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She had finally found a place. The gift store. There was enough knick knack and stuffed toys in there to make a bed and a barricade. She first started with the barricade. She pushed shelves in front of the windows, piling the heaviest things she could find onto them. When she was finished there was only one way to get in and out. "Okay, now, for a bed." She walked towards the shelves of stuffed animals, and began to dump them onto the floor. After she had every single stuffed animal in large pile, she jumped into it. "Perfect." She laughed, and rolled around in the pile before getting up. "I wonder where what's his face went." She asked to herself as she walked into the back of the gift shop. There was a map of the whole park, and she grabbed it. "Time to set out on turning these rides on." She left her new little "home" and decided to walk to the roller coasters first. They were her favorite thing in the whole park.
  Ravyn / Conspiracy / 8y 46d 11h 52m 23s
"True..." He agreed as he nodded, but at the same time... He still couldn't help it. The first human in thousands of miles. It was pretty rare. Cresil nodded as he stopped with the nudging. "I figured you weren't." If she was... she'd probably shoot herself. Its what he would do. Then again, she'd probably blow herself up. Hm... He thought about it momentarily until he finally shook his head. He then watched her move. She was going to find somewhere to sleep? The odds of zombies eating her in her sleep... Well maybe there weren't that many here. "See you around!" He called as he went the opposite direction. He needed food before he went and bothered her.
  Cresil / CircusAct / 8y 46d 12h 14m 3s

Ravyn lowered the gun, although her eyes stayed on him. "Ain't no room for being polite in this day and age." She said flatly as she reholstered her gun. "But, I'll take your word. I'm not infected either." She watched as he nudged the corpse's head repeatedly, before placing her hands on her hips. "Well, I guess I need to find somewhere suitable to sleep at for the night..." She mumbled and began walking off, leaving him behind her. If he felt like following after her, and sticking around, she wouldn't stop him... But, she wasn't going to waste her time asking. She had important things to take care of.
  Ravyn / Conspiracy / 8y 46d 21h 13m 16s
Cresil held his hands up and shook his head as he laughed. Now that would be a funny death. Killed by a gun. Not cannibalistic zombies or anything out of the ordinary, just a gun. "Hey, hey... I could ask you the same questions. But it's not really as polite as a greeting..." He dropped his hands to his side and looked her over before glancing up. "I'm not infected. Trust me." He said before shaking his head and grinning. "I mean... I'm not lying. You don't have to trust me as a person, because ya know... The infection is pretty damn contagious..." He looked down at a body as he said it. Continuously nudging the head with his foot.
  Cresil / CircusAct / 8y 47d 9h 56m 35s

Ravyn finished off the corn dog, and tossed the stick to the ground. She let out a small yawn, wishing that for once she could get a good night's rest. It had been too long since she could comfortably sleep in a bed without the fear of a zombie busting in and trying to attack her. She heard a noise off in the distance, and turned her head to see... another living being? Her hand raised up, and aimed the gun at the male. "You better tell me right now. Have you been bitten or scratched, or anything else that would put you at risk of being infected?" She asked, her eyes narrowing on him. It was nice to see another living human, but she had learned previously, that you couldn't trust anyone... Especially with the whole infection going around.
  Ravyn / Conspiracy / 8y 47d 10h 7m 56s
"Home sweet home~" Cresil purred out with fake chipper. It didn't look as great as it did back when the infection had hit. Oh well. Before he could think about checking any of the rides out... he would have to visit all the food bender places. "Eh?" His gaze snapped in a different direction as he listened to the shooting of a gun. Someone was alive? It would probably be best to avoid anything living... Other than himself of course. It just seemed like, extra baggage got you in more trouble. But he was curious. With a cheshire smirk he shoved his hands in his pockets and headed to the sound. A woman... and three dead people. No zombies. The corpses were far from human anymore. "Nice..." He muttered under his breath in approval as he looked over the fully dead bodies.
  Cresil / CircusAct / 8y 47d 10h 19m 38s

Ravyn sat on the counter a few moments later, munching on a corn dog. "If there's one thing I know, it's that amusement parks have the unhealthiest of foods." She sighed, and watched as a few zombies lumbered around not too far ahead of her. She reached into her jacket, and pulled her pistol from its holster. She continued to eat while she aimed the gun and shot the three undead corpses a few times. They fell to the ground without much of a problem. She slid off of the counter and walked forward before she stood in front of the three corpses. She gave them all a swift kick to the head, grimacing as her boot sunk into the skulls. "Eww." She scowled and kicked the rotting brains off of her shoe.
  Ravyn / Conspiracy / 8y 47d 11h 26m 48s
Cresil pouted as he swallowed the last bits of his trail mix. That would be the last of anything homemade for... well, ever. With the living dead everywhere, how was a guy supposed to make a something to eat in peace? He stepped over a corpse as he wiped his hands on his jeans. He could see Magic land in the distance. He had always wanted to visit an amusement park. Now he didn't have to pay or get vacation time off work. He hoped there was food. Despite just eating, he was already hungry. He licked his lips and broke out into a run. Hopefully there would be food and a few zombies to smack around. With no tv, it was really the only entertainment he could get out of life.
  Cresil / CircusAct / 8y 47d 11h 37m 58s

Finally, after days of traveling... Ravyn had finally made it Magic Land. It was an amusement park, well, not just any ordinary one... It was the best amusement park in the area. She pushed the car door open and looked around, watching for any signs of moment. Thankfully, she didn't see anything just yet. She got out and shut the door quietly. "Best part, I don't have to pay." She smirked and walked through the park's gates. First things first, she needed to find something to eat and a place to sleep for the night. After that, she would take time flipping switches on all the rides, and spend the day shooting zombies and having fun. "There's bound to be a lot of zombies somewhere around here." She mumbled as she climbed over one of the counters at an abandoned food stall.
  Ravyn / Conspiracy / 8y 47d 12h 28m 45s

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