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Everett had to hold back a small laugh, his coat was big on Mikoto. It hung low off his shoulders and almost drug on the floor. But he had to admit, it looked good on the younger man. "No, I won't be bringing anyone to bed tonight." He had thought about it, but once he saw how drunk Mikoto was, he couldn't bring himself to leave the poor boy to his own devices while in the clutches of Trish and Ellie. Especially since he found Mikoto's company much more tasteful than the company of some random whore he'd found in town.

The smile on his lips didn't seem to want to fade. He couldn't remember the last time he smiled this long. He walked up behind Mikoto, only separating himself by a few inches. "Now what kind of pirate am I? I know I have a very nasty reputation in your kingdom." He turned Mikoto around so they were facing each other, "How would a dangerous killer like me fascinate a prince like you?" He spoke low, as if he were keeping anyone from hearing him ; even though no one was around. Being this close made his heart beat faster than it ever had before. Even when he was around her. "You're the only one that has ever spoken so freely to me. Everyone else has been to scared to try to see me as anything else other than a pirate. Why do you see me so different?"
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Mikoto was so relieved when the captain finally looked up at him, and it made him happy to see that he wasn't being rejected by him either. As a soft wind blew up from the water, Mikoto couldn't help but shiver. He grabbed his arms and hugged himself, but let go once he felt the warm coat around him. "Shouldn't you keep this? In case you deside to take a lady to bed tonight?" He asked, giving a small smile. But, even as he said the words, his hands tightened their grip on the coat, as if he didn't really mean what he was saying.

Shivering once again, Mikoto stepped back From the rail of the ship, moving into the middle where the wind would be able to reach him so much. "I never really understood what it was about pirates that always facinated me." He thought out loud. But, turning back to look at the captain, he smiled again. "But I'm pretty sure its pirates like you, that did me in when I was small." He turned away, feeling the slightlest heat spread across his cheeks. He wasn't sure why he kept bothering this man with his words, but he couldn't seem to stop himself. Talking to him...felt too natural.
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Everett stood up and looked at Mikoto instead of the water beneath them.Friend? He wasn't sure if he had ever been considered someone's "friend" before. His pale face turned a pale pink which made him tear his face away so that Mikoto couldn't see. Maybe he didn't see him as a prince was because he never paid attention to the royal family. He lived so far away from the castle that it never fazed him. And now that he was out at sea, no one ruled him. The king's navy tried forcing them to give into his power numerous times, but it never worked.

"To be honest, I see you as a normal person. I have to constantly remind myself that you're the prince. It just doesn't occur to me." He shrugged, still keeping his eyes downcast into the dark water beneath the ship. His face flushed with color again, Favorite? He smiled lightly as he dared to look up, "Thank you. You're a good boy, Mikoto. I'm glad that you've showed up here. This ship needed a new face." A small breeze lifted his hair away, revealing the small sparkle of joy in his eyes. He slid off his coat and placed it over Mikoto's shoulders.
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Mikoto was taken slightly aback by the captain's words, and it made him think. Why did he keep thanking him? Well, it felt right. He felt like he needed to, but why? He looked out over the water, out of the cove that could hardly be found if you didn't know exactly what you were looking for. This man...he started off cruel, but turned into someone I feel I can trust. Even though he perceives me as merely cargo to transport, maybe even leverage in battle, he's done nothing to harm me. He gave me a proper room, he brought me with him when I felt lost when we first got here. He introduced me to those girls...and I'm pretty sure it's because of him that the entire crew hasn't either thrown me over board or ripped off my clothes. "For being my friend." he said to him, smiling down at him.

He stepped back, his smiling becoming bigger as he looked down at the other. "I left the castle a week and a half ago, and you're the first person who's ever actually...considered me as more than just their prince." he paused, thinking. "I've met a lot of people since I left the capital, but I think you're my favourite."
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That small smile made Everett's heart skip a beat. It was so pure and innocent, it almost cause him to choke. He wasn't sure if had ever seen some one this pure before. At first he didn't look at the stars when Mikoto started speaking about them, he just looked at him. But he finally looked up and tried seeing the patters in the sky. He didn't understand it but he figured Mikoto was educated and that's how he knew all of this. He had very little education, mainly English. His parents didn't see a point in having their child know anything else. His destiny was to take over the land and continue the farming business his parents started. But that wasn't the case now.

Everett looked back down to Mikoto when the words "Thank you," were muttered once again. He lifted a brow and tilted his head back, "Now you keep thanking me, but I'm not sure for what." As far as he knew, he had done nothing to earn that thanks.
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Mikoto seemed to snap out of his thoughts when the captain put his hand on his shoulder. He looked over at him, slightly confused at first, then gave a small smile. "In all honesty," he paused, thinking as he turned his eyes back to the stars. "I don't miss it." he confessed. And then, completely ending the subject, he pointed up the first constellation that he could see in the stars. "That's the Big Dipper. And attached to it, is the North Star." he told the captain, beginning to relax all over again. "And waaaay over there, that's the Little Dipper." he said, smiling again.

Sighing, Mikoto stood again, beginning to feel slightly embarrassed by everything he'd told his new captain. He hadn't meant to confess his entire life's story to him that night, or at all. He wasn't sure if it was the draining alcohol in his system, the lack of sleep, or both? But, he knew one thing was for sure; this pirate captain made him feel more comfortable and at home than any of his relatives, any of the people back at the castle. "Thank you." he said again.
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Everett was surprised by the sudden laughter spilling out from Mitoko's lips. A smile creeped its way onto his lips. A laugh escaped his own lips, his hand shooting up to cover it up. His eyes were slightly wide and surprised at his own out burst. He leaned in slightly, "To be honest, I'm not a very strong swimmer." He smiled sheepishly and leaned back, looking up at the sky himself.

He looked at him and listened with slightly sad eyes. He felt bad for Mikoto. He never experienced those types of things with his father, he had a caring family even if they didn't eat together all the time or spend every day with one another. But maybe that's why they were the same. They ran away from their reality. Mikoto from the pressure of being a ruler, and he himself was running from the ghosts that haunted him.

Everett reached out and gently patted the young man's shoulder, "That's all behind you now. You can look at the stars anytime you want to know."
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Mikoto nodded, knowing that Everett was trying to make him feel at home. Though, he couldn't keep himself from laughing at the next comment. And, suddenly, it was a whole lot more funny. He couldn't stop laughing. He put his hand over his mouth, trying to shield it, but it wouldn't stop. After a few minutes, he was still giggling, and looked back over to the captain. "I'd prefer it if you didn't do that...I can't swim." he confessed to him, cheeks slightly pink in embarrassment. Soon, his laughter dulled to a smile that still remained on his lips, he leaned his head back and looked up to the sky.

"I always find that it looks more beautiful at night." he told him. "The sky, I mean." he smiled back at him, eyes glancing. "The day is always too bright. I can never look at the sky without squinting. But at night, it's easy. It's calm and beautiful, and the stars twinkle like misplaced fireflies!" he told him, grinning as he stared up at the sky. After a few moments of silence, the smile went away. "When I was little, my father would take me horseback riding late at night to the hill behind the castle, and we'd watch the stars and pick out constallations." he snorted. "Well, that was back when he still believed I'd be a good king." the smile vanished. "That was the last night he talked to me about something other than inheriting the throne."
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Everett listened intently as Mikoto talked. He was right, how could he fit in with the crew? There wasn't much for him here anyways. Everett heard some of the crew saying that he was only keeping Mikoto as a pet. But he didn't see it that way. At least not now. At first he did see the prince as just leverage, a precious jewel that only his ship could have. But after being around him for awhile made him turn soft. He wouldn't show it in front of the crew but the defiance in this boy made him even more curious. His crew argued with him sure, but none dared to slam a door in his face. They'd be dead by morning some how if they did.

I'm supposed to be the most feared pirate on the seven seas, yet here I am, playing with a prince's hair. Everett turned away and looked at the wood they sat on. "We're getting food supplies before we leave tomorrow, you can cook then. Everyone has their place here. Even if I have to tie ya to the mast and make you the mermaid on the front of the ship." He said smiling coyly.
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Mikoto glanced over at the captain as he sat down next to him, somewhat surprised that they were even having this conversation. He nodded, knowing what he was saying was true, whether he liked the words or not. "How am I supposed to prove myself to a band of pirates?" he asked, frowning as he rested his forehead on his knees. He felt the other's fingers in his hair, messing it up like they'd done so casually before. He peeked up through his bangs at the captain sitting beside him, curiosity in his eyes. "You know...I can't kill people. Couldn't even kill a wild dog who broke into out castle one. My father had to do it." he told him, eyes flickering down as he let his bangs fall back into his face. "I tried to kill a bird once. I ended up trying to convince my mother to let me keep it as a pet." he sighed, shaking his head.

Shifting in his seat, he looked up at the sky, hair falling away from his face again. "I'm not very good at sword fighting, because my father never took much time to teach me. I can't use a gun because my mom didn't want me to learn. I know how to clean because I used to help the servants when I was bored, and I can read and write. But nothing too valuable on a pirate ship." he stopped, thought. "I can cook, too. But, that doesn't really matter men don't have much food anyway." he said, shrugging his shoulders. "So, tell me, how am I supposed to prove myself, captain?" he gave a dry smirk.
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When they stepped up, the air sent a shiver up Everett's spine. The stars paroled over their heads, it was the only source of light they had. He noticed Mikoto stumble, but it didn't worry him. He leaned against the railing and watched his compainon stare into the water. The silence between them made him shift slightly, making him uncomfortable. Should I say something? He knew that he hurt Mikoto, but he was just being honest, something that was abnormal for him. But just as he opened his mouth to apologize, Mikoto beat him to it. He looked down and cleared his throat at the sudden sad smile in front of him. "No, it's not your fault for thinkin' that way." He slid down to the floor next to him. He brought one of his knees up to lean his arm on. "I didn't meant to be so harsh, I want to think of you as one of us. But you still have to prove yourself. But.." He raised his other and and ruffled Mikoto's brown hair softly "you did we'll today."
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Mikoto moved his face slightly away when the captain went to touch his face, but didn't pull back entirely from his touch. It was nice to feel something other than a lusty grab at him for a change, since he'd left the palace. He sighed, relaxing now that he could somewhat feel fresh air below the deck, and being with the person who'd saved him from his father in the dream. And as they began to ascend back above deck, he couldn't help himself from saying, "Thank you."

When they finally got above deck again, Mikoto felt he might faint because of the sudden rush of cool, fresh salty air. He stumbled a bit, lungs filling with the beautiful clean air, and he sighed almost happily. "I'm actually glad you came and got me." he admitted to Everett, leaning over the railing in front of them. He looked down into the dark water, somewhat disappointed that he couldn't see anything in it. He'd always loved seeing his reflection in water, but because the night sky was so dark, he couldn't even make out the bottom of the sea bed. He sighed again, slouching over to rest his forehead on the railing. "Sorry I yelled at you." he told him, moving to crouch down now. "I should understand, I know. It just came as a bit of a shock to me to know that you still classify me as cargo." he said, looking up as he gave a hurt smile to the captain. "I don't know why I thought anything else."
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Everett had shut his eyes after a few minutes with no response. He was tired himself but didn't have the heart to show it back at the bar. He could hear rustling coming from inside the bedroom He must be dreaming. I hope its a good dream. He tilted his head, what would princes dream of? He bet it was about fancy things that he only could have if he stole. He opened his eyes and leaned forward. His mind still couldn't grasp why Mikoto wanted to stay on his ship. He had nothing to offer him. But maybe it was the freedom that he chased after.

He heard footsteps behind him before the door opened. He looked back to see the prince standing on the door. "Are you okay, lad?" He stood up and looked over Mikoto, " you're awfully pale." He used the back of his fingers to gently wipe a small drop of sweat away from Mikoto's brow. A sudden pang of worry hit him, he hoped it wasn't something he said. He quickly pulled his hand away and stepped back, "lets get you some fresh air." He turned and head up onto the deck, trying to keep his eyes averted.
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After a while Mikoto had slowly begun to drift off to sleep. The waves were rocking the ship slightly, and it was quite. The bed wasn't very comfortable, but it was better than what he'd slept on the night before. Definitely an improvement. Closing his eyes, Mikoto saw flashes of light behind his eyelids, and then he was back home, held up in the castle. It was the day before he'd run away, no, escaped. As he began to walk down the hallway outside of his bedroom, the walls seemed to start closing in on him, trying to compress him. He started running as fast as he could, and then, his father was in front of him, eyes glaring down at him. He was unimpressed. He was always unimpressed with Mikoto. Stopping, he had no where else to go. And then, he heard a voice behind him. He turned around, and it was Everett, the captain. And he was talking to him; smiling at him. "I'm going to stay here until you're not upset with me anymore and come back up on deck with me." He said to him. Mikoto blinked. "What?"

And then he was awake. Mikoto sat up on the bed, and could faintly make out the sound of breathing outside of his door. Maybe he hadn't dreamed the last part. Standing up, Mikoto reached out toward the door, and his father's face flashed in his mind, yelling at him, screaming that Mikoto was a disappointment and that he would someday be king. He stopped, blinked again. His father was gone. As he opened the door, he realized that he was breathing heavily. All he wanted was to get out of this space that seemed to tight, like there was no escape. "I'll go back up with you." he told him.
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Everett stayed put on the deck, not sure what to do. He would usually just go sleep until everyone showed u in the morning, but that wasn't the case this time. While the town behind him was noisy and in chaos, the ship wasn't. It was calm and peaceful, it almost made him nervous. He looked behind him to see what was happening on other ships tied to the docks. Nothing. He sighed and looked down, he was never this jumpy. Maybe its because Mikoto is down below. He looked toward the door leading to the belly of the ship. He chewed on his lip a moment before sighing once again and head toward the stairs.

He didn't really know what he was going to gain out of this but he had to admit, he did feel a bit lonely. And that wasn't a feeling he was used to, or liked to feel. He hesitated in front of the door when he reached it. Not sure if he should knock or just open it by force. His hand hesitated above the wood, not sure how should he react. Mikoto was one of the crew now, he shouldn't get any special treatment. But there was just something special about him that drove Everett crazy. There was just something about the prince that made Everett's protective side flare up.

He let a small snort out through his nose before he sat down, his back facing the door. He leaned his head back, "I'm going to stay here until you're not upset with me anymore and come back up on deck with me."
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