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"He'll more than likely scold me. He'll just glare at you probably." He snickered again before imittating a glare only his first mate would be worthy of. He rolled onto his back before smiing. Weird thinking his crew as a family even if he's said it before. "There's a reason why I have white hair." He joked even though he was born with it. But he was sure that it had become much lighter over the years while being a captain.

The second the thought hit him, he groaned. He really had to go back up and resume his dutites. So he leaned over and kissed Mikoto on the forehead "I have to go back up." He said softly before climbing off the bed. He pulled his clothes on and adjusted his coat. "I love you. You rest up, alright?" He ruffled the other's dark tresses before giving a smirk. "See you at dinner" he turned and made his way back up to the deck. He held the smile as he made his way through his men, all of them giving him winks and pats on the shoulders. It stopped when angelo saw him, they both stood and stared for while. the dark haired man gave a snort and walked away, simply not ready to talk.
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Mikoto couldn't help but let a giggle slip through his lips when Everett mentioned his first mate. Though the man made Mikoto uneasy, the fact that Everett trusted him with everything relaxed Mikoto. If he thought about it, Angelo was probably Everett's best friend. But, it didn't bring any jealousy to Mikoto; he knew he was more than a best friend. "He'll definitely scold you for sure." he told the other male, closing the gap between them. There was a chill in the air, but even so, Mikoto's heart was racing and he felt almost hot enough to be sweating, lying there with Everett. "I just hope he doesn't yell at me too." Mikoto giggled again, and bit his lip when Everett kissed his shoulder again.

Mikoto leaned into Everett's chest again, letting his eyes fall closed. His breathing slowly began to regulate. He felt so calm lying there with Everett, like there wasn't a ship and crew outside that needed to be looked after and meals to be cooked, decks to clean, and people to boss around. And yet there they were, lying together lazily. And so in love. Mikoto smiled. So in love. "I love you." he murmured, nuzzling his face into Everett's chest. He wanted to sleep. He wanted to sleep with Everett...actually sleep. He wanted to stay lying there together, completely relaxed, wrapped up in each other. But he knew they couldn't. The men outside the bedroom door were waiting for their captain to take hold of the ship once more, to steer them in the right direction to survival and success. And of coarse, Mikoto needed to cook for them, or else they'd all go hungry.

At the thought, Mikoto laughed out loud again. "This really is a family, isn't it?" he asked, looking up to meet Everett's eyes. "And I feel like a mother with too many children."
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Once Everett caught sight of the blush, his smile grew. In a way, he wanted the crew to have heard them, that way when they saw them next they would all smile happily and he could only imagine that Mikoto would blush again. He loved that blush. But he didn't want to make Mikoto uncomfortable, even if it saddened him slightly if he didn't get to see the pink spread across the prince's face.

Cold air crept through the walls of their room, sending goose bumps across the captain's skin. He moved closer to Mikoto hoping to gain some warmth. "Angelo is going to kill me for being gone so long." He snickered before giving Mikoto's shoulder a gentle kiss. "I can see his face now." He was laughing like a teen age boy. He really did love getting under his right hand man's skin. It was almost like a past time for him. "What do you think he'll say?" He dragged his finger tips down Mikoto's revealed skin. A smirk crossed his lips as he planted another kiss on the prince's shoulder.
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Mikoto collapsed back on the bed, panting, sweating, shaking. Something like that...he'd never felt anything like it. Pain greatly overpowered by immense pleasure that he couldn't compete with, couldn't push away. Maybe this is what they call "being a man." he thought to himself. Opening his eyes, Mikoto looked over at Everett beside him and felt his cheeks heat up as he was pulled in closer. He rested his forehead against Everett's chest, their panting breaths syncing together as they both tried to calm themselves down. Mikoto felt like he was failing.

Mikoto smiled, and kissed Everett's chest lightly. "I don't really know...I haven't really tried moving yet." he said sheepishly, feeling the heat rise to his cheeks once again. "I'm sorry if I scratched you..." he began, biting his bottom lip. "I couldn't really...think." he looked up to meet Everett's eyes. At the mention of the possibility of being heard by the crew, Mikoto's face turned completely beat red, and he chewed the inside of his cheek. "Gosh...I hope I wasn't as loud as I think I was." he said, looking down as he lay beneath Everett.

Mikoto could still feel everything that had just transpired, especially Everett's warmth. He could feel him all over himself, his touches, kisses, caresses, everything. And remembering didn't help with Mikoto's blushing. Looking back up to meet Everett's eyes again, Mikoto leaned up and pressed his lips to the other male's in a light kiss. "It felt good." he told him, his voice sheepish again as he spoke.
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Everett's body felt strange, tingly almost. His senses were dulled, no longer able to hear the crew above their heads, his sight slightly fuzzy. No matter how many women he slept with, this never happened to them. But this, was so much more.

The captain breathlessly smiled over at Mikoto, bringing him closer to his chest. He was still trying to catch his breath as he gave small kisses across Mikoto's brow. "I love you." He said lightly. Over the course of their coupling, he had said it many times, especially when he feared he was hurting the prince. But they both were in one piece. He felt like he had gone to heaven but that was besides the point.

The sheets gathered around his legs as he leaned up on his elbows to kiss Mikoto gently. "You were great, love" he brushed strands of brunette locks away from chocolate eyes. "Are you alright?" His words were soft now as he spoke. Sometimes, he forgot who he was with and that it was his lover's first time. He would almost stop but with a little encouragement he regained his confidence and continued to go.

His shoulders stung when the muscles moved, tiny nail marks claiming his pale skin. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he kissed the prince's nose, "Do you think the crew heard us at all? I can only imagine their faces if they did." Especially Michael's. But he wasn't about to say that out loud.
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Mikoto felt the heat rush to his face as Everett stripped the two of them from their trousers, leaving them completely exposed. Mikoto looked away, extremely embarrassed. No one had ever seen...everything, before. Not his mother, nor his father. Not his servants at the castle. Not even Michael. There was always a barrier of clothing between his skin and prying eyes. But not this time. Now, he had no where to hide, but everything to hide. And the strangest thing was that he didn't feel the need to hide. And it was Everett's fault.

Glancing back to meet Everett's eyes, his cheeks flamed again, but he didn't hesitate to kiss him back. He could see Everett's nervousness, and it brought a smile to his lips. Sometimes he was even more innocent than Mikoto. "I love you, too." he whispered to him, and a soft smile quirked the corners of his mouth up.

Mikoto raised his hand, and pushed his palm against Everett's chest, over his heart. He could feel it racing, and it made his smile grow. He grabbed Everett's hand, and placed it over his own heart. But, he didn't take his hand from Everett's. "You mean so much to me." he told him, then brought Everett's hand up to his mouth. He kissed his palm, then his finger tips. He loved these hands, especially when they were touching him. He loved Everett's arms, and the way he felt completely safe wrapped up in them. He loved Everett's broad chest, the way everything felt right when he was held tight against it. He loved his lips, and the way the world fell away when they kissed. He loved his eyes, and the way they displayed so clearly the truth in Everett's words every time he spoke. Mikoto loved Everett. All of him.
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"Now lad," He said resting his hands over the prince's "Don't think for a second that I don't love your body." He leaned forward and kissed him deeply once again, "I may tease, but I love everything about you." To be honest, he was a little scared of hurting Mikoto. Even if he said not to hold back, he still could feel himself restraining. Normally when he was with a woman, he would have done the deed already. But now it seemed so different. Was it the love holding him back? Perhaps. But he didn't see that as a bad thing, he needed to learn patience; a trait he lacked in.

He smiled down at Mikoto before discarding what clothing they had left. He suddenly felt young again. He didn't know what to do, the palms of his hands started to sweat lightly and his face brightened up. But he wasn't going to back out now. They wanted it and he wasn't going to make either of them wait anymore. "I love you." He said with a gentle kiss.
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Mikoto's face flushed at Everett's words. It didn't matter how many times he said it, the meaning would never falter. The sincerity of it bit down on Mikoto's heart every time he heard those three words, but there was never any pain. Instead, it was like he was being healed of every bad thing he'd ever heard in his life; of ever terrible thing he'd ever seen and felt. Everett was everything good, and it was wearing off on Mikoto.

Giving a small smile at Everett's words, Mikoto put on of his hands on top of Everett's and met his eyes. "I know I'm small. I hope you don't think I'm too skinny, though." he bit his lip, dropping his eyes to his chest. He looked down at himself, suddenly feeling a bit self conscious. Looking up to meet Everett's eyes again, it faded quickly. Having the other male this close, being this intimate with him...nothing bad could cloud Mikoto's mind. He kissed him again, his hands moving to rest on either of Everett's cheeks. He hoped he'd be able to hear those three words for the rest of his life; to be able to feel Everett's skin, look into his eyes, and kiss him as passionately as he wanted to for forever.
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Everett smiled when Mikoto suddenly got so demanding. He ripped the piece of clothing off and crawled over the prince. The feeling of their skin finally touching made him even more excited, causing his skin to burn. His arms snaked underneath Mikoto so they was no wiggle room. "I love you too."

He gently moved against him, letting his arms move away so that he could grab the head board. He pushed harder against Mikoto's lips, begging for more. But when he got enough from that, he trailed his lips down Mikoto's neck and down across his shoulders. The gentle sway of the ship let them rock together lightly, one of Everett's hands traveling down to the prince's pants, tugging at the hem until it was past his hip. His thumb ran over the sharp bone lightly, hoping it didn't tickle. He did the same to the other side until both his his hips were exposed, causing a smile to cross the captain's lips. "We really need to get some muscle on you." He teased as he ran his hands over the bone again.
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Mikoto nearly jumped back when Everett whipped around to face him, but didn't fight when he pulled his shirt up over his head. A shiver traveled down his spine when he licked his neck, and his cheeks flushed. But, in a second, he was hanging over Everett's shoulder, and he couldn't bring himself not to laugh. He found it funny how forceful Everett could be, but how gentle at the same time. Obviously, when he wanted something, he'd do whatever he could to get it. Now laying on the bed, Mikoto smiled up at the other male. He hoped Everett never stopped wanting him.

Sliding his hands behind Everett's neck, he pulled him down on top of him harder as he was kissed. He didn't mind Everett's lip-biting, actually liking the playfulness. This way, Everett was actually...cute. But he didn't think he'd ever tell him that. He figured it might damage his "manhood". Smiling to himself in the kiss, he wrapped his legs around Everett's waist again, trying to get him as close as possible. And suddenly it struck him that this wasn't entirely fair.

Breaking his lips away, he opened his eyes and gazed up into Everett's. "Take your shirt off." he whispered, his hands falling down to help him. Once it was off, Mikoto couldn't help the blush rising to his cheeks, and he pulled Everett down on top of him, chest-to-chest. He liked it. Feeling Everett's skin on his own. Not having to fight through clothing to feel his incredible warmth. Being able to feel his heart beat without trying. "I love you." he whispered, before pressing his lips to Everett's once again.
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Everett watched closely as Mikoto squeezed out of his grasp. Once he was out of sight, he didn't turn his head, he simply smirked and looked at the wall ahead of him. "Trying?" he laughed, leaning his head back against Mikoto's shoulder "If the ship didn't rock, I was on my way to succeeding." He closed his eyes and let the sensations of Mikoto being next to his ear. The kiss was gentle, but it sent a whole new batch of feelings down his body.

But the gentleness was slowly disappearing. He whipped around and grabbed hold of Mikoto's shirt, ripping it up and over his head. "Still trying?" He licked along the prince's neck, making it drag incredibly slow. As he stood, he tossed Mikoto over his shoulder and head towards the rickety bed. He threw him down and leaned over him with a smirk. "I think I remember now." He didn't climb on the bed, but he leaned over to kiss the prince. It started out gentle, just in case he startled the prince, but once he figured it was okay, he deepened it; biting at his bottle lip softly.
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Mikoto watched Everett carefully, his heart racing as his hand traced up his shirt, over his skin. But when the ship rocked, he let out a small cry as the fell back against the wall behind them, Everett lurching forward. At the comment, Mikoto couldn't help but laugh. The ship? Jealous? "Probably of the fact that I'm occupying her captains time all the time." he chuckled, trying to regulate his breathing and his erratic heart beat.

Closing his eyes when he was kissed, he leaned into Everett's touch, seeking more. But then, it was broken, and Everett was talking like he had no memory at all of what had just happened. Mikoto started laughing again, and he put his hand up to cover his mouth. So, Everett was lost? Mikoto brushed a stray hair out of his face, smiling. "It seemed like you were trying to get my clothes off." he said, smirking lightly. "But, who knows? Maybe I was mistaken?" he teased, squeezing past Everett's arms. Slowly, he stood, but walked up behind Everett. He draped his arms around his neck, hugging him from behind him. He kissed his ear lightly, and smirked. "But still, you can't just tease me like that."
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Everett watched as his hand trailed up the soft skin. It was so warm he swore it was sunshine. He smiled as his fingers mapped out the other's lithe stomach. He leaned in and gently kissed Mikoto, letting his hand wander up to where the prince's heart was. He closed his eyes and listened to the thumping rhythm. He could have fallen asleep to that sweet sound.

The ship suddenly rocked and Everett's hands shot up to grab hold of the walls so that they wouldn't fall over. He held them up, giving Mikoto a shy smile. He didn't want to let go but falling over wasn't sounding too fun either. He laughed gently "I feel like the ship gets jealous of us at times." He could hear some of the men shouting above deck, but it all calmed in a matter of minutes. He let go of the walls slowly, making sure there wasn't anymore rocking. He gave Mikoto another kiss, gentle this time. His hands ran up the other's arms as he looked deep into brown eyes. "I'm getting lost in your eyes again. Remind me what I was doing?"
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Mikoto couldn't help but smile when he felt Everett's hands on his cheeks, and he began to tell him he loved him. Mikoto couldn't help the sudden wave of happiness he felt, and it took him a moment to realize he was crying. He lifted his hands to his eyes, and began to wipe them away. The sound of Everett's laughter caught his attention, though. He looked at him through slightly blurred vision, and smiled. He brushed the moistness from his cheeks with his long sleeves, trying to keep the tears at bay.

When they ceased it was because he'd pressed his lips to Everett's again. He could feel his hands trailing down his neck, his shoulders, down his back. He pulled his face away, drying his cheeks at last, though the moistness in his eyes didn't leave, feeling his hands travelling up his legs. They stopped at his shirt, and when Everett touched the skin under his shirt, he felt his skin tingle.

Mikoto dropped his eyes as he watched Everett's hand traveling slowly, carefully, up his shirt, pushing it out of the way. He put his hand on top of Everett's, though he didn't stop him. He watched as Everett's hand lifted his shirt, and Mikoto's cheeks felt hot as he slightly guided his hand. He wanted Everett to touch him, wanted to be touched by Everett. He bit his lips, and lifted his eyes to meet Everett's, the blush still on his face.
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Everett felt his heart stop for a moment. Those words were everything he's ever wanted to hear. He smiled brightly, cupping Mikoto's face, "I love you, too." He could have cried if he wanted to, he was that happy. He didn't know how to contain all the happiness in his body, so he started to laugh, a smile still wide across his lips. He repeated "I love you" a few more times before kissing Mikoto again. It was small and not nearly as strong as the others but he meant it all the same.

Everett ran his hands down Mikoto's neck and down to his shoulders. He let the fall down his arms and down to his legs. He memorized everything about the other's body the best he could through the clothes. He let his finger tips gently brush underneath the prince's shirt. The other's skin was so soft compared to his own, he wondered how skin so silky was even possible. But he loved every bit of it. He wanted more of it, so he gently pushed his fingers a little higher, careful not to make Mikoto uncomfortable.
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