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Mikoto dropped his gaze at the question, not really knowing what to say as he started fiddling with his fingers. "I don't know." he said simply, though he knew he didn't to expand on that. He felt like he was leaving Everett stranded, and he didn't like it. "I want to talk to him. I want to be friends again. I know he hurt me, and I also know that I've hurt him with the truth, but...I miss my friend. He was my only friend for so long, I just can't leave that behind." he said as he finally looked up, finding that Everett wasn't looking at him still. "All I want from him is friendship...he'll get the idea eventually." he shut his mouth, not really sure about what he'd just said. The Michael he knew was stubborn and pig headed and would normally do everything in his willpower to get what he wanted. But he also knew that Michael knew what to stop. He wasn't sure which it would be this time, especially since the topic of interest was himself.

At the second question, Mikoto looked up to meet Everett's eyes. He frowned. "You really think I'd jeopardize the ship by doing that?" he asked him, unsure if he'd heard him completely right. "I couldn't do that...not to you." he muttered, dropping his eyes again. "I don't know how he got in, or when. I don't know what he's thinking. He's being stupid and unreasonable." Mikoto stopped, not knowing if he should clue Everett in on how long Michael had been in his room for, and how he'd gotten there. He figured he'd keep that part a secret. He wasn't sure how Everett would react to that right now. Or ever, really.
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Everett stood leaned against the door, keeping his attention towards the floor. He didn't know how Michael was able to get on their ship so fast, but he managed and that's what was worrying him. His ship was supposed to be the best, the strongest and he let the lieutenant on with out any knowledge of it. He felt like a failure of a captain, to busy dreaming than to be paying attention.

His head lifted only when he heard his name was called a second time. He didn't want to say anything at first since he didn't really know what to say. So he dropped his head once again, "what else do you have to say to him?" He wanted what happened on the deck to be the end of it. He knew that there was always going to be feelings between Mikoto and Michael but he didn't want there to be. "You didn't... Bring him on the ship, did you?" He knew that it was a very low possibility and that Mikoto would never do that, but he had to get the thought off his mind in order to move past it.

But he couldn't keep his hands from shaking. He didn't want anything to come between him and Mikoto. He was finally coming to terms with his own feelings and it was starting to become difficult to accept that he still loved the prince. He didn't want to feel any diffrent but if Mikoto chose other wise, he knew he couldn't stop him, even if he wanted to.
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Mikoto almost yelped when Everett pulled him into his chest, but he didn't fight it. He felt his cheeks warm, and held his breath for a moment. Some of the crew had joined them in Mikoto's room, and he could hear their intentions in their voices. But just as Michael had predicted, Everett waved them off. Instead of ordering Michael's death, it seemed as though he was giving him a contract; do the work, stay on the ship. And that made Mikoto breath a sigh of relief.

But before he knew it, he was being pushed and shoved up the stairs and above deck with Everett at his back. He could tell he was angry, and knew he would be. But he hadn't expected him to be this mad. "Everett..." he muttered, though he knew he'd gone unheard. Everett seemed to be on a mission to get Mikoto to his room, and he was definitely succeeding.

When they finally reached Everett's chambers, Mikoto fell forward into the room, catching his balance to stay standing. When he turned to face Everett, he found him slamming the door shut with such force that Mikoto thought it might break off of its hinges. He winced. "Everett...I'm sorry I didn't come to you right away about it." He said, stepping closer to try and see how angry he was. "But I needed to talk to him..."
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Everett would have taken the chance to kill him right then and there if it weren't for Mikoto jumping right in front of him. He froze in place and stared at the young men in front of him. He didn't want to lower his arm, the look in Michael's eyes were almost challenging him. And of course the snark remark of "I told you so" didn't help his already foul mood. He now figured it was too much to ask for one day with out anything going wrong.

He gave a heavy sigh and stuck his sword in the wood floor. He was dropping it for Mikoto's sake, but was keeping it by his side just in case. He didn't want to chance anything. A few men heard the loud pop from the door and came to see if something else had broken, but only saw the three men standing there. They went to draw their own swords but Everett raised his hand to stop them. He received confused glances and raised arguments. He then placed his sword back in its place by his hip before grabbing hold of Mikoto and pulling him tight against him, making sure Michael knew where his lace was. "Fine. If you want to be on this ship, expect to be put to work. Men, take him up to show him his duties."

They all looked at him with the same confused glares, "Shouldn' we chain 'em up, Cap'ain?" One said as Everett moved past them, Mikoto still in his grasp. It was a cold thing to think about, but he gave Mikoto a small squeeze before speaking, "I know what he wants, and as long as I have it, he won't be going anywhere." He ushered Mikoto up the stairs, "Don't bother us." He was careful not to shove Mikoto too much, but he just wanted to be locked away from everyone. So when he shut the door to his bedroom, he did it with more force then intended.
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"Michael, are you stupid?" Mikoto hissed, tryingg not to stomp around his room as he paced back and forth. Michael was now sitting on Mikoto's bed, watching tiredly as his prance kept ranting. Whether it was to him or to himself, he couldn't tell. "You're on a ship filled to the brim with people who despise you! They could kill you!" "They don't even know I'm here." Michael said before yawning. "Yet! They'll find out eventually, and I don't kknow if I can keep you alive." Mikoto said, beginning to feel the threat of anxiety. "You seem to have their captain wrapped around your finger, you'll find a way." "Michael!' Mikoto had to try not to yell. "Don't be rude. And alsso, Everett has a brain of his own. He doesn't need my permission to do anything." Mikoto said. Michael raised a brow at him. He didn't know. But Michael could tell. "You'll change that answer later." He scoffed.

Mikoto jumped when his door flung open, and heard a thud outside of his room from a startled crew mate who'd probably been startled right off of his hammock. "Everett?" He questioned before his eyes focussed on the sword pointed at Michael. "Wait, wait! Its okay!" he said, waving his hands in the air as he jumped in front of his friend. "He didn't do anything! He's" mikoto sighed. "The words 'i told you so' come to mind." He looked back over his shoulder at Michael.

Turning his attention back to Everett, he sighed heavily. He was exhausted, and the sun wasn't even that high in the sky yet. "I'm sorry, Everett. But he's my friend...and he's gotten himself into a stupid situation." He frowned back at Michael. "But...still my friend. No matter how stupid. I can't let you hurt him."
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Everett had fallen in the same spot he was sitting in when the ship took off. When he opened his eyes, the sky was a bright blue with only a few fluffy, clouds floating by. Some of the crew was up and already tending to their duties, some were even whisteling. He figured they were just happy to be out alive. It was tricky to get out but they managed, almost too easily.

He stood up and stretched, his muscles obviously sore from sitting in the same position for so long. He let out a small yawn as he walked down the steps onto the main deck, looking around for his young prince. He chewed on his lip, he seemed like a morning person and was a little surprised when he didn't see him on deck. Did he not sleep well? He sighed lightly before turning down to the stairs.

The crew slept quietly in their hammocks as they rocked back and forth along with the ship. It was quiet just like it was on deck, which was a good thing but at the same time odd. he blew it off since he thought he was just being paranoid but when he saw Mikoto's door was cracked open. He drew his sword carefully as he came to the door and listened.

He recoginized the voice instantly and threw the door open, pointing his sword at Michael. How stupid can he be? He glared lightly as he reached his hand out "Mikoto, come here." He tried to sound calm, but he was boiling on the inside.
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When Mikoto woke up, it was to the soft sound of boots hitting the wooden floor gently, seemingly coming closer to his room. Still groggy, he turned onto his side to face the door, and watched as a dark figure opened it. The door creaked lightly, and the figure froze. He hadn't seen Mikoto's eyes open, but even in his sleepy state Mikoto knew he was trying not to wake the sleeping crew on the outside of his small room.

He watched as the figure slowly moved into his room and shut the door so it was open only a sliver before stepping into the room further. Mikoto guessed he was feeling for something so he didn't crash into anything. But Mikoto could tell this person had been in or seen into this room before by the way he moved. And before Mikoto could say anything, a hand was over his mouth. His eyes widened and his hands went up to try and pry off the one covering his mouth, even in his groggy state. He knew what was happening, and he knew this wasn't good. Something bad was going to happen, something very bad. And as Mikoto wiggled his face slightly free, he let his teeth sink into the hand of the person latching onto his mouth.

A gasp and a curse sot out of the figure's mouth before he jumped back. Immediately, Mikoto grabbed for his matches, struck one, and set the candle ablaze on the night-side table. It took his eyes a minute to adjust, but once they had, Mikoto frowned. But, he relaxed. "Michael!" he hissed, trying to keep his voice low. "Why are you here?" "Because I couldn't live knowing I'd left you with men like this!" Michael said, standing just at the end of the bed. "What are you talking about? These are good people." "They're pirates!" "So?" Mikoto stood from his bed, and when the boat rocked slightly, he realized something. "We've set sail." he muttered to himself. "Yes, we have." Michael nodded. Mikoto's eyes widened. Apparently, they had a stow-away.
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The crew held their breath as they left the docks and headed out into the water. The waters had calmed since they were last out and gently rocked the ship like a mother rocking her baby. He felt back at home again as he looked out over the dark waters. He wandered over to the Bowstrip and looked over the long pole that extended through the air. The ship wasn't going fast so it wasn't causing as much of a splash as usual but a small spray came ff and his face.

He looked over his shoulder, wishing that Mikoto would join him. But he hoped that he was sleeping soundly in his bed. The thought of the childlike face deep into sleep made his own heart flutter lightly. It was nice to think of the innocence that he managed to keep so close to him. Even if he didn't feel right about stifling that purity. It was like caging a bird just for its song so that on a rainy day one could listen to it to make themselves feel better. But they had both made their decisions so they would live with it now. But he didn't mind it so much since he loved the prince.

Yes, he was owning up to it now. He might not ever be able to tell the prince but as long as his own heart knew, he could live with it.
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Mikoto nodded, though he didn't really want Everett to go. "What could I possibly do not to?" he asked when Everett told him to behave. But he could guess what he meant; not to go after Michael. It wasn't a very hard urge to suppress at first, but as the night carried on, it became harder. Mikoto was beginning to slightly regret standing up for himself, for yelling at Michael like that. Of coarse he knew that Michael had deserved every word of it, but it didn't make him feel any better about saying it.

He sighed, rolling over in his bed. He faced his door, slightly ajar on the opposite side of the room. He could hear the snores of exhausted crew sleeping just outside his door in their own quarters, hanging from hammocks or huddled on the cool wooden floor. Either way, they were sleeping better than Mikoto was. He sighed again. He didn't feel like he was going to get any sleep tonight. Something about the fact that he'd finally met with Michael again and totally blown him off threw him off a bit. Normally he wasn't like that. Normally, he would've just listened to his excuses and his apologies, and gone back to how they used to be. But something was different this time, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Mikoto smirked. Maybe I really am becoming a pirate. he thought to himself, trying not to laugh. But I know how uncharacteristic pirates can be...stereotypes are such a shame. I like these men. I like this family. Mikoto rolled over onto his other side, facing the wall. He pulled his blanket up to his ears, wondering what time of night it was. It was time for him to go to sleep.
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Everett could sense that something seemed wrong with Mikoto, even with the bright smile that he carried on his face. It worried him slightly but knew that he wouldn't try anything. Even if he did miss his friend, he had already made his stance on where he was staying. "Rest lad, you've had a rough day." He kissed the other's pink lips gently before smiling again "I'm going to go help the crew so we can hurry and move on. Behave while I'm gone." And once again, he left to go even further below deck.

There the crew greeted him happily when he offered to help. So they handed him some boards, nails, and a hammer. The wood had been splintered and was leaking in water, causing the ship to lean on its left side ever so slightly. The wood had to be changed before it started to rot and be coated with a specail liquid to keep it fresh. While the crew hammered away, the rest took buckets of water to the deck and tossed it back to the sea. There was only a small amount of water left, it barley covered anyone's toes. And after a couple of hours, they were set to sail.

The crew went back up stairs and began to cut the lines that held them to the docks and raise the anchor. The moon would be their only guide of getting out of the dock which was a blessing, at least to Everett. The sails bellowed out and ship ship lightly groaned from moving once again.
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Mikoto nodded, pulling away from Everett before he dashed up above deck again. He sighed, sitting back down on his bed. Everything was happening so quickly, and now it was ending just as fast. He'd wanted to see Michael more than anything, to tell him how much he'd hurt him. But also to tell him how much he'd still missed him. Even if Michael had broken Mikoto's heart, he was the only friend Mikoto had ever had. So, in a way, he forgave him.

When Everett returned to his room again, Mikoto's face brightened and he stood. Mikoto nodded at his words, though he wasn't sure if he was glad or not to hear them. They would be leaving sooner than planned. That gave Mikoto less time with Michael, if even any time at all. But he knew he couldn't tell Everett that he wasn't to see him again. He'd probably get the wrong idea, or would become too protective and not let him go. Mikoto smiled at the thought. He liked the thought of Everett getting jealous and being worried. It made him feel...well, loved.
Michael had walked back to his home that he still shared with his parents in behind the cake shop. They were fast asleep, of coarse, and had left his food on the table. Sitting down, he began to eat. He felt completely awful about what Mikoto had said to him. He knew he was right, that everything he'd said was true. Michael didn't even know when he'd come to love the young prince so much. He remembered the day Mikoto had confessed to him, and how awkward he'd felt. He didn't even acknowledge his words. And then he left for the navy. Somewhere while he was becoming a Lieutenant, he realized his feelings, and that it was too late. But he still needed to try.

Knowing the ship would be leaving soon, probably sooner now that he'd made an appearance, Michael decided. He was going to stow away on the ship, and get to Mikoto. He didn't care if he had to die at sea to make Mikoto's feelings for him return. He was going to do it. And he was going to do it right this time.
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Everett knew that the lieutenant was smarter than that to simply let them go. It was too simple. He gave Mikoto's head a pat "I'll make sure to tell the crew to hurry repairs so we can get a head start." He knew that they just had to get it repaired enough for the ship not to take in water. The rest they could do at sea. He smiled lightly, "but don't worry lad, we'll be ready for him when he comes again."

He dashed up to let the crew know they needed to hurry even more. But also gave them the order to get everything ready so they could leave right away. They all shouted "aye" before picking the pace up. He knew he was working them hard but they would rest once they got to sea. Before he headed back down, he looked down the dock to make sure it was still safe for them to stay there longer. He could see the guards watching them closely from the far end but he knew while Michael was still upset, they wouldn't make another move against them. Or at least that's what he hoped.

He tried to ignore the thought as he slowly walked down the stairs and back to Mikoto's room. He smiled when he walked back in, not wanting to see Mikoto upset again. "We should be done by tonight so we can slip away in the dark."
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Mikoto couldn't help but let a small smile come to his lips when Everett pulled him into him. He hugged him tightly, pressing his face into his chest. He felt warm. He knew that he'd hurt Michael, but he felt like he'd deserved it. Michael had hurt Mikoto even more than he could ever have imagined. Probably more than he had intended. But he knew that Mikoto was right.

When Everett kissed the top of Mikoto's head, his cheeks turned a dim pink and he buried his face further into his chest. He'd never felt this way, not even for Michael. At the time, Mikoto thought that he really loved Michael. But maybe, probably, it was because he didn't know the world. Or any other person, either. Michael had been his only way out of the castle, and there was a chance that that was the reason.

"I'm glad too." he said, pulling away slightly to un-muffle his voice. "But I know Michael, and he isn't going to simply stop now." he told Everett. "He'll think of something...he's stubborn like that." Mikoto frowned, running a hand through his bangs to get them out of his eyes. "And he won't stop until he does."
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All hEverett stood when he saw Michael tug on Mikoto's wrist. He rested his hand on his sword, just in case the lietenant tried to pull something. But when Mikoto held his ground, he relaxed lightly. One thing he had in common with Michael was the inability to deny Mikoto what ever he desired. Even if they seemed ridiculous and crazy. His heart dropped a little when he saw the defeated look on Michael's face. But when it came down to it, he still had Mikoto. And they were standing together holding each other's hand.

He looked up when the threat hit his ears. He simply gave a small head bow and watched him leave. He stayed still before he turned and wrapped an arm around the prince, bringing him close against his chest. "I'm sorry Mikoto." He said lightly. It was almost like music to his ears, saying his name. But he knew that now wasn't the time to be swaying over a name. "I-I don't know how, but I'm glad I fixed what ever it was that was wrong." He kissed the top of Mikoto's head before leaning his forehead against him. "I'm glad your staying here, lad."
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Mikoto wiped away the water from his eyes, and couldn't help the small smile that came to his lips when Everett took hold of his hand. It was lovely, feeling connected to him again. It almost made him forget about Michael, still standing in the door way. Taking a deep breath, Mikoto turned back to Michael. "I'm sorry for yelling at you." he muttered, though he wasn't sure if he really meant it. Actually, he sort of liked yelling at Michael. He was able to get all of the hurt, anxiety, stress and anger out of him for doing it. "But, I would appreciate it if you left this ship." he said. And Michael looked stunned. "I can't go back with you, Mikoto." "Well, you are." Mikoto told him, turning away slightly. But he was caught by his wrist and pulled slightly toward Michael. "You don't understand! Do you know what will happen if anyone finds out that I had you in my reach, and I let you go? The king would be furious!"

Mikoto yanked his wrist free, turning away completely. "Well, I understand it's your duty as a Lieutenant of the Royal Navy to think this way. But, I would appreciate it if you acted like a friend for once, and did as I asked." Mikoto glared back over his shoulder at Michael, hoping to get his point across. Apparently, he had. Michael sighed, eyes sad. But he knew he couldn't talk to Mikoto anymore. He'd seen how much he was hurting, and the fact that he was the cause killed him. But it was his own fault, his own stupidity. Michael nodded, turning away from the two in the room. Looking back over his shoulder, his eyes daggers once again as he glared at Everett. "If you ever hurt him, I'll slice you in half." he said to him, turned, and left the ship with the rest of the navy waiting on dock for him.
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