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Mikoto nodded, trying to remember their budget and how much money each member of the crew would be granted after everything they needed was bought. He knew he'd have to separate them all into teams, and figured he'd take some of the stronger men with him to buy food, as well as the pots and pans. He had thought that the captain would want to come with them, though. But...I guess it made sense, since someone needed to look after the ship. "Are you sure you don't want to come out with us? We could take shifts watching the ship?" he suggested, but even while he was mentioning it he knew that it wasn't really any use trying to convince him to come along. He seemed to have already made up his mind.

Right as he was turning away, Mikoto thought of something else. "Is there a certain type of meat you prefer?" he asked. "Because I can get some of that. I know the crew likes pork and you want something special for yourself?" he asked. Looking around him, he watched as some of the passing men gave him thumbs up, and waves. They seemed all too happy about the fact that the captain was letting them go shopping, even if they had a budget. Well, he figured he'd have to explain that to them later, as well as ration a certain amount of money to everyone. He sighed. This was turning into a lot more work than what he'd originally thought it would be.
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Mikoto's request struck him as odd. He never thought that the crew would want more. A sinking feeling suddenly took over his body, was he not taking care of his crew enough? Guilt washed over his face, he barely noticed Mikoto had stepped in front of him until he spoke.He snapped out of his thoughts and looked into the young man's eyes. He couldn't deny Mikoto, even if the request made him uneasy. "Aye, everyone can get something." He gave a faint smile, "Lad, what I want requires more than some gold to get." He ruffled Mikoto's already messy hair.

He looked up and called Angelo over, "have the men get all the main supplies we need first then they can take shifts to go into town to get their...specific wants." His first mate smiled before going off to tell the crew the orders. "you can go out with them too, lad. Get whatever you want. I'll stay here to watch over things."

What he wanted he couldn't buy for once. And he thought that maybe it was just a rush he got from being around the prince. But this, this feeling felt so good that he didn't want to give it up, even if he didn't understand it. But he couldn't help but feel a little curious on what the boy would get in a town like this. But now he was one of them, he didn't have everything like he did at the castle. What does a baby pirate want?
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Mikoto looked up with a smile on his face when he heard Everett's voice. He nodded at the question, stepping toward him as he descended from his place above them until they were only a mere foot away. He felt like he could just jump right into his arms at that very minute, and get the feeling from the previous night back. But he could tell that the captain was worried about what the crew would think, say, and do, so he didn't. But when the captain kept getting closer, he couldn't help but notice. He was watching their feet when he felt a soft hand on his cheek, and looked up to find the captain's face awfully close. And the words he whispered to him, they made his heart race. He looked away quickly as he felt his face heat up.

Taking a few deep breaths, Mikoto composed himself and turned back to the captain. "Yes, I...we came up with a list of things that are needed aboard the ship. We put our heads together to figure out what the approximate costs would be, and how much gold and things worth trade were on the ship. Together we came to the conclusion that there is enough money to buy a lot of candles, a few oil lamps, with oil, of coarse." he paused, taking a deep breath. He didn't know why, but suddenly he felt nervous about sharing his ideas. "We also discovered that we could buy enough food to last at least three more months, if not more, plus proper pots and pans." he told him.

Running a hand through his unkempt hair, he sighed, looking around the ship. Everyone was hard at work, trying to please their captain. They were a team, something Mikoto desperately wanted to be a part of. "Oh, and, one more thing." he said, remembering. "We discovered that the left over money would be enough to supply each crew member with something they wanted, within reasonable price. Everyone else has decided what they want, but...we hadn't gotten the chance to ask you." he said, stepping into Everett's view. " there anything you want?"
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Everett rested on the stairs leading to the stern castle deck. His eyes were narrowed as he heard the good mornings from all the men below. Mikoto must be awake. That made his heart beat faster. He saw the brown head suddenly appear from below. He leaned back on his elbows and smiled, "Good mornin' lad. Sleep well I hope?" He said from his perch. Sleep was still present in Mikoto's eyes, something Everett couldn't help but find slightly adorable. He stood up and walked down the steps heavily, his boots causing a loud thump as he put more emphasis on each step. "Now my mates tell me that you've come up with a list of items," a slight smile graced his lips as he stood before Mikoto. He was close, but not as close as last night. He wished he could be close like that again, but he wouldn't dare try that in front of his crew.

While everyone on deck was bustling about and yelling, Everett still managed to whisper, "I only agreed to it for you. You found your place here finally." He stepped a tad closer to him, he lifted his hand and gently stroked Mikoto's cheek, "You're going to break me one of these days." He smiled and turned away looking over his crew once more.
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When Mikoto woke up, he found that he didn't remember falling asleep. All he remembered as last night, sitting on the cold, hard floor with the men who'd grown in their number since returning to the ship. They'd talked about how much gold and jewels they had, and how much everything they needed and wanted would approximately cost. All in all, they had decided that every man on the ship would get something they wanted, plus everything they actually needed. After that...nothing.

When he opened up the door, light flooded in, and he squinted. He let his eyes adjust to the light before walking out, grabbing the attention of the few men that were still down there with him. "Mornin', sleepin' beauty." they said to him, grinning and nodding. He understood right away. "When did I fall asleep?" he asked them. "In the wee hours of the mornin'. You're lucky we're strong, too. We carried you to bed." he said, winking. "Gosh, he ain't that big! He's rather puny!" another one of them said. "Yeah, but we didn't do nothin'." the third winked at him. "Just tucked you in." Slightly cautious, Mikoto nodded. He didn't remember falling asleep, or anyone carrying him to bed, or anyone tucking him in. He hoped the men were telling the truth.

"Oi! Is the beaut still asleep?" a man called down to them as hard, heavy steps came down after it the voice. He was heavy set; short, plump. He also had a gun in either pocket, and what looked to be a knife in his shirt. "Ah, lad, the cap'n is look for ya!" he told him, giving him a hearty smile that was missing some teeth. "He be on deck, waitin' for ya!" Mikoto nodded, stepping past the rest of them. When he got above deck, all of the others nodded at him, grinning. "Mornin' beaut." some of them said. "Eh, look! Sleeping beauty's awakened!" some others yelled, waving at him. Suddenly, he felt shy.
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Everett watched as the crew on the deck rearrange supplies to see what they needed and what they didn't. Hopefully they're getting everything they need down below. He thought as he looked back towards the door. He sighed before he decided to go and check on the few men downstairs.

He stepped down slowly, ready to shout out, but then he heard them mention Mikoto. They were going over something, but what? "Oi," He said flatly, "Are you making plans down here?"

"no captain. Mikoto made up a list of things we need. Talked to the crew about it and they all agree." One of the men said, "We do have enough gold now, we could splurge... a little." The other crew member looked at him with a shocked expression. Everyone on the ship knew Everett was a stickler on money, and they could see the slight shock in his face that they had even dared to ask him that.

But then he thought, If Mikoto had come up with the idea, he did something for the ship. He found his place. The captain let out a sigh and nodded. I'm going soft... He crossed his arms and still kept his deadly glare, "Don't go too over board. Just get whatever is on that stupid list of yours." He turned on his heal and headed back up on deck.
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When Mikoto got back into his new room, he found that the candle stick was down to a stub, a pool of melted wax around it in it's dish. He sighed. It didn't look like it'd ever been cleaned. "Alright, tomorrow...this is going to change." he thought to himself, a sudden determination flooding through him. "We'll all go out with certain tasks," he began thinking out loud as he walked over to his bed. "Some people will go and boy different types of food. supplies, maybe? Some will definitely have to go and buy more candles, lamps and oil, for sure." he thought, sitting down on his bed.

"We should get some real blankets too!" he heard a voice say. Walking to the doorframe, Mikoto peeked into the other room to find a small group of crew members, maybe three or four. "Oh! And some feather pillows!" another one chimed in. Mikoto snorted. "What else do you think we need?" he asked them, glad to see they'd taken an interest. "We should get some actual pots and pans!" said one of them. "Yeah! We've been cooking out of the regular bowls and plates for too long!" another one said. Mikoto grinned. "Alright! When the others get back, discuss it with them too, and we'll tell the captain tomorrow!" he told him, arms crossed in triumph.

The others nodded, smiling and grinning, seemingly happy that they'd joined in with this idea. He was really glad that he wasn't the only one who thought the ship was lacking in resources.
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A small chuckle escaped Everett as he watched Mikoto desend down the stairs, his coat tails draging against the floor. He knew he'd have to hold himself back from going downstairs and into Mikoto's room. He didn't like having his arms empty. He waved off his crewmen before going into his own room. He was tired, but he wasn't ready to sleep yet. He laid down anyways but stared up at the ceiling, shifting over his thoughts. The faint smile stayed until he fell asleep several hours later.

He had a boring sleep, no dreams, no sounds. Nothing. The only sound he heard was arguing outside his door. He opened his eyes but instantly closed them when the sunlight flooding through his windows caught his eyes. He groaned as he pushed himself up on his elbows. He stared at the door, Crew must be back. He forced himself up, his body aching in protest. He struggled toward the door, thrusting it open once he reached it. The arguing stopped and all eyes were on him. If they could see hs auora, it would have been black. They all turned and went back to wrok, leaving what ever chatter they had for later. His gaze soften as he looked at the stairs leading to the belly of the ship. He tried to fight it, but a smile formed at the thought of Mikoto sleeping.
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Mikoto felt his face heat up more when Everett hugged him tighter, burying his face in his neck. He could feel his hot breath on his cool skin, and it made him shiver. But he didn't let go, either. He didn't dislike it. He'd never been held this long by anyone...not even his mother. And his father was too "manly" for hugs, or so he said. He liked it. He liked the way the captain's breath felt on his skin, he liked the smell of his hair, he liked his firm-but-gentle grip on him as he held him tightly. He nodded when the other spoke, unable to voice any words. He felt like if he tried to open his mouth, he'd end up saying something stupid, something that might make this man back away from his touch all together.

But then, he was letting go anyway. Mikoto was surprised when he stepped away so quickly, but realized it must've been because of the two other crew members that had come aboard in their drunken state. So he was afraid to let them see? Maybe he wasn't ready to lose his fierce, deadly title just yet. But, what pirate would? Mikoto nodded to the two crew members, giving them both smiles, and watched as they smiled drunkily back at him. He hoped he wouldn't find them in his bedroom that night...or any other night, either.

Sighing, he turned back to the captain who seemed content with leaving him for the night. He lowered his eyes, somewhat disappointed that another hug wasn't coming his way that night. He nodded reluctantly. "I promise, I will." he told him, smiling, but not looking up at him. "Well...then, I'll see you in the morning." he said almost cautiously, taking a step back as he did so. This time he did look up at the other, and smiled, almost shyly, and turned away.
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I'll run as fast as I can.

Everett nearly choked on air as those words entered his ears. He wanted to look down but he couldn't find the strength to d so. His face was bright red and he wasn't about to show him that. But he wasn't about to let go either. In fact, he squeezed a bit harder, taking in the sea soaked scent of the boy in his arms. He knew he'd eventually have to let go, but he didn't want to. He closed his eyes and buried his face into the nape of Mikoto's neck. It had been so long since he was held like this, far too long. "I'm sorry, but this feels nice."

Foot steps came from the wooden ramp ascending to the ship. Everett quickly let go of Mikoto and backed away reluctantly. A few of the crew members drunkenly staggered onto the ship laughing and waving at the captain and the prince, Everett quickly looked away to hide his blushing face.

"Ya'll can go to sleep now. We'll watch the ship." One of men said with a large smile. "the sun'll be up soon and you two have been up for a long time now."

The captain looked over at Mikoto and smiled lightly once the two turned around. "Remember to run to me if you need to."
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Mikoto was shocked when he felt arms around him, and his face pressed into Everett's chest as he pulled him closer. He felt his face heat up, knowing his blush was fierce even without seeing it. He blinked. I won't let them take you back. The words resounded in his head, and he felt strangely comforted. They seemed to seep into his bones, and make him shiver. He felt his heart's pace quicken, and thought it might beat right out of his chest. He was scared that even Everett would be able to hear it. And then he realized something. The heart beat he was hearing wasn't his. He looked up at the captain holding him so closely, and realized that he was as nervous as he was. His heart was beating as quickly as Mikoto's.

If you ever feel afraid, run to me. I'll protect you.

Those words...they seemed to...unbreakable. I'll protect you. Mikoto closed his eyes and rested his forehead on the other's chest, trying to regulate his breathing. He felt, in this man's arms. And even though they were next to strangers, he felt as if he'd known Everett forever, that they'd been together all their lives. He felt like the captain knew his life story not because he'd told him, but because he'd lived it with him. "I'll run as fast as I can." he muttered.
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Everett's arms dropped as he turned around all the way. He took in the pained expression written all over Mikoto's face. He hated seeing that face, it made him furrow his brows and his smile finally disappear. He took a step forward, but hesitated slightly. But after staring for a few moments, he broke. He rushed over to Mikoto, capturing the prince in his arms. He held him close, his heart pounding against his chest once again. "I won't let them take you back, this is your home now." He didn't know why he was saying these things. But the way Mikoto laughed and talked made his brain stop working. Just the short time Everett was alone on deck, it drove him crazy that Mikoto wasn't next to him. "If you ever feel afraid, run to me. I'll protect you." He said into the brown hair beneath him. He smells like the sea already.

The words he spoke would have embarrassed him if anyone was there to hear except Mikoto.But because it was him, he didn't mind saying things like that. He chuckled inwardly to himself, he used to find moments like this useless. He never saw a point in sharing heart-felt-speeches like this until now.
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Mikoto watched in slight disappointment as the captain distanced himself from him again, turning away from him. He let his eyes drop, and his hands tightened, bringing the coat closer around his shoulders. "I...I'm not really all that tired." he said, stepping back himself as he began to feel awkward, waiting for the captain to turn back around and face him again. He was about to turn away as well when he caught the other's eyes, and stopped. It took a minute for him to figure out what he'd said, but when he did, he gave a small, pained smile. "I feel that if I go back to sleep, I'll end up seeing my father's face again." he told him, slightly embarrassed for feeling scared.

But, Mikoto had a feeling that if he did go back to sleep, and his father did reappear, that Everett would be the one to save him again. Whether the words he spoke in his dream were real this time or not, or whether they were just imagined by his mind. He didn't care. He knew Everett would save him from his father. But, was that him thinking about the dream? Or about real life, and what was happening that bery moment?
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Everett's chest flared up with heat and his breath caught in his throat. They had only known each other for a day and the boy in front of him could already see past this mask. He had everyone else fooled, but not the prince. He was the only one he couldn't be cruel to. He had spent years of building this dangerous persona in order to stay on top. But now, he felt as if none of that mattered. He din't mind his walls being broken down. He thought that when this day happened, he'd be miserable and scared. The only feeling he felt was his heart raising into his throat. The faint blush that Mikoto held on his face made his own cheeks flush with pale pink.

"Thank you for seeing me how I really am. You're the only one." He turned away and crossed his arms. The sudden gap between them made him feel cold. But being that close to him was making his heart go so fast he thought he might have a heart attack.It was as if the air was stolen from his lungs.

"Are you tired, lad?" He said looking over his shoulder, "Its late, even for me. Go try and sleep again of you feel like it."
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Mikoto turned around when he felt the captain's hands on him again, and looked at him with wonder. He was just now noticing how much taller this man was than himself, and it made him feel strangely small, but also like he was being guarded. "You're the type of pirate who wants everyone to think he's terrible and cruel, but you really aren't. I think you've even convinced yourself that you're 'ruthless.'" he used his fingers to quote the word, smiling up at him. "But, I don't see you as someone I need to be afraid of." he said.

When the captain's voice dropped lower, Mikoto was suddenly aware of their closeness. He felt his face heat up more, and his throat tighten slightly. But he didn't back away from him, either. " see me differently, too. I don't really think it's possible for me to see you as someone willing to kill anyone they want. Maybe that'd because you've been so gentle and kind to me, and maybe it's because of the way you treat me...but I can't picture you as anyone but the person who you've shown to me." The smile returned to Mikoto's lips then, his cheeks still dusted with blush.
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