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Everett smiled at the boy's enthusiasim. While he may be trying to hide it, the pirate could tell just by looking at him. He gave Mikoto a hard pat on the back, almost knocking him over, "well, if you can hold your liquor and make merry with the women you'll do just fine" he smiled coyly before walking off.

Once they docked, the crew rushed off as fast as the could. A small crowd waiting at the docks waiting. Everett waited as his crew departured into diffrent ways. When he stepped down, a few girls waited for him. He lamely wrapped his arms around their waists before walking into the town himself. He didn't talk much to them. Just listened to their tales while he was away. These two girls were always the special ones to him one with bright red hair named Trish, and a blonde one named Ellie. The two had always waited for him everytime the ship has docked. While they wre pretty, they were still showing malnutrition and an attempt at hygenie, although it seemed not to work. While he loved being with them, his thoughts couldn't help but travel back to his little prince.
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Mikoto followed the man over and down to the main part of the ship's deck, and tried as hard as he could to ignore the hungry stares that he felt on him as he did. The first mate turned around and gave him a once-over, then left him. Feeling slightly awkard, Mikoto just stood where he was. This seemed to please the first mate, for he came back to him with a bucket full of water and a mop. Shoving it into his arms, he simply said three words; "Make it shine." and walked away.

Sighing, he looked down at the grease, sweat, sea-water soaked wooden deck. It really made him wonder how the thing didn't rot. Probably something they slathered onto it in heavy amounts before they set it out to see, he thought. Shrugging, he dug the mop into the bucket, brought it back out, and began to lather the wood with the water. As he began, he could just make out small laughs and calls, probably made out to him, from the crew members. "Put your back into it!" one of them shouted at him. Looking up, he found that all of their eyes were on him. But, even with the dangerous eyes and probable intents in their minds, Mikoto couldn't find anything wrong with them. They did what they did in order to live, it was like a food chain. Some have to die in order for others to live. Nodding at the one who'd called out to him, he began to work hard. This resulted in some of the crew laughing at him, and others cheering him on. He felt good. Really good.

Looking up as he felt someone elbow him, he found the captain watching him. "Can I help you?" he asked with some sarcasticness, before he began to speak. Nodding, Mikoto felt excitement begin to leak into his system. This was going to be great! He was going to be able to see how they actually lived, to be able to experience this was amazing! He couldn't wait.
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After a few hours, the ship began getting close to land. All the crew applauded with excitement once they saw it. It was a pirate run island that was a safe haven for them. There was no real order there, it was almost fair game on anything. Of course there was a few rules, but none too serious. They only visited once or twice a year, only when they had enough for the whole crew to spend a little extra on food, alcohol, and women.

Everett really only took to the booze, but always managed to create a harem of girls following him for their stay. He's only slept with a few that seemed clean enough for him. They were all very pretty but he never took interest in any of them. They all just bored him to tears and he could never figure out why.

He stepped down from the top deck and strolled up to the hard working Mikoto. He had his arms crossed and a gentle smile wiped across his face. He was almost certain that the young man had never seen anything like what was lying deep within the city. He bumped the other slightly with his elbow, "Are you ready to make port for the first time you've been out to sea?"
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Mikoto watched as the other began to laugh at him. He scowled. "What's so funny?" he asked, but he quickly forgot about it when the man spoke. "Who's got a pretty face? Don't mock me!" he said to him, getting up as the other pulled him by his wrist out of the captain's quarters. He watched the man as he was brought out into the sunlight once more, shading his eyes at first from the first light that was too strong. As it lessened and his eyes adjusted, he brought his hand away in time to watch crew members showing off what they'd stolen from the now-sunken ship, gambling it for items they thought were more valuable. Disgusting. That's all he could think. These men had destroyed nearly a hundred lives less than an hour ago, and they didn't even care. All they cared about was their gold and gems. Disgusting. Selfish.

Brought out of his thoughts when the captain spoke again, he looked away from the crew members to watch a slender looking man with black hair walk over to them. Angelo was his name? Hm...didn't really suit him. He didn't look like an angel. But, he was tall, pale, though his eyes looked sunken and his bones showed clear as he walked; he was really skinny...unhealthily so. But, that was a price to pay, he guessed. They didn't always have food, if they had it at all...he noticed that most of what they had was alcohol. There was hardly any food in sight.

But, when the captain adressed the man again, telling him that Mikoto would indeed be staying, he couldn't keep the grin off of his face. He was so happy, so utterly thrilled to be on this magnificent ship...even if these people were murderous thieves. Sighing, he turned to follow this new man. This life may be hard...but as of that moment, it didn't seem so bad.
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The sudden boldness of the prince made his eyes widen a bit. He stared with confused eyes, not entirely sure how to take him in. His brain couldn't wrap around why the prince wanted to give up his position. But his lips curled into a coy smile. He chuckled lightly "fine, but I won't go easy on ya just because you have a pretty face." He went back and slipped his coat on, grabbing Mikoto's wrist in the procces, "and don't worry about where you'll be staying. Leave that to me." He pulled the young boy out from his room and back out into the sunlight.

The sea seemed to have calmed after the excitment they. Had not too long ago. "Angelo!" He called out looking for his first mate. The black haired male came running down from the higher deck above. The second he was in veiw he let go of Mikoto's wrist, "give him some work to do. And change courses, his highness has choosen to become part of our crew." He gave the young male a smile before he turned up to the steering deck. Once they found work for Mikoto to do, Everett watched over him with hawk like eyes.

The jbs were simple. Make sure the deck is clean, take dishes down to the cook, simple things that everyone was too lazy to do. It was as if he was their gopher. But the crew knew if they stepped out of line, Everett would be at their throat, pistol aimed underneath their jaw.
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Mikoto raised a brow at the captain, and then looked around the room again. "It's not very large in would the two of us sleep? There aren't enough beds for more than one person to sleep in this room." he told him, looking back to him curiously. Catching on, he turned back to him. "Wait, wait. I'm not going home." he told him, crossing his arms over his chest. "I can't!" he said, almost yelling. That was truely the last thing he wanted. He knew he'd rather die than return to the castle, even returning to Bayshore city, the city right below the castle, was dangerous for him! Everyone knew his face, because they knew his mother's. He couldn't return...he just couldn't.

"I will work, but I refuse to return to my home city. I can't go back there...there is a reason as to why I left in the first place, you know!" he told him, glaring from under his bangs. "I don't care if there's a reward hanging over my head, I will not go back!" he yelled it this time, hoping to get his point across. He didn't care who these people were, didn't care that they were all fierce and dangerous and could cut off his head or shoot lead into his chest at any time they felt like it if he pissed them off. He'd rather jump over board and be eaten by sharks...hmm...maybe not by sharks. But, no, returning was not an option.
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Everett looked back to the prince sitting in front of him. He sighed and turned away. He didn't know where to put him. He didn't want him to stay down with the crew afraid of what his crew would do to him. But the boy was young and pretty, he was also afraid of what he would do to him if he stayed in the room with him. He crossed him arms and looked back over his shoulder at Mikoto. He really had no idea what to do with him. "while your here, you might as well work." He sighed out brushing his hair back, "But you can stay in here until we get back to your home."

He didn't like the idea of going to the capitol city. He knew they would have a very hard time getting in and out with how much trouble they've caused there in years past. A few breaks in here and there. Nothing to horrid like most people thought. Though they did have a rough reputation there for being ruthless and bloody, when in reality they had never killed anyone there. Except for once when Everett got attacked while they were heading back to their ship. Some random citizen had decided to try and be brave and sneak up on him as he watched the crew get to the ship. It wasn't a very long scuffle, a quick shot of his pistol and it was all over with. But that quickly released to whole town on them and they had to leave port quicker than they ever had.

He really didn't want to see anyone from that town again.
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Mikoto was shocked by the way the captain jostled his around, but he also wasn't at the same time. For some reason, he was just the slightest bit more gentile then the previous men had been. But, that didn't make up for much. Now sitting on the bed he'd been thrown onto, Mikoto watched the other on the other side of the room, watching him. He felt trapped and cramped in this little room. It didn't have much in it, for captain's quarters. A desk on the opposite side of the room, the bed he was sitting on, windows all along the back wall seemed to open the place up a bit, but it still wasn't much.

"It's none of your business why i chose to leave my home." he said to him plainly, crossing his arms over his chest as his expression turned to a glare. "I told you, it doesn't concern you!" he snapped at him, turning his eyes away from the captain as he looked out the windows behind him. "It's not really that my life was boring." he said simply, watching as the waves crashed against the ship they were leaving behind, the ship he'd been on before, was now behind them.

Suddenly, Mikoto felt a pull at his hair. And then, he was looking straight into the eyes of this new ship's captain. His fingers tangled into his messed hair, and he swallowed hard. He saw threatening eyes staring into his, moving over his face slowly, taking all of him in. He was looking at every little feature, and making comparisons to his mother, wasn't he? Everyone did. It seemed almost natural. He hated it.
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Everett lead the boy into his room, he wasn't interested in watching the ship sink to the bottom of the ocean. He shut the door behind him and stripped off his coat and hat. He kept his sword close to his hip as he pushed the other onto the crumy bed. He went back and sat up on his desk and stared at the prince. He seemed fragile as if a small tap would break him completely. But the boy had to be strong in order to make it this far away from home.

"What were you aiming for, leaving home? You obviously didn't put up much of a fight." He laughed softly as he crossed his legs and leaned against his desk. His dark eyes peaking out from underneath his silver hair. "You're a prince, why would you throw that away for this?" He used his hand to motion around the room, "is your life that boring?" He stood up straight again and walked over to the young boy. He slipped his hand onto the back of Mikoto's head, intwining his fingers in the brown locks. He tiled his head back lightly as he looked over his young features. They were much diffrent from his own.

While Mikoto still looked like a child, he did not. While he was young, only in his early twenties, his face had grown harsh and pale. His face used to be full of life, but it lost it as he gave his life to the sea. He felt bad that the boy was in this situation, he didn't belong here with them. His attention was broken when he heard the sounds of cannons going off, the crew was finishing off the last bit of the ship.
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Mikoto was shocked when he heard footsteps coming down toward him, and watched as a fierce looking bunch of men shot off the steel bars of his cage, came and freed him of his bindings, then brought him up above his cell, out into the daylight. The waves crashed at the sides of the sinking shit, trying to pull it under. He could faintly make out a gurgling sound of the water filling the bow of the ship and working it's way up.

Having not been listening, he was a bit shocked when he was thrown forward onto his hands and knees in front of a rough, deadly looking man; someone who could only be classified as the captain of a pirate ship. Flinching as he spoke, he knew he'd been recognized. How could he not have been? His looks betrayed him all the time to those who knew the faces of his parents; he had his mother's face and pale complextion, but his father's brown eyes and hair.

Brought out of his thoughts once again as he was lifted from his place on the ground, he looked up to find the captain pulling him to his feet, then onto the other ship still afloat. He was struck with relief, knowing that they wouldn't be letting him sink with the crew that'd harbored him in secret before. But, he was also wary and scared of this new crew. They didn't appear as idiotic, lame, and foolish as the others had. No, this crew looked rough, fierce, deadly; like if you looked at them the wrong way they'd slit your throat and make a new sword hilt out of your skin and a scarf of your hair. He shivered. What unpleasant thoughts. The scariest part of all, though, was that they might just be a reality.
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When the crew of the opposing ship was tied and bound in the corner of the deck, the crew began to run through the various rooms up top of the ship. Everett walked over one of the wooden planks to look ever things him self. He moved his silver hair away from his eyes and glanced over they crew. They seemed like a sad bunch, not much too them. No wonder why they didn't put up much of a fight.

"Sir," one of his men walked up to him slowly, "There's someone down below that might catch your interest." Everett looked at him and nodded his head. He didn't know why someone would be interesting to him, but it didn't matter. It could be interesting.
He looked over his crew and waved his hand, "Go on, tear the place apart!" the rest pf the crew that was waiting hollered and ran off. The other crew was no threat to him.

Down below the crew men saw the younger male standing on the grate to try and stay out of the rising water. They went to work on getting the metal bar door open. One flew it off with his gun and the door lamely fell open. They went in and shot at the shackles around the boy, they weren't able to get the actual cuffs off but at least he was free. Or at least of the cold metal. They took hold of his arms and pulled him through the rising water.

They dropped him on deck in front of Everett who turned on his heel sharply. He tipped his hat up and and began to laugh. "No wonder this ship was in such a hurry!" he said turning back to the crew, "You slick dogs thinkin' you can get by me with him?" He pointed back at the prince and smiled. He laughed a bit more before walking over to the prince, "you're a fragile looking thing aren't ya?" He took him by the arm and walked over to the wooden plank leading back to his ship. "Get everything you can carry," He moved Mikoto further along the wood until they were safely on the other side. "Oh, and send them all into the sea."
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Mikoto had fallen asleep far off in the corner, but was abruptly awakened by loud cracked sounds, and the rattling of the ship. And then voices, louder than needed; yells, hollers, followed by shouts of slight fear, and then the clanging of metal on metal. They were under attack. Sitting up straight, Mikoto looked around him. What could he do? Personally, he'd help anyone who would just set him free after killing his hateful captors.

Just as he was about to make his way to his feet, he felt an abrupt chill around his read and ankles. Looking down, he found water beginning to curl around him, soaking his clothes. Shock hit him. The ship was sinking. Why hadn't he thought of this before? Those cracking noises...canons. This ship wasn't going to be taken captive, it was going to be raided and then left for dead. And he'd be one of them.

Quickly wriggling around in the cold water, now nipping at the bottom of his calves, he stood up gradually, careful not to fall over. He jumped over to the grate above him in the wood, and reached up to grab the stiff, cool, metal bars. "Help!" he called out when he felt the water begin to rise to his knees. "Please! SOMEONE HELP ME!"
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Everett was fast asleep in his quarters when his first mate had busted in. The old rickety door slammed open, causing the paintings on the wall to shake lightly. When he lifted himself up he saw the crew running to and fro on deck. He groaned as he stood from his uncomfortable bed. It was just a slab of wood with a thin mattress covered in old blankets.

He turned towards the shorter man and rose an eye brow, "Well spit it out, what is it?" He went to the small desk that was on the opposite side of the room. He leaned back and set his feet on the old wood, his boots making a heavy thump as he did.

"There's a ship coming up, you still want us to go after it?" the other man said using his chin to point towards the right side of the ship, "Its not flyin' any colors."

Everett lips curled into a smiled and shot up. He grabbed his coat and sli it over his arms as he ran out, "Get the cannons ready!" The ship suddenly lurched to the side, changing its coarse towards the on coming ship. The flags roared down the wooden masts as they began to go only a bit faster. The salty waves crashed against the side as they made their way across the small distance keeping them and the other ship apart.

The ships almost crashed against each other when they finally broke the gap. Everett's crew whooped and hollered as they loaded the cannons and set the ladders at the edge of the ship to board. The captain gave the signal and they all jumped forward onto the other ship, ready to raid the entire thing.
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Sitting in the bottom of a ship, shackles bining his wrists and ankles, Mikoto was watching through the grate above his head, the bright blue sky. And, occasionaly, feet that happened to walk across the grate. Sighing, he rested his head back against the wooden wall behind him.

Only a few days before, he had been wandering from town-to-town, being taken care of by kind housewives and lovely children, only to be thrown out later on by the husbands. He'd been exploring the land he'd never really known before, falling in love with it as he did. Until, of coarse, this happened.

He'd been laying on a beach, when all of a sudden, he was ambushed. At first, the men tried to kill him for his money. But then, the captain came and seemed to know who he was right away. They took him to their ship, tired him up, and left him down there in the gutter.

From down below, he could hear the faint thrashing of waves against the ship, footsteps, laughing and yelling from the crew, and the squeeks from the rats he was sharing this room with.

Sighing again, he couldn't keep his thoughts out of the castle he'd grown up in. He could recall sneaking out many times, but this had been the first where he hadn't returned. And, from the crew above him, he'd learned that his father had promised a handsome reward to anyone who brought him home without harm. Oh, his father was so unreasonable. It was a wonder why he hadn't left sooner than he did.
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