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"So you stole that from Fortuna castle, huh? Well I can't say I blame you with our circumstances and what not." He said walking after her. He walked with her for a while and started to et annoyed when he tripped up against a root. "stay close, i dont want to lose you in this fog let alone the forest." he warned trying to see in front of him. "dammit I can't see for shit." He grumbled a bit annoyed.

Soon after a bit of walking he smacked right into a stone pillar. He backed up and rubbed his nose. "Oww." He grumbled before looking it over. "Who the hell puts a pillar in the middle of the woods? wait...." he rubbed the pillar and looked at th righting on it. "Oh I get it... its a sealing pillar. We can't leave this area before completing the task written on it." He soon found the writing and read it aloud.

"The path is wrought in blood."

"Oh shit!" He ran to Lilith and tackled her as they were swept up in a portal and transported to another marshy area of the forest. Nero picked her and himself off of the ground. "Well that was fun." A lizard chimera dropped from the trees with shield in hand and claws out. "Is that all?" Soon even more came from the fog. "I had to ask." He complained drawing his sword.
  Nero / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 184d 14m 9s
"Psh. I coulda climbed up." She grumbled, but followed after him none the less. He said something about getting to see the freaky serpent lady again, and Lillith grown. "Hero Boy, trouble seems to follow you everywhere." She teased, and walked through the door once he let her pass.

Lillith stared at the dense forest, squinting her eyes as if she was trying to see through to the other side. She crossed her arms over her just and looked up at him. "Alright before we go any further..." She reached into the back of her boot, and pulled out a thin sword. It looked almost like a fencing sword, but the blade was just a tad bit wider. "I managed to grab this while we were in the church..." She smiled at him innocently, and began to walk ahead of him. "Come on, Nero."
  [L]illith / LockAndKey / 7y 184d 19h 19s
Nero laughed a bit at her comment. "You do realize that if I hadn't done that that you'd be struggling to get up by yourself right now?" He scoffed as he dusted himself off. He looked to where the serpent woman had flew off and sighed. "It looks like we'll be seeing her again." He said nonchalantly before opening up a door that was built into the cliff wall.

Nero let Lilith pass through before closing the door. He surveyed the landscape and noticed the vast abundance of fog and trees. He then noticed the holy knights headquarters off in the distance. "The good news is I found our headquarters, but the bad news is that its through this murky ass forest."
  Nero / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 184d 19h 51m 30s
Lillith followed being Nero looking around curiously, until the Giant Serpent started coming after them. "Lillith, Run! He yelled to her, and she began running. "Come on, Nero! It's gunna kill us!" She yelled, trying to push him to go faster. The serpent broke through the floor, causing the both of them to begin falling. She let out a loud scream, but Nero had grabbed her as well as the ledge. "I'm going to throw you back up, okay?" He said to her, and before she could open her mouth to protest, she was already flying through the air, and landed safely on her butt on the top of the cliff.

A few moments later Nero climbed up, just barely dodging the serpent once more. "What the hell... Was that...?" She said, breathing heavily. Lillith stood up then, brushing herself off and glaring at him. "You can't keep throwing me like a sack of potatoes!"
  [L]illith / LockAndKey / 7y 184d 22h 3m 55s
Unfortunately for them their sight seeing was interrupted by the walk way that they were on sudden trembling. "What the~" Nero was cut off by the sight of a giant serpent coming at them. "Lilith, Run!" He yelled taking out red Queen and heading through the walk way. There was debris everywhere and Nero used Red Queen to clear it. The serpent was gaining on them and Nero wasn't cut very fast. "Come on, come on." He said as he hacked his way through the debris. He had just finished when the serpent broke the floor under him and he began to fall. Nero grabbed Lilith first and then the ledge. "Lilith I'm going to throw you up, okay?" Before she had time to protest Nero had chucked her on top of the cliff and climbed up just in time to dodge the serpents next swoop. The serpent turned around and hissed at the both of them and flew off. "Yeah well fuck you too bitch." Nero retorted with grimace.
  Nero / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 348d 19h 52m 28s
"Oh shush. Mean ol' Dante is mean." She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. She looked around the green house, curious of everything just before Nero called for her. She ran up the stairs of the green house, before stopping next to him. He was right, it really was fantastic. "Wow." She breathed while her eyes widened trying to take in the beauty all at once. "I never seen something this pretty! Well, only in books. This can't compare!" She said excitedly, smiling. "I wish I had my sketchbook with me! I would love to draw something as pretty as this!"
  [L]illith / Conspiracy / 8y 18d 3h 17m 4s
"Women I swear..." He said as he walked up the stairs of the green house. "Man it smells great in here." He said with a smile. He continued up the stairs and saw multiple platforms that appeared to be grated into either side of the cliff that they were now under. "Well this seems sturdy enough." He said to himself. He continued up the steps and found more platforms that were above a drop off. "Yo! Lilith! You've gotta come see this! It has a fantastic view!" It really was beautiful. The greenery, the flowers, and the small clouds it was perfect.
  Nero / Shizuo2Izaya / 8y 25d 19h 20m 20s
"Well, it's still not fair. He should always have time for his Lil!" She huffed, but smiled to Nero. "I'm sure he'll make up for it though." Before she knew it, Nero had pulled her onto his back, and jumped off of the cliff. She let out a scream, but before she could really do much else they were safely at the bottom.

"Warn me next time you plan on doing something like that." She grumbled as she dusted the leaves off of herself. She followed behind him as they made their way to the green house. "Another Hell Gate. Why does this not surprise me? And why couldn't he take care of it. Silly Dante." She rolled her eyes, not looking forward to the prospect of fighting another major demon. She wasn't much help with the last one.
  [L]illith / Conspiracy / 8y 32d 18h 18m 1s
Nero Put Red Queen back on his back and sighed. "Him not hugging you was probably my fault. I did pull a sword on him." He said with a small smile. "Well there is only one way to catch him." He continued as he put Lilith on his back and walked over to the cliff. "Hold on tight." He said before jumping off of the cliff and into the trees.

Nero broke through the trees and landed on the ground. "Thank you for riding at Nero land. Have a nice day." He said putting Lilith down and continuing toward a Green house that had appeared to have been there for quite some time. "We need to get to head quarters so we need to had through the forest but I have a feeling that we need to deal with what came out of the hell gate first, considering what Dante said."
  Nero / Shizuo2Izaya / 8y 32d 23h 19m 53s
Lillith blinked, glancing to him. "Um, alright." She wasn't going to pry. If he seemed to be in a better mood, then she would believe him. They exited the tunnel only to be greeted by a dense forest. "Oh, lovely. I hope we don't get lost." She mumbled. Nero pulled her close to him, only for her to see Dante. "Dante!" She called out with a large grin on her face. She hadn't seen him in so long. And the only thing he says to her... "You've grown up... a lot." She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Really!? You haven't seen your darling Lillith in two years, and that's all you say?" She complained just before Dante jumped off of the cliff. "The hell!?" Her eyes widened as she peered down the cliff, Dante nowhere to be seen. "That jerk." She growled and turned to look back to Nero. "You can kick his ass. I can't believe him. No hug or nothing." She went on for a few more moments, complaining about Dante before finally quieting down.
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / Conspiracy / 8y 36d 22h 23m 13s
'Dante?' He thought to himself. 'Is that what's been upsetting her? Not being able to see Dante?' In Nero's mind this was a very logical reason. He laughed and smiled. "Its nothing now. I'm not upset." He said as they walked out of the tunnel and when they did he was a little confused and amazed. The headquarters side of the island was covered in dense forest and vegetation. "Well would you look at that." Nero said walking over to the edge of the cliff. He felt someone behind them so he pulled Lilith in close and unsheathed Red Queen and then Dante appeared on the other side of the cliff.

"What the Hell is this!?" He yelled with his arms raised in annoyance. "Must be that damn Hell Gate." He turned and saw Nero with his Arm over Lilith and Red Queen pointed at him. "I gotta say kid I'm grateful you've been keepin' Lilith out of harms way but you've been sloppy. You didn't destroy the other Hell Gate." His gaze then went to Lilith and he smiled. "You've grown up.... a lot." Dante moved toward the cliff and Nero moved in with Red Qeen letting Lilith go.

"Wait!" Nero yelled.

"Sorry kid but our little rematch is going to have to wait." Dante replied jumping off the cliff.
  Nero / Shizuo2Izaya / 8y 37d 18h 15m 53s
Lillith glanced over to him, wondering what was wrong. She looked ahead and followed him into the cave. "What's wrong?" She managed to say, although rather quietly. Even if she seemed to be in some sort of emotional turmoil, she would manage to mask it as long as he didn't ask her anything about it. She didn't want to trouble him with her problems. "I wonder how long it will be until I get to see Dante. I haven't seen him in two years..." She thought out loud.
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / Conspiracy / 8y 42d 5h 17m 48s
Nero put Lilith down after catching her. Nero hit the mechanism for the bridge and it lowered and as it did blockers redirected the flow of the waterfall off to the sides. He walked on through and into the cave that the waterfall had been flowing over. 'Her smile. That sigh. What did I do to make her so... I don't know angry,sad,depressed. Arghhh!' He clenched his head rather tightly as they walked through the cave. He was overly aggravated with himself for not knowing why. 'Should I ask her? No, she'll probably get pissed at me for prying or get mad because I don't know.'
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Lillith looked down to him as she stood on the window's ledge. She knew he would catch her, so she didn't hesitate for long. In a mere second she was in his arms, with her face buried against his chest. 'I wonder if he wishes that I was Kyrie instead.' She thought to herself as she let out a small sigh, and pulled away from him. "Alright, let's go." She said before she began walking towards the bridge.
  Lillith Morte [Anime] / Conspiracy / 8y 45d 11h 34m 22s
"I see." Nero said watching Lilith. That smile she put on hurt him. He knew something was bothering her. Even when she looked like she was fine he could tell, she wanted to cry. 'Was it my demon for that scared her?' He wondered as he jumped out of the window and held out his arms to catch her.
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