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Mikoto looked down between his feet as he heard a slurring noise, though he couldn't see much. The moon light didn't reach the bottom of the ship where they were, so he only heard the captain's voice, and his footsteps as he left. He sighed. He crouched down, and felt the floor until his fingers brushed a rough-feeling box; matches. He picked them up, opened the box, and struck a match so he could see his surroundings long enough to grab the candle out of the drawer where the captain said it would be, lit it with another match, and sat down on the bed. A cloud of dust rose as he did so. He sneezed.

Rubbing his nose, he looked around again. Cobwebs lined the ceiling as thickly as paint, especially in the corners. He ran a hand through his messy hair, and laid back on the bed. He couldn't believe the events of that day. That morning he'd been sailing the seas in the bottom of a ship, held captive by pirates. Then, that ship was attacked and sunk to the bottom of the ocean while he was taken captive again by another crew. And although this captain had been less brutal with him, it seemed he was right back where he'd started; held prisoner by a band of pirates in the bottom of a ship. This was insane.
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He watched the anger suddenly rising in the young prince. A breeze that came from the door slamming in his face. A small smile appeared as he continued to stand at the door. Ah, so that's why. He took a small pack of matches from his pocket and slipped them under the door, "there's a candle in the drawer." He stood back up and turned to head back up the stairs. The evening breeze made him shiver slightly. He pulled his coat on tighter and looked over to the side where the city was. He could hear the drunken slurs of some of the other ship's crews. He didn't expect his crew to back until dawn so it was his job to protect the ship. Maybe a few would come, but he didn't expect it. But he knew that he'd have a mouthful from everyone in the morning when he would have to be the one to tell them to go look for supplies. He groaned at the thought of having his hung over crew yelling at him all at once. He rather face a hurricane than having his crew upset with him. He looked over the city and sighed, he's the only one to ever slam a door in my face....
  Masamune Oda / Ponyo62 / 7y 322d 17h 9m 10s
Mikoto listened as the captain started talking, and was a little confused. If all the other men were free to do as they pleased, why wasn't he? It wasn't like he was going to steal something and take off. He liked it here. Actually, he felt safer here than he ever had in his father's castle. He blinked, coming out of his thoughts again as the other passed him. He stepped closer to the room and peered inside. It wasn't anything special, he saw, but he felt somewhat guilty about being able to sleep on an actual bed opposed to the rest of the crew who either slept on the floor, or, if they were lucky, hung from the beams.

Hearing the captain's next words, however, brought him out of it. He turned around to face him as he finished his sentence. Anger flared. He was cargo? What the heck?! He thought he'd finally been accepted, even if it had only been a day. But, this? He cautiously stepped away from the man, shaking his head. "I'm not a piece of jewelery you can just show off!" he yelled at him, before turning around and slamming the door to his new "room" as fast as he could.

And just as fast as he did, he realized he was enveloped in darkness. There were no lights in this room, not even a candle. And, if there was, it wasn't lit and so he couldn't see it. Sighing, he leaned back against the door and heard it give a soft creak in protest. He didn't understand anything that was happening here.
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Everett shook the dust off his already dirty clothes and sneezed again. He casually rubbed his nose before looking back at Mikoto, "Why?" He smiled, but it wasn't a nice one. It was more of a "That's a funny question," kind of smile. "Just because you're part of this crew doesn't mean I can just let you wander around the ship. He walked past Mikoto and over to the door, leaning on the frame and it creaked.

"Remember, you're still precious cargo to us if the situation arises." The captain suddenly felt an odd pang of guilt run through his stomach. He couldn't figure out why though, he was speaking the truth. They could always use Mikoto as some kind of leverage in case they ran into part of the Navy, but he didn't like that idea. Why he didn't even he couldn't understand. The boy had only been there for about a day and it made Everett feel uneasy.

It had to be the fact he was a prince. Yeah, that had to be it. Everett convinced himself that was the reason incredibly fast. It was somewhat of a cop-out excuse but he couldn't think of anything else. He couldn't actually be warming up to him, he knew that couldn't be a possibility. Even though his stomach tied in knots when that thought crossed his mind. What could this boy possibly be doing to me?
  Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y 323d 14h 11m 36s
Mikoto nodded as the captain told him to follow, and so he did. They went down into the bottom of the ship, where Mikoto could faintly hear the waves pushing against the ship. He could scarcely hear voices above them, probably the men leaving that'd been watching the ship since they'd docked. Looking around as they came into the area where canopies were hanging from rafters and poles, Mikoto began to look around. He wondered where he'd be sleeping for the night. He may even be put on the floor...what a wonderful knowledge.

But, his thought vanished as he watched the other heave open a door further away from the area, and he saw as a cloud of dust enveloped the captain as he stood in it's door way. Walking up to him, he noticed a small bed within the room. He stopped. "Why are you allowing me to sleep in a bed, when the rest of your crew are sleeping in old fishnets and rags?" he asked him, curious. He didn't understand why the captain of a pirate ship was taking an interest in him, and actually being nice. Never once in his life had he ever heard of a pirate, captain or no, being nice to anyone! It was unheard of! But, it was happening now.
  Mikoto / Embaby / 7y 323d 20h 41m 10s
Everett stared at Mikoto with a slightly shocked expression. He didn't expect the sudden remark. While he knew it was true, he never expected someone to out right say it. He chuckled to himself as he watched the other wobble off. He went to look away but his attention was caught again by the still slightly slured voice. He nodded gentley and motioned for him to follow, "come along." He lead him downstairs and into the belly of the ship. He turned right, away from the crews bunks. There was a door tucked away into the small hallway corner.

He wiggled the door and shoved his shoulder into it. It groaned in protest as he burst it open. He almost fell into the small room as the door suddenly fell open. Dust lifted as he stepped in. There was a small twin sized bed bolted to the wall and a small dresser next to it with a candle resting on top of it.

Everett sneezed lightly as the dust found its way into his nose. "Its a bit dirty but I'm sure you'll make it work, lad."
  Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y 325d 14h 10m 16s
Mikoto watched the captain curiously as he started to explain, and by the end of the story, he felt cold all over...even his heart felt like ice. "I-I'm sorry..." he said, trying to convey how much he truly was. If he had known that this man's past was so devastating, he wouldn't have asked; wouldn't have even brought it up. Looking back to him when the captain addressed him, Mikoto couldn't help but feel lighter...slightly warmer. He nodded, accepting what the captain had told him all too quickly. "You know...I never even imagined someone like you to not be a pirate." he told him as he turned slowly away. "You may not always act like one, but you have the appearance of one...maybe that's why?" he said, shrugging.

Just as he was about to start walking again, Mikoto suddenly remembered what he'd been about to ask the captain before. "Oh." he said, turning back around to face him. "Where are my bed chambers? I wasn't shown where I was to sleep, so..." he trailed off, slightly embarrassed that he'd now have to get the captain of the ship to explain to him where he was able to sleep, and how he was to get there.
  Mikoto / Embaby / 7y 325d 21h 11m 34s
Everett was slightly caught by the sudden interest in him. He leaned over the railing to look down at the prince. He smiled lightly, no one ever asked him these kinds of questions. None of his crew knew him personally. Sure they made up stories but none were true.

He stepped down a few steps so he could be close to Mikoto. "My father was a land owner and i was betrothed to a young girl, Emily." He looked out to the sea and waited a moment, "We were happy together unlike our parents. We were genually in love with one another. But she didn't leave me like you might be thinking." He smiled at him and shrugged. But that smile faded as he began to talk again, "But she threw herself off the cliff a few days before our wedding day. No one knows why, it just...happened." His breath hitched and he forced himself to look down. His hair covered his eyes as he tried to keep the tears from falling. He always choked up when he thought of when they pulled her body to shore, her white dress now turned grey from the water. But he quickly shook it off and looked at Mikoto, "Now don't be giving me that look, lad." He smiled and ruffled the other's brown hair. "I know while I'm at sea she watches over me. That's why I set out to be a pirate, so then we could be together again."
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Mikoto was slightly wobbling on their way back to the ship, both from the sleep creeping inside his head, and from the few drinks he'd had with the captain and the women. Sighing when he finally spotted the ship, he let a small smile cross his lips as they climbed the ramp together. He thought he might fall over, possibly right off of the ramp and into the cold water, but somehow he managed to keep his balance enough to remain on his feet until they'd crossed over onto the deck.

Looking over at the captain as he spoke, he nodded. He'd taken a few steps forward when he realized something, turned around, and was facing the captain again. But by his sudden words, Mikoto forgot what he was about to say. "Really? Someone like you?" he asked suddenly, the words slightly drunken. He tilted his head slightly at the other, trying to figure him out. How could someone like himself have ever had his heart broken? He was handsome, dangerous and mysterious, smart and a certain extent. Mikoto pictured the captain as more of a heart-breaker, then someone who had gotten his heart broken. "How?" he asked, the words sobering. "Is she the reason...why you became a pirate?" he asked, the question seeming to linger in the air. And by then, he knew he'd touched a sore spot.
  Mikoto / Embaby / 7y 326d 18h 48m 27s
Everett noticed sleep was threatening to claim the younger boy any moment now. It was almost too cute for him too handle. It made him feel warm and fuzzy, something he didn't quite understand. But he simply held in a laugh as they made their way back to the ship.

None of the crew had come back yet, except for the few members that stayed behind to watch the ship. But once Everett stepped on they left for town. The captain only saw it fair the whole crew got to enjoy their time here on the island. Everyone worked so hard, it only seemed fit.

The night was quiet, the waves gently rocking the ship like a cradle. "You can go to sleep, I'm going to stay up here." He said to Mikoto as he stepped across. He wasn't tired, but he knew the other was ready to pass out any second now. He wouldn't be surprised if he turned around and already saw him asleep on the floor. But his mind drifted back to the question he never answered. A smile grew over his lips as he remembered, "By the way, I have been heart broken." He set his hands in his pockets and walked up the set of stairs and onto the higher deck, trying to avoid any further comment.
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"Oh." He said simply, a tad shocked. But, it made sense. A pirate didn't need to be tied down, or rather, shouldn't he tied down, because he would never be able to see his love. Also, he wouldn't want to bring her aboard of fear that she may become injured or even killed. A broken-hearted pirate...what an odd thing to think about. "Have you ever had your heart broken?" Mikoto blurted out, unexpected even to him. He hadn't meant to, but the thought somehow made it out of his head, through his mouth, and into the ears of the captain sitting next to him. He gulped, embarrassed that he'd actually voiced the question.

But, before he could answer the question, they were interupted again by the women, and this time they brought friends. Mikoto was growing nervous, having them around. He wasn't used to being surrounded by such beautiful women...and he knew he couldn't trust them, either. He'd heard tales from the other crew members of how some women from this place had stolen from them after spending the night in their chambers, of having slit past crew members' throats in order to steal what they could. He found the thought terrible and disgusting and heart wrenching...but at the same time hard to believe because of the women with him at that moment. It seemed like the captain had a slight amount of trust put into them, but he didn't know if he could too. Probably not.

But soon he was feeling more comfortable around them. The two that now sat on either side of him were telling them stories about their adventures, about men they'd met previously, of how one of their past lovers had tried to steal them away. He found them amazing. They told tales of adventures they'd been on, of how they'd found this place, and what it took for them to get here. It was amazing. By the end of the night, Mikoto could hardly keep his eyes open. And then, as if reading his thoughts, the captain told him they were leaving. He gladly followed him out.
  Mikoto / Embaby / 7y 328d 16h 18m 7s
Everett laughed as he noticed the sudden shyness of the prince. He spread his arms out over the top of the bench they were sitting on. "I'm not together with either of them. I have no intrests in women except for one night stands." The girls returned with two other girls, twins. They both had black hair and tanned skin. One had brown eyes the other with green.

"Boys, this is Eliza and Maria. They'reservers here." Ellie winked her dull, blue eyes. She sat down once Trish and Maria set down all the drinks. The twins sat down next to Mikoto while the other girls took their places near Everett. The girls mainly talked, the captin never said anything. He sipped on his beer lightly, only staring at his newest crew member. Nothing else seemed to faze him. The sounds seemed nonexsistant. But when ever the girls included Mikoto, and that rare smile graced his lips, his own peaked through. Ellie even commented it once, saying that trying to see his smile was like trying to catch a mermaid. Both were nearly impossible.

The girls eventually got up, all linked arms with one another, and disappeared into the crowd. Everett had drank a good amount, only feeling a buzz. But he wanted to be done with, he was tired. He stood up, "come on. We're going back to the ship. I still can't let you out of my sight."
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Mikoto was shocked when he felt a hand on his wrist, and whipped his head around to find a curly red-headed woman pulling him in the direction that the captin waas going. When she finally spoke, he understood. Nodding, he finally got his feet to move after the woman, and the captain.

The next he knew, he was being pulled into a large buidling that smelt of alcohol, hot food, sweat, and hay. An old bar, that looked newly referbished. It wasn't nice, but it wasn't bad, either. Feeling a slight tug, his feet started moving again as the bouncy redhead pulled him along and sat him down beside the captain and the girl he's clealy chosen as his. "Mm, they seem nice, though. The redhead was polite enough..." he said, shrugging his shoulders. He'd talked to only a few women before in his life, and that was to decide on future marriages, aliances, and dates for balls. All boring stuff. They never really talked to him, or him to them. Not that this wench spoke to him more then a few times herself.

"So...are they yours?" He asked ubruptly. "I-I mean, are you two...together?" He corrected himself. "Because. She seemed to be all over you, andd you her. I mean...not that I payed attention or anything. She's pretty and you're handsome..." he babbled, flustered. "I...I'm just going to stop talking npw." He said, and just in time too. The girls were returning, and looked as though they were bringing friends.
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Everett looked over his shoulder seeing Mikoto's confused almost child like look. He smiled and whispered into Trish's ear. She gave a giggle before turning and trotting off to the young boy. She took his hand and pulled lightly "The cap'in says for you to follow. He wants to keep an eye on ya." Her red curls bounced as she pulled him along to Everett and Ellie.

She pulled him into a building that was filled with laughter and voices. Most of the people were drunk, but who wasn't in this town. She waved when she saw the splash of silver and blonde sitting in the corner. She pulled the prince and set him down on the bench next to Everett and Ellie who was sitting his lap. The blonde looked at him and smiled, "he is cute! You didn't lie Evey!"

Everett rolled his eyes at his nickname. It wasn't something he agree to, her and her sister did it all on their own. He gently pushed the blonde up "girls, go get all of us drinks?" He gave them a few coins before they linked arms and swayed away. He leaned over to Mikoto and smiled "interesting creatures those two are, don't you think?"
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Mikoto nodded, not really paying attention to the actual words of the captain. But he did understand...mostly. He needed to hold some liquor and marry a woman. Wait, that didn't sound right. Why would the captain of the ship want him to get married? That sounded more like something his father would tell the time he tried to arrange a wedding between the young prince and a princess from the neighbouring country. Ugh. He shivered. The thought disgusted him; he could remember her swollen, red face clearly. They said she had a sort of disorder, but that her heart was tender. While she might have been kind, Mikoto also wanted someone who he wouldn't have to worry about looking at every day.

When the ship sailed into port, he watched as other ships were tied down to their posts as they passed them, and when theirs was as well, he noticed how quickly the members of this ship's crew hurried off. Obviously they weren't intending to miss a second of this place. As he slowly began descending the ramp that led down to the dock, he noticed the captain walking away with two lovely looking young ladies. It astonished him how quickly he'd gotten them by his side, and also how beautiful they were. Well, the captain wasn't awful at all in the looks department, so he probably didn't have to worry about not being noticed.

But then, Mikoto was alone. He looked around as the small crowd of people began to disperse, the excitement over. But where was he to go? He didn't know the city, of this land at all. He could tell that it was free land, a safe haven for pirates alike. That being said, he really wasn't used to this. This was his first port ever, and although he planned to make the most of it...he had no idea what he was supposed to do, where he was supposed to go, and how he'd know when the ship was leaving again so he wouldn't get left behind.
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