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Everett heard the groans coming from the crew as they came on the ship. Some protested, even though he couldn't understand most of what they were saying. Once Mikoto was down beneth, he told the few that were curious. They had to be catious now, once word got out they had Mikoto, they'd have the royal navy coming after them as their number one priority. And if they made port, they'd have to be extra careful. Move at night and no more than a few people leave the ship.

"Get her movin'! We have places to be!" He said storming towards the stairs, "get her to sea before I come back up !" He went down the stairs and down to the small kitchen they had. He stopped by the door and watched Mikotofor a moment before knocking slightly. "The ship'll be movin out. I'm sorry we had to cut your time in town short. But we can't risk it." He didn't want the prince to worry but he had a right to know. He sighed before looking at Mikoto, "one of the other captains came and told me that word got out you were here. I'm not sure how they know but we have to be careful."
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Mikoto was quite surprised when the captain walked up to him, telling him that they were heading back now, and that they'd be departing sooner than planned. He found himself a tad upset, but he didn't question the captain. Instead, he just nodded. He watched as the captain instructed the men to hurry up, and sent others chasing after the rest of the crew to fill them in as well, and soon the group of them were all heading back to the ship.

When they returned, Mikoto watched as some of the crew began to question the captain's orders, and then as others just went along with it. He wasn't sure which group was smarter, the ones who wanted to know, the ones who didn't, or the ones who didn't care? Sighing, Mikoto ran a hand through his hair. Since they were leaving port earlier than expected, he would have to start preparing their supper.

Starting toward the lower deck, Mikoto made his way down below deck to where all of the barrels were kept that held the salted meats and fish, as well as all of the pots, pans, plates and bowls. Pulling out one of the metal slabs from the corner, he set it down on the ground and surrounded it with bricks, then filled it with wood until it was enough for a small fire that wouldn't burn down the ship.

He poured some of the water that was held in a barrel into one of the pots and set it above the fire, waiting for it to boil. He was thinking of making a pork halk stew for that night, using some of the vegetables and the pork ankles they'd bought cheap. His stomach growled at the thought.
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Everett noticed the bored prince hanging out and watching everyone else. He smiled lightly before walking over and ruffling Mikoto's brown hair. He didn't want to worry the prince, it certaintly wasn't his cross to bear. "I got bored sitting at the ship. Some of the crew was going back so it she's in safe hands." He looked about the busy market place, it felt tense almost. "I think we should head back to the ship though. We need to leave earlier than expected." He didn't like cutting his crew's time short but he didn't want the town to go after them.

It was unsettling on why Bernadette knew how Mikoto ended up on his ship. He killed all of the men that was on the last ship Mikoto was on. Or, at least he hoped. Drowning the crew still could have left people floating, which is why he put his trust into the sharks. But even they could fail him. I've gotten sloppy. He thought suddenly panicking. He groaned and shouted to the crew to hurry up so they could slip away that night.

He took Mikoto's arm and lead him back to the ship. He wasn't taking his chances, no way in hell was he going to loose the prince now.
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Sighing, Mikoto rested his head on his hand, propped up by his elbow, as he watched the other men wandering around the area, buying things, trading other things, bartering, the occasional sneaky theft. He didn't say anything, of coarse, but that didn't mean he didn't take notice. Apparently some people still had a lot to learn about pirates, no matter how long they'd spent with them. "Hey, lad. Ya sure ya ain't gunna buy anythin'?" one of the men asked him, looking over at him. He nodded. "No, I'm fine. I'll just wait here until you're all ready to go." he told the man, and he nodded. Then walked away without so much as a glance back.

Looking around himself as he'd lost all interest in watching the men, he found himself getting the occasional glance from passersby. At first, he felt offended. But then he realized he didn't really look like the ordinary pirate. His features were soft, he had big eyes, and his hair was clean cut, though a tad messy. If any one of these people in this entire city had ever seen his parents, they'd know who he was right away. And that made him feel suddenly exposed. What would he do if someone really found out who he was? Would they try and kill him? Maybe kidnap him the way the others had? But he knew that if that happened, they probably wouldn't treat him the same. Although Mikoto could sense that he was overall accepted on Everett's ship, he saw the crew as a big family, with Everett as their older brother, perhaps. He wanted nothing more than to be apart of that family, where they worked hard to please each other, and help each other survive. He knew that their motto was "every man for himself" but he could easily see that if one of their crew members needed help, the rest would run to his aid.

Looking up, Mikoto caught sight of something who appeared to be running to his aid. The captain? He stood up, a questioning look on his face. "What are you doing here?" he asked him.
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Everett was enjoying his quiet time on deck until heard the faint click of boots behind him. He turned to see the brunette crossing her arms and pouting. Everett smiled lightly, she was one of the most powerful pirates this world knew. Besides him of course. "Hello Bernadette. What can I do for ya?"

"Why haven't you left port yet?" She said in a heavy British accent, "The town'll be after ya if they find out who that boy is. You should take 'em where he belongs."

Everett's face suddenly changed from laid back to serious. He stood up straight and faced her. "He belongs here now. If you came to warn me 'bout somethin' then spit it out." He gripped the wood under his hand tighter, something didn't feel right.

"I'm sayin' keep an eye on him. If some one knows who he is it ain't gonna be pretty." She snapped at him turning around sharply, "I'd go lookin for him if I were ya. Gotta watch our precious treasures, Captain." She bowed slightly before walking down the ramp and to her own ship, leaving a panicked Everett standing there. Once she was gone, he tore off into town. Some of the crew saw him and waved to him. He had them point him to where Mikoto had disappeared to, quickly running off to look for his prince.
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Mikoto had entrusted himself to the men he was with, not knowing where exactly it was they were taking him. He hoped it wasn't another bar, like the night before, but instead that it was something he could appreciate. The market was nice, but it was too busy for his tastes. Something more quite might be good...His thoughts stopped as he looked around him, sighing as he ran a hang up through his hair. What was he thinking. These were pirates for crying out loud. No way they'd even know about some place quite, let alone bring him there.

As he came out of his thoughts, Mikoto began to overhear what some of the men were talking about buying. Some wanted more alcohol then they'd already brought aboard, some wanted comfy pillows, others wanted completely different things, like new clothes or gold to show off to women. He heard some men talking about spending their money on a night at one of the brothels once the sun went down, before they left in the morning. He sighed. He wasn't very impressed, but he knew he shouldn't think any more of these men. They'd been raised in this environment, so it was no surprise.

Feeling his shoulder being nudged, Mikoto looked up to one of the men behind him. He was extremely muscular, with short red hair on the top of his head, no facial hair. His eyes were a blue-gray, and he seemed to love walking around with no shirt on. "Where ya thinkin' bout spendin' your money, prince?" he asked him in a gruff voice. Mikoto was a little...struck. He didn't actually know what he wanted to spend his gold on. Originally he'd planned to try and purchase a sword, but that dream was shot down by the captain. "I don't know. Maybe I'll just save it?" he suggested, shrugging his shoulders. He didn't really know what else to do.
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Everett's heart sank as he saw the disappointment cross over Mikoto's face. He didn't like telling him no, he was even surprised he was able to say no. But if the prince knew how to sword fight, then he wouldn't need him anymore. Would he? Everett didn't like that idea of not being able to come rescue him when ever he needed to be. But maybe it was a good idea to teach how to at least hold it. He knew there could be an instance where he wouldn't be there to save the prince, as much as he wanted to be. He looked off in the direction the crew was heading, giving them an effortless wave. The guilt began to eat at him slowly. He was supposed to be a strong, cruel pirate, and that's not how he was acting. He seemed more like a good husband than anything else.

He groaned and hit his head against one of the large masts. This boy is gonna be the death of me. He rubbed his face lightly. I'll teach him how to hold it right. But that's it! He was stern on his decision. He wasn't going to be swayed by those pretty brown eyes. Who am I kidding... he knew he could be, just like he was now. He needed to re-learn self-control. He was defiantly loosing it.

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Mikoto had thought about this for a little while, and had decided it was something he wanted to do. He knew he'd be a rough start, but he figured he could handle it. Although he'd only held a sword a few times in the castle, it was just to show off for the young girls his mother wanted him to arrange a marriage with. But, because he wasn't even engaged yet, his swords lessons hadn't really begun. He had no one to protect, so he had no reason to know how to use it; or, at least, that's what his mother had said.

And, just like his mother, his request had been shot down almost immediately. His eyes sunk, and so did his shoulders. He chewed the inside of his cheek, beginning to feel a bit awkward. "O-okay..." he said, rubbing his forearm as he finally looked back up. Sighing, Mikoto nodded. "Yeah," he smiled. "You did."

Turning away slightly at the sound of his name, Mikoto looked behind him to find some of the crew waving him over, obviously wanting to bring him out with them to buy their wants. He smiled, waved back, and turned back to Everett. "Well...I'll be off then. I'll try and get the men back before sundown." he told him, smiling again as he started to back up and turned away. He sighed again, the smile disappearing as he remembered about the sword fighting. He really had been looking forward to it.
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Everett's heart skipped a beat when he heard Mikoto say his name. He turned around with a smile and slowly walked back over him. Some of the crew raised a brow at hearing their capitan's name, some of them didn't even know it.

Mikoto's request made him halt in his tracks, he stood straight and cleared his throat. Why would he want to fight? Its not like Everett was going to let him out of his room if something were to happen. He crossed his arms and stared slightly, "sorry lad, but no," he said sternly, "and don't ask anyone else or I'll string you both up." A sliht frown formed on his lips. He didn't want Mikoto to be able to take care of himself. He would tie him up and make sure that he was the only one the prince could rely on. His gaze softened and reached out, patting Mikoto's head, "don't take it to heart, lad. I said I'd keep ya safe, didn't I?" He knew that no wasn't what the boy wanted to hear, but he'd maybe teach him to use a gun but that was about it.
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Mikoto nodded when Everett told me to cut the formalities and just use his name. He felt sort of awkward having to use his first name, but he also felt privileged, since everyone else on the ship seemed to just call him by his title of captain. Face heating up slightly as Everett's hand trailed down his face, he reverted his eyes, though he did not move his face away from his touch. He gave a small smile at the comment. "I suppose it is." he paused. "Well, from the time I was a baby my mother had insisted on keeping my skin moisturized with creams and things...maybe it just travelled with me?" he shrugged, feeling a bit...he didn't even know how to describe it. But, it made him feel happy that this man was taking an interest in him.

When he heard the word "captain" being called, Mikoto swiftly moved out of his reach and back a few steps, keeping his eyes down as the first mate ran over with questions. He let him talk, and Everett answer him, and when they were done, Mikoto had thought of something. "Cap-" he stopped himself, biting his tongue. "Umm...Everett," he said, getting his attention once again. "Will you please teach me how to sword fight?"
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Everett took the coins into his hands and smiled, "You calling me 'captain' is odd. Please, I want you to call me by my name." He whispered lightly. He set the coins in his pocket. He ruffled Mikoto's hair once again, but let his hand linger. His fingers fell down, running along the prince's jaw. The smile fadded lightly as his expresion changed into something more solomn. He pulled his hand away slowly, it hesitating slightly every once awhile. He smiled lightly once again, "even though your face is covered in dirt, your skin is still so soft."


Everett looked up as he heard his title being called. He pat Mikoto's shoulder as he past him to go back out to the deck. He didn't know what to say as he left. He felt embaressed that he couldn't hold back his emotions when he was around Mikoto.

"Captin, where do ya want tha alcohol?" A man said carrying a crate up to him. Everett smiled at the simple needs of the crew, "down below with the water. Go on." He turned to see if Mikoto had come out from behind the stairs, his heart fluttering slightly.
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Mikoto watched as the rest of the crew admired their gold coins, and began to set off to find whatever they wanted to buy. But, before he could take the chance to go with them, he felt someone taking his hand, and looked back to find Everett pulling him under the stairs where they wouldn't be seen. He smiled when he was hugged, hugging him back tightly. "It went great! Everyone was very enthusiastic, and didn't buy anything that they weren't supposed to. I'm really proud of them." he grinned up to the captain, but it vanished at the sudden confession. He felt his cheeks heat up slightly, and he nodded.

But before Mikoto could answer, the subject was changed. He shrugged. "I don't know...there are so many things I could have, but I'm not sure if I really want them." he told him, running a hand through his hair. "Oh, I almost forgot." he dug his fist into his pocket, and pulled out 5 gold coins. He held them out to Everett. "These are for you. After we'd bought everything we needed, there were five gold coins left for everyone, including you and me. Isn't that great?" he said, smiling. "So, here, these are rightfully yours...captain."
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An hour or so past before the first crew men came back with the supplies. They carried back a lot of items he didn't expect, was he that out of tune with his crew he didn't know the basic needs of his crew. When ever he saw someone struggling he helped them along to make sure no one was hurt or lost anything. He wiped his brow and looked over the edge to see Mikoto coming along with bags of food.

Once Mikoto got close enough Everett took what ever he had in his arms and carried it himself. He carried it down to the belly in the ship while they prepared the meat upstairs. Once he came up, he took hold of of Mikoto's hand and pulled him into a dark cornor. "How did it go?" He hugged him tight and smiled, "I missed you." He made sure the others couldn't see or hear them. It was a small place beneth the stairs that sheilded them from everyone's peeping eyes. "Have you decided.on what you wanted yet?"

He was a little embarresed to admit that he missed the prince, but it was true. And he wanted to Mikoto to know everything he thought of.
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Mikoto nodded, then went back to gather the crew. They all gathered around him as he started rationing the money to each group of people, approximately how much they would need for what they were setting out to buy. When everything was ready, he looked up to find the captain watching them, and smiled at him. Then, without anything else to do or say, they left.

After they'd left the docks and each group had separated, Mikoto had noted the stance that the men he was with were taking around him; they looked like the guards from the palace. He smiled, knowing they cared more about him than those men his father hired did.

When they finally reached their destination; the food market, Mikoto grinned. It seemed like forever since he'd been to a place like this, and he loved it. Everyone looked like one big family, trying to work together to make a living, and survive with their families. He even found some of the girls from the night before helping out with what were probably their fathers.

"Alright, the first things we're going to buy are fruits and vegetables." he said, making for that section. The men nodded, following him tentatively. When the were done there, they travelled over to the dairy section looking for eggs. And after they'd retrieved the eggs, they went to the meat. They bought more meat that day than Mikoto had ever seen in his life. In the end, they went back to the shipwith big bundles of fruits in their arms; apples, pineapples, different types of melons, tomatoes, pears, as well as three baskets of eggs, seven de-feathered chickens, about three pigs, and about 15 pounds of beef.

When they got back to the ship, he founds everyone else had already brought everything they needed; blankets and new canopies, coats for when the weather got cooler, pots and pans, lots to drink, and a lot more. The first thing he was glad to see, though, were the barrels of salt. He quickly got men to work of putting the meat into the barrels, before gifting them all with 5 gold coins each; what was left over from their quest. He felt satisfied.
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"you all have fun. I had plenty of it last night." He winked lightly at him. While the two shared mostly serious topics, it was nice to just relax with Mikoto. It was a luxury he wasn't used to having. He waved to the crew members before encouraging Mikoto off."Bring me some fruit back, surprise me." He said with a smile. He knew the crew would take care of him, he had nothing to worry about. He leaned on the rail next to the ramp, watching as his little prince trailed off with the crew. He sure was a good little manager, he was glad the crew listened to someone else besides himself. It took the weight off his shoulders a bit.

He sighed before turning back towards the open sea. He chuckled lightly, "You seein' what this kid is doing to me? Its driving me nuts." He looked up to the sky and smiled, "You two would have gotten along." It had been awhile since he had talked to her, but he felt like he needed to comment to her. He could only guess that she was laughing.
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