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Everett rose a brow as Mikoto warned him against heavy drinking. It was normal for pirates to be drinking, some people said they lived off the alcohol. But then again Mikoto was new and it's not like the captain drank very often anyways. Only the rare occasion he got thirsty, which is thy the bottle was so buried in the drawer.

He set the bottle down and sat on the bed next to the prince. If it made him that uncomfortable then he would stop. He knew that it would take much more than a few sips of whiskey to make him wobble but he didn't see a point in getting that drunk anyways. He wiped his lips to make sure that there wasn't any of the liquid left on his lips before he spoke "I'm sure they are all ready to be off the ship. You could see it in their eyes when I told them." He shrugged lightly before laying back "Normally they can last weeks on the ship before we dock but I think they are just a little shaken up still and just need some time to relax." Even if they could relax on the island, he still felt that he had to keep an eye on Michael. He figured it wouldn't be too hard since the lieutenant probably wouldn't let Mikoto out of his sight on the island.

He sighed to himself before smiling back up to Mikoto. It wasn't fair to get depressed about it and then push it onto the prince. So Everett just shoved it back down and ignored it, it was the hand he was dealt with and he just had to accept it.
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Mikoto's cheeks burned when Everett told him he'd always find a way to save him. He liked that thought. It meant that he could rely fully on Everett, no matter what. And he did. When Everett pulled away from Mikoto, walking over to his desk, Mikoto was watching carefully as the other pulled out a glass bottle and took a quick swig. Mikoto stiffened a bit ; he hadn't been expecting that.

Without knowing why, Mikoto hadn't taken Everett as one to drink on the ship. Of coarse he'd seen him drinking when he'd gone to that bar back in their first port after acquiring him, before anything had really started between him and Everett, but he never thought he'd see him drinking on the ship. A drunk captain surely wasn't something that was unheard of, though.

"You shouldn't drink too much." Mikoto said, before he could stop himself. But after he'd said it, he couldn't take it back. So he dropped his bangs in front of his eyes to hide the slight embarrassment, but spoke again. "I mean, you're still recovering, and you're the captain." he paused, then let a small smile touch his lips. "Just don't get completely wasted, is what I'm trying to say...but you probably already know that."

His cheeks burning again, Mikoto walked over to the bed and sat down on it's edge, facing Everett. Looking up at him, he felt extremely small. "I think I have a height complex." he muttered to himself, blowing his bangs out of his eyes after a few moments so he could see better. He smiled up at Everett again. "I hope the men are looking forward to this trip as much as I am!"
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Everett lifted his hand to touch what was his injured shoulder. He didn't really think of it since it didn't hurt, it reminded him if he moved his arm uncomfortably but then again he wasn't doing much physical labor these past few days. The only time he used his arm was to draw his sword against Michael.

He felt the prince's hand against his shoulder and he offered a gentle smile. He let his fingers trail over and intertwine with the other's, keeping them on his shoulder, just above his heart. "It wasn't your fault, lad." he said using his free hand to brush back a few strands of brown hair. "You did a courageous thing back there. I'll save you every time you need me to." He shrugged lightly "Hell, I might save you even if you think you don't need it." He laughed lightly, looking down for a moment before looking back up. He would do anything, if it meant keeping Mikoto by his side. He was more precious than any jewel he had ever seen, and he wanted him all to himself.

Everett gave him a small kiss before letting him go and walking over to his desk, The drawers were pulled open, creaking in protest. Papers shifted under his finger tips as he dug deep, searching for the small glass bottle he always kept. Once his fingers felt the cool glass, he pulled it out and pulled the cork off. He took a drink of the bitter whisky before sitting on the edge of the desk, looking at Mikoto. "I am looking forward to spending some time in the water with you though." He winked playfully before taking another drink.
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Mikoto let a small gasp of surprise fly through his lips as he was pulled along by Everett, down the stairs and onto the lower deck. He looked back over his shoulder when Everett called to Angelo, and caught the annoyed glare he was shooting their way. When their eyes met, he found Angelo's eyes looked like ice, and they seemed to be freezing him. But then, Angelo was out of sight, and then they were in the captains' quarters, with Mikoto under Everett as he leaned in, pressing Mikoto back against the door. A grin found its way to his lips, and Mikoto slipped under his arms, and past him into the room further.

When Mikoto reached the bed, he turned around and looked at Everett with his hands behind his back, leaning back so his middle was pushed out slightly as he watched him from across the room. He smiled. "It does feel that way, doesn't it?" he repeated Everett's question, thinking. "We haven't really been alone, really alone, since you hurt your shoulder when we rescued Jaccob and you were staying in my bedroom." he smiled, remembering. In reality, it hadn't been that long ago since that had all happened, but it seemed like a life time ago.

Starting toward Everett, Mikoto now stood in front of the taller male, and touched his shoulder. "I hope it hasn't been bugging you; that it's healed all right." he said, looking up to meet Everett's eyes. "I was really worried when that happened." he said. "Mostly because it was my fault, though." he dropped his eyes back to Everett's shoulder, then took his hand away. "I hope you can forgive me." he smiled.
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Everett laughed and rose his eye brows in slight shock "Do you doubt me?" While he knew Mikoto was right, he still wanted to see what the other thought. He never felt the need to do anything, but surely if the moment presented itself he might take advantage of it. If Mikoto was anyone else then maybe he would have been more aggressive, he certainly made a reputation for being a womanizer back in town. But the prince was so much different than the woman he had relations with before.

When Mikoto first arrived, he was skittish like a lost cat. He was no threat but the the captain saw no point in scaring him so he let him be. But now it was different. When they kissed, he wanted it to never end, and even wanted it to grow.

When Mikoto's eyes met his again, there was something new. It made his heart skip a beat and he had to lean up to clear his throat. He had never been so nervous around someone. Mainly because he didn't expect Mikoto to say something back. So he reached out and took Mikoto's hand, pulling him so that they were going down the stairs, "Watch the ship for me Angelo!" He yelled, not bothering to look at the glare he was receiving.

He pulled the prince into his room and shut the door tight. He smiled as he leaned against the door, "I feel like we haven't had much time alone lately."
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Mikoto couldn't help but let his smile widened when Everett told him he'd follow him anywhere. He leaned into Everett's touch as he carressed his cheek softly, and his smile dimmed. But at the quiet comment that escaped Everett's mouth, it finally disappeared and was replaced by a fierce blush. He dropped his voice, but didn't distance himself any from the other as he spoke. "I doubt you would, though." He finally let a shy, trying smile touch his lips. As if he were almost daring Everett to do something more. "I mean...we've been alone before, and that mostly resulted in a few kisses. Oh, and me running around with no trousers on." He giggled, letting his bangs fall into his face.

But it was true; Everett had never done anything more than hold him closely and kiss him, aside from that time Mikoto had practically been sitting on him in his room while his shoulder had been dislocated. Other than that, Everett hadn't done anything that might offend Mikoto, or make him uncomfortable. But, he'd also never tried to do anything more than that. But, maybe that was also Mikoto's fault? He'd never said he wanted Everett to do something to him, either. Though Everett had never done much more than press his lips to Mikoto's - as hot as that made him feel - and even Mikoto hadn't initiated something more than that.

Looking back up to Everett, meeting his eyes, Mikoto's cheeks became hot again. "Well...privacy doesn't sound that bad at all." He whispered to him, dropping his eyes as the heat in his cheeks increased.
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Everett looked over his shoulder to glare at his first mate, but the man was facing the other way. He rolled his eyes and turned back to Mikoto. He knew that it couldn't be helped but he somewhat wished that it would be easier for them to be open with out getting groaned or whistled at. He wasn't going to tell the crew to stop, knowing that they wouldn't, he just wished it was easier.

When he felt the tug on his head, he had to put his arm up in order to keep their balance. His coat came up slightly, shielding them from part of the ship. He listened to every word the prince had to say closely. The words were simply, but had so much meaning to them. Everett smiled lightly before kissing the sot on Mikoto's neck, just below his ear "I'll go with you any where just so it'll be exciting for you." He pulled back slightly so that his silver eyes could meet Mikoto's chocolate ones. He kept the faint smile on his lips as he lifted his hand, gently brushing the other's cheek with the back of his knuckles, "I'm sorry if I embaress you lad. If you want me to stop then I'll do so, just give me the word." A smirk came across his lips and he dropped his voice as he leaned in again, "I'll be more than happy to give you all the attention you want in privacy." He kissed his cheek before letting his arm drop. He had to admit, teasing the prince did make him very happy.
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Mikoto's face flushed when Everett caught his hands, pulled him closer, and kissed him. He barely felt the mast pressing up against his back, all he felt was Everett's lips, and the rest of his tall figure pressing against Mikoto's slender one. The heat in his cheeks grew, and he gasped for breath when he pulled away from Everett. Opening his eyes a bit, he put his hands back on Everett's chest, but pulled at his jacket until his lips were back on top of his own, sending shivers down his spine, making his head blur of all sense.

A low, throaty grumble brought him back, out of his haze, and Mikoto pulled away from Everett with a small gasp. But when he looked around them, he found no eyes on them at all. Instinctively, he knew it had been Angelo. Mikoto dropped his eyes, his blush spreading to his ears as he did so, his bangs falling across his face. "We're kind of open, you know?" he said, his voice quiet so no one could hear but Everett. Looking up, he met Everett's eyes again, and gave a small smile. "I'm excited to go to this island." he said. Raising himself back up onto his tip toes, he pressed himself against Everett for balance and brought his head down so Mikoto could whisper into his ear, "But only because you're going to be there with me."
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Everett laughed lightly as he looked down at his boots. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He was guessing it was good but when he raised his head to say something but found Mikoto's eyes scanning him. It felt odd that he was being so closely watched, but at the same time, he stood still so that the prince could watch him.

He felt his heart stop when Mikoto's hands rested on his chest. Those small hands could do wonders to even they did nothing at all. Just a simple touch could send him reeling. He shut his eyes and let his senses take over, letting the small tingles run through his skin. He loved the heat that it made him feel deep down in his muscles, making everything feel relaxed. When the other's fingers found their way into his hair, he rolled his head a bit so the fit behind his ears just right. He let a happy sigh, and smiled into the gentle touch.

His smile faded when he felt the hands slipping away slowly. He opened his eyes and caught Mikoto's hands so that he couldn't slip away any further. He could hear a groan come from Angelo but he didn't care what he thought. He pulled him back into into his embrace. "Let's hope it's a never ending adventure then." He kissed the prince softly, pushing them back against the mast. He knew that it was slightly uncomfortable to be so open in front of his crew but he didn't want Mikoto to think that he had to stay away just because of that.
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Mikoto watched as Everett slowly ascended the steps to the highest level of the ship, where Mikoto and Angelo were, and went over to talk to his first mate. He watched as the two of them spoke in hushed tones, surprised that Angelo was speaking to him. But, then again, he was Everett's first mate; they needed to talk every now and again. But as soon as Everett turned to look at Mikoto, he felt a smile grow across his lips, and a small blush surface on his cheeks as the back of his hand was kissed. "Every day is an adventure with you." he smiled, taking a step closer to him.

Unable to help himself, Mikoto let his eyes fall to Everett's boots, then rise up his long legs, up his torso...they took a break at his broad chest. Mikoto loved his chest; it was comforting and seemed like it blocked out the rest of the world. Mikoto took another step forward, closing the gap between them, as he put his hands on Everett's chest. His eyes roamed further, though, up to his shoulders, and his hand followed. As his eyes traveled further, up his neck, across his soft lips, over his slender nose, and up to meet his eyes, Mikoto realized he'd now tangled his hands in Everett's hair, standing on his tip toes.

"Oops." he muttered, a shy smile on his lips as he dropped back down onto flat feet, his cheeks heating up as he did so. He glanced away, but couldn't help sneaking another look back at Everett. His smile grew. "You're an adventure in yourself."
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Everett smiled as he watched his crew pull the ropes to the masts so that they could be redirected. He gave a satisfied shrug as he walked back u the steps, seeing the odd trio just as he got into view. He stared for a moment, taking in the sight of the old man, Angelo and Mikoto all talking to one another. He was even surprised that Angelo had gotten that close to the prince since he somewhat made it obvious that he didn't like him. And he that the old captain was causing him some kind of trouble. He would have said something if he hadn't retreated to his room so fast.

He took a small paper from his pocket and held it to his first mate, "Here, this is where we're heading. Try not to get us lost." The man looked at him with cold eyes. It had only happened once but Everett made sure he never forgot. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Angelo kept his voice low which made Everett move a little closer so he could hear. The dark haired man stared below deck, something was obviously on his mind but the captain knew there was no way of getting it out of him. He was a man of few words.

Everett gave a large smile and gave the other man a good slap on the shoulder "You worry too much! If something goes wrong I'm sure we can handle it." He turned away from him and to Mikoto. He hoped he didn't hear anything, he didn't want the prince to worry. He took the prince's hand and kissed over his knuckles softly. "Are you ready for another adventure, Mikoto?"
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Mikoto nodded, then watched as Everett left to go below deck to chart out a coarse to take to get to a vacant island. Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair as he leaned back against a wall, stepping out of the way as Angelo stepped up and took over steering the ship. Mikoto watched him curiously, his dark hair only slightly longer than his own, yet his skin was so pale it looked like he'd never gotten a ray of sunshine in his life. Unlike Mikoto's, who's skin was pale, but not so that he looked like a corpse.

"Hey, kid!" Mikoto looked up at the sound of an old, scratchy voice called out. He looked around, and found an old man beckoning for him to come closer. Mikoto nodded, pushing himself off of the wall and started toward him. "You're the young prince, yes?" the old man asked when he got closer. Mikoto nodded. "Everett has told me little about you." Mikoto raised a brow in question. "Who are you?" he asked him. The old man let out a harsh laugh. "I used to run this ship, but eventually Everett overpowered me. Strong young man, he is." the man nodded to himself. "He seems to favor you." he let a toothy grin fill his wrinkled face. Mikoto blushed. "Keep an eye on 'im, eh? He may seem rough, but his heart is tender." Mikoto paused, then nodded. He smiled. "I know." The old man's grin lessened to a small smile, and he truned away from Mikoto. "Your cooking is excellent. Better than that of any woman. No wonder the cap'in favors you." he winked at Mikoto, before retreating into a small room.

"Pay no mind to him." a voice uninterrupted Mikoto's curiosity. He looked behind him, and found Angelo giving him an odd look. "He's crazy. Everett's back." Mikoto turned around fully and watched as Everett began speaking to his crew, followed by yells of happiness. Mikoto smiled. It wasn't just him defeating the old captain that makes him so great, he thought to himself, smiling. It's him in general.
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Everett gave a nod before looking out. There didn't seem to be anything close by so that meant they would have to look at a map. "Let me go chart something out then we can announce it to the crew, yes?" He felt bad that Mikoto thought he only liked kissing his head, because in all honesty, it was just easier. "And lad, don't think that your lips aren't always on my mind" He winked before giving him a gentle kiss, "I'm an old man so your head is the easiest thing for me to reach." It was a flat out lie. He was only a few years over twenty, yet after years of hard work on the ship his body didn't move like it used to. He kissed the other's lips again before going down stairs to talk to the chart master.

He could have easily done it himself but he wanted some opinion on where they should go from a few member of the crew before it was decided. Once they had it they went back up and called the crew to gather around. Everett told them how they deserved a break after the events from the past few days and they the island they were heading to was secluded and far away from any trading routes. So that way they could, hopefully, have a day with out incident. He gave them the coordinants and they all ran off cheering.
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Mikoto smiled at Everett's comment about him liking Mikoto being small, and he pressed himself against the other's side. "You're right. We fit perfectly together." He smiled to himself, dropping his eyes as he watched the crew below him. When he lifted his eyes again, he looked up to Everett. "You must really like the top of my head," he said, eyebrows going up. "Its the only part of me you kiss anymore." But with that, a teasing grin spread across his face as he stuck his tongue out playfully at Everett.

As Mikoto glanced away, he caught sight of the shimmering waters ahead of him, and let a gasp escape through his lips. "An island, you say?" He muttered as his eyes fixated on the beautiful ocean ahead of them, spanned out across the horizon. He smiled. "Anywhere with you." He looked back to Everett, a smile, yet very sincere, smile on his face as his cheeks flushed a pink colour.

Looking back out to sea, Mikoto could already feel the building excitement. "I've never been to an island before." He said. "Let's go!" He looked back up to Everett, his face bright and smiling. "Somewhere where the sand is soft, with shady trees and cool, clear water." He paused. "I want to go swimming...but not to save someone's life this time." He said. "I want to go swimming with you."
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Everett smiled as he watched the prince prance off to feed the crew. he admired the fact that Mikoto seemed to try so hard to make sure his work was completed, he had much more stamina than the captain did. He often got scolded for sneaking off to fall asleep, but it always turned out to be a joke by the end of the day.

He sat back on the boxes and took the bowl into his hands, letting all the different scents fill his nostrils. He relished every bite he had, not remembering the last time he ate this well. It filled him completely which made him want to fall into old habits and sneak off again, but he knew that he would not only get in trouble with Angelo, but most likely Mikoto as well. It made him laugh as he stood up to go back to the wheel. He noticed that the crew seemed a bit happier, not as tense as they were after the recent events.

He heard a giggle next to him and he turned with a smile. He held an arm out and circled it around Mikoto's shoulders. "I like you short." He said with a wink "You fit perfectly next to me." He kissed the other's hair before turning back to the horizon. The sun was setting, turning the sky a burning orange. "Do you think we should take the crew somewhere to relax? Not a town, but maybe somewhere like an island for them to unwind."
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