She leaned close to his ear. "Ignore it.." She whispered with a hint of seduction. Her lips grazed against his skin lowering to his neck as she placed on small kiss on his bare neck.

"So..." Jasmine parted a few inches from him to look at his face. "Should we have sex now or later?" A bright cheeky smile was plastered on her face. She only hoped her words had taken him away from his thoughts.

Though in the back of her own mind, Jasmine could only wonder how two people who were born and raised together be completely different. Yes, the two were different people and had their own minds. But they were completely opposite.

Elyse was manipulative and she did things out of spite. She loved things to go her way and if they didn't or she didn't like something, that person would get hurt. Physically, mentally, and or emotionally. Jasmine never did anything out of spite. She did things her way and if it didn't well then that was ok. Jasmine was manipulating in the sense that she knew what others were thinking how they really felt, so she'd attempt to somehow bring it forth. But it was never for her own personal gain.

Jasmine winced slightly. She could feel a slight tear. Jasmine wrapped her arms from his neck. Her eyes glanced down at her covered wounds. "I think you should ask Dad to come back in... I think I need to be restitched." Jasmine glanced up at him smiling as she shrugged her shoulders. This was going to be rough to deal with.

Once Ken and Irene were out, Rosie glanced around the room, making sure no one was hiding around. She sat up, her eyes glancing at the door. Rosie didn't have enough strength to get there on her own. But, Ken was right, Aion would find his way around her again, she just wanted it to be sooner rather than later. Yet, Rosie found herself uneasy. Terrible thoughts flashed through her mind. Other doctors were not like her father, especially those that resided on the mental ward. Aion must have been going through hell.

And then Jasmine... Victor wasn't around, which was rather strange. Victor would have been the first to run after Rosie. But the young girl understood, he was preoccupied at the moment. Jasmine needed him to keep her from escaping before she was healed. Her friend never listened to the doctors, not even her father or Mr. Xavier. The only one Jasmine ever listened to, if they would stay with her, was Rosie and Victor. With everyone else, Jasmine would do as she felt.

Rosie giggled softly thinking of her crazy friend. A sigh escaping her lips as she felt her stomach gurgle. It had been a few hours since she had anything to eat. That and she hadn't been forced to drink any liquids either. Food was probably best for her. "Ennet." Rosie called out loudly from her room, knowing the two must have still been around. Her eyes caught sight of the door opening, soon catching the brunette along side another brunette and her brother, closing the door behind him leaving the two outside.

"Irene has a new friend?" Rosie giggled softly. "He looks kind of like Mr. Vendetta." Rosie watched the way her brother seemed to be. "I haven't eaten since Victor took me for ice cream. Can we sneak out for a little?" Rosie glanced at her brother with wide eyes, in a pleading manner, though she knew he would be fine with it, unlike their other sibling.
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[i "I-... I think your missed a lot by everybody here... Your family, the Vendetta's .. My family... Including me.."]

Kenneth's eyes glanced down at the young woman in his arms, his arms then reaching up to wrap themselves loosely around her. Unsure of how she'd react to it, he had preferred not to even bother mentioning it to her. [i "I want to talk... But not now. Eventually.. Right now, focus on Rosie.. She needs you.. And we all need her too."]

She was right....Everything had seemed to have gotten worse since he had left. But what was he supposed to do? Drop out of college to stay with Rosie? It wasn't like he wanted to, or do so.... But if Rosie ever found out, he was more than sure that she would be angry with him about it. She would rather he stayed and finish school... And visit as often as he could.

Kenneth could feel his heart grow heavy. He was completely unsure what he was supposed to do. What was exactly the right thing? If something worse happened to his younger sister, where would he be? In class? Studying? In his dorm sleeping? Or in a plane on his way to see her? Would he even make it on time to see her if something horrible were to happen?

Kenneth took a deep breath, letting it out slow and unsteady attempting to relieve the sudden anxiety that had suddenly peeked in his soul. His eyes then shifting over to the young blonde who had suddenly spoken. A bit of relief entered in soul, but it was temporary...

Ken quickly rushed over to his sister's side. Sitting down beside her with a soft smile at her question. He wasn't exactly going to tell her the whole story... yet. But the interaction between the two girls he loved left him a bit speechless. Irene was entirely right, Aion was very dangerous, and completely demented. He was definitely a big hazard to everyone around him. And Ken had no doubt that he had to be put away somewhere far from everyone... Not only for the safety of the one he loves... But for himself...

On the other hand, Rosie was also right. Aion was a good person deep down inside. He simply had serious problems going on in his head. But Ken had faith that maybe along the line someone, somewhere, would help him get better... Or at least teach him how to control those...blood thirsty urges...

Taking his little sisters hand, Ken smiled brightly and pulled her into a hug. "I am sure we all can help. Might take some time...And maybe we will get hurt a lot, but I am sure something can be done. Aion is a Vendetta. And you and I both know that they can pull themselves out of anything with a little help from a friend. In this case, friends and family. But don't you worry sweetie, for now he is being treated, and well for now we should focus on you and your health. And obviously once he appears around the corner again, like we bothknow he will soon enough, we will try to help him then."

Looking up at Irene, Ken smiled softly. Getting up, he walked over to Irene, reached down, grasping her hand and pulling her gently over to Rosie. "We are all going to be here to help. And I will make sure to come a lot more often to see you. And sneak in treats." He spoke to his sister with a sly smile and wink. Looking over at Irene, he stared momentarily before looking back at his sister. "And also annoy the hell out of her. You know... For old time's sake."


This wasn't right... It wasn't about to end here... Victor knew this wasn't the end, yet somehow he had felt liike it could have been. And not for the fact that the red hot blood of the woman he loved had ran down his own hands, or the fact that he had almost saw the lights dim from her usual glittering bright eyes, but the fact that he himself would find out who had done this. It was not only for his own satisfaction to bring justice for this cruelty, but for understanding why or how could some one actually harm her... What could she had done or say? Then again, was it her fault at all? Just because she was a Vendetta did not mean it was her fault...

[i "What if I didn't stay alive?"]

Victor's head propped up from the edge of the bed, staring at the young blonde. Yes he was relieved that she had finally woken, and had no doubt that she was in pain, yet she was a Vendetta...and a Vendetta could with stand any pain...

Her question, though, worried him so. What if she hadn't lived? What would he have done? What would have been the outcome of them all? Would he disappear and never come back? Fear the fact that if he returned, the memories of her would haunt his soul 'till his life is no more? Victor couldn't imagine a life without her at the moment, neither did he want to. But there was a fact at hand, and it was that he could definitely not live without her by his side. Even though she was quite the pain in the ass...

[i "I have to leave though.. Can't leave my brother thinking he hurt me badly. Ya know?"]

"Brother?" He whispered a bit distressed. So it had been Aion... He should have known... Yet then again, was Aion in the building at all? Why was he even here? Hadn't he disappeared? So many questions, yet no anger seeped into his soul. But a hint of anxiety and nerousness when he felt her lips press against his skin and a lingering sweet gratitude making love to his ear. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. And gladly he had allowed for himself to smile at her in turn. Not for the kiss, but the fact that this was a sign that she was defininitely going to be alright. She would survive, any Vendetta survived. But Jasmine... she just alway had to survive somehow...

Victor had not even noticed that he had even pressed back into the kiss, or the fact that his hand had reached out and held on to hers. Yes, he had been worried, worried sick of her death. Because not ony he could have lost her, but his sister aswell. He did not want to loose either of them, or anyone who was deeply ingraved in his heart. But once he had realized his actions the male pulled away slowly and stared quietly into her eyes. He was calm, yet a bit shy. But his pride wouldn't let him admit that he, in a way, was happy to have reacted the way he just did. But before he could excuse himself for his actions, a light knock upon the door was heard, as his eyes then averted to look at the tall male who's slightly psychotic and overly cheerfully bright smile was never mitaken. Instantly he moved back and removed his hand from hers. Nervously he looked away and pretended to not care. But who could fool a Vendetta?

"I'm sorry to interrupt this little cute moment." Xavier spoke with a cheerful smile. Walking over to the young girl in the bed, his hand quickly reached out and patted her head gently before taking a seat beside her upon the edge of her bed. His eyes stared into hers momentarily and sirously before his smile had returned to his lips. "Yes, my sweetie, you'll be out of here quicker than the speed of sound. Because the light is too fast, and I'm afraid you we sadly don't heal that fast." He spoke cheerfully before gently wrapping his arms around her and bringing her into a hug. "I'm so happy that you are alive meine kleine wildkatze." {My little wild cat}

Looking over at Victor who still looved away quietly, Xavier reached over and pulled him over into the hug aswell. "And thank you for caring for my precious daughter. It seems that you will be a good husband to her as I thought." The male chuckled, making Victor's face quietly lighten up with a bright red, the color of embaressment. Pulling quickly away from the hug, Victor shook his head and looked away. "None of that..." He spoke lowly before looking out the window. Xavier in turn chuckled again before looking over at his daughter. "So, my dear, who exactly did this to you? Or was it an accident?"
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Irene wrapped her arms around Kenneth. Her aqua blue eyes stared softly at the young blonde in bed. It was upsetting to see her in this condition. To not know whether she'd be able to come out of her unconsciousness or comas the next time it occurred. Life was short and this girl was living proof of that.

"I-... I think your missed a lot by everybody here... Your family, the Vendetta's .. My family... Including me.." Irene admitted. Though she kept her eyes from looking at the male she hugged. "I want to talk... But not now. Eventually.. Right now, focus on Rosie.. She needs you.. And we all need her too."

Irene unwrapped her arms from his waist and walked over to the futon. Irene sat down and placed a blanket over her. Hospital's always seemed to be cold, but it was just the eerie idea that formed goosebumps upon people's skin.

A soft voice called out to the young blonde who had been unconscious. Her eyes fluttered open. Rosie took slow breaths. Her body was drained, exhausted. "Tired.." Her voice was hoarse. The young girl sat up a bit regardless. She knew the drill... Water, and then they'd put medication in her iv. Though as she grabbed the glass of water, Rosie noticed Irene on the guest futon wrapped in a blanket.

"Did something..." Rosie's eyes widened as she remembered. "How's Jasmine? Where's Aion? Is he ok? I know he didn't mean to do anything. He's just..."

"Shh, calm down Miss Nixon. Jasmine is being taken care of." The red head smiled softly at the girl. A sigh escaped Rosie's lips. "I'll be back to check up on you." Rosie watched as the woman left, and once she was gone, she glanced around the room, finally noticing her older brother. "You're still here.." Rosie's eyes watered. Had this been the first time Kenneth had seen her in such a position? Her condition was getting worse.. She didn't want anyone to be around.. She didn't want them to suffer.

"I'm sorry.. I ran off.. I just.." Rosie huffed slightly. "He's a good person."

"Rosie, he's crazy. He could have easily killed Jasmine. Luckily she's alive.." Irene muttered from the chair before actually looking at the little blonde.

"No.. He's not. Aion's a good guy. He has problems. But that doesn't mean anything."

Irene sighed she knew that there was no use in trying to convince the girl of anything. When Rosie made up her mind about someone it was final.

"Kenneth... What if I can't help him?" Irene's words filled Rosie with slight doubt, but she still had hope. Rosie would never loose hope. Not for Aion, herself, Jasmine, or anyone else for that matter.

Down the hall....

[center [i "You better stay alive."]]

Bitter words repeated in the mind of the youngest Vendetta. She could recognize that voice anywhere, regardless of the tone. It was Victor... He must have been worried, but Jasmine... She just needed to rest. Yet, his words kept drawing her out of the slumber her body wished to take due to blood loss. Yet, soon enough, a warm touch covered her body. Her eyes flickered open.

Quietly Jasmine stared up at the white ceiling. Her eyes closed slowly taking in the slight pain in her abdomen as she inhaled to breath. Pain was temporary. She would heal soon enough. Jasmine turned her head. Her eyes glanced over to the male who sat beside her in a chair. "What if I didn't stay alive?" Jasmine attempted to chuckle. Though a smile had rose upon her lips.

"You look worried." Jasmine pushed herself up slowly. The pain was sinking in, but she ignored it. There was no reason to give into any type of pain. A sigh escaped her lips. "You do know you can never get rid of me that easily right?" Jasmine giggled. "We still have to get married." Half of her body was still covered in a blanket. Persian green eyes stared down at her body. There was no sign of real damage that she could see because of the blankets. But she could feel the gauze against her skin.

"I have to leave though.. Can't leave my brother thinking he hurt me badly. Ya know?" Jasmine tossed the blanket over her body. Slowly she turned, inching to the edge of the bed and sat upright. Her eyes gazed over to the shirt upon his lap covered in blood. He must have tried to stop the bleeding... Yes Victor cared for her. And Jasmine knew this with no questions asked. He loved her, even if he wasn't ready to accept it, which was why she was still waiting.

Victor's chair was close to the bed. Jasmine leaned over to the male. "Thank you." She whispered as she inched a bit more pressing her lips against his. Her hand rested against her wound holding herself to keep from possibly ruining her new stitches.
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[i "You don't have to be scared... I know Aion.. He would never want to hurt anyone he cared for."]

Ken smiled at his sister's confident response about their dear, unbalanced mind, friend. In a way, it had brought him great relief, yet something told him it wasn't entirely true... Though he'd still want to believe his sister, he knew Aion couldn't sometimes help what he would do... Ken... ken just didn't know up to what extent he could go.... He only hoped it wasn't too far...

"Alright then, I'll take your word for it. Just... keep one promise for me... Actually two... please.... don't fuck him yet." He spoke with a wink."And two, please get better soon so we can finally go on that little trip I promised I'd have with you once I got back for college break."

Irene's horrified eyes alerted Victor as well as the loud thump behind them. His eyes stared blankly at the familiar seemingly lifeless body upon the floor. Though his heart had seemed to stop, his body pressed forward, and with out any delay, dashed towards Jasmine.

Quickly collapsing upon his knees, Victor's eyes quickly scanned the young female and noticed the wound. Taking off his outer shirt, and pressing it hard against the wound to stop the bleeding.

[i "I'll stay with her... You take care of Ken and Rosie."]

Victor instantly shook his head fiercely. "No. I'm staying with her." He demanded roughly before looking up at Irene. Once Irene had left, his eyes reverted back to Jasmine's. "You better stay alive." Victor coldly spoke. Yet it was not what he was feeling. No... Bitter anxiety rose within his heart, and fear of loosing her... He... He knew he couldn't loose Jasmine... Not now... Not ever...

"Jasmine!" Kenneth spoke up as the tall man rushed over with some of the nurses.

"Dad please...save her..." Victor spoke softly as he could feel his father push his bloody hands away from her slowly. "I promise." His father replied, as his eyes soon shifted over to his other children who quickly rushed out of the room.

Ven watched as the.his friend... was quickly rushed away upon a bed to be treated by his father. His eyes never left from hers until they had disappeared around the corner. It was then that he felt his brother's hand grip his shoulder gently. "She'll be alright..." he whispered before rushing off to find his sister. Yet Ven did not respond. Instead, he felt a small wet feeling drip from his cheek, to his hand.

"Rosie!" Ken Jr. yelled before rushing over to his younger sister. Picking her up quickly from the floor, and rushed back towards her room. Tonight was a mess... How could it be any worse?

Hours later...

"Miss Nixon?" A ginger haired woman called out softly. "Miss Nixon, how are you feeling?"
"...Well... Yes, it's possible. After all, I was naive when it came to Jenny... Or rather just in denial... Who knows, maybe my sons will come around and know who they are really meant to be with?"

Irene looked away with a blush as Mr. Nixon winked at her. Yes... The ones they were meant to be with could only hope. Upon looking over at Victor Irene chuckled. He was in denial... Just as.. No Ken had never been in denial... He had done all this.. Because of her... For her own denial.

"And you? Guessing my son dragged you here... Need a ride home? Or...are you gonna walk home?"

Irene shook her head. "H-he did, but... I haven't seen Rosie.. So it was nice.. To see her. But I'll just... Leave with your sons. I don't mind Ken taking me home... He promised."

Rosie kept her gaze upon her brother. She already knew his answer by the look on his face. Though Rosie knew there would be more to it because unlike Victor, Ken would go along with Rosie. The young blonde smiled softly at his words.

It was settled then.. She would help Aion... Somehow.. If she could. Although as a child Rosie was afraid to face the monsters in the dark, she had learned to face her fears due to her brothers being there to help her. They were her strength. All she had to do was channel that strength into Aion. "You don't have to be scared... I know Aion.. He would never want to hurt anyone he cared for."

Yes, she had angered him, but in all truth Jasmine didn't care. The wall greeted her back with pain as she was instantly slammed against it. Her eyes stared fiercely at him. A tight grip clenched at the neck of miss Jasmine, but she maintained her ground. A slight smile formed upon her lips. Disgusted was how she felt because this was the first time he had ever tried anything such as this to her. But Aion was still there... Hidden behind the darkness.

Suddenly a small moan escaped Jasmine's lips as her hair was pulled forcing her to move where he wanted. Pushed forcefully, soft skin was kissed repeatedly by the shards of glass that broke from the mirror. Jasmine made no sounds. She endured the pain as her father and mother would have. A warm liquid oozed from her wound. Jasmine felt her body pleading for a state of numbness, but Jasmine wouldn't have it... Not yet. She would feel the pain until he was gone. She did not care that her shirt was ripped, nor that she was soon tied to a stall.

A sharp pain sliced across her skin. It wasn't that she liked this type of pain or torture, in fact Jasmine disliked the idea of being cut by anything. But the young female could not help to laugh. Yes, she wanted to scream.. Or react in some other way, but she couldn't. The deep push of the shard caused Jasmine to cringe. Her eyes stared angrily at the man before her as blood was smeared upon her lips.

Desperate, she had no other choice but to speak. "Aion I know your in there and I know you don't mean it..." Jasmine moved slightly from the position she was in, trying to make her body a bit more comfortable given the situation she was in. "....I still...love you and your...still my brother..." A burning sensation across her face caused Jasmine to smirk. Good, he was angry. "Is that all you got?" She taunted. A fist greeted her with delight. There was never a time where she would have allowed for something like this to occur, not when it came to other men... But for her brother, she'd take anything her mind could handle, even if she passed out. "Go ahead kill me! Do us all a favor and go away. I want Aion back!" She cried watching as her brothers body fell to it's knees.

Jasmine panted. It was getting hard to breath... She was loosing a lot of blood. But no.. She couldn't allow her body to give in just yet... Her eyes stared as her brother finally stared at her. "Aion..." A soft smile appeared on her lips. He was finally back.. That was a good thing. "Don't leave..." She attempted to speak, but he was already out of the bathroom before her words could reach him or even be heard. Jasmine was ready now.. There was no more need to keep up her strength. She was ready to drift off, but before she could, the noise of the door caught he attention. A nurse had entered in a hurry, untying her from the stall. Jasmine allowed for the woman to help her up.

"I-I'm ok.. Tell my brother I'll be ok.." Jasmine spoke softly as she pushed away from the nurse and stumbled down the hall receiving glances from everyone she had passed. They had all wanted to help, but she pushed them all aside with one hand while the other held her stomach wound. Her eyes glanced up to see the place she had left before finding her brother. Just a few more steps was all she had, yet her body couldn't handle anymore.. She could no longer push herself. And as she reached turned the corner to the hall where Rosie's room was at, Jasmine had collapsed.

Irene's eyes turned to the end of the hall, where a thump was heard. Her eyes wide with horror. "Jasmine..." She whispered. Her feet instantly stepped forward as she rushed to Jasmine, but the tall dark haired male with the long legs had reached Jasmine first. "Jasmine... Who.. Why..." Anger... Who could have done this? "I'll stay with her... You take care of Ken and Rosie." She spoke, but as Victor refused, Irene nodded. He should stay with Jasmine... She would want it. "I'm going to Ken and Rosie ok? Just stay with her.. And don't leave her side." Irene told him before rushing off and barging into the room.

"Jasmine's hurt." Rosie could hear the words resonate in her ears. Hurt... But she had gone to find A-...Aion.. He wouldn't... Rosie glanced over to Irene, before turning her gaze to her brother. A sorry look pierced through her eyes as Rosie got up from her bed, tearing out the needles as she ran from her room.

She ran until she reached the insane ward. Searching for a protected room... A room that was protected by two guards. Her eyes stared up at them. "I have to see Aion."

"You cannot go in miss."

Rosie poured her lips. She had to see him.. Or at least have him hear her... "Aion... Aion I'm-- I'm going--to help --help-you ok? I --I promise!" Rosie spoke loudly, though she could barely speak. It was hard to breath. Gasping for air, Rosie's body fell to the ground as her eyes fluttered shut.
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[i "We're just trying to figure things out.. Though it's not really working.. Mr. Nixon... Would you say that your sons are clueless to the women they love or may possibly love?"]

"Love?" Both Nixons questioned surprised, yet the other embarrassed.

"...Well... Yes, it's possible. After all, I was naive when it came to Jenny... Or rather just in denial... Who knows, maybe my sons will come around and know who they are really meant to be with?" Kenneth spoke with a wink.

Ven shook his head and looked away. "I'll...who cares... I'm just here to see Rosie...nothing else..." He mumbled under his breath as his father laughed. His eyes then looking over at Irene. "And you? Guessing my son dragged you here... Need a ride home? Or...are you gonna walk home?"

No... It wasn't like that.. Rosie didn't want to f--- she couldn't even say the word in her mind. But.. She did want him near.. "No.. I think people just think he's crazy again.. So they stuck him in here." Rosie paused a moment. "I feel bad... I don't see him the way others do... He's a good person.. I just wish everyone else would see that too."

[i "Kenneth.. Do you think Aion is crazy? Do you think... That if he was.. Someone could help him... Someone like me?"]

Ken, though a bit puzzled by his sisters question, and also scared, smiled softly and looked away.. "I believe that Aion has problems.... Serious problems that he needs to sort out like his father did...And...the only way he can get rid of the nightmares... is by someone's soft touch....Some one who can show him who he really is, help his stand ground and face the monster in the mirror...." He spoke softly before reaching over and hugging his sister a bit tightly. A slight worried look in his eyes, yet a bright smile on his lips. "...I'm sure...if you helped...he'd be better....A good person... he's not a bad person... just a troubled person..."

[i "Save her? You? No... You'll destroy her. Aion on the other hand.. He can save her.. Even from you."]

Aion glanced over his shoulder at his sister. Destroy? There was no such thing. Fix, perhaps, improve, definitely. Yet how could he destroy something so... precious? It was simply...impossible...

Feeling as her hand was placed upon his shoulder, his eyes then stared back at her in the mirror with a slight sly smile.

[i "If Rosie is who you want... You'll have to go through my brother first.. And then her brothers. But be warned.. She may be innocent, sweet, and pure, but she can still destroy you.. In many different ways."]

Scoffing, Aion shook his head, pointing a finger at himself, "Me? Destroyed? That's highly impossible..." He spoke with a chuckle. Instantly, Aion turned, while grabbing her hand and shoving her fiercely against the black and white tiled wall. Reaching up, Aion's hand gently grasped his sisters throat, slowly tightening the grip slightly. "Nothing can destroy me... Your brother...Your brother can't help anyone... and Those brothers are nothing... Just as easily I can snap your pretty little fragile neck, I can snap theirs...Or maybe.... Nah... that'd be too easy...You...You're just a pretty little face who can't stop me." He whispered chuckling.

Suddenly grabbing her through the hair tightly, Aion pulled her roughly towards the sink, Aion slammed her head against the mirror repeatedly, until his eyes saw the red splattered marks upon the now broken glass. Grasping one of the shards, that sliced his hand slightly, Aion pulled his sister from the glass, and ripped part of her shirt apart. Slamming her upon one of the stalls, Aion took the rest of her shirt, and tore it off, grasping her hands and forcefully shoving her to the ground. Then tying her up by the handle bar. Smiling broadly, Aion leaned down closely to her face. Pressing the tip of the sharp glass across her stomach, slicing slowly across the skin. His eyes stared intently into his sisters eyes, yet a smile never left his face. Soon cocking his head to the side. "Scream..." He whispered with a bright smile. "...You can't scream.... but I see it in your eyes... you want to... but all you can do is laugh... Yes... I know..." He spoke with a grin.

And just then Aion shoved the glass all the way into her stomach, twisting and turning as he could only feel the warm blood drip from his hands. Laughing hysterically, Aion moved back and clapped his hands, before reaching over and passing his hand across her lips. "It''s amazing... the taste is purely amazing...Try it..." He whispered.

[i "Aion I know your in there and I know you don't mean it..."]

Sighing, Aion shook his head as he turned away as he stood up. "Aion... isn't here sweet heart...Giv--" He spoke soon being interrupted.

[i "....I still love you and your still my brother..."]

Clenching his fists, Aion bend down and slapped the young blonde across the face. "I said he's. Not. Here!" He yelled out furiously. "Enough!" He shouted, yet the woman continued to speak. Punching her straight in the face, yet she wouldn't be quiet. "I said enough!" He growled, "Shut up! Shut up, shut up!" He cried out as he grasped his head frustrated. Screaming out loudly, Aion felt as the room span around. "Enough!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, his eyes closed tight. "Stop this!" He began to plead as he fell to his knees, hands covering his ears.

His eyes soon flickering open as they stared in horror of what was in front of him... "Jas..." He whispered as he reached over quickly to notice the deep open wound, and the puddle of blood. "Jasmine...No..." He whispered in bitter shock. Shaking off the feeling, Aion quickly stood up. Running out the door, and bumping right into one of the guards, the tall male quickly grabbed him and held him down. "No! Don't!" He cried out as he then looked back at the bathroom door. "My sister! Save my sister!" He cried out pleadingly, yet the male shook his head and dragged him away. Aion's eyes stared over at the other guard and nurse that walked down the hall way. "Save her! She's there! Save her!!!" He screamed out angrily as he was dragged.
Of course he was stupid. Kenneth was always stupid when it came to realizing anything. Like as if she really wanted him to leave... Even if she told him to, she didn't really want him to ever leave her side. But why wouldn't she just tell him such simple words? The words that held such meaning... Were the words she could never speak of for some unexplainable reason.

Quietly Irene glanced to the man who had came up to them. Yes, she was here because of Kenneth! Did everyone have to ask such an obvious question? Kenneth was the only person who could ever drag her out of the house to come see her hospitalized 'sister'.

Irene couldn't help but chuckle at Victors father. No she hadn't come to listen to Victor's ranting... But it wasn't him who was ranting. "We're just trying to figure things out.. Though it's not really working.. Mr. Nixon... Would you say that your sons are clueless to the women they love or may possibly love?"

No... It wasn't like that.. Rosie didn't want to f--- she couldn't even say the word in her mind. But.. She did want him near.. "No.. I think people just think he's crazy again.. So they stuck him in here." Rosie paused a moment. "I feel bad... I don't see him the way others do... He's a good person.. I just wish everyone else would see that too."

Rosie stared at her big brother. It was nice... To have him back. He always had a cheerful persona.. He was more laid back.. Unlike her stern brother. But she loved them both equally and valued their opinions. "Kenneth.. Do you think Aion is crazy?" She paused a moment before continuing in a shy hushed voice. "Do you think... That if he was.. Someone could help him... Someone like me?"

This was not Aion... Not the Aion Jasmine adored. This was his darker side... The look in his eyes before he turned was a dead give away. His words only clarified the fact that this was indeed a darker side of Aion, one that Jasmine had only seen once in her lifetime.

He was twisted... Not Aion, but this.. Shadow. Could.. Could Rosie have triggered this? Rosie had said he seemed different when he touched her, so it was possible. He had even left... And directed his attention else where, meaning Aion was slightly still aware... Or at least that was what Jasmine hoped.

[center [i “Can’t I just take her and keep her for myself? Everyone else can do bad things to her... but not the way I can... I can save her... from everyone else...Don’t you think?”]]

"Save her? You? No... You'll destroy her. Aion on the other hand.. He can save her.. Even from you." Jasmine stared back at the man in the mirror with disgust. Rosie was her little sister. Yes, many people could easily cause her harm, but there was only a few who could save her from everyone else. Fearlessly Jasmine placed her hand on his shoulder. "If Rosie is who you want... You'll have to go through my brother first.. And then her brothers. But be warned.. She may be innocent, sweet, and pure, but she can still destroy you.. In many different ways."
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[i “Wasnt it that your dad saw your mom as a little child and that's why he had such a hard time?”]

Ven shook his head at her remark about her father. It wasn’t because his father thought that their mother had been young. Though that was one of the reasons, but it wasn’t entirely the issue. He was more afraid of somehow fucking up his mother’s life, and if he’d even be enough for her. Not to mention he thought of her as his little sister at the beginning...

[i "I can't believe I'm saying this.. But don't use our families as something to look at and say this is what is gonna happen. Also don't use her name as an excuse. Jasmines charm is because of her weird ways... It's her touch.. That.. Well you know."]

Ven sighed as she spoke about their families. She didn’t understand what was going on in his head. And less did she even know what was going on in hers...There was no way they were going to be able to help each other out... They were just as bad into the situation....

[i "Kenneth... Thinks he knows how to handle me and such.. Truth is.. If he just wasn't so head on.. Maybe.. Just maybe I would have gradually been able to fall in love with him without being frustrated about it."]

“I think he knew that you were frustrated.... And I guess he was stupid enough to think that maybe if he left, you’d feel better. My brother isn’t that bright in that sense... but then again, none of us are...” He admitted before looking over at his father who soon walked up to him.

“Back so soon?” The man spoke before receiving a slight scoff from his son. “I couldn’t stay away... After all, Rosie isn’t exactly out yet.”

Kenneth sighed and shook his head. “You don’t have to be rude...” He replied before looking over at [s his possible future daughter-inlaw] Irene. “Hello Irene, I gather that you’re here for my little Rosie...and Kenneth?” He said with a slight grin before reverting his eyes back to his son. “Because I’m sure you’re not here to listen to my son’s ranting.”

Meanwhile, Ken Jr. chuckled as the blonde quickly responded about her virginity. It wasn’t like he minded if she was or wasn’t. So as long as she would not regret it, who ever it would be, he didn’t mind. Even if it meant it being...

“Aion... Is here? What for? Is he also sick? Or did you do something to him? You know, like flash your boobs at him and he got a heart-attack or something?” He joked half heartedly with a chuckle. “Don’t tell me. You’re secretly wanting to fuck him just to see what is like?” He whispered with a wink.

[i "You're covered..."]

Covered? Covered in what? He was fine, he wasn’t bruised. He was totally fine... Perfectly fine... Why couldn’t she understand that?

Aion didn’t bother to resist, and simply followed his sister into a bathroom where he was soon stripped. Now normally this would be wrong... Being naked infront of his younger sister, even worse, a girl and in public... Yet... The male, who would of found it to be something rather funny if he were himself, simply disregarded the fact that he was naked. To be honest, he hadn’t even felt like he was naked until she had mentioned it.

[i “Rosie wants to see you.”]

“Rosie...” he whispered softly before his eyes shot up at his sister. “Not Rosie...” He mumbled before turning away as his eyes stared at the sink below him. “That blonde sweet young girl... So innocent... so pure... so easy to stain.... kill...I wonder what she’s like inside...”

Glancing up in the mirror, the male stared at himself emotionless. “...Anyone could break her apart... rape her... slaughter her... She’s just too weak to even fight back... Perfect little doll... I want her...” He spoke with a rather psychotic chuckle. His eyes then shifting over to the reflection of his sister. “Can’t I just take her and keep her for myself? Everyone else can do bad things to her... but not the way I can... I can save her... from everyone else...Don’t you think?”
Irene raised an eyebrow at the young Nixon boy. Her family was not a perfect example at all. Irene's parents had a love/hate relationship their entire lives, but couldn't live without each other. As much as she wanted to interrupt Victor, she let him talk and even allowed him to place his hand on her shoulder. But once he was done, Irene shrugged his arm off.

"First off, my parents not a good example. Second, wasn't it that your dad saw your mom as a little child and that's why he had such a hard time?" Irene sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this.. But don't use our families as something to look at and say this is what is gonna happen."

Irene reached up, cupping her hand in a fist, and punched him slightly in the arm. "Also don't use her name as an excuse. Jasmines charm is because of her weird ways... It's her touch.. That.. Well you know." Yes Irene was ignoring his comment about Kenneth because although Irene knew it was true.. The present state between them was still obvious. Kenneth had left.. Irene fucked up. He was seeing another.

Irene sighed softly. "Kenneth... Thinks he knows how to handle me and such.. Truth is.. If he just wasn't so head on.. Maybe.. Just maybe I would have gradually been able to fall in love with him without being frustrated about it." Irene admitted.

"Makes me wonder of you're still a virgin."

"Still a virgin!" There was no question about that. All Aion had done was.. Touch her, but she wasn't took to tell Kenneth that. "He's.. Good. He's here somewhere on the otherwise of the hospital. He keeps me company. But... Last time he seemed... Weird after... After I saw him... He didn't really say bye.. I just hope he's ok." Rosie stared out. There was nothing more she could do than hope. She knew the family was 'insane' and 'capable of anything even murder,' but Rosie didn't see it in the family.. Or at least was an eye witness of it.

Was it really that hard to find her brother? Well of course it was. If Aion could he could disappear from the world and no one would ever be able to find him. The only way to find him was to stumble upon him.. Or crash into him.

Jasmine looked up at the zombie like male. "Aion?" She questioned though soon got a question from him. Jasmine took note of the blood on his face and body as her eyes trailed down. "You're covered... Come on. Let's get you to a bathroom or something." Quickly Jasmine took his hand and pulled him to a public bathroom made for one and closed the door behind them. Jasmine locked the door before turning back to her brother. "Ok. We need to get rid of your cloths.." Instantly Jasmine reached over and lowered his pants down. "You're too tall take off your shirt. At least if you're naked they think you're just crazy... Besides... Rosie wants to see you." Jasmine softly spoke as she turned her gaze back up to her older brother.. Or who ever he was at the moment.
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[i "What about you though? Are you actually going to try to abide by Rosie's wishes and see where it goes with Jasmine? It's funny.. She bugs you so much like Kenneth bothers me.. And here I am admitting that I actually do love his dumb blonde self. Makes me wonder.. Is it really dislike or love that you're feeling for Jasmine."]

Victor’s eyes widened as she questioned him about his feelings for Jasmine. Had they known something he didn’t? Was it that obvious on his face already?

Victor sighed and shook his head. Even if the prideful Smith was able to admit to liking, or actually loving his brother....Ven still could not see himself admitting to liking Jasmine... a little more than usual...Or well... a whole lot more...

“I...I’m not sure...I mean... you’re mom wasn’t sure about your dad either... My dad wasn’t sure about Jenny either...and...the Leonidos...well they kinda had hell before they admitted to loving their spouses... But see...everyone loves, or liked someone who wasn’t exactly normal, but they were still ok... I’m...Jasmine... she’s just... a Vendetta... So I’m not sure if it’s just the charm that she has affected on me... Or if I really do...have feelings for her... It’s just all so fuzzy. Though...I might take the chance with her one day... Possibly whenever you decide to take a chance with my brother again. Or at least fix stuff between you guys...”

Placing a hand upon her shoulder, Victor smiled softly with reassurance. “My brother may have a girl after him right now, and possibly he may be leading her on...But I can assure you, if you ever gave him a chance to win you back again, he wouldn’t even think twice... He’s more than willing to get hurt for you as many times... Of course he needs time to heal... But I know he loves you...A lot more than you think...”

Rosie was right, Kimmy, Isreal, all their parents and the others had been lucky... But it wasn’t the same... Irene just didn’t want him.. And he wasn’t going to keep fighting for someone who didn’t want him... Now if she had ever changed her mind... He wouldn’t have thought twice about going back with her... But somehow Kenneth felt as if Irene simply just wanted him around as an assurance.. A back up plan... And that was the worst feeling in the world...

[i "I will just be stuck here trying to fight. Trying to push further. Speed my mental age ahead even if my body is younger, because I have no choice but to grow up.. To ask Aion to help--I'm sorry.."]

A rather blank and puzzled look took over the blonde’s face. “Aion?” Kenneth questioned a bit curiously with a smug grin. “So...I guess we aren’t just the lucky ones, eh?” Ken began to bother as he poked her side gently. “....I know I should be worried about Aion being your friend but... I don’t know... I guess you two seemed to get a lot along... Makes me wonder if you’re still a virgin.” He joked with a slight chuckle. “So tell me... How has Aion been? Still being an ass and making trouble?”

“Please don’t!” A young woman’s voice echoed in his head, and a sound of something ripping following up. Aion could hear his heart beat in his head, and the blood of his veins he felt rushing through his body. His eyes stared blankly at a mirror, as the sound of running water echoed the bathing room.

[i You can’t escape...]

[i You won’t ever escape...]

[i Die...Die! You don’t deserve to live...]

[i Aion!]

Aion’s eyes widened as he could hear almost hear his father’s voice calling out to him in his head. Coming to his senses, Aion could feel the tension in his body intensify, as his ears began to ring slightly. The male reached up in order to somehow relieve the pain, but instead his eyes caught sight of the blood that ran down his arm and hands. His shirt, his pants, his face... What had happened?

It didn’t take long before the numbing pain flowed through his body, as his eyes dimmed down to a rather hypnotized state. The male walked out of the bathroom and began to walk down the halls. Soon bumping into something hard, that son spoke out to him. The male stared blankly at the figure momentarily before his eyes shifted to the ground. In a zombie state, the male quietly stood, but soon snapped out of the trance once he had taken notice of the blonde hair. “Jasmine....” He whispered before his eyes took notice of his sister. “What’s wrong?”
Irene stood outside the door with her arms crossed close to her chest. There was no way.. That she could comply with Rosie's wishes.. Kenneth had gone away because of her. What was there for her to even say to him? That she was in love with him? That she was wrong and she was sorry? Not like it mattered... He seemed to possibly have someone else anyways. Besides she didn't want to go with Kenneth just because Rosie wanted them to.. He probably think it was just because of that.

Victors words pierced through her mind. Irene slowly turned her gaze to the brother of the man she loved and shook her head. "We both know I would have killed him by now.." Irene smiled softly before sighing. "I like Kenneth.. And it bothers me that I like or love him the way I do. Because of that I drove him away and nothing I do will ever get him back... I think." Irene sighed. Why was she even babbling about such a problem? Oh right, because it was bothering way too much for her to keep it in. Besides Jasmine was no where in sight to even talk to.

"What about you though? Are you actually going to try to abide by Rosie's wishes and see where it goes with Jasmine?" Irene chuckled. "It's funny.. She bugs you so much like Kenneth bothers me.. And here I am admitting that I actually do love his dumb blonde self. Makes me wonder.. Is it really dislike or love that you're feeling for Jasmine."

That was the problem though... He would be back in hours.. Not minutes.. What if it happened again? What if she only had minutes left? Rosie clutched on to her brother tightly as he hugged her.

Someone? But... Why someone else? "I'll meet her.. And probably will like her.. But you.. You love Irene.. You can't let love go that easily. And she loves you Kenneth! If two people love each other they are meant to be together! Don't just leave it for something else. You're lucky. You and Victor are lucky. Kimmy and Isreal are lucky. Irene and Jasmine are lucky. You guys all love someone and they love you back. You all can build your future." Rosie teared up. She couldn't help but feel emotional. With Kenneth finally back by her side and being able to finally speak to him, the only person she really could express much to, she couldn't contain anything.

"I will just be stuck here trying to fight. Trying to push further. Speed my mental age ahead even if my body is younger, because I have no choice but to grow up.. To ask Aion to help--" Rosie stopped in her tracks. The tears finally stopped. Her face was brightened with embarrassment. "I'm sorry.." She whispered digging her face into his chest.

Jasmine giggled internally at the question she over heard from Irene. Truth be told, Jasmine had been overhearing outside the door of Rosie's room and hid once her future love and Irene walked out. Yes, she was going to look for her brother, but Jasmine wasn't quite ready to leave just yet.

"We have a code red, a patient has escaped to unknown whereabouts with one of our staff." Jasmine overheard a staff member. Jasmine closed her eyes and sighed for a moment.

"I suppose I will hear his truth when he finally admits it to me..if he ever says it rather than implying." Jasmine shrugged her shoulders as she opened her eyes and turned her heels.

She knew they were speaking about Aion..though she hopped there may have been a slight chance they weren't. Jasmine made her way down to the psychiatric ward at the other side of the hospital. She searched to find Aion's room, though as she reached his room, Jasmine's shoulder was grasped by an unfamiliar hand.

"What are you doing, only authorized personals are allowed here." A husky voice spoke. Jasmine turned to face a man about the same hight as her.

"And family visitors. Which is what I am. Now if you will excuse me, I'd like to go visit my brother and make sure he's being a good boy and actually taking his medications." She lied through her teeth.

"Well I am sorry to say this, but the man in this room has been moved momentarily. Once we return him to this room, we will gladly notify you." He was lying, but Jasmine wasn't about to point that out.

"That's ok then. Thank you." Jasmine went on with his lie and began to walk off around the corner. She watched him carefully and once he was gone, Jasmine inconspicuously made her way back to Aion's room. Jasmine turned the knob and pushed the door open only to stare into an empty room. "Oh Aion... Please don't do what we all know you're capable of... at least not before I can [i try] to stop you.." Jasmine whispered softly to herself as she hurried to search every dark corner of the hospital.
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[i "I thought you had forgotten about me.."] Few words that pierced Kenneth soul, and Victor could see it behind his slight smile. Of course his brother loved her, and didn’t ever want to leave her side... And Ven was almost sure that he hadn’t forgotten about her...but... He still needed a wake up call... After all, he had just picked up and left in a matter of two days... There was barely enough time for them to talk and say goodbye properly.... Especially with Rosie...

Ven hadn’t even take notice of his little sister’s words about Irene and their brother. But Kenneth, on the other hand, simply chose to ignore it. After all, he had noticed that it had more than affected Irene. And he was not up for another fight again...At least not now...

[i "Well I want to see you and my brother date and get married same with Victor and Jasmine... I- I want to see and be apart of it.."]

Both brother’s had remained quietly hurt, the two glancing at one another before their eyes had returned back to their little sister and she continued to speak. Promise? Could they promise? Kenneth would promise, he could of just been with Irene right now! Yet... she had wanted him to leave... so he had...and now... he was with another girl, trying to forget her... But no one ever forgets their first true love... But he only hoped that he could... Unless...

Victor, though, only wondered if he could promise without fucking it up. He was like his father, and mother. Yet something inside of him didn’t let him accept that Jasmine was in fact the woman he loved. Was it because of fear or pride? Was it a mixture of both? Victor couldn’t promise something he wasn’t sure was going to happen... Yet... he could try to make it happen, right? At least to make his little sister happy until...

[i "Victor.. Irene.. Can.. I have a moment with my older brother.."]

Victor nodded as he smiled. Soon planting a small loving kiss upon Rosie’s forehead as he then exited the room with the brunette. His eyes then catching the rather saddened look in his brother’s love’s eyes. It tugged at his heart to ask, yet he was afraid of even asking if it would of hurt her even further... He wasn’t sure how Irene worked, only Kenneth did.

“Fighting with my asshole of a brother?” He questioned rather jokingly before raising an eyebrow. “Do I have to kill him now?”

[i "Did you go away because of me? Because I'm stuck here? If so.. Please come back... Ken.. I don't want you to leave again.. And if it's because of Irene just allow her to slowly return to you... While you're here. I.. I need you here Ken.. Don't I matter more than your frustrations with Irene?"]

With a loss of words, Kenneth could only gulp hard with shame. He could feel his heart sinking into his stomach an deteriorating; just like when he had agreed to leave Irene alone for good. He had never EVER wanted to hurt her nor Irene. On the contrary, he wanted to help them. He wanted to become like his dad, and care for people like his little sister...And Irene... he wanted to make her happy by finally complying with her wishes... It wasn’t her fault... yet it had seemed so...

“No,” he whispered before wiping her tears away with a small smile. “It has nothing to do with you.... You did not drive me away sweet heart... And Irene wasn’t the only reason I left... I left because I want to be like dad and help people like....” He faded off before shaking his head. “...I will be coming back and forth. Vacation time, birthday’s, holiday’s. I won’t ever leave an important day like those go by without seeing you, mom, dad or Ven... You guy’s are my family after all... But... my time of being far away will only be for a little while.... And I’m not too far... just a few hour drive.... So if anything I’d be here in a flash...”

Reaching over, the young man soon pulled her into a snugly hug before chuckling. “And... I met someone that you’re going to love to meet... She’s kind... beautiful... and reminds me of someone special... Either way, she’s supposed to come next time I get here so... You’ll meet her then.”
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Jenny smiled brightly as her son got up and gave her a hug. He was running off to see her. Jenny chuckled though she had soon stopped as she caught sight of her oldest child. She could see the hurt in his eyes as his brother ran off.

"Drove you away? Because she was scared?" Jenny questioned as she smiled softly at her son. "Come give your mother a hug, we can talk about little miss love of your life and visiting your sister."


"He hasn't responded... Victor is probably on his way.. Unless..." Jasmine trialled off, there was always that slight chance Alice got in the way. That girl always seemed to get in the way of Victor choosing what he felt hidden inside.

"Unless what?" Rosie questioned. But Jasmine shook her head. "It's nothing to worrying about Rosie. Just... Rest your head ok?" Jasmine spoke kindly as she helped Rosie lie back.

It was then that she turned her attention to the door. Her eyes falling straight on to Victor's. She knew he would come instantly... For Rosie. The thought made her chuckle. Though she couldn't help but think how well the two would be as a couple.. If Victor and Rosie loved each other more than just siblings.

"It was a text." Jasmine corrected as he continued to speak about her. Granted she wasn't the one who was trying to turn little miss Rosie into one of them.

A sudden voice caught Rosie's attention. Her eyes shifted from Victor to the blonde who walked over to her. "Kenneth!" Rosie instantly threw herself into his arms. It had been too long... "I thought you had forgotten about me.."

"Irene? Huh.." Jasmine giggled at the sight of her best friend slowly walking in. The brunette did not speak or look towards Jasmine. Instead her eyes were glued to the Nixon's upon the bed. Something was up and Irene wasn't acting like her usual self.. Must have been because of Kenneth's presence. With such a good opportunity, Jasmine slipped out.. Unnoticed by most.. Hopefully all.. But she had promised Rosie she would find Aion.. Which she would.. Somehow.. Somewhere.. Jasmine just hopped he hadn't slipped too far into the dark.

"How are you feeling Rosie?" Irene questioned soon sitting beside Ken jr. Rosie smiled and nodded. "Better.. It's nice to see you and Kenneth together.. In the same room.. Have you finally told him your in love with him?" Rosie quickly placed her hands over her mouth. "Oops.."

"Rosie!" Irene blushed brightly as she looked away. "This isn't about me and Ken. We wanted to see you."

"Well I want to see you and my brother date and get married same with Victor and Jasmine... I- I want to see and be apart of it.." Rosie looked up at her brother Kenneth then over to Victor. "Promise me.. I'll at least be here to witness you guys finally being with who you love. Please.." She spoke softly with a hint of sadness. "Victor.. Irene.. Can.. I have a moment with my older brother.." She questioned. With a nod, Irene complied and left the room. Once Victor was also gone, Rosie stared straight into her brothers eyes as tears formed in hers. "Did you go away because of me? Because I'm stuck here? If so.. Please come back... Ken.. I don't want you to leave again.. And if it's because of Irene just allow her to slowly return to you... While you're here. I.. I need you here Ken.. Don't I matter more than your frustrations with Irene?"
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[i "You know Victor.. Ever since you were a child, you always knew where you belonged when you were feeling down and who would be able to make you feel better. But you know youre not able to marry me."]

Ven scoffed as his mother spoke about him marrying her. Obviously he knew that, and even then it wasn’t like he wanted to marry his mother. And even though the rumors were that every child would marry someone similar to their parents, Ven really didn’t want to... It’d just be a bit creepy... Like his grandparents had done... Only they were a bit to the extreme...

[i "My little Victor Elliot. I think you're conflicted and confused for two reasons. One, you're not sure of yourself because you don't realize it just yet, but it'll come when the time is right....]"

Ven blinked twice as his mother began to read his mind aloud. Even comparing him with his father who had been just like him... Was he really like him? Was he really inlove with Jasmine? Or did he just have a slight fancy for her? Was he just playing around with her because she seemed interesting enough?

Victor shook his head at the thought and sighed as his mother continued to speak. Did that mean that he had to be with Jasmine? Confuse her more than he had in order to see if he really did, kind of, maybe, perhaps...loved her?

[i "Hey I thought you were staying with Rosie Victor? After that scare.. She'd probably want her big protective brother to help her feel safe and secure."]

“Well I was actually going to stay...but Jasmine kinda ended up being around and I kind of fucked up a bit and I just decided to come home...” He explained before feeling his phone vibrate. His eyes then reading the message. “Speaking of the devil..” he whispered. Getting up, Ven swiftly gave his mother a hug before jolting out the door, soon bumping into his blonde older brother who then chuckled softly.

“Hey, why in such a hurry? You finally decided to fuck Jazzy?” Ken Jr. joked, making his brother blush but scoff. “Yeah that will happen right after Irene decides to suck your dick.” He replied making Kenneth sigh softly. “Rude much?”

“Asshole much?” Ven said with a grin before beginning to walk off.

“Thanks for welcoming me home!” Kenneth shouted before his brother stopped in his tracks and looking over at his brother. “Sorry, I just kind of forgot that you ran away just to get away from the love of your life.”

“I didn’t run away, she drove me away. And besides... I’m studying remember? Doesn’t mean I’m fucking every girl in the town.”

“So says you. Either way, it’d be nice if you came over to see Rosie one day... after all...” Ven’s voice trailed off before he simply paced off, leaving Ken Jr. rather hurt. He was right... he had to see her...one day...soon...

Upon reaching the hospital, Victor entered through the doors and headed up to the fourth floor, soon entering his sister’s room. His eyes then met with Jasmine’s, and the pair of blue eyes that were next to her. Making his made his way over to the two, Ven soon took a seat beside his sister upon the bed, then giving her a gentle hug with a smug grin. “I got a call from one of the devil’s minions from hell and said that you needed me?” He joked before looking up at Jasmine. “I kind almost thought that they were going to take you away and turn you into one of them...”

"Stop being a jerk, Victor. Treat Jasmine nicely." Ken Jr. then spoke up. Ven then looked over at the tall blonde, who then entered the room with a familiar brunette behind him. Ken then walked over to his sister giving her a tight hug and planting a kiss upon her forehead. "Hello there mini me." He spoke with a grin before sitting also upon the bed. "Been a while, I'm glad to see you're growing up nicely."
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The mother of the young Nixon man stepped out of the kitchen as she heard the door. Her eyes stared at the young man who was clearly conflicted, it were these moments that she understood him entirely. Jenny embraced her son, who was taller than her. A small chuckle escaped her lips.

"I remember when you were younger, I was able to rub your head and hold you tight, now I can only hold you like this." Jenny smiled softly as she pulled away and took her son's hand leading him to the couch to sit. Though he was still taller, Jenny pulled the young man down to practically lay on the couch while his head rested on her leg.

"You know Victor.. Ever since you were a child, you always knew where you belonged when you were feeling down and who would be able to make you feel better. But you know you're not able to marry me." Jenny joked. "My little Victor Elliot. I think you're conflicted and confused for two reasons. One, you're not sure of yourself because you don't realize it just yet, but it'll come when the time is right. Your dad was kind of the same way... He was in love.. Or he thought, but he wasn't positive. So in order to be sure, he confused a young girl just so he could realize what it was he wanted. He kissed her knowing she was in love with him and confused her because she believed she would have no chance with him because she was like a little sister..." Jenny sighed softly. "Do what you're unsure of, and maybe then... You'll be sure. It helped your father.. It should help you too." Jenny leaned down and kissed her sons forehead. "I bet that what ever or who ever this is about will not be offended by it." Jenny paused a moment, "Besides, you have Jasmine, just like your father had me during his complicated, crazy, and well needed times." Jenny looked across the room, her eyes fell on a picture of herself as a young teenager standing beside a tall giant and then beside that a picture of her children when Rosie was a baby. "Hey I thought you were staying with Rosie Victor? After that scare.. She'd probably want her big protective brother to help her feel safe and secure."

On the other side, Jasmine the blonde young one finally looked back, the sounds of silence caused her to bite her lip. On one hand, she felt slightly bad, her words to Victor had probably taken a toll on him, but it was something he needed to hear. On the other hand, she didn't care at all, she said what she had to say, just as he said what he needed to. Yes, she had made it seem as if she cared and took his words offensively, but Jasmine was not one to take offense to much.

Upon reaching the hospital, Jasmine entered through the doors and headed up to the fourth floor, yet as she arrived, her eyes stared at the room that was filled with nurses and doctors. Jasmine waited patiently until they had left, and once they had, she stood at the frame of the door. Her eyes stared over at Mr. Nixon who greeted her with a smile that she knew masked his worry for little Rosie.

Jasmine nodded as she walked into the room giving him access to the door. "It'll be alright. She'll be fine with me around." Jasmine had a smile plastered on her face as she soon looked to the girl who began to mumble.

"Vic-tor... Aio-n... Aion!" Instantly Rosie jolted up from the bed. Her eyes looked around. Had she dosed off? Her blue eyes soon laid upon a familiar blonde. "Jasmine?"

"Did my brother visit you again?" Jasmine questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"A-um.." Rosie lowered her head, she was a bad liar and she couldn't lie to Jasmine, she was good at seeing through her. "He.. He-.." What was she to say? That he didn't seem like his self when he left? That he touched her? "Something's wrong with him.. He left.. And he.. He did something I don't think he would have ever done.. ... To.." Rosie was hesitant, Jasmine could see this which gave Jasmine two ideas to go off of.

"He did something sexual to you.."
"I wanted him to stay.. But I tried to call to him.. I don't know if he heard.. If I even said it.. It was dark..Jasmine." The young girl began to cry, Jasmine sat down on the bed and wrapped her arms around the young child.

"Shh Rosie.. It's ok. You're ok. I'm here..it was just a dream."

Rosie shook her head. "No.. He did it.. And I couldn't catch my breath.. I wanted him.. To stay."

"Rosie.. Rosie, calm down." Jasmine pulled away from the girl and stared at her. "Calm down. It's ok."

"Can you get him? Please? I want him here.. Or Victor.. But done tell him.."

"How about this, I text your brother and once he gets here, I'll look for mine." Rosie nodded in agreement. Jasmine took out her phone instantly and hugged Rosie right as she texted Victor literally behind her back.

Rosie needs you.. The doctors were in her room when I came and your dad didn't look well. I think we almost lost her again. Get here soon. And stop moping around about yourself, your sister is more important right now. -Minnie, your future wife. ;p
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