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Daniel is a vampire, he was turned somewhere in the late 1600's. He was British, and had learned to soften the accent to a point where it was still noticeable, but no one could tell. After returning from war in Afghanistan, he continues his life of hunting humans, until a hunter comes after him. He avoids the hunter for as long as he could, but he ends up getting captured. After many long days of torture, the hunter finally lets him go. Daniel swore to find and kill the hunter when he got the chance. What happens if they meet by chance again? Will Daniel kill him/her? Or will he spare the hunter like the hunter did to Daniel? [basically love builds up between the 2 of them while in interrogation, that's why the hunter let Daniel go]

Credit to raykon for the plot

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He glared at her. "It's a lonely world out there," he growled out.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 190d 14h 48m 48s
"Because, I didn't want them getting killed." She said simply, knowing he had caught her. But, why would she tell him that? Let him be mad, she didn't care. It's what he got for turning her into a vampire.
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 190d 15h 11m 42s
He shook his head. "How come I only smelled YOUR scent at every sight of the kill?" He growled.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 190d 15h 16m 33s
"Hey, I DIDN'T kill them. My team killed them. We were given orders, and we obeyed them. You should know what that's like, right?" She snapped, as she began to walk faster, wanting to lose him.
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 190d 15h 22m 12s
He scoffs. "You killed every one of my friends," he growled. "They would've helped me go back and help the war but NO," he said.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 190d 15h 27m 11s
Gwyn narrowed her eyes at him. "I doubt I'd be for going into the army, just saying." She placed her hands behind her head, trying to tune out the different scents she was picking up. "Don't you have friends to hang out with, or am I the first person you've tolerated being around?"
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 190d 15h 29m 9s
"Best thing to do is just move from town to town as you're hunting people," he said. "But if you did like I did, go into the army, then it's best to hunt and leave your kill afterwards," he said.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 190d 15h 32m 47s
"You're just full of cuddly happiness, huh?" She asked sarcastically as they began to make their way from the alley. "Where would be a good place to go? I'm new to this, so I don't know what you do on a nightly basis."
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 190d 15h 35m 58s
He lets out a bitter laugh. "Now you know how I feel," he grumbled, nodding. "Lets go," he leaves.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 191d 1h 9m 22s
"And I am sorry I misjudged you, but I do not forgive you for turning me into a vampire." She said bitterly, as she glanced back into the alley towards the dead body. "We should go elsewhere before some one finds the dead man laying there. I would like to keep myself from being hunted for as long as possible."
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 192d 9h 14m 3s
He looked away, watching people walk by. He had just fed so he wasn't that hungry. "From what I remember of my human life, most of my family had been in the military," he mumbled. "I had been in all the wars after I was turned, so I can kill people and not feel bad about it," he muttered. "I may have killed people on both sides, but it wasn't because I was hunting innocent people, I hunted people that posed a threat to our side of the war," he mumbled.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 193d 16h 8m 43s
She looked up to him. "I didn't... I didn't know. I only knew what was told to me, and how much I would get if I got the right answers from you. But, you told me the truth, and it was the truth that saved you from me killing you like I was supposed to." She said softly before turning her head. She seen a man mugging a poor lady and chased after him. She followed him down the alley, and didn't reappear until a few minutes later wiping her mouth.
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 193d 16h 17m 2s
He let out a bitter chuckle. "That was what I was doing in Afghanistan, yet you almost killed me for it!" He growled.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 193d 16h 22m 27s
"I killed the ones who took advantage of innocent people." She hissed before kneeling over, holding her stomach. "Ugh! I don't want to be a vampire." She groaned, before pulling herself back up. "I need to find someone... who deserves to die. If I'm going to kill people, I want to kill people that deserve it."
  Gwyn Forrest / Conspiracy / 7y 193d 16h 28m 40s
He scoffs. "Vampires are people too, and you were killing them," he said crossing his arms. "Now you know how I feel," he growled out.
  Daniel / raykon / 7y 193d 16h 31m 36s

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