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Post skeletons here please.

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Username: 3BusteedX6
Character Name: Stella Lupine
Character Age: 24
Character Gender: Female
Character History and Personality: Quick-witted, extremely ambitious, and indifferent. She believes that she can make an extremely efficient assistant, or a loved tyrant. Stella would take the side of the person who comes to her first, in this case it is the Dream Keeper. Although she seems like the perfect enemy, she can also be the perfect companion. Stella has an unwilling heart of gold, a headstrong mind and outstanding loyalty although it is rarely seen as her other immature traits. Inside she is hot-headed, impatient, selfish , and occasionally lazy.
Weaver Style: Nightmare
Weaver Pet: Beast. Stella and her oversized direwolf has been traveling companions every since they were child and pup. Even though her direwolf, "Vera" strongly dislikes being mounted and ridden like a horse, the animal would walk to the ends of hell with Stella and do anything to keep her safe.
Special Abilities:
1. Ability to send something back, meaning if someone throws a rock at Stella's head, IF she know's it's being thrown at her, she may be able to stop it in midair and send it directly back to the thrower--ONLY the way it had come. If the thrower runs to a different spot, the rock cannot follow it can only hit the area it came from. Same applies to physical balls of magic or whatsoever, not to unseen curses or encantations.
2. She can only heal herself up to a degree. The more she heals the more energy gets involuntarily sapped from her. Stella cannot regenerate any limbs, survive a cannonball, or mend herself mentally although she is immune to most human poisons and small diseases. If she ever acquires infection, it would heal depending on her strength and energy, if her life substance isn't sufficient, she will die.
1. One double-ended valyrian sword staff.
2. A bow and set of arrows.
3. One valyrian dagger
  Stella Lupine / 3busteedX6 / 7y 27d 17h 23m 30s
That's a good idea. I might have to do that if I ever get the time.
  Sophia Brighton / LadySeraph / 7y 33d 23h 18m 22s
I spend forever looking for a picture too. And now with how I am redoing my pictures, I am editing my pictures to include their artists as well. As you can see in this picture. =]

Needless to say it is going to take forever to find all my pictures again and many will probably be replaced.
  Bleu Kingbridge / MakiOnyx / 7y 33d 23h 19m 11s
I'm glad you like it. I spent forever looking for a picture and I'd hate to have to do it again, lol
  Sophia Brighton / LadySeraph / 7y 33d 23h 22m 43s
That is a beautiful picture. ^.^
  Ji Remus / MakiOnyx / 7y 33d 23h 24m 44s
I hope we do get more people. It's a great idea. I've been thinking about cleaning out my thread list and my character list, but I'm afraid the dead ones might resurface and I'll miss it, lol

And is this pic suitable?
  Sophia Brighton / LadySeraph / 7y 33d 23h 26m 37s
Awe! Well I'm glad you like this idea. I am not sure if it will survive, so I can not promise you it will go anywhere. I can place an ad for it up though. Currenty I am trying to clean up my character list. Can't stand to look at the huge chunk of characters anymore, so I'm gathering up all the ones I plan to still use and am just going to snatch their picture code for their posts from now on. XD
  Ji Remus / MakiOnyx / 7y 33d 23h 44m 11s
I saw it a while ago, but I just now got around to making a skellie. I usually keep threads I like open in a tab and wait to make submit my character til I see that there are other people interested. But I liked this one so much that I decided to go ahead and join even though it's just you and me so far.
  LadySeraph / 7y 34d 38s
How did you come across this? lol I wasn't even advertising.
  Ji Remus / MakiOnyx / 7y 34d 10m 58s
Ok, I can manage that.
  LadySeraph / 7y 34d 22m 45s
Artistic, not too super anime. =]
  Ji Remus / MakiOnyx / 7y 34d 32m 29s
Also, do you have a preference on picture style?
  LadySeraph / 7y 34d 1h 33m 42s
Username: Ladyseraph
Character Name: Sophia Brighton
Character Age: 22
Character Gender: Female
Character History and Personality: Sophia is kind and doesn't tolerate people who try to get what they want at the expense of everyone else. She follows her heart more than she follows her head, which occasionally puts her in bad positions. She tends to put others before herself and is usually viewed as the mother-like figure of whatever group she's in. She doesn't like fighting or conflict, but if it is required to protect others, she won't hesitate.
Weaver Style: She is a dream weaver. She wouldn't personally mind the worlds joining, she would actually prefer it. But she realizes that there are humans who wouldn't survive in the dream world, so she puts her own feelings aside.
Weaver Pet: Beast. One day Sophia was walking around a small forest of crystal trees that had sprouted in her neighborhood park. Around the middle of it, she was attacked by a gnoll. This had been before she discovered her powers, so she was basically helpless against the beast. But a very large snake with black scales and beautiful, dark rainbow wings showed up and defended her with his magic skills. He explained that he was a Couatl, and his name was Umbrex. They have been side by side ever since.
Special Abilities: She has the power to control plants and influence animals of subhuman intelligence.
Weapons: She has a bow made of woven ivy that she created herself and a shortsword.
  LadySeraph / 7y 34d 1h 31m 37s
Username: MakiOnyx
Character Name: Ji Remus
Character Age: 21
Character Gender: Female
Character History and Personality: Ji is quiet and often times thought of as mute. She has a wild streak however, and if she wanted could open her mouth all the time. Logic rules her over emotion for the most part and some might see that as odd and unnerving, thinking that she just might be a threat with their basic predator instinct.
Weaver Style: She is a dream weaver though she will not fight if she agrees with the enemy.
Weaver Pet: Companion. The moment the world shifted and strange things started happening, Ji was dreaming. When she awoke the creature that followed her in her dreams had come to light in the real world, vowing his service to her. He is a little pearl white scaled dragon with a bitter attitude and sharp tongue. He instantly dislikes any male who talks to Ji, let alone make physical contact.
Special Abilities: Ji’s special abilities are elemental in nature, dealing with the earth. From stone to crystal [including gems] to metals the earth is hers to mold no matter where she is and if it is dream or reality. She can call it to defend her and mold it into a weapon. She only has the earth elemental power however.
Weapons: As far as mundane weapons go… Ji has an interesting one. Using her power over earth, Ji created a weapon made from diamond just to see if she could. With her mother’s jewelry destroyed, she created a short staff of sorts. Along with the staff, she carries two obsidian stone daggers.
  Ji Remus / MakiOnyx / 7y 45d 1h 45m 17s

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