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Everett sat up on his good arm and looked at Mikoto with a raised eyebrow. No way did he want to move. But the prince set to work on getting his clothes off without hesitating. He gasped every time he felt a surge of pain going through his body. He didn't even want Mikoto to see how weak he was. I'm the captain for God's sake. Once his clothes were off he grabbed his coat which was placed at the foot of his bed. While that was just as painful as getting his clothes off, he wasn't about to let his crew see him in his underwear.

Once the men helped him down into Mikoto's room, he had to readjust on the bed. It was less comfortable than his but it didn't seem to move as much down below as it did in his room. But the room was depressing, no light or any sound seemed to reach it. He grit his teeth as he rolled over to look at the door in hoe Mikoto was coming down soon as well. While he waited, he shed the wet coat to the floor, some what astonished that he was able to do it by himself. But he was beginning to loose feeling in his left shoulder. But the muscles still ached which wasn't a good sign.
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Mikoto jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked up to see Everett's first mate standing beside him. He paused after he'd left, not sure if he should truly listen to his words. But, in the end, he listened. He tried to walk slowly, but that only turned into running across the deck. He found himself weaving around people, desperately jumping around the crew as they worked, slipping on the soaked wood of the deck, trying to get to Everett's room.

When he finally reached it, his chest as chest was rising in falling rapidly, but he couldn't control it. His breathing were quick, heavy pants as he peered into the bedroom. Stepping inside, out of the rain, Mikoto let his bangs fall in front of his eyes as he looked at Everett. He looked completely awful. His face was contorted and Mikoto felt like if he even walked toward him it'd cause him pain.

"Everett?" he called over to him as he walked over. Biting his lip, he watched him. He could faintly hear the dripping of his soaking clothes onto the floor, but all he could pay attention to was Everett's hair, soaking and sticking to his pillow and his face, his neck. His clothes were drenched and sticking to him, soaking the bed beneath him. Finally, he decided on a coarse of action. Taking a deep breath, he made sure Everett was listening when he spoke, "I know it's going to hurt like hell, but you need to take your clothes off and go sleep in my bed."

Without a second for him to answer, Mikoto slipped back outside of his room and called over the two men nearest to him, and told them to wait outside of his door. Closing it, he re-entered and walked back over to the bed. As carefully as he could, he bit his tongue as he started to take off Everett's soaking clothes. When he got to his underwear, he couldn't continue, and called the two men back into the room. He instructed them where to take him, and couldn't help but watch as they did quickly. Mikoto need to strip down this bed and let everything dry. He wasn't going to let Everett get ill from this wet and cold.
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Angelo walked over to Mikoto and set a hand on his shoulder, "Go watch over the Cap'an. He's not gonna be able to do much wit' that arm." He said quickly before going to watch over the crew.

Everett groaned as the two men set him on the bed. Every movement was pure agony. The pain wasn't just in his arm, but in his neck, chest and back. His muscles were spasming as he screwed his eyes shut. He had been stabbed, shot, and poisoned, but all it seemed to end quickly. He felt like such a child, but he couldn't help but keep thinking about it. He would never voice it out loud, but he certainly could scream it in his head.

He took deep breaths to try and keep his mind off the pain, even if it wasn't that good of a trick. He looked at the door and stared. He could hear the men continuing to scrambling to keep the ship floating. But he knew they were getting to the eye of the storm or they were passing it. But if they weren't careful enough, they could crash into that island any minute now if the water kept pushing them around like that. He was surprised they hadn't run-a-ground yet since it was in swimming distance.
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Mikoto felt extreme relief when the crew on board began to hoist the up. He was glad that Jaccob had slightly come to his senses, and was holding onto Mikoto tighter than Mikoto was holding onto him. When a huge wave crashed into the side of the ship, tilting it severely, Mikoto let out a yell as they crashed against the side of the boat. He felt Jaccob's grip on him tighten, and watched as he reached up and grabbed onto the rope as well.

Through all of the panic, Mikoto hadn't missed Everett's sharp cry of pain. It'd been cut short, but he knew he'd heard it. He could tell by the look on his face; the expression of agony written all over it. Guilt flooded him. Had this happened because he'd jumped into the water after Jaccob, and Everett followed to both of their rescues? Mikoto let out a shaky sigh, deciding that what he did was right. He knew he couldn't let Jaccob drown, and it was the same for Everett with Mikoto. But he'd paid a price that Mikoto should've paid for.

When they were back on deck, Mikoto felt Jaccob being pulled from him, and then himself from Everett. He was half carried, half dragged away from Everett as a swarm of others crowded around him. He couldn't overhear what they were saying to or about him. All he could hear was the water clogging his ears. Shaking his head, he waited a few moments until it cleared. The blast of noise hit him like a brick. He stood up, and held onto the rail tightly. His legs felt wobbly as he watched Everett's face contorting in agony, holding his arm. Biting his lip, he stood and watched as the rest of the crew set back to work, minus two who carried Everett to his room. What was he supposed to do? What could he do? The answer; a horrible nothing.
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Everett saw the men's head shoot out from the water and he rushed towards them. He reached his arms out and took hold of Mikoto. The water around them was growing calm but still was throwing them around a good amount. He wrapped the rope around him arm and tugged, signaling the men above to pull them up. And with a couple of tugs, the three of them were pulled from the water and being pulled to safety.

As they were being pulled up, the ship suddenly lurched to the side, swinging them against the side of the ship. They crashed against it as the water reached up and pushed them against it tighter. As the crew scrambled above them, Everett heard a snap come his shoulder. He yelled out in pain slightly before sucking it back in and biting his lip. If he arm wasn't wrapped in the rope, he most likely would have let go, but luckily it was so tangled it could hold them up. Something wasn't right, it didn't feel broken but his shoulder felt as if it had been shot.

When the crew finally pulled them up, he let go of Mikoto and Jaccob once he knew they were safe.A few men rushed over to Everett, pulling him off the soaking deck to look at his arm. "His arm's outta the socket!" one yelled as other men scrambled to Mikoto's and Jaccob's side. "Cap'in, we'll have to put it back in place but we'll have to wait the storm out. It's too risky,"

The pain was overwhelming, causing even his vision to go blurry. He reached out with his good arm and grabbed hold of the railing so he wouldn't fall over. "i can't feel my fingers..." He muttered looking down. He could feel how awkwardly bent the bone was, it was pulling his skin as if it was ready to burst out. He really hoped this storm would pass.
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Popping his head out of the water, he gasped for breath and looked around. He couldn't see Jaccob anywhere, he must've been under the water. Taking a deep breath, he dove back under the water. Beneath the waves, the water was surprisingly calm. There were no heavy, swirling winds or dangerous currents, just still water. And, when he was down there, he found that the water wasn't that deep. It was maybe five meters beneath the bottom of the ship. He could see the bottom of the sea, but it didn't have what he expected. It was all cold sand. They must've been close to an island for these conditions.

Looking around under the water, Mikoto spotted Jaccob laying on top of the stilled sand. A dust cloud was dissolving, probably when he'd hit the bottom. Determined to save this man, Mikoto kicked his legs as fast as he could, reaching the other in record time. But, he didn't know how long he could stay under. His lungs were beginning to burn, and he knew he was pushing a minute. Slipping his arms under Jaccob's armpits, Mikoto pulled him, kicking his legs as hard as he could.

And then, he was breaking the water's surface. He struggled to keep Jaccob's heads above water, as well as his own. The other was heavier than him, as well as bigger. Gasping for breath, he went under again. Pulling himself back up, he heard his name carried by a familiar voice. Looking around, Mikoto turned to the direction of the ship, leaving them behind. And bobbing in the water was a mass of white hair; Everett.

Overwhelmed by happiness, he started toward him. As he did, he heard slow, gradual grunts, and noticed Jaccob coming too. Relief swept over him, and he couldn't help but smile. He felt Jaccob's arm go around his waist, and though he was still weak, he helped him get to Everett. Reaching out a free hand, he grabbed onto Everett. He'd never been so happy to see anyone before.
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Everett wasn't sure if he had ever seen a storm this violent before. The way it thrashed the ship around was astonishing. He was almost thrown on his knees a few time from the water rushing u on deck and reaching out across the wood. But his crew was strong, they'd get through this.

His body shot up strong against the water when he heard a man went over board. He ordered someone to watch the wheel as he rushed down to the crowd to see who it was. But before he could react, he saw Mikoto rush past them and into the sea. And at that very moment, his heart stopped. He couldn't believe that the prince tossed himself into the violent waves so easily. He knew they wouldn't be able to get back on the ship with out help so he tossed his hat and coat to one of the crew men and grabbed a rope that was lying around. He tied it tightly around his waist and the on the side of the deck. "you pull us up when you see all of us peak through alright?" He yelled before tossing himself over the edge.

He hit the water harder than he thought he should. It was normally soft and forgiving but tonight, it was bent on killing him and his crew. He shot his head above the water and gasped for air, but only got a mouth full of the salt water. "Mikoto!" He yelled trying to look for the prince in the dark. It was hard for his head to stay above the water but he kicked himself up the best he could as he searched for his prince and crew mate.
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Mikoto let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. This was crazy. The crew were all running around, bumping into each other, pushing and shoving to survive this. But, there really was no order in a storm like this, or so he'd heard. Another tremor and Mikoto clutched the doorframe he was standing in. He could feel his clothes-well, Everett's clothes, actually-were already soaked in the front from the rain blasting down. It was falling even harder now than it had been before, so he could only see half way to the front of the ship.

Hearing Everett's voice booming above him, he turned to look up. That only resulted in his face getting splashed by rain his bangs had sheltered his eyes from before. Sighing, he knew he couldn't do anything for these men. He knew that even if he tried, he'd end up getting in the way. Of coarse, he knew how to swim. Everyone who'd ever see him swim always told him he was a strong swimmer, and he could his breath for just over a minute!

So, when Mikoto heard the words "man over board", just as he was retreating into Everett's room, he stopped short. Someone had been thrown from the ship, and was now possibly drowning. Biting his lip, he looked back above him. He knew Everett probably wouldn't like the thought of him diving into the waters of a hurricane, but he couldn't just leave it.

Running down the stairs in front of Everett's quarters, bare foot, he slid across the deck to where some men were yelling about a man who'd been swept away by the sea. And when Mikoto heard the name of the man, he didn't waste any time. He didn't slow down his running, just zipped right past them, and dived into the warm water of the ocean beneath their ship. Jaccob was drowning beneath these waves, and he wouldn't let him die. He needed to go back to his beloved and kiss her and make her cry those happy tears again. He wouldn't let him leave her alone.
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The sudden jolt of the ship caught it's captain off guard. He fell back and hit his head on the corner of the desk, causing a sharp pain to run down his back. He saw Mikoto get up and run out to the rain to see the cause of it. He groaned as he pulled himself off the floor. It was just his luck that they were heading into a storm. Mikoto didn't need to tell him about it, he already knew the signs. So when the prince rushed back in a panic, he tried to show a calm smile. He set a finger to the prince's lips, "This isn't our first hurricane, lad. We know what to do." He took his coat and hat off the coat rack, sling them on his body in their appropriate places. He rushed out into the rain and ran up to the wheel, knocking who ever it was away from it.

And at that moment, his captain side kicked in.He barked orders over the loud thunder and lightning crashing around them. But the crew all knew were to be. While they were at their posts, some muttered prayers to whatever god would listen to them. They all had faith in the captain, but it never hurt to have a little extra help.

The back of his head began to throb lightly, unsure it it was from all the noise or from when he hit his head earlier. But he really hoped it was rain that was running down his neck at the moment.
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Mikoto smiled again at Everett's second confession, and just felt so relieved to hear it again. He was so overwhelmed in happiness, it took a few minutes for the massive tremour from the ship to rejister in his brain. Suddenly, he was blinking, staring at that ceiling. And his back hurt. He was on the floor beside the bed; the jostle had thrown him from it.

Putting a hand to his head, he came up on his knees as another one shook them. This time he held onto the bed. And that was the first time the shouts and screams from the crew registered; the first time he'd heard them. Their cries sounded frightened and desperate, but still strong. He didn't know how they could still be strong.

Wobbling as he got up, he raced to the door and threw it open. The rain was pouring so hard he could hardly see thee front of the ship. Another jostle, and he was on his knees again, half way out for the door. Crawling back in, he looked to Everett. "We're heading right into a hurricane." He told him, fear darkening his eyes.

Mikoto had heard tales of men who'd set out to sea during storms like these-hurricanes-and never came back because their ships had gone under. They were deadly and terrifying and they took everything from you. Mikoto knew of only one way to avoid complete disaster. "We need to head into the eye of the storm!" He yelled, panic beginning to set in. "That's the only way we'll survive this!"
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Everett smiled at the other's enthusiasm. He could feel the happiness radiating off the other's lips as the joined once again. It was a beautiful feeling, as if he was standing in sunshine. And the purest form of it, the type that wouldn't burn his skin or make him sweat. It was like spring time.

And that laugh, he never heard something more breathtaking. He chuckled himself when Mikoto confessed yet again, wondering if it was some competition to get him to admit something. That he loved him. But it was too soon to tell that much. And he knew that Mikoto was probably too innocent to think that way.

He sat back on the bed and took Mikoto's hand in his, looking over his long fingers, "I like you a lot too." He slid his eyes up to catch another glimpse of the prince's radiant smile. He felt young again. He didn't feel like he was a dreaded captain, just Everett. That's all Mikoto saw him as. Maybe not at first, but they certainly opened up in ways he never expected them to. But he was glad they did, otherwise they wouldn't have had the moment they just did.
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Mikoto let out a gasp when Everett pulled him to him again, but this time, everything around then disappeared. His mind seemed to go blank as he kissed Everett's lips again. He felt the other's hands roaming down his back, then up into his hair. Mikoto kept his arms around Everett's neck, holding onto him as if for dear life.

When the kiss broke, Mikoto no longer cared about the noises he made. He let out soft gasps and tiny noises as Everett's mouth travelled down his jaw, down his neck. When Everett spoke, his breath hot against Mikoto's ear. His breath caught in his throat, and he froze. Even though he'd said the words to Everett, he hadn't expected them to be returned to him. He didn't know why, but...he never thought he'd hear them leave Everett's mouth.

Pulling back so he could look into the other's eyes. Suddenly, looking into Everett's eyes, Mikoto remembered how to breath. He smiled, he practically jumped Everett when he hugged him and kissed him again. He never felt so happy in his life, and he wasn't going to miss the chance to kiss Everett again. He smiled into the kiss, and actually started laughing. He pulled away, and just smiled at him. "I like you...a lot.
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Everett was ready to back away and back out to help his crew, but he stopped when he heard Mikoto's soft words. His pale eyes glanced up and watched him as he confessed. To Everett, the ship stopped rocking, all the noise outside his door ceased, and all he could feel was his own heart. He never thought in a million years he would hear those words again. They were so innocent and sincere that he felt like he could cry.

He reached out and pulled Mikoto against him again. He crushed his lips against the other's, not holding back like he had before. No way was he going to be able to hold back after hearing a confession like that. He ran his hands down the small of Mikoto's back, making sure to keep it at a slow, torturous pace until he reached the soft brown hair. He tangled his fingers between the locks and pulled him closer against him. His head was swimming in a violent sea of happiness and euphoria from all the sensations he was getting from the prince. His skin felt hot to the touch, his spine was tingling as if he had been struck by lighting; he loved everything about this moment. He didn't even care if he couldn't breath at the moment, all he did care about was keeping some contact with Mikoto.

He broke his lips away only to trail them down the prince's jaw and to his neck, nipping lightly at the creamy skin. "I like you too." He finally breathed out against Mikoto's ear. He wanted to feel the shutters continue to trail down the other's back. He wanted him to be able to feel it in his toes.
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Mikoto closed his eyes as soon as he saw Everett lean down again, and within seconds their lips connected again. His arms slipped past his shoulders, and up into his hair, still damp from the rain. He felt heat grow in his chest, in...everywhere! Everywhere Everett touched him, his skin tingled and heat remained. When Everett pushed him harder against the wall, he had to try his hardest not to let any noise slip from his mouth.

But, when Everett pulled his lips away from the kiss again, Mikoto slouched back against the wall. He felt thrilled and exhausted all at once. Looking up when Everett spoke for the first time in what felt like years, Mikoto felt his cheeks burn. He knew what Everett meant when he said those words, and they sent chills up his spine. But they weren't bad. Not in the least. He was about to speak, when Everett cut him off again. And then he was being kissed again. But it didn't last nearly as long as the others.

Feeling disappointed, Mikoto let his eyes drop to the ground as Everett pushed away from him. Suddenly, Mikoto felt cold and exposed. He wasn't sheltered by Everett's tall frame anymore, or huddled in his gentle warmth. Steeling a glance at the other, he felt a soft blush on his cheeks again. "I don't..." he trailed off, unsure of where his sentence was going. "I like it when you hold me close...when you touch me. I like it when you look at me, when you smile at him. I like feeling completely safe buried in your arms." he looked up, meeting Everett's eyes. "I"
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Everett looked down at Mikoto with shocked eyes. He didn't expect the prince to want more. But his heart was leaping over mountains when he asked him to kiss him again. He did as he was asked and stole his lips once again. It seemed that every time they connected, the tingles would grow greater and the urge to ravish Mikoto grew. He could feel their heart beats begin to cynic paces as he pushed a little harder against Mikoto's.

He pulled back away and looked down to the ground. He couldn't keep going, his control was slipping. It felt too good being close to Mikoto and if it stayed that way, he wasn't sure if he could just keep it at kissing him. He ran his fingers along the prince's warm cheek and kept his gaze down. "You're tempting me in ways I never thought possible. I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself if you keep pushing me." He let out a small laugh as he looked up into Mikoto's eyes, "you're something unbelievable, I hope you know that." He gave him a gentle kiss before pushing himself away from the wall, already missing the other's warmth.
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