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Mikoto locked his eyes with Everett's at his question. He didn't have an answer...didn't know how to answer. He hadn't expected that at all. And at his second comment, Mikoto felt his cheeks burn all the way back to his ears. He couldn't take his eyes off of Everett; they were locked on him. This seemed to be an evening of confessions and revelations.

Chewing the inside of his cheek, Mikoto looked away. He turned his eyes to the ceiling above them as the sound of rain droplets could barely be made out. He hoped they could stay like this forever. Looking back to Everett, Mikoto felt himself getting nervous again. "It's hard to keep my hands off of you." the words resonated in his head. He couldn't seem to get them out. And then he found his mouth running again by itself, not even listening to his head, "You keep it hidden well." Looking away, he hadn't meant to say that. He hadn't even thought it before it came out of his mouth.

Glancing back up at him, Mikoto bit his lip. "Sometimes, I really wish you would you know." this time he'd meant to say it. He'd thought it before it came out...he wanted to say it. "I like it when you touch me...when you kiss me. I like it when your arms around me." he confessed to him, face still burning. "I don't know what to do with myself."
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Everett's heart warmed when he felt Mikoto's concern. No one seemed to ever care for him in the way he did. But the prince almost seemed upset with how much he was worrying. He set his own hands over MIkoto's and watched him as they stood in silence. It made his heart beat even faster just being touched by the other man. Just even thinking about it made butterflies pile in his stomach.

His gaze shot up to the prince when he felt his hand being lifted and having it placed over Mikoto's heart. He stared at their hands underneath the large shirt. He felt his face heat up and his heart beat faster.

Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

The sound pounded in his ears as they continued to stand there, just staring at one another. With his free hand, he reach up and set it against Mikoto's cheek, gently stroking his skin with his thumb. "How is you continue to drive me crazy and you don't even know it?" He said meaning it to be more of a thought than a statement out loud. "It's s hard to keep my hand off of you and not completely devour you." he bit his lip lightly as he looked down at the ground.
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Mikoto whipped his head around when he heard the soft creak of his bed, and found Everett walking over to him. "Y-you shouldn't be up yet! You still need to rest for a while!" he told him, but it didn't seem like it was any use. He let Everett close the door behind him, and watched him carefully. He nodded. "They didn't really do anything." he said, looking down at his shirt. He fiddled with the end of it, chewing the inside of his cheek. "I guess it's kind of my fault." he said, giving a somewhat awkward smile up to Everett.

After a while of silence, Mikoto looked back up into Everett's eyes. He put his hands on his chest, and pushed him slightly, though he knew it wouldn't have much of an effect of him. "You should go lay down. You can still get a fever from something like this, you know." he told him, giving a small smile. "Please. Just...don't get sick." he dropped his eyes, but kept his hands on Everett's chest. He didn't know why, but he didn't want to take them away. He didn't want to not touch him.

Mikoto could feel the muscle moving under his skin as Everett breathed, his chest rising and falling. And he could feel something else; the quick heart beat of the man standing in front of him. Looking up, Mikoto blushed, realizing he was doing the same thing to Everett that Everett was doing to him. Biting his lip, he took one of Everett's hands and brought it up to his own chest, and slid it inside the front of his shirt so he would be able to feel his heart too. He didn't know why, but the sudden contact made his heart rate quicken.
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Everett smiled at Mikoto's question he didn't really have an answer. Not one he was willing to confess anyways. He reached up to play with the prince's hair just as there was a kock on the door. He sighed, knowing what was coming. It's just a swift pain then it's over with. He thought to himself.

The men almost seemed nervous about touch their captain but once he gave a nod, they pulled his arm to make sure it would go in straight, then jammed it forward. Once the pop hit his ears Everett cried out and would have tried to jerk away but he took it like a man and took a deep breath.

He kept his eyes closed until he heard the men talking. "I'm fine, go do your damn jobs." He said slapping their hands away to make sure he wasn't sick. He had been through worse storms and he had built up quite an immune system so he wasn't worried about a simple cold.

He pushed himself up even though the pain was still prominant in his body. It would probably stay for a couple of hours but he didn't feel like sitting around and just waiting on it. His eyes snapped open when he saw the men tugging at Mikoto's shirt. They were lucky he had a hard time moving other wise he would be over there ready to throw them in the brig. While he figure they only meant to tease, he had his heart set on the fact he was the only one allowed to tease Mikoto in that manner. He rolled over and stood up, giving a small groan as the pain surged through his back. "Pay them no attention, lad. They're just fools looking for trouble." He walked over to Mikoto and shut the door, leaving the two of them alone once again, "are ya alright?"
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Mikoto nodded, knowing what Everett said was true. He hoped that he'd hear the faint footsteps of men rushing down to them soon, ready to help Everett's shoulder back into place so his level of pain would diminish. But it didn't happen yet. Even so, he felt a bit grateful. He may have been nervous, but he didn't want what was happening to have to be put on hold.

Turning his eyes to his legs, he found Everett's hands there. He felt his cheeks heat up. At his comment, Mikoto felt his cheeks burn. Love? Wait, no. "I love that about you"...about you. Mikoto let out a shaky sigh, looking away for a moment. Turning back, he found that Everett looked just as embarrassed as he felt. He smiled, relaxing. He even let out a small laugh. "Why do you do this to me?" he asked, his voice a bit shaky, though the smile still rested on his lips. He put his hand over his racing heart as he said it, but didn't take his eyes away from Everett's.

Just then, as if needing to ruin what was happening, Mikoto heard the quick knock on his door, and looked up at it. He hadn't even heard their foot steps, but he knew why they were here. Looking back at Everett before getting up, he walked over to the door and pulled it open with a small tug, and moved back quickly as four crew members swiftly made their ways into the room.

Mikoto watched as two of the men held Everett down on the bed as the other two readied themselves over his shoulder. Looking away, he didn't want to watch. Within seconds, Mikoto heard the pop of Everett's shoulder going back into place, followed by the cries of Everett in pain.

After the noise had died down to a minimum, Mikoto looked back, uncovering his eyes from his hands. He watched as the men checked Everett's temperature, conversed a little, then turned to leave. Mikoto watched as their eyes settled on him. They walked toward him, holding the door open to him, but they didn't touch him. They did, however, have the nerve to tug at the end of his shirt as they walked by, teasing him.
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Everett stared deep into Mikoto's eyes as he tried to focus on something other than the prince's long legs that we resting besides his hips. It was hard for him not to let his hands wander over the pale skin that was exposed beneath him. He took a deep breath and smiled, "It'll be calm for awhile before we go through the rest of it. But the second half in't nearly as bad."

He reached up and pushed Mikoto's eyes away from his eyes, "Don't be nervous. It's just us here." But he quickly took the hint, Mikoto was nervous because it was him. He let out a silent laugh before laying back slowly. But instead of having his hands around Mikoto's waist, he got brave and set his hands on the other's thighs. "But you really don't have to be nervous. I want you to be yourself with me. Because..." He leaned up again with only a small amount of trouble "Because I love that about you." He cleared his throat right afterwards and looked down. It was his turn to be embarrassed and he was feeling it to the max.
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Mikoto barely had time to react before he was pulled back down on top of Everett. He watched him carefully, feeling him playing with his hair, until their lips connected again. Of coarse, it wasn't difficult to stay there. He leaned in further when Everett rose up to meet him, and spoke no complaints when he was pressed harder against Everett's chest. Not that he could speak, anyway.

When their lips disconnected, he inched his face back again, but was surprised to hear Everett's words. He felt his cheeks heat up, and he looked away, biting his lip. He didn't know what he was supposed to say to that, what he was supposed to do after hearing it. He knew he didn't want to move away from Everett, but the knowledge that he was probably hurting his shoulder was tugging at the back of his brain. "I don't know if it's just me...or if it's true...but the ship seems calmer." he muttered, though he couldn't figure out why he was talking. "I think we've reached the eye of the storm." his mouth moved on it's own, spewing words on it's own accord.

Leaning back against slightly, he looked back to Everett. "Sorry." he blushed. "I babble when I get nervous sometimes." he told him, chewing the inside of his cheek. He did that a lot too, when he was nervous.
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Everett smiled as Mikoto sat next to him. "You really think that that you can't seduce me?" He laughed a bit before looking back up to the ceiling "You sure do a good job at it." It was true, he loved teasing the prince. He reached up and twirled the dark tresses between his fingers.

The ship lurched and he rolled towards the wall, hit it slightly then fell back. He groaned slightly but was quickly distracted by the sudden weight that fell on him. He was about to push what ever it was off until he saw it was Mikoto. The pain suddenly disappeared as he looked up into the other's eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine." He said lowly. He reached up and tangled his fingers into Mikoto's hair, pulling him down. He pressed their lips together tightly together and leaned up. He didn't care if the ship was still rocking them back and forth, the moment was too perfect.Even with his bad shoulder, he wrapped his arm around his wast and pulled him tight against his chest.

It felt like forever since their lips had touched. He kept them locked for as long as he could until they both needed air. His chest rose and fell lightly as he looked up at Mikoto "You do better than you think."
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Mikoto smiled at Everett's words, shaking his head' "You're cruel to them." he said to him, chuckling lightly. "Some of them really have troubled pasts, you know." he said, watching him as he started to relax in what he was wearing.

But, just as that began, Everett spoke again and his nerves tensed. "Im not, really." he told him, cheeks flushing some. Smiling some at the second comment, he walked over to him, taking his hand as he sat down beside him on the bed. "Hmm." he mumbled, giving him a smirk. "You would, huh?" he laughed, shaking his head. Though, it wasnt like the thought hadnt occured to him before; surprising Everett in something like this...but he'd always felt that that would be going a bit over board; rushing too fast. They'd only just shared their first kiss, too.

"You like to make fun of me, dont you?" Mikoto said, turning away a bit shyly as he looked down at himself. He felt a tad exposed, but he wasnt about to let himself get sick, as well as Everett. "But you know..." he trailed off, chewing the inside of his cheek. "I dont think I'm capable of something like seducing you...or anyone else, either."

Suddenly, the ship rocked harder. Mikoto braced himself on the bed, and looked around fiercly. "Are you okay?" he asked Everett, turning to look at him again. But, before he had a chance to answer, the ship lurched, throwing Mikoto on Everett. He looked up at hom, now laying on top of him, and nearly jumped back. "Im sorry! I didnt hurt your shoulder, did i?" he asked him, searching his face, before his eyes turned to his shoulder. "I didnt injure it even more, did i?"
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Everett sighed, "most men that we pick up are lost drunks who just want a purpose," he said lightly, "they have nothing in their lives and here they have something to live for. But some of the stories these men come up with are incredible." He thought he had heard everything but he was always surprised when they got a new crew member.

When he got the okay, he opened his eyes and looked over Mikoto slightly. He smiled at the shyness coming from the prince. "If I didn't know better, I would say that your trying to seduce me. " he chuckled gently and reached his good hand out "I promise I'll behave. I'm too broken anyways." But he loved seeing Mikoto like that. He didn't seem like a prince but he didn't look like a pirate either. He just loked like himself and that was good enough. "I know you can't go walking around like that out on deck, but I wouldn't mind if you stayed in my quarters that way." While part of him really meant it, he loved teasing the prince. That blush was probably his favorite reaction in the world. And he wasn't going to miss the chance to see it.
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Mikoto felt surprised when Everett praised him for what he'd done. Looking back over his shoulder, he watched him. "You know...I thought you might be mad at me." he confessed, turning back as he dropped his trousers to the floor. Laughing at the fact that Everett was ratting out his crew for not knowing how to swim, Mikoto couldn't help but laugh. "I find it rather odd that men who work on a boat don't know how to swim." he said.

Chewing the inside of his cheek, Mikoto contemplated on whether or not he wanted to change his underwear and get completely naked. Even if Everett had agreed to close his eyes, and keep them closed, Mikoto decided against it. He reached into a small box tucked into the corner on the opposite side from the door, opened it, and took out a shirt that was a tad too large for him. Thankfully, it wasn't nearly as large on him as Everett's had been.

Slipping it on, he found that the ends almost reached his knees, and decided that since Everett couldn't see under it, he'd leave it like this since he didn't want to get a dry pair of trousers wet all over again. " can open your eyes now." he said, fiddling with the end of his shirt. Even if he'd decided that, it didn't keep him from feeling embarrassment over the fact that Everett could now see his legs.
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Everett smiled when Mikoto faced him. There was no way he could be made at the prince. And what he did was heroic and brave. He leaned into the gentle hand that was caressing the side of his head, only to be kissed shortly after. His breath caught in his throat, his head instantly beginning to swirl.

Their skin touching made his body stiffen up with nervousness but also excitement. Everything about the smaller man seemed to be soft innocence. And that drove Everett mad. He finally felt air fill his lungs again when Mikoto lifted away and pushed him down on the bed. He only smiled, he felt like a child being scolded by his mother. "Aye. And thank you for going after Jaccob like that. You did a fine thing back there." He closed his eyes and kept his promise this time but continued to talk as the other changed. "Most men on the ship surprisingly don't know how to swim so maybe when we dock on an island here soon you can teach them. They need to stop being such cats and get in the damn water." Injured or not, he was still the captain and he'd be damned if his crew was anything less then perfect.
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Mikoto had just thrown his soaked shirt onto the floor when he heard the bed creak, and felt Everett's arm around him. Before he had time to protest,, he started talking. By the time he'd finished, Mikoto's face was red with blush and his heart was racing. The skin-on-skin contact didn't help, of coarse.

Slowly turning to face Everett, Mikoto bit his lip as he looked over his face. He looked completely worn out. Fighting the urge to hug him, hurting his arm, Mikoto ran a shaky hand through Everett's wet hair, before kissing him gently. He stepped in closer to him, so there was no room left between them, and pressed his lips a little harder onto Everett's.

When he broke the kiss, he dropped his eyes. "I'm sorry." He whispered. Looking up, he spoke again, "I'm sorry I made you worry...and that you got hurt because of me. I just..." he paused, eyes dropping again. "I couldn't let Jaccob drown. Not him. He has. A wife who's always waiting for him...he can't not go back to her." He said to him, knowing 3verett would understand.

Kissing him again, Mikoto brought his hands down to rest on Everett's soft cheeks. "And thank you " he said when he pulled away. "For coming after me." He let the pink settle into his cheeks as he kissed Everett's cheek, then pushed him back down gently. "You're getting a bit warm, and I don't want you to get sick." He told him. Bringing the blanket up to his neck, he made sure Everett was settled before turning away from him again. "Now...I need to change still. peaking." He smiled back over hhis shoulder at him.
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Some of Everett's grief lifted when he heard Mikoto walked in the room. While he couldn't lift his head to look, just the sound of him moving around made him feel a little better. Especially when the room was filled with light from the small flickering candle. He kept his eyes on the flame until Mikoto got close. He wanted Mikoto to touch him. He wanted to feel the warmth even if the other was covered in water. He almost reached out himself when Mikoto stepped away, but couldn't find the strength to do so.

He sighed and closed his eyes, still sulking about being so far away. He just couldn't take it anymore. He shot up from the bed and against the pain, wrapped his good arm around Mikoto. He didn't face him, but buried his face in the bare shoulder beneath him. "Don't do something like that again." He said lowly, "I...I got so scared when I saw you go under the water. I didn't....I.." He choked on his words as he pulled the smaller frame against him "I didn't think I was going to find you when I jumped in myself. I can't lose you." His face heated up slightly. He wasn't used to confessing things like that to anyone.
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After stripping the blankets and sheets from Everett's bed, he sat the mattress up on it's side on the floor, and strung all of the blankets and sheets from every corner of the room until nothing was visible beneath them. He felt satisfied with himself. Taking a deep breath as he stood in front of the door leading back out into the rain, he wasn't sure if he was ready for this. But, he knew he needed to go down into his room and look after Everett. he needed him. The thought gave him a smile.

Another deep breath, and Mikoto was out the door and back in the rain. His clothes hadn't even had enough time to begin to dry before he was back out there, getting soaked all over again. Jogging across the slick floor, he made his way down below deck, and was satisfied to seat no leakage. None at all! He was very impressed, and knew he'd have to tell Everett.

Slowly walking up to his door, closed tight, he knocked lightly. When there was no answer, he knocked harder, and then opened. The room was dark, and he was shocked. Shaking his head, he walked into the room, picking his way to the small bed-side table. He took out a match, struck it, and lit a candle. Soon the room was ablaze with it's light.

Looking down to Everett, he bit his lip. He reached his hand out to him, and finally noticed how wet he really was. He couldn't touch Everett while he was still soaking, but he felt too embarrassed to change in his small room. One of the other crew members had lent him some more clothes, but...

Looking around, he decided he'd just have to make Everett close his eyes. He hoped he wouldn't peak. " need to close your eyes for a few minutes. I need to change out of these clothes." he told him, but was moving even before he saw his eyes shut. He trusted him not to watch him, besides, he looked like he could barely open his eyes anyway. Upset with himself for taking that as a good thing, he bit his tongue, and began to strip.
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