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Mikoto blushed when Everett responded to him, and kissed his cheeks softly. He could see on his face that the other male was thinking, but right when Mikoto went to ask him about it, he was distracted. He could feel them sliding to the floor, and he suddenly got the sensation that they were falling. He grabbed onto the back of Everett's shirt, a bit startled, but once they were on the ground, he loosened his grip and let his hands slide down the front of his shoulders, to his chest. He could feel Everett's heart racing, and it made Mikoto smile as he was kissed again.

As he leaned into it, Mikoto pulled his back off of the wall as he felt Everett's arms go around him as he was pulled into the other male's lap. At first, the fact that he was actually sitting in Everett's lap made his cheeks heat up in embarrassment, but it soon faded. Just like the rest of the world every time his lips met Everett's. He always got so wrapped up in touching the other male, in feeling his skin on his own. And every time they kissed he felt like his heart was soaring, that nothing in the world could bring them down.

Pulling his lips away again slightly, yet leaving their mouthed only centimeters away from each other, he whispered, "I love you-" his breath caught, his heart squeezing when he said it. He didn't know why, felt right. Right to say it. And he believed it, too. "Everett, I love you."
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Everett sighed happily into the kiss, pushing up against the prince even more. But once they pulled away his heart pouted, wanting to be close again. But the words that were spoken made the pouting stop.He smiled back before letting his his slowly close.

Mikoto always seemed to know what to say and just when to say it. "You make my heart happy as well." He had never known a feeling like this with anyone. Even when he had her, he could never fathom feeling the way he did about the prince. But he couldn't figure out why he was so mystified by the young man. He just had that big of a hold on him. He would start a war for Mikoto if he had to.

Then the thought of the navy finding them again frightened him. They were so close to loosing one another on the docks of Kingston, Everett had never been so scared.

His legs slowly let them slide to the floor, keeping Mikoto in his lap. He wrapped his arms around the prince and kissed him passionately. He shouldn't be think of anything like that, they were having a beautiful moment and he couldn't ruin it just because he was paranoid.
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Mikoto tilted his head to the side automatically when he felt Everett's mouth trailing down his jaw, down his neck. He let his eyes fall closed as he held onto the other male, his fingers still entwined in his silver hair. Every time he felt Everett's lips on his skin, and felt him nibbling at his neck softly, soft noises would escape his mouth. He bit his lip, feeling a bit embarrassed. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before, and he'd never done it to anyone else, either. Even so, he didn't think he could deal with it if they simply stopped now.

Gripping the back of Everett's shirt tightly, he brought his other hand out of the silver hair and down to Everett's cheek. He guided his face, his lips, back up to his own, and kissed him fiercely, like it had been years since the last time they kissed. Every minute spent without touching him felt like years, and drove Mikoto crazy. He felt like he physically needed Everett now, but also emotionally too. Every time Everett was around, his heart seemed to jump, and beat faster. Pulling away from Everett's lips, he rested his forehead against the other male's, panting. Quietly, he whispered, "You make my heart happy." and smiled.
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Everett's hands dug until the wall behind him as he pushed harder against them. His legs felt as if they would give out any moment, not because of the wight, but because he swore he was flying. How he lived with out Mikoto's touch all his life he didn't know, because now, he felt like he needed it just to be alive. As they broke for a breath he smiled breathlessly. Mikoto looked so beautiful with that lost look. He didn't know how to describe it, but it only made him want to be closer.

He pushed up against him the best he could, gluing their hips and chests together. After a few more kisses, he trailed his lips down along Mikoto's jaw and down to his neck. He nipped lightly, testing to see how hard he could really go, so once he made sure he wasn't hurting the prince, he bit a little harder, leaving small marks where ever he went. He could taste the sea on the other's skin and it only sent more shivers up his spine.
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Mikoto smiled when Everett spoke, but gasped when he was picked up. He held onto Everett tightly as he was carried over, away from the desk until he was pressed firmly between Everett and the wall. He let a small noise leak through his lips when he felt the other's hands roaming up his legs, and closed his eyes when he was kissed once again. He couldn't help but lean into it, pressing his lips harder onto Everett's as he was held up against the wall.

Slowly, he let his hands fall from Everett's hair and around his neck, playing with the hair by his cheeks. Pressing kisses along Everett's jawline, Mikoto let his hands fall against to his chest as he grabbed onto his shirt, pulling him as close as he could possibly get him. Taking a breath as he brought brought his eyes back up to meet Everett's, he could hardly breath. Being so close to Everett, physically and emotionally...he couldn't even bring words to form in his mouth. The only thing he could manage to do was smile, and press his lips to Everett's again, and again, and again.
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Shivers traveled up Everett's spine when he felt Mikoto's hands traveling through his hair. The other's hands made him feel weak, his arms threatened to give out but he kept strong so that he wouldn't crush the prince. The groan coming from the desk made one of his eyes crack open to make sure it wasn't splitting the wood. But the sweet sound of the prince's giggle hit his ears right after, which made all his worry disappear.

His hips feel forward at the sudden weight of Mikoto's legs snaking around him. He laughed before pulling the prince up closer "I would never imagine of escaping from you." The prince's legs made it a little more difficult to move, but he managed to sweep them off desk. Papers fell to the ground, some spilling in the spilled alcohol and turning from white to amber.

He set his hands on the prince's legs to make sure he didn't fall until he reached the wall. He liked how close they were on the desk but he didn't want to explain to the crew why his desk broke. So instead, he sandwiched the prince between him and the wall, making sure their lips never broke. His hands ran up the other's legs to make sure thy were firmly wrapped around him before moving to hold themselves up on the wall.
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Mikoto let out a small noise of surprise when Everett pushed him back on the desk, but he didn't protest against it. He closed his eyes as he was kissed, and it was rough and hot. Letting his hands wander up the other's chest, they made their way back behind Everett's shoulder blades, and pulled him down harder on top of himself as he ran one of his hands up into his silver hair.

When Mikoto heard a groan from beneath them - the desk creaking in soft protest to the unnatural weight sprawling on top of it - Mikoto couldn't help but begin to giggle, even though his lips were still pressed tightly against Everett's. Pulling his lips away, he smiled at Everett. Suddenly getting the thought that maybe, just maybe, Everett would take that as a hint to break away from him, Mikoto wrapped his legs around Everett's waist. "You can't escape me now." he said, giggling as he pressed his lips to Everett's again.
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Everett smiled as he felt soft lips against his cheeks. It was a kind gesture that made his heart feel a little better about himself. He looked to Mikoto so that their eyes would meet. He noticed the mischievous shine to the other's chocolate eyes, and he smile grew. "you speak dangerous words, lad."

He reached down and took hold of the prince's legs just behind his knees. He pulled up and knocked Mikoto back so he was laying back against the desk. Everett winced lightly thinking he did it too hard but then again, Mikoto himself said not to hold back. He was happy that the desk was long enough to hold them, he just hoed the wood could hold the weight.

He crawled on top of the prince and leaned over, a smirk lingering on his face. The glass bottle fell to the ground, spilling the alcohol over the floor. some pirates would have been upset by the loss of the liquid, but to Everett, he had something more valuable beneath him. He kissed Mikoto roughly for the first time, he felt as if his heart were going to stop from happiness. But he decided long ago that if his heart decided to give out while in the prince's arms, he'd be content.
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Mikoto watched as he spoke that every word he said seemed to affect Everett. He caught the shift of his shoulders out of the corner of his eye, and for a moment, thought his pleas would be in vein. But Everett didn't move; he stayed in front of Mikoto, latched onto him tightly. When he spoke, Mikoto let a small smile come to his lips. "My words would have no meaning if I wasn't certain." he told him, watching the other in front of him carefully.

Trying to catch Everett's eyes again, he kissed his cheek, his hands coming down to brush through the other's silver bangs. He held them up out of Everett's face, and smiled again when he met his eyes. "Everett, I trust you." he told him. "With everything." he pecked his lips lightly with his own, before pulling back to look at him again. "And, what I want is for you to stop acting like you're going to break me every time you touch me.", his face turning serious. "I can see how badly you're trying to hold back, and I don't like it. I want you to be open with trust me too. Besides," he paused, smirking. "I'm not made of can kiss me as hard as you want and I'm not going to break."
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It almost hurt not being able to kiss the prince again but he respected the distance he obviously wanted. After watching the brown eyes across from him for a few minutes, he closed his eyes so that he could focus on every other sense. The sound of the heavy breathing filled his ears while the taste of Mikoto's lips still lingered on his own. He freed one of his hands and stroked the other's cheek lightly, enjoying the moment they were having.

But when Mikoto spoke for the first time since they started, his eyes snapped open. He could feel his hands start to shake as he blankly stared. His brain was darting every way possible, unable to have come up with something to say. His throat felt dry and shriveled up like a prune. His shoulders went to jerk back but then he froze again knowing that moving would only hurt Mikoto. But that's what he was afraid of, he had never hesitated before but Mikoto was so different. He loved the prince with everything he had.

"Are you certain? I don't want you to regret anything." He finally choked out. He kept his eyes down, a blush coming across his face. "I'll do anything you ask of me, as long as it's what you really want."
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Mikoto felt relieved when Everett smiled down at him, and nodded when he told him he wasn't feverish. He was just about to open his mouth to speak, when he found Everett pushing his lips against his own, forcing Mikoto back against the desk behind him. He took a step back, closing his eyes as the gap between the two of them vanished, and he was bent back over the desk. His arms found their way up around the back of his neck, holding onto his as if his life depended on it.

When Everett pulled his lips off of Mikoto's for a moment, he sucked in a breath of air. His lungs swelled with relief from being able to breath again. At Everett's comment, he felt his face heat up and he dropped his eyes. With round brown eyes, Mikoto met Everett's own pale eyes as he pulled him against him, eliminating the space between them again. But, he didn't kiss him again. Instead, he kept his lips only centimeters away from Everett's, watching them intently as his chest rose and feel heavily. Meeting his eyes again, he kept his hold around Everett's neck; he didn't want him to break away and move away again. Losing the closeness between them was almost like physical pain to Mikoto; every time they got serious in anyway, and Everett would pull back and create a distance between them, it left Mikoto feeling horribly open and cold.

"Don't pull away this time." he whispered to him, almost breathlessly. "Don't pull back anymore." he paused, trying to stop the heaving of his chest and the fierce heat on his cheeks. "I...I"
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It was the captain's turn to feel like a girl. He had never been so embarrassed before by anything, but Mikoto made him feel things he never thought possible. So when he felt the prince's hand on his cheek, he looked up with with worried eyes. But when he saw the gentle smile radiating from the other his embarrassment faded and his own smile found its way back onto his lips.

"No lad, I don't have a fever." He laughed lightly before standing up straight, "My thoughts just slipped away from me" He wanted to just give the prince a simple kiss on the head again, but the more he stared, the more he wanted to feel the other's lips. He set his hands on Mikoto's shoulders and gently pushed back until they hit the desk lightly. He leaned in and kissed Mikoto roughly. A need was growing inside of him and he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back. Not when the prince was so damn adorable and he didn't even know it. Everett had no idea that someone could turn his normally solid brain into mush.

He pushed into the kiss a little more so that they were slightly leaning back over the desk. He set one hand on the wood and the other on the small of Mikoto's back to make sure he didn't fall over. He separated their lips for just a moment "You drive me crazy."
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Mikoto started when Everett moved from beside him, almost losing his balance when he no longer had him to lean on. He watched as the other walked back over to his desk and took another swig of his whisky before speaking. Mikoto cocked his head to the side slightly, an eyebrow rising in slight confusion and curiosity. "Is something wrong?" he asked him, leaning forward a bit. But, he still couldn't see Everett's face. "Are you...hiding from me?" he asked, a small smile touching his lips as he swung his legs out and stood, jumping forward slightly as he made his way over to Everett.

When he got close enough, he bent over to try and catch Everett's eyes, and found him red-faced. In turn, Mikoto's own cheeks heated up, and he leaned back. "Please tell me you're blushing, and that you don't have a fever?" he asked, the tiny smile still pulling at the corners of his mouth. "But...why are you blushing?" he asked again, still trying to grab a glimpse at Everett's face. "Hey!" he said, slightly laughing as he grabbed for Everett's hands. "Why is it that when I blush you tease me and call me cute, but when you do it I can't see?" he asked, smiling as he finally worked his way to standing in front of Everett. He smiled up at him, and touched his cheek gently.
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Everett watched with a slight smile as Mikoto examined himself. His brain tried to memorize ever movement the other made. Everything from the way his eyebrows scrunched together to the way his hand waved in the air stuck into the captain's memory.

He dropped his shoulder a bit so the other could lean on it easier, it caused a slight strain in his neck but he chose to try and ignore it. He placed a kiss on the top of the other's before leaning his cheek against the brown hair. "I won't make you wear a dress unless it's absolutely necessary." He chuckled to himself lightly, imagining what it would be like to see Mikoto in one of the frilly dresses he sees women wear. But in only a minute, his thoughts began forming less than appropriate ideas. He blushed and looked away from Mikoto in order to hide it. It was the first time he had ever even thought about something that was less than decent about the prince. And for once, his tongue was tied. He couldn't think of anything witty to cover up his sudden silence.

So he stood up and made his way back over to the bottle, taking a quick drink when he found it. He kept his back to Mikoto, still afraid his face would betray him by showing the blush. "I...I don't think you're like a girl at all." He managed to choke out "You're just right."
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Mikoto smiled when Everett came and sat down next to him, but dropped his eyes. "I never said you had to stop drinking." he said, fiddling with his fingers in his lap. "I mean, I know alcohol is basically the only beverage available on a ship..." he trailed off, before glancing back up. He caught Everett's bright eyes, and let a soft shade of pink flood into his cheeks as he gave a small smile.

Moving over slightly, he eliminated the distance between the two of them. But, after that, he didn't really know what to do. What could he do? When he looked at himself, sitting beside Everett, he felt small again. Moving his hand to put it beside Everett's, he realized for the first time how much bigger the his hands actually were, rather than his own small ones. Bringing his hand up to his face, he scanned it curiously. He dropped it back down into his lap, and rested his head on the other's shoulder.

"I feel like a girl sometimes." he admitted, staring at the desk in front of them, on the other side of the room. "With the way you make me feel, and the fact that I'm so much smaller than you are...I feel like a girl." he said, looking up to meet Everett's eyes. "And, to top it all off, I do all the cooking on board." he laughed, brushing his bangs out of his face, but they only fell back into his eyes. "Just promise me you won't ever make me wear a dress." he added, giggling some as he watched Everett.
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