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Not sure what you want for a plot.... So.... WHeeeeeeeeee


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The team can take care of these guys. Lets go get the guy. He said looking around for him.

Thanks beastie. She said and resumed the attack.
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 19h 5m 17s
(b "They are just getting in my way of the real target" she said to him as she loaded her gun and ran after Stroke. "He is a doctor that uses his power over lightning to cause people strokes." she said to him

Beast Boy attacked covering Raven from being hit as he shook off the hit and got back in there. He was wondering were the eye ball guy was.
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 19h 7m 42s
She smiled and went after Jynx and fought.

Robin smiled and helped Spir. You are still great at this. He said and smiled.
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 19h 23m 46s
Spir loaded her gun as she got her bike smirked speeding up as she watch her target teamed up with the hive five. She glared as switched to auto polite and went to kill she dodge the five hive attacks she glare at Gizmo as she pulled her gun "Hope you have a back up system" she said as she fired and he blinked at her then his systems became fried.

Beast Boy looked at Raven "So not screwing with her anymore" he said as he went after the caveman and backing up Cyborg while starfire and Raven handle jinx.
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 19h 49m 2s
Raven growled. Who ever this is better beg for mercy. She stood up and put her cloak on.

Ready to go team? He asked and then told everyone who it was and how they were close to home.
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 19h 59m 42s
Spir smirked as she had won this as she relaxed when the alarm went off on the tower she blink as her alarm on her phone went off as she grabbed her jacket and her weapons.

"Wait what about your arm!" Beast boy said looking at Raven "I mean wouldn't fighting cause more damage" he said. This cause Spir to smirk "Don't worry about I preform with Robin once with a broken wrist it will be fine"
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 20h 2m 59s
She smiled and yawned lightly during the movie before closing her eyes and napping.

Robin smiled and held her hand while eating his pizza. He knew Starfire would be angry, but he was fine with that.
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 20h 13m 6s
Spir sat and ate as she smile at Raven and Beast Boy she glared through when Starfire sat extra close to robin. She sighed getting another slice as she ignore starfire and gently held Robin hand.

Beast boy smiled as she did he did not eat as much because of Raven and brought her closer to him. As he smiled liking being able to hold her close.
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 20h 18m 47s
He sighed softly and threw in jurassic park. He then sat down and began to eat.

Raven finished her pizza and sighed softly. She rested her head on beast boy's shoulder and watched the movie.
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 20h 31m 38s
Spir sighed as she sat there nibbling on her own pizza "Im good" she said to him trying to clam her own nerves as she was tempt to hit starfire as she kept her thoughts to herself.

Beast boy sighed softly looking between Raven Spir and Starfire it was crazy. He ate his pizza quickly.
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 20h 34m 39s
Very soon. She said and grabbed her pizza and began to devour it.

Robin sighed and took Starfire aside and asked her to calm down with all of the questions. He then went back to the common room and smiled. Spir want to choose a movie?
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 20h 41m 34s
Spir sighed as Starfire was asking her about five million question and it was starting to get on her nerves. Spir used her powers to clean the table of her weapons and with concentration she manage to put it together.

Beast Boy blinked at Starfire and looked at Raven "How long do you think till Spir shuts her up" he whispered grabbing his vegan pizza for himself. He began to wonder if it was okay for them to be doing this.
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 20h 46m 2s
She smiled and woke up. I heard pizza. She got up and began to race towards it. It was the one thing that she would mainly eat.

Robin paid the man and took the four pizza is to the house and placed them on the table.
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 20h 55m 31s
Spir nodded as she went around and knock gently on beast boys door (b "Pizza you two" she said through the door not want to enter. She made her way to Cyborg and Starfire who was not happy with her.
  Beast Boy and Spir / Lunatic19 / 6y 172d 20h 59m 28s
My face could never hold disappointment with you. He said and kissed her cheek gently as a bell rang. The pizza is here. Can you please go get everyone?
  Robin and Raven / darkelfprincess / 6y 172d 21h 20m 39s

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