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The captain smiled as he leaned his chin on Mikoto's shoulder, looking out the same way the prince was. Mikoto had the same reaction Everett did when he first took over his first ship. But he was so young when that happened, he was about Mikoto's age when it all happened. He never intended to be captain, but when he was the first one to rise up after the old captain's death, he was thrust into the role. He no longer regretted that decision.

Everett felt the slight shiver run through the body against his. He leaned up sightly and looked at Mikoto. "You alright lad? Catch a bit of a breeze did ya?" He said looking out to where he was staring. He then understood, catching a small glimpse of Micheal looking away from where they stood. He was a little jealous that a little glance could cause such a reaction, but he shook it off and gave Mikoto's hands a squeeze. "Do you want me to fetch you anything?" He said gently, trying to grab the prince's attention once again. It was a petty feeling, but he couldn't help himself. The lieutenant practically declared war any ways.
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Mikoto couldn't help but smile when Everett pulled him over to him, having him stand in front of him at the wheel. He had his hands under Everett's as he held the wheel that steered the ship, and leaned back into Everett, still smiling. "I almost feel like I'm on top of the world." He looked back at Everett and grinned. "You make me feel like I could fly." He felt his cheeks heating up and knew he was blushing , but didn't mind.

As he looked out over the main deck again, Mikoto caught Michael's eye from down below. He was watching them with eyes that Mikoto could see were intense, even from the distance he was at. He didn't smile when he looked down at Michael, because Michael didn't smile either. What was he doing, watching them? He should've been helping out with the crew. But then Michael's words rang through his head, telling Mikoto about his feelings and how he loved him now, like Mikoto had once loved him.

Mikoto shivered, closing his eyes. When he opened them, Michael was back to work with the rest of the crew. He sighed. He didn't know how this was going to work, when Michael had it in for Everett, and vice versa. Mikoto sometimes felt like his own feelings didn't really matter, in a war between hearts like this.
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The captain smiled at the innocence behind Mikoto's words, but it quickly died down when Angelo came up behind them. He knew his first mate was dull, but he never thought he would actually stand up against him. But instead of arguing, Everett simply shouted "Aye!" after him. He rolled his eyes before leaning up.

"He means well. He's just had to save me so many times because of my inability to do so myself." He took his spot back behind the wheel before smiling. "Don't take it to heart." He looked back down and the wheel, before looking up at Mikoto. He gave a sly grin before pulling the prince over to him. "Want to steer with me?" He had the smaller man stand in front of him, his hands on top of the others. He put their hands on the wheel and gently held the wheel accordingly. "Look at that lad, you're steering a pirate ship." He gently kissed the top of his head before looking at their hands which he had tightly clamped to the steering wheel. "How does it feel?"
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Mikoto was too busy looking out over the deck, watching the crew and then the waves laid out before them, to realize the true meaning behind Everett's words. But when he felt Everett's eyes on him after he'd spoken again, Mikoto met his gaze. And then he realized.

A small smile touched his lips as he dropped his eyes, feeling his face heat up. His cheeks were a pale pink colour as he stepped forward, closer to Everett. "I'd like to say something clever back to that, but I don't know what to say." He admitted feeling a bit embarrassed.

"You should really learn to keep the flirting to a minimul, when steering the ship." Angelo came up behind the two of them, his face expressionless as he watched them. "Maybe you have too many...distractions up here with you, Captain." He said, his eyes moving over Mikoto as he said the last part. "You need to keep the ship on coarse, and make sure not to crash or run us aground. For that...maybe the young prince should get to doing something else besides distracting the captain?"

But before either Mikoto or Everett could say anything, Angelo was already walking away, down to the main deck, barking orders around. Mikoto stuck his tongue out after him, a scowl on his face. "He's no fun." He pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.
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Everett smiled the ex-lieutenant and smiled lightly when he realized how hard he was working. While he still didn't trust the man, it made him feel a little better that he was trying harder. He brushed his hair back from his eyes as he looked out over the blue ocean. He leaned on the banister as his smile grew larger. He turned to look at the prince, "I like the view too." He wasn't sure if Mikoto would catch on that he wasn't talking about the ocean. He turned his sly smile to the other direction and leaned on his hand.

"There are many other rewards to being a captain you know." He said shrugging "Of course I get to run my own ship but I think the best is getting to find beautiful treasures." He slid his eyes back over towards Mikoto, trying to catch any blush or reaction. He might have been laying the flirt on a little hard but he didn't care. It was fun having playful banter back and forth.
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Mikoto's face was a bright pink as Everett caressed his cheeks, watching him carefully. Their eyes were locked like their lips had been, and they weren't wavering. Mikoto grinned when Everett stood, pulling him toward the door. Suddenly, Mikoto got the feeling that Everett wanted to show him off. That was how he was acting, but, why? He thought he wanted to hide their relationship from the crew, even though most of them already knew. Or at least they had guessed something was up between the two of them. And the definitely weren't wrong.

Stepping out onto the deck outside of the captain's quarters, the noise of the hard-working men hit Mikoto like a wall. It took a minute for his eyes to adjust to the brightness of the sun, but once they had, he smiled again. The crew was working hard, and the day had grown bright and beautiful after such a deadly storm the day before. But no one had died in it, and that was made Mikoto the most happy.

As Mikoto followed Everett up to the wheel where he commanded the ship and the crew from, he spied Michael down below. At first he looked grim, like he was seriously regretting the choice he'd made to follow Mikoto onto the ship to try and win back his heart. But when Mikoto looked closer, he found that that wasn't so. He looked determined to help the crew, like his life depended on it. And it did.

But it wasn't just that. He looked like he was almost enjoying what he was doing. Mikoto knew that the royal navy was no joke, and that he probably hadn't enjoyed most of his time there.

Pushing past the thought, Mikoto stepped up beside Everett and couldn't help himself from standing as close to him as he could get as he watched him steering the ship. "The view from here is amazing." Mikoto said, smiling out over the deck. "I can understand why you like being a captain so much, with this as your reward."
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Everett brushed his fingers against the other's cheek, memorized by the soft skin underneath them. His lips formed a smile as he recalled the first time they laid eyes on each other. He never thought that they would be were they were at that moment. At first, he wanted to trade Mikoto for some kind of freedom from the royal coart, but now he was happy that he didn't. But the pleading brown eyes reatched out to him that first hour they were together and hr couldn't deny them ever since.

He opened his mouth to speak but only found his lis being captured by the prince once again. But this time, somehting new sparked in his chest. He didn't need to hear the words anymore, he could feel them eminating through the kiss. He let them stay that was for a few more minutes before he pulled away. He smiled and poked the prince's nose, "Come, we can't enjoy our adventure from here" He said before taking Mikoto's hand "Come stand on deck with me." He didn't care who saw anymore, he figured the crew knew already anyways. So he gently pulled on his hand and lead him outside into the bright light. He kept a smile on his lips as he lead his prince up the stairs to the steering wheel. He wanted Mikoto to be able to see everything.
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Mikoto couldn't keep the smile off of his face as Everett spoke, then kissed his forehead. Without even really thinking about it, Mikoto leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to Everett's, closing his eyes as he moved. He felt the warmth of Everett's lips on his own spread through him like his body was being flooded by something. Something nice; something sweet.

When he pulled his lips off of Everett's, he could still feel the sweet feeling all throughout himself, and it made him blush again. "I'm so glad it was you and your ship who came and brought me off of that other one." he smiled. "It wasn't a very nice ship." And then Mikoto's thoughts went back to the night they pulled into port at the pirate city, how Everett hadn't left him behind, and how they'd sat under the stars, back on the ship, and talked. Their first conversation, and it was probably a silly one, now that Mikoto looked back on it. He'd told Everett something about his life, and he'd even gone on to tell him about the stars. Recalling it, he felt foolish even then. But he was also very happy.

"Thank you." he said to Everett, meeting his eyes. "For everything. Even though you may see it like you've taken me away, I feel like you've brought me somewhere greater. Somewhere I wouldn't have been able to reach without you." and he kissed him again, more passionately this time. He wanted to put all of his feelings into that kiss, because, even then, he didn't know how to put them into words.
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Everett heard the slight sniffling coming from Mikoto. He quickly looked down afraid that he somehow offended the prince. A pit grew in his stomach but when he saw the small smile and heard the hay words. A gasp of relief escaped his lips before he lifted his hands to the other's cheeks. He felt the tears tap against his fingers gently, but he didn't mind. He wiped them away gently before smiling himself. "If they're happy tears then cry away." He kissed his forehead gently once again.

He couldn't help but want to try out of happiness himself. He never thought that the prince would have reacted the way he did. He spoke with out really thinking, but he was glad that he did. The sudden warmth that seemed to spread through him was irreplaceable. It was love. It was still innocent, but it was oh so beautiful. It was like seeing sun shine after years of darkness. He wanted to hear Mikoto say the words back, but when the boy was ready, he'd gladly hear it. So he was happy with the tears of joy. a few of his own slipping form his eyes.
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Mikoto blushed softly at the sweet words being said to him, and he knew they just weren't words. He could feel their meaning as Everett spoke them to him, and he could even see the pirate captain blushing himself. Mikoto leaned into Everett, looking down at their hands. He'd never noticed before, but Everett had such large hands...they were so much bigger than his own. But it was just something else that made him feel safe, as if Everett could protect Mikoto from everything on the planet just by simply holding his hand.

Looking at Everett in surprise, Mikoto's face went cherry red, his eyes widening. He felt his breath catch, and he just stared at the other. No one had ever said those words to him before...not even his own parents. And the fact that they had been said with so much truth; passion...Mikoto didn't know what to say. He didn't even know how to put what he wanted to say into words. So instead, he flung himself at Everett, pressing his face as hard as he could into his chest.

Mikoto closed his eyes, and he could feel his breath catching in his throat; he felt like he was going to cry. He felt so overwhelmed with happiness that he didn't think he could control it, and he was right.

Mikoto felt the wetness crawling down his cheeks as he tried to bite the inside of his cheek to stop it, but he couldn't. He pulled back slightly, enough to be able to wipe his eyes with his hands. "You've got n-no idea how happy you've j-just made me." he sobbed lightly, trying to dry his eyes without success. He gave a small smile. "I can't seem to stop crying."
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Everett looked down at their hands, Mikoto's seemed so tiny compared to his. It was soothing to be having a calm conversation again with the prince. He was worried that they might return to normal after the lieutenants presence was made on the ship. But the sparkle had returned to the chocolate eyes: the sparkle that he loved so dearly. So he smiled and stepped closer so that their arms were touch besides just their hands.

He looked at the door before kissing the other's head. "I could never tire of you. You're the only thing I've fought this hard to keep," he said into Mikoto's hair "You mean so much more to me than all the treasures in the world." He blushed lightly at his own words. He had never spoken like that to anybody, not even to her. But this was different. This love was different, it was a need, just just a want. He felt if Mikoto was taken away from him would be equivalent to air never entering his lungs again. Or as if he was cursed to spend his life in the night. Mikoto was his sunshine.

He spoke in a whisper, barely even audible "I love you."
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Mikoto smiled at Everett and took his hand in his own, squeezing it. "It makes me happy that you listen to me, though. That you try to understand me." Mikoto looked back to the door that closed the two off from the rest of the ship. He could hear the crew barking at each other through the wood, but he couldn't make out the words they were saying. "When I was living in the castle at Kingston, no body ever listened to me. They acted like I was four years old and simply nodded when I spoke. They didn't hear what I said, just the words I was saying."

Mikoto smiled again at Everett. "That's also one thing you'll always hold over Michael," he said. "Michael listened to me better than anyone , but even he wasn't the greatest. He always second guessed what I told him. Like when I confessed to him...he completely ignored me." Mikoto squeezed Everett's hand again. "But when I confessed to you, I felt really happy at your confession back to me." His cheeks turned a soft pink colour.

His eyes returning to the door as footsteps ran past, its owners yelling more orders at the crew-the first mate, most likely-Mikoto realized how alone the two of them really were. He felt his face heat up again, and he leaned against Everett. "Michael won't win me over." He spoke again. "You hold so much over him...I just hope you won't get tired of me."
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Everett became stiff when Mikoto wrapped his slender arms around him. He didn't think that the prince would be so eager to be close to him again. He expected him to be angry, not happy in the slightest. Mikoto's best friend was just threatened but he seemed to be elated at the rule he set down. But he didn't voice his surprise, he simply held Mikoto close against him. He was just happy that they were holding each other again. His only fear with Michael being there was that he was stubborn. The worlds they lived in were miles apart, yet they seemed to have the same goal in mind. Mikoto.

He looked over at Mikoto as he sat down on the bed, his face flushing with color lightly. It was slightly embarrassing that he got that upset, but in his mind he was a little justified. But of course he was going to pull his sword, there was an intruder in his prince's room. It just didn't help who the intruder was. If it was anyone else he probably wouldn't have been upset, then again, if it wasn't Michael, he would have either locked him away or killed him.

"Sorry, lad." He said sitting next to him and rested his elbows on his thighs. "I know you trust him but I just can't..." He looked up lightly, his eyes showing how confused he was. He wanted to be able take Mikoto's word on the lieutenant but they already were made enemies. In life and in love.
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Mikoto relaxed instantly when Everett apologized, then kissed the top of his head. But just as fast, it was gone again when his hands grasped Mikoto's shoulders. He held his breath unconsciously and stared into Everett's dead serious face. Then, he smiled. "Thank you." he said to him, smiling up at him. Mikoto knew that Everett was trying to protect him, as well as the crew. He knew he didn't want Michael here because of his status on the Royal Navy, and because of his history with Mikoto. But he also knew that Everett saw that Michael was an important friend to him. And that he greatly appreciated.

Mikoto stepped into Everett, his arms wrapping around his back as he hugged him tightly. "You don't know how much this means to me. Thank you so much." he mumbled as he pressed his face into Everett's warm chest. What Everett didn't know was that his crew would do anything for him, and that Mikoto felt safe whenever he was simply around. He didn't need to be watching out for him, he simply had to be standing right beside him. But he didn't know if he could tell Everett that, because he didn't know how he'd word it. He didn't want Everett to think he was weird or that he was over exaggerating. Which he wasn't.

When Mikoto pulled away, he smiled again at Everett. "You know, I didn't think you'd be this mad." he confessed, backing up a few steps to sit down on the bed behind them. "I mean, you really startled me. I didn't expect you to draw your sword at Michael or pull me away from him like that. It really caught me off guard." he said, managing to keep eye-contact with Everett. "But it's alright. You didn't scare me." he smiled. "Actually, I think it's quite funny."
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Everett lifted his head lightly to look at Mikoto once again. It was still hard for him to allow it but he knew where the prince was coming from. They had history and he couldn't stop it. So he sighed and stepped away from the wall, getting closer to Mikoto. He reached out and gently stroked Mikoto's cheek with the back of his fingers. It calmed him lightly, even if there was still a heavy weight laying against his shoulders. "You're right, I'm sorry that I accused you." He kissed the top of the prince's head gently, still a bit hesitant.

He stood up straight again and rested his hands on Mikoto's shoulder sternly, "but let him be warned. If he causes trouble, I will lock him in the brig until the next port where we can leave him." His eyes were focused on the other's, his hands staying firm where they sat "I won't toss him off the ship and leave him to the sharks because I can't have you hate me. But my crew is my responsibility and I can't put them in danger. You can tell him that if you want, but please try and understand lad." While he wished he could throw Michael over board so that they could finally be at peace, he knew what the lieutenant meant to Mikoto. And as long as he wanted his friend there, he would allow it. As long as he kept to his rules, things should be fine.
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