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[OOC: Holy ****!!! It's almost been a month...oh my gosh, I'm so very sorry! I never meant to let it get this far out of my mind!!]

The kiss on his forehead made Mikoto smile, and he closed his eyes in Everett's loose embrace. "I'm sorry." he said a bit sheepishly, opening his eyes to glance down at the floor. But a small smile rested on his lips still. "I didn't mean to make you worry." he looked back up and met the other male's eyes. He went onto his toes, pressing his lips lightly to Everett's in a soft kiss. When he went back down on his flat feet, he found Everett's eyes on him again. He smirked at the idea of keeping Everett down here, just to have for himself. But what would the crew think of him stealing their captain away a second time in one day? "What would you do with me?" he asked Everett, a tad teasingly. "Would you push me up against the wall again? Would you kiss me like it was a need?" he asked, going full out to tease the man standing in front of him.

But his smirk soon broke into a bubbling laugh. He couldn't keep a straight face, even if he really tried. "Don't ever be worried about someone stealing me away from you," he said, walking up to put his hands gently on Everett's chest. "My heart will always be with you. Forever. And it will never leave, not even if you don't want it anymore. So I'll always come back to you."
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Even with Mikoto's reassurance that the men did nothing to him, he still let his eyes and hands wander over his body to just make sure. But once he reassured himself he relaxed and sighed. He tried smiling back but the worry was still showing in his eyes. His arms wrapped around the prince, not as tight as before but still secure, and gave him a small kiss on the forehead. Angelo wasn't a big deal to him, even if he didn't like the prince, he still took care of him. He guessed it was because he decided to have Mikoto as a lover and Angelo was just respecting that wish. He was great full that his friend was able to keep Mikoto safe, he just wished the opportunity didn't arise in the first place.

He ruffled the other's brown hair, before giving a genuine smile, all the worry slowly disappearing from his face. "You be careful now, you hear? I don't want to have to worry about like that ever again." It wasn't Mikoto's fault and he knew that. And if he could, he would be with him all the time, but that wasn't an option. Having someone with him all the time crossed his mind, but then again, he didn't want to suffocate him. He ran away for a reason.

"Do you want me to stay here with you? I'm sure Angelo can handle it u stairs for awhile."
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Mikoto stared after Angelo until he heard footsteps bounding below deck, and he saw a flash of silver hair. He recognized Everett immediately, but before he could say anything, he was in a tight embrace. He couldn't help but smile and hug him back. It always made him happy when Everett called him "darling", like they were husband and wife. The thought made him want to laugh; he was already like a mother, anyway. At the question, Mikoto pulled away and met the other male's eyes, his face solemn. He shook his head. "No. He didn't touch me." he paused. "Neither of them did anything." he said, but his eyes dropped to the ground. "Michael's angry. He just scared me, that's all." he looked back up to meet Everett's eyes, and went on his toes to kiss his cheek. He gave him a smile. "Thank you for worrying, though." he felt his cheeks heat up, and he dropped back down his flat feet.

After a moment, Mikoto felt embarrassed. Angelo had come to his rescue, to save him from Michael. Michael, of all people. And especially thinking that Angelo had been his savior made him nervous. Angelo had said that it was because Mikoto was precious to Everett, and it made his gut clench. "Angelo protected me, though." he said to Everett after a minute. "So it's okay. Thank him for me." he gave a large smile, though he only half meant it. It was odd to think that he hadn't really noticed it before. Or rather, he had, it just hadn't registered. But it made sense. Why Angelo was always getting angry and annoyed when Everett left his post, especially if it were for Mikoto: Angelo had secret feelings for their captain. But it was clear to anyone who knew that Everett was not one of them. And Mikoto wouldn't tell him. He couldn't bring himself to.
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Everett kept his head low in the wheel for a few more minutes, letting the boat sway him back and forth. He could feel himself falling asleep until he heard a couple of scuffled feet. He looked up over his forearms to look over his crew to see what the fuss was. Some of the crew were gathering around Angelo, looking like frightened children. He watched a little carefully, trying to listen but the waves were crashing against the ship. Angelo disappeared below deck and that made his gut sink. He stepped down the steps slowly, the crew looking at him with worried eyes. No one said anything to him but their eyes said it all.

Micheal shot up from beneath, pushing past him with out a glare. Everett raised an eyebrow, wondering what he did to deserve the cold shoulder. Apparently he wasn't even worth a glare. He slowly made his way down the stairs, past Angelo who gave a low head nod.The second his right hand man was gone, he ran down the rest of the stairs. "Mikoto!" He rushed in but stopped, not wanting to scare his lover. "Darling, are you alright?" He reached out, slowly taking the young man into his arms. "Did he hurt you?" He said whispering. His fingers dug into Mikoto's shoulders to try and keep his hands from shaking. "What happened?" He pulled back a bit and looked into the other's brown eyes.
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Mikoto sighed, resigning himself to return to his space below deck. He knew he needed to clean up all of the dishes, and after he'd collected all of the used ones from the crew, he carefully made his was back down to his cooking room. When he got there, everything was silent, nothing touched. He brought the plates and bowls into the room that he'd rinsed with the seawater, and set them down in the corner of the room. He'd have to set them in boiled water later, but it could wait. He gradually began putting away left-over vegetables that he'd needed to use before they went bad or got contaminated, and began washing down the section he'd used to cutting the meat and vegetables. When he was done, he heard the soft click of boots on wood, and turned to find Michael in the doorway. He paused, and was about to say something, when everything changed.

Mikoto hardly saw Michael move toward him, but before he knew it, he was pressed against the wooden wall behind him, Michael blocking his way to...anywhere. And his expression did nothing to calm Mikoto's nerves. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he growled. "Getting involved in a man like that? How can you even call him a man?!" he nearly yelled. Mikoto didn't know what to say, so he just stared at the male in front of him. "You let him touch you. You let him touch you everywhere!" he shouted. "And you touched him back." For the first time in his life, Mikoto was scared of Michael, looming over him, growling and yelling. He looked like he wanted to hurt someone, wanted to hurt him.

But before he could do anything, Mikoto heard a voice coming from the door. "Stow-away, what are you doing?" it called. "Get back to work! Leave the treasure alone!" Michael scowled and whirled on the other male, and when he did, Mikoto got a glimpse of black hair. Angelo? "Go on. Get out!" he spat, and with another growl, Michael was gone. Mikoto stared wide-eyed at Angelo, shocked. But when he turned away, he got his voice back. "T-thank you!" he called, no answer. He jogged to the door, and saw Angelo moving toward the stairs that led above deck. "I'm sorry...if I stole him from you." he paused. "Don't worry, it isn't easy to read you. I can just...tell. Because I know the feeling." Angelo turned, and gave an understanding look to Mikoto. "You're his treasure, so be careful. He'll be devastated if you get hurt." And then Angelo was gone, receding back above deck, leaving Mikoto alone in his shock.
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Everett wanted to pull Mikoto back, not letting him leave. But he knew that if Angelo was coming up to him, then there was something wrong. So he simply smiled and ruffled the prince's hair as he walked away. He didn't dare even try to kiss Mikoto while his first mate was in this mood. He could already the the dark cloud forming above the black hair.

Angelo's pale eyes watched Mikoto leave, not really glaring, just a blank stare. SO once his lover was gone, Everett sighed and leaned against the wheel, "What do you want? I know that look." It was Angelo's version of a pout, one Everett had gotten far too many times in the past. It never bothered him until he tried using it to get something.

But the dark haired man said nothing, just continued to stare with sad eyes. The captain got uncomfortable for a moment, shifting on his feet. "You weren't made captain just to flirt with some prince we captured." Angelo finally said dropping his gaze. Everett stood straight, stiffening slightly. He hated the "you weren't made captain" excuse. He felt like he was talking to his mother. So he gave his friend a pat on the shoulder.

"I know you worry about this ship. Maybe more than me. But then again, you've been here since you were only 14." He said with a smile, "But don't worry. I know how to balance things." He winked a bit before going back to the wheel, "See? Don't worry. Now go on, you have things to do I'm sure." He smiled, seeing the hurt in Angelo's eyes. There was more things he wanted to say, but he just turned around and walked off in a huff. Everett gave a groan before leaning his forehead on the wheel again.
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"It's alright." Mikoto said, grabbing onto the edge of Everett's sleeve. He smiled up at him when he got his attention. "I'll go offer the crew the rest of the food. You stay...or you might get in trouble." he said the last part more quietly, a smile on his face as he tried not to laugh. In the family sense, he saw Angelo as an over-protective uncle, one who's sole purpose was to keep Everett out of trouble. He could easily see that Angelo thought Mikoto to be that trouble, and he knew he was only looking out for Everett. It made him laugh that Everett didn't even seem to be aware of the fact that Angelo actually cared for him a lot. "Alright, I'll take my leave now." he said, kissed Everett's cheek, and turned to leave.

Mikoto made his way down to the lower deck, and went around asking the crew if they felt up to more food. He got okay's from some of them, and knew there'd still be some left over. But as he made the rounds, he noticed there was a face he wasn't seeing. Where was Michael? Had he gone down to help himself to the food? But why would he go down alone, instead of in a group with the others? But he had the feeling that Michael was avoiding him, that he didn't want to see him. And it wasn't like Mikoto didn't know why.

But even so, he didn't feel guilty. He knew he was in love with Everett, so it wasn't wrong. But he did feel sad for Michael. He had sworn to win his favour back to him, but he hadn't succeeded. In the end, Mikoto felt bad for Michael. Although he had once broken his heart, he felt like he didn't deserve this. He was a good man. And the fact that it was his doing made him feel that much worse.
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Everett let out a breath he had been holding in. The fact that Mikoto was alright was great news, he had been worrying about it since he left the room. He would never admit to how worried he was, he was too prideful for that, but he did let himself smile. He ruffled the other's hair a bit "That's a relief. we need our 'mother' around and I'm certain the crew would be fairly upset if I were to put you out of the kitchen for a day." He laughed silently before looking down at the ground. He hated the thought of hurting him again, but the moment was incredible. He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to stop.

When Mikoto offered the more food he smiled yet again, bringing his gaze to meet chocolate eyes. "No, thank you." He didn't find it fair to the rest of the crew that he got special treatment because his lover was the cook on the ship. "Lets go offer the rest to some of the crew, I'm sure some could need it more than me, yeah?" He noticed the frown appear on his lover's face, causing him to raise an eyebrow. But when he turned, he realized why. He sighed lightly before rolling his eyes, "I was just getting back to the wheel, you don't have to hound me every time I take a break."
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Mikoto smiled when he felt Everett kissing the back of his head, and leaned back into his chest when he hugged him. He felt his cheeks heat up slightly, and gave a small embarrassed smile. "No, I'm alright." he said. When turned around, he looked up and met Everett's eyes. "I told you that you wouldn't break me." he said, and let a small giggle out before rising on his toes and pressing his lips lightly to Everett's. When he lowered himself back down, he looked past Everett to watch the satisfied crew returning to their jobs, going about them more happily now that they were full. He'd noticed it before that it didn't take much to fill these men up, and he figured it was because they hardly ate anything as it was.

Looking back up to Everett, Mikoto motioned toward the lower deck with a nod. "There's still some left I think. Well, there should be, anyway. Would you like me to go get you another one?" he asked. "You ate the first really quickly." he giggled. Hearing harsh footsteps nearing them, the smile dropped from Mikoto's face and he looked to his side to find Angelo walking toward them. "Or not." he muttered.
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Everett noticed the crew disappearing below deck, which could only mean dinner was ready. His stomach growled happily but he frowned at the thought of having to wait. Someone needed to be at the wheel and with everyone busy, that only left him. He rested his chin on the wheel and gave a slight pout but quickly stopped when the men started coming back up. He was about to rush down the stairs when Mikoto beat him to it. All he could do was smile when he lover came into view. He took the onion and in return, gave Mikoto a small kiss. When the prince went to take the other half to the old man, Everett ate quickly. It was so good and his stomach was sending signals up to his brain saying he hadn't eaten in days. He obviously had, but he did exert a good amount of energy in their earlier... time together. Yeah, that sounded good. He finished his half and turned back to the prince, admiring the small scene between him and the ex captain. Even if he liked to play off that they didn't like each other, they had a father and son relationship. But never showed it, much.

He walked over to Mikoto and kissed the back of his head, resting his hands on his shoulders, "The food was wonderful, darling." He said with a smile "Thank you." He left another kiss on the back of his head before giving him a small hug, "I'm glad I didn't hurt you too badly."
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By the time Mikoto was finished cooking the salted meet, the onions, the vegetables, and everything else, and had the large onion halves stuffed to the brim with both pork and and vegetables, the sky was growing dark and stars were coming out. The moon was full, shining like a spotlight when Mikoto emerged from below deck. The cooled salty air washed over his skin, calming and settling him. Catching the eyes of some of the men, Mikoto smiled and nodded. "It's ready." he said. He watched as the men grinned, then started toward him. "But only one onion half each." he said to them. He received a few nods, then a pat on his head from one of the men. "It's alright, prince. We know how to ration." but the man was grinning still, which made Mikoto smile.

Keeping his hands behind his back, Mikoto stood at the doorway leading below deck until the men came back up, hoping to see if they liked what he'd made for them. Some of them were already finished eating, which only made him laugh. Turning away as more crew members left their stations to get at the food, Mikoto climbed up to the platform that held the steering wheel. And his lover.

Mikoto smiled when he saw Everett, and walked over to him. "The crew likes my cooking." he said, and took his hands out from behind his back. "Here, this is for you." he held out an onion half, keeping a second one in his other hand. "I brought this one up for the old man." he told Everett. "I hope he likes it too." And right as he said it, he heard the soft creak of an old door opening, and saw the old man emerge. He gave Mikoto a grin, and he noticed he was missing some teeth. Mikoto chuckled at the way it suited him, and walked over. He handed the onion half to the old man, and watched his face light up. "My mother used to make these." he said. "Thank you." and retreated back into his room.
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The air smelt of only sea water until Mikoto had started cooking. The second the aroma of food mixed with the salty air, Everett's stomach growled. He smiled to himself, silently congratulating the lad for actually getting up. He thought that he would have stayed in bed for a better part of the day but he knew the sun would be setting and the crew would have gotten restless. Hungry pirates storming the kitchen was the last thing he wanted.

The men chattered below about how excited they were about what ever it was cooking and how they'd never smelt anything like it. Home cooked meals on the ship never really happened before and it was obvious just by looking at them. They never planned out their food and a lot of the time would run out causing them to dock on random islands and scavenge for food. Everett like it much better this way; the boys finally had their "mother." He kind of felt like Peter Pan and the lost boys and their Wendy chose to stay forever to tell them stories. He could live with that. Made him feel young again.

I really need to stop that. I'm not that old. He thought with a chuckle. For a moment, he thought of heading down to check on his prince, but then thought of Angelo. He spotted the man on the deck below, pacing as he watched the other men move about. He could tell his first mate was angry but what was he supposed to do about it? He was in love. He smiled to himself again before deciding to stay at the wheel a little longer just until Angelo had some time to cool off.
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After another hour inside the captain's quarters, Mikoto decided he'd had enough time to practice walking around. Although he still felt some pain, most of it was gone. Now, it was just like a lingering bee sting: slightly numb; distant. Grabbing his clothes, he pulled his trousers back on, and then his shirt. He buttoned it up, and walked over to the door. He reached out for the handle, but stopped. Turning, he glanced back out the windows. It was probably the most beautiful scene he'd ever see. One that would change, but still always be the same. Like a picture that showed you what it wanted to show you. With a small smile, Mikoto pulled the door open and stepped outside.

The salty breeze hit him softly, like he was being covered in a cool blanket. He closed the door behind him, and stepped out onto the deck. Deciding it would be a good idea to start cooking the crew's meal, Mikoto headed toward the stairs that led below deck, and down to where the crew normally slept. On his way, he caught glances from the crew, wicked grins and nods. He felt the heat rise to his face, but only nodded back to them, and continued on his way.

When he reached the room he'd labelled a sort of kitchen, Mikoto looked around. Everything was in it's place, exactly how he'd left it. But why wouldn't it be? He had no answer. He started toward the barrels of salted pork, trying to think of what he could make. Remembering the pack of giant onions one of the crew members had bought by accident, Mikoto grinned. That accident would work great!

Grabbing the bag, Mikoto dumped out the bag. He began cutting the onions in halves, then dug out the innards. He set them aside in a pot for him to use for the next meal, and then set the hollow onion halves off to the side. Then, he began grabbing the meat. At the end of it all, he hoped the goal for salted pork stuffed onions would turn out delicious!
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Everett released the breath he was holding in once Angelo walked away; he knew he was in bigger trouble than he anticipated. But he simply moved up to the wheel before his first mate could change his mind. But once he stepped up, there was Doc, sitting on one of the boxes, lighting his pipe. He had a sly smile that made Everett shiver. He didn't like that, not one bit. So, he simply grabbed hold of the wheel and looked out.

"That stow away was moping around once you left." The old man said standing up next to him. Everett rolled his eyes, there was another person he didn't want to handle. Having that argument did not sound even a little bit appealing. Not even the chance to make him jealous was exciting. But Everett shook it off and looked to the doctor.

"Why're you tellin' me this? Don't ruin this moment for me." He rose his eye brows in an attempt to be assertive but he knew it couldn't work on the old man. So he scoffed and waved him off "Keep you nose out of other people's business." The old man simply laughed before tipping his hat to him and walking down the stairs. The captain sighed, that man was going to be the death of him.
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Mikoto smiled, nodding. "I don't really think I'll be going anywhere. For a little while at least." he said, his cheeks still a little pink. "I love you, too." he told Everett, watching as he left the bedroom. Sighing, Mikoto turned over to lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling. He still couldn't believe what had just was so unreal. But he could still feel it, and that's what assured him he hadn't dreamed it all. Bringing the blankets up to his chest, he smiled up at the ceiling. He really was Everett's now, and Everett his. Entirely. He felt his cheeks heat up again, and turned over on his side away from the door.

On the opposite side of the room, the wall was covered with windows looking out over the sea behind them. Though the windows weren't particularly large or in any grand style, they looked beautiful to Mikoto. They were simple, and framed the waters outside like a picture. Biting his lip, Mikoto slowly worked his legs over the side of the bed, and inched his way along until his feet touched the cool wood floor beneath him. Standing shakily, Mikoto put his arm on the wall, balancing himself as he stood up. He could feel the ache in his back, going down to his rear, but he didn't care. If he was going to stay with Everett from now on , then this probably wouldn't be the last time. He hoped it wouldn't be. Which meant he needed to get used to this.

Carefully walking over to the windows, leaning on the wall the entire time, Mikoto finally reached the windows. He looked outside, and couldn't help but smile. He didn't know where they were, but he knew they were far from Kingston. At that moment, he wasn't worrying about being followed by his father's army. His only worry at that moment was how long it would take him before he didn't need the wall to walk properly.
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