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Everett sat by Mikoto's side, listening to every word he said. He would have never expected Mikoto to struggle the way that he has. It was wrong of him to think that he was some spoiled prince who got everything he wanted. But of course he stereo typed being a pirate. Even if they were good friends, he didn't see what Mikoto saw in Michael. He seemed stuffy and boring. But Mikoto saw things in people he never could imagine.

He heard the creak behind him but made so sudden movements to get up. Just like Mikoto, he knew it was Michael. He said nothing but stared while Mikoto began to yell. He sat silently as he watched the onslaught of words. But when Mikoto turned towards him he looked up lightly. How could he have possibly fixed Mikoto? He never seemed broken. He gave a gentle smile a reached up lightly, taking hold of the prince's hand. He didn't know how he did, but he was happy that he helped "fix" him. Even if that was never his true intention.
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Mikoto shook his head, sitting up in the bed. "I can't believe him. Not one bit." he muttered, wiping his tears away with the backs of his hands. "Michael was my only real friend my entire life. I met him when I was very little, and we grew up together. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was starting to have romantic feelings for him." he paused, glancing up at Everett. "Which I don't anymore, if you're wondering." he sighed, brushing a hand through his bangs. He needed a hair cut.

"I kept my feelings to myself though, for the longest time. Finally, three years ago, I decided to get brave. What if Michael felt the same as I did, and we were both just too scared to confess to each other? I mean, it was possible. We were always together. He used to sneak me out of the castle and we'd go horse-back riding to the river a few miles west of the city. We'd fish and have picnics." Mikoto stopped, chewing the inside of his cheek. "One time when Michael had planned a picnic for us, and we were sitting by the river, I told him how I felt. He just kept talking like I hadn't said anything at all. He completely ignored me, and I know he heard me. After that, I didn't see him for a week. Or, until now, I guess. He wouldn't talk to me. When I finally went to his house to investigate, his mother told me that two days prior he'd gone to train with the royal navy."

Mikoto stood, hearing a creaking noise coming from outside of his door. He knew instinctively who it was. He knew Michael didn't trust Everett alone with him. Taking harsh steps to his door, he flung it open and stared at Michael with red eyes, tears threatening again. "You left to get away from me! You left me! You left me alone with no friends in that huge city, with no one to talk to! I was all alone!" he stopped, stepping back from him. "And now this." he dropped his hands in confused defeat, dropping his eyes as well. "You broke me, Michael." Mikoto glanced back over at Everett. "But, he fixed me."
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Everett didn't understand what Mikoto was trying to get at. It was obvious to him now that the prince had a past with Michael but he didn't know how deep it was. But when he saw Mikoto lashing out he was slowly putting the pieces to the puzzle together. He froze when he saw Mikoto rushing down below deck. He stepped forward to go after him but then he realized he still had Michael to deal with. He froze and looked over his shoulder. "Jaccob, can you handle this?" He said lightly before dashing after Mikoto.

He looked through the ship quickly before checking the prince's room. The door was tightly shut so he tried knocking lightly. "Mikoto?" He said lightly Before trying to open the door again He put his shoulder into it and pushed it open. He looked into the dark room, seeing Mikoto's body laid out over the bed. He sighed lightly before slowly walking in. "Lad? Are you alright?" He said softly as he slowly stood close to the bed. He hated seeing the prince so torn up and over something he couldn't fix. He reached out and gently wiped away a tear that was ready to fall off his jaw. "What can I do to help you?"
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Mikoto was trying to talk again when Everett spoke up suddenly. The words shocked him to no end. And when he looked at Michael, his face turneed pink and his eyes downcast, he knew it was the truth. "Why now?" He asked Michael, his voice shaking slightly. "Why now, of all times? Why not before?" He snapped at him, taking a step back. He hadn't yet noticed the sadness to Everett's face, his eyes too focussed on the man in front of him. Mikoto stared at Michael until he met his eyes. "I never left you, because you'd left me long before." He turned and walked away, knowing Michael wouldn't follow him.

Mikoto walked quickly past Jaccob as he went back down to his room, angry and hurt. How could Michael admit to loving him? How?! Now, of all times! He couldn't have returned his feelings back when Mikoto had first confessed? Mikoto's eyes stung with tears, but he refused to cry for him. This wasn't fair. Not at all! When Mikoto had confessed to him, it was three years ago. He'd told him his feelings and Michael had acted like he hadn't said anything at all. After that, he didn't talk to Mikoto for an entire week. When Mikoto finally appeared at the cake shop, Michael's mother had told him that he'd been accepted into the royal navy not two days earlier. And Mikoto knew why he left. It was to get away from him, to run away and not haveto face him after such an embarrassing, such a disgusting thing had been confessed to him!

Mikoto sat on his bed, staring at his cieling as he lay on his back. He let a few tears spill over, even though he hadn't wanted them to. Michael had left him first, a lojng time ago. He'd left him first.
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Even if he was angry, there was still no way he could deny Mikoto what he asked for. So he gave a silent nod before listening in on their short adventure. He knew that he wasn't going to say anything about their alone time. There was no need for that.But his eyes widened lightly, it was all making sense. The anger was something he had seen, felt, before. It was almost funny to him. and before he could stop himself, the words slipped out, "You love him."

He was more thinking out loud, but the shook on his face showed it even with out speaking. And even though the jealousy was still bleeding into his mind, it softened lightly. He felt bad for Michael. But then again, he slightly felt bad for himself. Mikoto didn't have to stay with them if he chose to go back with his family. And while it would kill him if that was the choice he made, at least that way he'd be safe. He wouldn't have to worry about him if the ship went under attack or was hit by another storm. But he would miss the innocent laughter and the soft lips. He would miss everything he had brought to his ship.

He turned lightly and glanced at the crew who all looked at him when they saw him turn. None of them were going to say it, but they could all see the hurt in His eyes. He closed his eyes and turned back to the prince and his friend, but said nothing. His heart felt as if it were cracking into pieces. Michael was right, Mikoto didn't belong on his ship. He was royalty and even though he knew he loved the boy, it was no place for a prince. "Lad, If you chose to stay, I understand..." He said lightly opening his eyes again. It hurt to say, but he didn't want to stifle Mikoto's happiness. And while he wanted to be everything the prince needed, Mikoto deserved better than the simple life of being a pirate.
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Mikoto pulled away from Michael when Everett spoke to him, and he could tell right away that he was angry with him. "I'm sorry." He said, lowering his eyes. "But I wasn't about to let either of you get hurt because of me." He glanced back up. "I saw the swords, and Jaccob understood. Please don't be madt at him." He pleaded, stepping closer to Everett with pleading eyes. Chewing his cheek, he looked back at Miichael. "Now, I'm going to talk, and you have to promise me you won't say anything." Michael frowned, but held up his baby finger. Mikoto grinned instantly, remembering their childhood together as he wrapped his own baby finger around Michael's

And then Mikoto spilled everything to Michael. Well, he left out the parts where he'd been pinned against walls kissing Everett, or pinned against Everett kissing Evereet. Basically, everything about kissing Everett. At the end of it, Mikoto could easily tell that his friend wasn't pleased. "I'm sorry, Michael." He whispered, glancing up at him. "You left your family, your even left me behind. " Michael whispered his words hurt, tinged with anger. "And for this? This shithole? Why! Why would you leave me?"

Michael stopped, turning away. Inner, hidden feelings were slipping out. He knew Mikoto never saw him that way, even if at one point he had professed loved for him. But Michael was too stupid then to realize what happiness was. Now, he lived with the regret from that day and the knowledge that he'd never get Mikoto's heart back. "I can't believe you left me...especially for this." He whispered, the anger leaving his words entirely.
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Everett glanced up when he heard Jaccob. And in one instant he felt all the color drain from his face. He held his stance, not looking away until Michael's men were making their way off the ship. But he caught the glare of Michael once again, matching it quickly. But the men who were once uneasy and panicked had their attention drawn to something by Jaccob. So he turned his head and froze.

His chest heaved up and down slightly. His hands began shaking and before he could think of lowering his sword, Michael was gone and dashing over to Mikoto. He was about to yell out until he saw the man's arms go around the prince's small frame. He could hear the gentle "I miss you" coming from them both. He wasn't sure if he had ever felt jealousy before that moment. And when Mikoto gave him the order to lower his sword, he set it in it's sheath with a huff before slowly making his way over to the prince. His thought of never being able to be angry at the prince faultered lightly. He looked over at Jaccob with a slight glare but knew that it most likely wasn't his fault. "You disobeyed my order to stay off the ship, why?" He said lightly, not even sure if Mikoto heard him or not. But he kept a watchful eye over the lieutenant in case he tried anything. He wasn't going to let the man take away Mikoto very easily.
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Mikoto held his breath when yelling began on the ship. And suddenly, just as quickly as it had started, it ceased. He and Jaccob waited in silence as they watched, Mikoto holding his breath. And then Mikoto caught a glint of light out of the corner of his eyes. "Swords have been drawn." Jaccob said, his voice steady yet wary. "Most likely against Everett." And those were all the words Mikoto needed to hear before dashing across the docks as fast as he could, needing to reach the ship. But fron behind, a hand wrapped around him, pulling him to a hault. "You will not jeopradize us." Jaccob whispered to him, his voice heavy in pants.

Mikoto didn't know what to do. What could he do? He needed to get Michael alone, possibly even with Everett there. Maybe not...but he needed Michael to listen. Thinking of something, Mikoto turned to Jaccob. "Bring me back onto the ship." Jaccob understood he had a plan, and took him back the way he'd escaped. And soon, Jaccob was acting on his own. He left Mikoto in his room, going up the stairs. "Your men must leave our ship." His voice boomed. "Fear not, however. We will touch you neither." "I am no imbisile." Michael snapped. "But a generosity will be shown to you surely if you abide." Michael halted, thinking. Then he waved his men off of the boat. "Now, where is my generosity?" Michael spat, deadly eyes fixed on Everett still.

Mikoto rose from below deck without a sound. For a minute, no one noticed. But soon he found the worried looks of the crew. And then Michael's eyes glanced back at him, and his sword faultered. And then he was in a tight embrace. He couldn't help smiling. "Mikoto, god knows how worried I was about you." "I've missed you, Michaael." Mikoto said before pulling away. "But for not, put away your swords." He glanced at Everett. "You need to listen."
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Everett flinched slightly when Michael turned to glare at him. He knew he was caught and there was no way around it. But he didn't expect the lieutenant to make such a bold accusation. His men were starting to argue against it but he rose an arm up which silenced them all at once. They all looked at him with confused glances and small whispers. "I would never kill him." He lowered his eyes and glared back at the other man. He knew there was no point in reasoning with him. His fate was already sealed.

He turned to whisper something to Angelo, but a sharp sound came from his right which drew his attention back to Michael. There, a silver blade was pointed at him. His crew began to fuss once again for having a sword pointed at their beloved captain. But as stupid as he thought it was, he drew his sword and placed it along side the lieutenant's. He lowered his gaze but kept his arm strong. "If it's only me you want, let my crew go. They have nothing to do with this." The men's ears perked up as they heard Everett's command. "Angelo, your in charge."

He stepped forward lightly, gently tapping his sword against Michael's. He smiled to himself I could never kill my most precious treasure. "If you're going to kill me,, do it quick." He knew Mikoto could see where they were, and if he couldn't win, he didn't want the prince to watch for very long. He couldn't do that to him.
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Mikoto felt a pang in his chest; he was getting restless again. This was taking so long. Why was it taking so long? It shouldn't be taking this long! A hand clasped down on his shoulder, and he whipped his head around. Jaccob sat next to him, watching the ship as well. "They've found something." he said, his voice low. Mikoto froze and felt all of the blood drain from his face. What could they possibly have found? how could they have possibly anything! This couldn't really be happening...could it? "How do you know?" he found himself asking as he looked back to the ship. "Because they've stayed longer than it takes to search the ship." he said simply. As usual.

Mikoto sighed, dropping back on his heals. Would Michael believe Everett? Would the crew back him up? Well, that was really a stupid question! Of coarse they would! They're a family! They worked together to preserve each other! Mikoto felt a smile touch his lips, though he didn't know why. "Trust in the captain." Jaccob was saying. "Trust in him."
On the ship, Michael felt his chest squeeze as he touched the material that once belonged to Mikoto, that once was worn by his dearest friend. He gritted his teeth, and stabbed dagger eyes through the man standing in front of him. This man, he was the undoing of his prince. His prince! Michael could feel his entire body swell with anger and the want for revenge. "No." he said to the captain's foolish explanation. "You killed him, didn't you?" he spat knives in his direction. "You killed him, probably to stupid to know he was royalty. Too stupid to know there were people who missed him!" he said, before letting a few moments of silence creep in to try and calm him. They didn't. "You killed him, now, I'll kill you." he drew his sword, eyes fierce with rage and the will to end this man's life.
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It was hard to watch his ship being torn apart so easily. He could hear the mens' things being torn apart int the belly of the ship, being tossed about and hitting the walls. But Everett reamained calm the best he could. He knew the second he began to worry, so would the crew.

The navy men began to exit the ship slowly, having nothing of intrest to show. It made him smile lightly until a man came down with something clumped up in his hands. He couldn't tell what it was and hoped that it was just something they stole. And in a way it was.


Everett cursed under his breath as the rest of the crew froze. It was Mikoto's clothes. He looked over his shoulder to give the crew a calming look. He didn't want to go into any explination before he was asked, it would just make him look guilty. And while he would sacrafice himself for the crew, he didn't want to make that situation a sealed fate.

He saw Michael's eyes widen slowly as he looked over the damaged clothes. He felt it softly between his fingers which made Everett raise an eyebrow but when the guard came and demanded an explination, he was slightly thrown off guard. He cleared his throat before shrugging "found them on another. Thought they'd be worth something." It was a stretch, butdthe knot in his stomach was growing and was becoming harder to hide.
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Mikoto held his breath as he watched navy crowded onto the ship. No more barked orders could be faintly heard from it, either. He wanted to know what was happening, but he was afraid what would happen if he stood. He'd figured something out on his own, though; him being here with Jaccob was Everett's plan. He remembered Everett coming below deck once before Jaccob took off with him, though he hadn't heard anything he'd told him. This was Everett's way of keeping him safe from the navy. But, it was also keeping him from seeing Michael. Deep down, there was a part of him that wished he'd been found by Michael, only because he wanted to see him so much. But he knew if he did, it would likely cost the crew their lives. And he couldn't bare the thought of it being his fault.

Falling back on his rear, Mikoto didn't want to watch the scene anymore. He didn't want to be secretly wishing for Michael to find him, while at the same time wanting nothing more than for the navy to leave the ship and be done with them. But at the same time he was wishing for Michael, he was also wishing for Everett. He wanted to see Everett so bad, to be held in his arms again, to kiss him and be kissed by him. But he knew if he gave up his cover, this would all be in vein. Their entire would all be in vein.

<Sorry it's so short D:>
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Everett order the crew to stop when the men reached the ship. As he stepped onto the dock he received a paper saying they had to search the ship. And with no option of denying them he stepped aside and let them pass. He kept his eyes low as the men invaded his ship. He caught a glance of Michael, knowing he was the one to worry about. He was dressed in more flamboyant clothes than the other men who were marching across the dock.

He looked back at his men who all looked nervous. So he puffed his chest out and waited. He knew they had no chance to sweep the ship to make sure nothing was there to find. And he wasn't sure what they would find. But he would take the fall for them, just like he told Angelo. They needed to get Mikoto away from here even if it meant loosing him as their captain. But it was what needed to be done.

He could hear the men whispering to themselves before he turned to them and smiled lightly. He dipped his head before looking back to the Lieutenant. "I know you all have your reasons, but i'd like to hear them." He said shortly. The man didn't look too much older than Mikoto. It was strange seeing someone so young with so much power.
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Everett startled Mikoto when he appeared below deck again, this time looking even more frantic. But he knew one thing for certain: things weren't turning out how they'd hoped. Mikoto watched as Everett raan back above deck soon after,, but could still feel his skin tingling where he'd be kissed. And then he was being pulled by Jaccob, rough and hard, through doors below deck he didn't know were there until they came to a new one. And before he knew what was happening,or even where they were, they were running.

By the time they stopped, panting and out of breath hiding under a shroud of bushes and oaks did Mikoto notice that they were no longer aboard the ship. He didn't even know how they'd gotten off the ship. But they had, and now there were hiding.

Mikoto turned to question Jaccob, but he shook his head, telling him to be silent. And then he pointed over the bushes at a quickly-moving crowd with its sights on their ship. Mikoto was stricken with panic. What'll happen if they find out? What if they find his old clothes that he'd retired from, and hung everyone at the gallows? Suddenly, Mikoto felt sick to his stomach. "Don't worry, little one." Jaccob whispered to him, setting a hand on his shoulder. "They'll be find. The captain is strong, and I've seen the determination in his eyes bent on protecting you." Jaccob paused, "His selfishness to keep you will keep us safe." Mikoto offered a small smile to Jaccob. He just hoped he was right.
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The repairs were going smoothly but it didn't stop Everett from pacing back and forth. The crew was starting to become uneasy with the captain's constant barks to hurry. hey knew something was wrong but thy couldn't tell what. But if Everett was pacing like a wild animal who was locked in a cage, they knew something was making him panic.

He could see from the corner of his eye the people gathering at the other end of the port. He wasn't sure what they were planning but they started to move faster than he expected. He chewed on his lip before darting down stairs and to where Mikoto and Jaccob were sitting. "Jaccob, you know that door on the other end of the ship that leads out to the water? Take him and find somewhere safe. He slipped his coat off and set it around Mikoto before rubbing his arms slightly. "But make sure you can see the ship so we can give you the signal to return." His breathing was labored and his hands were shaking more than before. "Please take care." He kissed Mikoto's forehead before returning back up stairs to see that the guards were moving faster towards the ship.

He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself so they wouldn't suspect him of anything. He glanced downstairs, hoping they would get out in time. He quickly went to find Angelo, grabbing hold of his arm once he did. His first mate turned and stared at him with his one eye "Cap'ain?" He said before turning. Everett kept his eyes on the guards, "If something happens, give Jaccob the signal it's safe to come back." He said quietly. Angelo nodded and went to walk away but Everett kept his grip, "And if for some reason I'm taken, don't wait for me." they both stood frozen looking at each other. But the other man gave a nod before Everett released him. He took a deep breath and took his spot and watched the guards grow closer.
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