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Mikoto felt embarrassed when Everett didn't kiss him back at first. It felt like an eternity of rejection. Had he misunderstood? Had he read the signals wrong? But his doubts disappeared when he felt Everett smiling into the kiss, and then his arms around him. He went onto his toes as much as he could when he felt Everett pull him up. He felt...he didn't know what he was feeling. He felt hot and his chest was tight. He wanted nothing more than to stay like that forever.

Feeling Everett's hand tangling in his hair, and his other around his waist, Mikoto finally knew what he was feeling; safe. It had been the first time in his entire life that he had felt entirely safe. He was in Everett's arms and he felt completely protected from the rest of the world.

Pressing his back against the wall behind him when Everett leaned forward, the kiss broke. He breathed in deep, keeping his eyes closed. He could feel his face burning, and his heart was beating so fiercely that he thought it might jump right out of his chest. But their lips soon connected again, and Mikoto didn't mind in the slightest. He liked this feeling; the feeling of being totally wrapped up in Everett and safe from everything. The feeling of Mikoto's soft lips on his, and the pleasure of knowing Everett's heart was beating just as fast as his own.

Finally opening his eyes when Everett pulled away from a second time, Mikoto felt his face burn even more just from looking at his captain. His eyes shot to the floor, but he didn't move. He didn't want to move away from how Everett had him pinned to the wall, from how they were so close he could feel the heat emanating off of him. Taking the chance to glance back up at him, Mikoto smiled. Biting his bottom lip, he met the other's eyes. "Everett...kiss me again."
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Everett's feet faltered lightly when he felt the sudden tug which turned him to face Mikoto. But he knew in an instant why he had been pulled down. He felt the tingle in his lips, the shutters running down his spine and the gentle finger tips that brushed against his hair as they stood there, lips locked. He was shocked slightly at first, but smiled gently against Mikoto's lips before wrapping his arms around the smaller frame beneath him and lifted up slightly so Mikoto had to stand on his toes. He buried one hand in the brown hair while the other wrapped around his waist and held him tight. Now that they were pressed against each other, Mikoto really did seem smaller than him. He loosened his grasp in fear he would break the prince, but he didn't hear any protest from him yet.

The kiss was simple, yet mind earth shattering. He nearly died when he pulled away so that they could both breathe. But he felt that he didn't need to breathe at the moment so he dipped down and stole Mikoto's lips once again. He legs felt weak against the rocking ship and eventually had to lean his arms against the wall, trapping Mikoto underneath him slightly. He parted their lips once more and looked down with a smile, "You're lips are soften then I thought."
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Mikoto was shocked when Everett pulled him back to him, and the blush on his face only deepened, when the captain puled his hand over his heart. He could feel Everett's heart racing, and at first he felt worried. Then he really noticed it. He'd done this on purpose; he'd wanted Mikoto to feel how fast he was beating, and how it'd started beating faster when he touched him. He looked up at him, and found that his eyes were closed. He wasn't looking at him. Why not?

And then, without any notice, Mikoto was pulled into Everett's chest, and their faces became only inches apart. But he stopped. Mikoto held his breath, but nothing happened. He didn't do anything. He didn't kiss him. And then he was released, Everett was putting his shirt back on and turning away from him, apologizing.

Mikoto felt hurt, but he couldn't understand why he had wanted Everett to kiss him. Was he seriously insane? Maybe that wasn't even what Everett had planned on doing! But Mikoto knew that that's what was going to happen; should've happened. This didn't make any sense. He felt so confused and hurt at the same time. So when he stepped forward and grabbed onto Everett's sleeve, he knew what he wanted to do. He didn't care about Everett's feelings for that moment when he reached up and grabbed Everett's, pulled him down, and pressed his lips onto his.
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Everett was surprised at Mikoto's sudden boldness but didn't reject it. In fact, he loved the feeling of warmth coming off of the other's hand. So when it stopped, his heart sank lightly, but it didn't stop the harsh beating of his heart. On impulse, he reached out and grabbed hold of Mikoto's wrist and pulled him back around so that they were facing each other again. He pressed the smaller hand over his heart, and left it there. His heart beat was so fast he thought he could have a heart attack any second now.

Everett wasn't sure what he was trying to prove by doing it, but apart of him wanted Mikoto to know how crazy he drove him. He closed his eyes and let their hands slide slightly but he still had a tight hold on Mikoto. He sighed, he was loosing full control over himself now.

He set his free hand on the back of Mikoto's head, bringing him closer to his own face. But he couldn't go through with it, he froze only inches away from the others lips. He was so stupid, he was getting himself all worked over a boy. And a prince at that. What was he thinking? He pulled away and pulled his shirt back all the way on. He cleared his throat and looked down, "S-sorry"
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Mikoto frowned, pursing his lips when Everett started to laugh at him. Do I really look that funny? he thought to himself, looking himself over. He wasn't sure. He sighed lightly when the captain took his hand, and then again when he discovered he wasn't mad at him. "I thought you'd be angry at me." he told him, sitting down on the bed as Everett started to unwrap his hand. Though it stuck a little because of dried blood, the pain wasn't much. He figured that as long as he didn't use it too much, it's be fine. Besides, it was his left hand; the hand he didn't use to write with our cut. That much was good.

"Thank you." he said to Everett, looking over his newly bandaged hand. "It looks a lot better than when I tried to do it." he smiled, chuckling a bit. Looking up to Everett's eyes, he gave him a smile before he turned and walked back to the wardrobe. Mikoto watched as he stripped from the soaked shirt that he'd used to clean Mikoto's wound, then slung on a new one. He could see it dampening already. "Hey, don't put that on yet!" he told him, rushing over with the blanket. "It's just going to make the one wet again." he said, unconsciously beginning to dab away at Everett's chest.

It took him some time, but after a while, Mikoto realized what he was doing, and that it really didn't make any sense. Everett was supposed to go back out into the rain again, anyway. So why dry him off? And besides...I spent way too much time touching his chest! he thought to himself, turning away quickly, face heating up at the realization. "Sorry...guess I'm a bit of an air head." he chuckled, looking back over his shoulder at Everett with a smile on his face, the blush still present on his cheeks.
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Everett waited to turn around until the sound of ruffling clothes ceased. When he turned around, he had to hold back a laugh, but accidentally let out a small "pfft" sound. He covered his lips and tried to hide his goofy smile, but couldn't help it. His lips softened when Mikoto held out his hand and he saw the bloody cloth holding the wound together. He sighed lightly and went rummaging through his drawers to find a new piece of cloth. He usually had spare since getting cuts wasn't an uncommon occurrence on the ship. He took off the old wrap and looked at the bloody mess. He shook his head but still head a small smile. He used his sleeve to gently wipe away the blood before tightly wrapping the new bandage around the fragile hands.

"You'll get more don't worry about it," he said, still holding onto Mikoto's hand, "When you work enough you're hands will get used to the toughness of being a pirate. But for now, let me know when you do something like this." He winked before letting go. He wished that wasn't the case. He loved the gentleness of the princes' hands.

He decided to change his own shirt since the sleeve of his was now covered in blood. But it was still wet so it served as the only thing to use to clean it semi-properly. He stripped off the bloody shirt and pulled his last shirt out from the wardrobe.
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Mikoto nodded as Everett spoke, walking across the room to the wardrobe he hadn't noticed was there before. He watched as the captain opened it, and tried not to laugh at his face when he found clothes in it. Biting his cheek so he wouldn't be able to tell, he watched him set the clothes on the bed beside him, then turn away from him. He nodded again, then realized he couldn't see him. "Thank you."

Standing, Mikoto carefully set the now-damp blanket on the bed, and slowly began taking off his clothing. He had to be careful because of his hand. Once he'd gotten the shirt off, as well as his pants, they lay in a wet pile on the floor beside him as he picked up the other pair of pants. Carefully, he slid them on, and had to tie them as tight as he could, barely using his wounded hand. They weren't very tight.

Next, he slid his arms into the sleeves of the soft white shirt, and pulled it over the front of his chest to button it up when he noticed the red blotches surfacing on the "bandage" around his palm. He'd opened the wound that hadn't even closed. Biting his lip, he slowly began to button down the shirt, but kept quite even after he was fully clothed. They sleeves hung down to his fingertips, and covered his hand, but he knew he couldn't go without someone else properly tying it off. He'd pass out from blood loss in a while, he was sure.

Turing around to face Everett, Mikoto took a deep breath. He didn't want the captain thinking he was incompetent, that he couldn't take care of himself. He wanted Everett to see that he was strong and dependable in his own ways. This obviously wasn't a very good start to that. Taking another deep breath, Mikoto closed his eyes. "Everett, I need your help." he said as he held out his injured hand.
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Everett looked up at Mikoto at the mention of spare clothes. He looked around his sparse room, there was a large wardrobe in the corner but he wasn't even sure if he had anything in it. He stood back up and wandered over to the wardrobe and opened its doors. And to his surprise, he had a few extra clothes hanging in front of him. He knew they would be big on the prince but he pulled a white shirt and black pants off the hooks. He walked over and set them down on the bed, "I'm sure they'll hang loose on ya. But it's not like we have extra clothes hanging around your size so it'll have to do." He cleared his throat and glanced at Mikoto, "Go ahead and change. I promise I won't look at ya." He turned around and looked out the murky window that was in the back of the room.

A strange sensation hit him. He wasn't sure why he suddenly got excited that they were alone together but he felt a small heat rush over his face. He felt young again when he first fell in love. But surely the feelings he felt couldn't be love, it had only been a few days. But the feeling he got from being near the prince was different than any he had felt before. It made him smile to himself as he dared not turn and look at Mikoto.
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Mikoto was blasted by a spray of water that nearly drenched him entirely. When he was found by Everett, he followed him to the captain's quarters, careful not to expose his hand to anyone. Though, he knew most of the crew wouldn't notice anyway, seeing as how their attention was all drawn somewhere else...

Now inside Everett's chambers, Mikoto let out a small sight of relief. He was just turning back around when a large blanket came hurling his way. He'd thought to grab for it, but one-handidly would look odd. So he let the blanket hit him, then cupped his unwounded hand under it so it couldn't fall to the floor. "I know it's a lot to ask, you have any extra clothes I could borrow?" he asked the other, turning back to look at him as he gently wrapped the large blanket around him. It almost touched the floor, even being around his shoulders.

Carefully, Mikoto kept his wounded hand under the blanket, hoping the captain didn't notice. He didn't want Everett to worry, but he also didn't want him to think he couldn't take of himself. Working in the "kitchen" below deck, he couldn't have anyone thinking he was careless.
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Once Mikoto was on deck, Evrett did his best to usher him to his room. The rain was picking up and making it difficult for everyone to move around. He had only been there for a few moments and his clothes were already soaked. There was no way to stay out of it now that he was on deck, but he had made piece with that a long time ago.

Once inside and away from the dreadful weather, he grabbed a few blankets and tossed one to Mikoto. "Dry your self off. Can't have ya catchin' a cold now can we?" He smiled as he rubbed his own pale hair against the dingy cloth. "Sorry about spoilin' your cooking preperations. But being below deck isn't the best idea during a storm." If the storm was violent enough, it could toss the ships contents to and fro, crushing anything in its path. Everett certainly didn't want Mikoto to be added to the small list of those who had been crushed in attept to secure their belongings.

"The rain should let up in an hour so you should be able to return down below then" he sat down at his desk and put his wet legs up on the corner, leaking water on a few scatered papers. They didn't mean much to him, just some old letters talking about the where-abouts of treasure or any other myth they could go sneaking around for. He was the only one who could really read on the ship so they remained in his room to reread when ever he pleased. But he had grown tired of them and meant very little at this point.
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Taking slow, deep breaths, Mikoto's heart rate began to slow. Before long, it was beating almost normally. Almost. Sighing, he stood from his place on the cold floor and walked back over to the vegetables he'd been cutting before. He picked up the knife he'd unconsciously dropped, and grabbed the pepper he hadn't yet finished chopping up.

After chopping up five more peppers and sliding them into the pot, along with the four large potatoes, he stirred the pot. The water had begun to soak up the flavour of the meat that floated mostly around the bottom of the large pot, and he knew that the peppers and onions would add good flavour as well. Picking up a bag of carrots that they'd gotten, he pulled them out one-by-one, skinning them, then chopping them up. They'd take the longest to cook, so they needed to be thrown in now.

Just as Mikoto had begun to chop up another carrot, the ship suddenly lurched to the side. Without warning, Mikoto dropped the knife and the carrot, and fell to the ground, then reached back to steady the pot that had almost fell on top of him. Stopping to listen, Mikoto noticed two things; the sound of pouring rain on the deck above him, and the gash on his hand from his carelessness when the ship had lurched.

Grabbing a small pot of clean water on the other side of the room, he quickly poured it over his wound, cringing at the slight stinging. He hadn't cut himself very deep, but there was still blood. Ripping the end off one of the pant legs that were slightly to big for him, he took the material and carefully and tightly wrapped it around his hand.

"We're heading into a storm, finish what your're doing and come to my room. I don't want you down here." Everett called down to him. Mikoto looked up, then back down at his hand. At this rate, dinner would never be finished and the food would be spoilt. He bit his lip, contemplating. He was always aware that he could get hurt again if he stayed down here for much longer. Hiding his hand behind his back so no one could see, he ascended above deck.
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Everett rested on his bed and held his hand over his chest. He wanted his heart to stop beating so fast so he could hear himself think. His head was now going through shock on what he had just done. He never expected it to happen the way it did, and Mikoto's smile, oh that smile. His heart sped up once again when he thought of the ink lips stretched into that enticing smile. He rolled over and crushed his eyes shut so he could focus on the sounds of the waves hitting the ship. But all he could see was Mikoto, the prince was just smiling and talking but he couldn't hear anything. He could only focus on the other's face.

His eyes shot open when the ship lurched to the side. He reached out and caught himself against the wall but heard his crew up on deck yelling at one another. He ran out into the crisp air and looked as the wind was starting to get harsh even though they were only an hour out to sea. It looked like a storm was occurring in the direction they were heading. The water wasn't coming onto the ship just yet but it would be soon. He rushed back down the stairs to were the kitchen was and yelled out to Mikoto, "We're heading into a storm, finish what your're doing and come to my room. I don't want you down here."
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Mikoto almost jumped when Everett took his hand, though he was confused as to why. He let go of the knife without a second thought, paying too much attention to the eyes that watched his hand. He noticed how pale his skin was compared to the tan the captain had. (i If I ever try to get a tan like that, I'll probably end up burning." he thought to himself.

Brought out of his thoughts by Everett's voice, he looked back up to him, though he soon looked away again. We he calling him beautiful? That's what it sounded like. Mikoto's chest tightened at the thought, and he felt his face heat up. He felt embarrassed and happy at the same time, and it made a small smile appear on his lips. Eyes flickering down to his hand, time seemed to freeze in the moment the captain's lips rested on the top of his hand. His heart squeezed, and he felt like his knees wouldn't support him for very much longer. But just as fast, Everett removed his lips, dropped his hand, wished him well and took his leave.

Mikoto put a hand over his heart and leaned back against the wall behind him, carefully sliding down it as he watched the direction Everett had gone in. What just happened...and why had it happened? He still had the image of "terrifying, ruthless pirates" in his head, and it clashed with what he was seeing now. None of the crew was like that unless they were protecting something. Especially not Everett. Heart still racing, Mikoto felt as though he may faint.
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Burden. It was a word he was far too familiar with. He heard it constantly when he was younger and he knew the weight it out on one's shoulders. He reached out and carefully took Mikoto's hand, making him drop the knife onto the counter. He was silent as he stared at the delicate skin. It was so fine compared to his which was rough and slightly caliced. It made his skin prickle with warmth as he trailed his fingers over the delicate ones beneath his. "It's rare to have something of your beauty out at sea. People might be thinking I have mermaid on my ship." He smiled and kissed the other's delicate hand. Mermaids weren't creatures to brag about having on a ship, but the prince's face rivaled that of any sea woman. And that was something the captain didn't mind. "Don't work too hard now." He turned and walked back up the stairs and back on deck.

His hand was still tingling as he entered his room. That boy was driving his mind in circles and everyone could see it, something that he was slightly embarrassed of. Not that they saw him with Mikoto, but that they knew his softer side was bigger than he let on.
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Through the ceiling above his head, Mikoto could hear the "dreaded captain" of the ship barking orders to every soul on board. Except for him, that is. Grabbing some onions, he began to peel off their dried skins, then chop them into pieces as small as he could get them. He knew a lot of the men on board didn't approve of vegetables, well, anything healthy at all, in their diets. So, he wanted to be as discreet as possible.

Actually, Mikoto had learned a lot about the crew that day. From the men he'd spent most of his time with, having them lug around his things for him, he'd found out that they rarely ate anything healthy and drank anything other than clean water and cheap alcohol. He was actually fascinated while he listened to them speak. He discovered that even though a lot of them were fierce, deadly, even grim in battle, that they weren't really all that bad as people. One in particular caught his attention.

The man was tall, rugged, with dark skin and no hair anywhere. His name was Jaccob. He had burns on his forearms that he said were a sign of where he'd come from and the hatred he had for it. But, there was one burn on his heart. He said it symbolized the only person on the planet who made him want to cry every time he saw them; his beloved. Jaccob told Mikoto that his love had longer than long auburn hair and eyes as green as the choral reefs. Her skin was fair, she loved to ride horses and her favourite colour was purple. Jaccob told Mikoto that he only ever saw her a few times a year because of the crew's travels, but she always waited for him. She always welcomed him with tears of joy that he had indeed come home.

Grabbing some peppers, Mikoto began to chop them as well. Just then, the captain's voice broke his thoughts. Looking up, Mikoto gave a smile. "It's alright, really. I understand. You're pirates after all, you can't afford to stay in one place for too long." When Everett told Mikoto about what happened with another pirate, it made him pause. Then he nodded. "I guess I am a bit of a burden...sorry."
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