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Mikoto couldn't help the warm feeling that took him over as Everett pulled him into a tight hug. He rested his head against his chest, closing his eyes. The moment seemed to last forever, but still ended too soon. Before long, he was being pulled away from Everett, then lectured about not going up those stairs. And then, just as fast as he'd come, he was gone. Mikoto sighed, sliding back against the wall until he was sitting on the floor again.

"Life isn't fair sometimes, little one." Jaccob said to him. When Mikoto looked up, Jaccob wasn't even looking at him. Instead, his eyes chased Everett and the way that he'd gone. "But he favours you. I can tell by the way he worries and tries to hide it from you. He doesn't want you to worry about him." he said, turning his eyes down to the prince. Mikoto looked up at him, his head cocked slightly to the side. If Everett was worrying for him, then it meant he trusted the king and his navy more than he'd thought.

Mikoto looked over to Jaccob, chewing the inside of his cheek. "What if I still wanted to see him?" he asked. Jaccob's face remained unreadable, strong and sturdy. He was unwavering with whatever he said. "Then you would put every single one of us in jeopardy." Mikoto sucked in a breath, the truth of the words hitting him with extreme impact. He lowered his eyes.
On the other side of the port, however, the navy were readying themselves to take a small peek at their new visitors. It wasn't ever day that pirates were stupid enough to enter their port, no matter the circumstances. They must have something pretty valuable that they're stolen on that ship if they don't want to risk passing by our port. Lieutenant Michael James thought to himself as he spied the ship, waiting to make his entrance to the so-called vicious captain running it's crew.
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Everett smiled lightly as he saw Mikoto. He grabbed hold of the prince's thin arm and pulled him up into a strong embrace. While he wasn't scared about being found out, the possibility was still shocking to him. "Well we can dock for the night. But we're going to be closely watched, I can already tell." He said releasing Mikoto "So we have to be on our toes the entire time."

His hands were shaking lightly as he mentally tried to convince himself that nothing was going to happen. But even though they were below the ship, he could still feel sharp eyes watching them as small bangs came from the hammers outside. He wasn't going to say it out loud even though he was sure it was written on his face. He knew something was bound to happen that night even if they didn't lead the men guarding the harbor to think that they were hiding something. Even though they were.

He turned to Mikoto "Don't go above deck no matter what. I don't care if it's even for a second, don't go up those stairs." He gave Jaccob a small nod before dashing back up the stairs. The men all gave him a small nod as he walked up to his post to watch over the repairs. He could see the foreman and his workers glancing up at them every now and then but he ignored it so that it didn't make anything suspicious. But he tapped his fingers, trying to keep calm "The quicker we get this done the quicker we can get out to sea boys!" He shouted, trying not to be too loud. But he wanted the crew to know how nervous he was with out letting the guards know.
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Mikoto told Jaccob everything about his relationship with his friend, Michael, who was now a part of the army as they were being pulled into dock. They met when Mikoto was younger and had gotten lost in town one day while he was out with his nanny. As he began to panic, being trampled on by people passing by, he'd been pulled out of the traffic of people, in behind the kingdom's cake shop. A boy who looked a few years older than him, loomed over him, and at first seemed like he might try and steal from him. But before he knew it, Mikoto and the boy had exchanged names and were playing.

Mikoto later found out that the boy's name was Michael, and that his parents owned and ran the cake shop they were playing behind. At the end of the day, when his mother found them, she brought them back to the castle together without expecting any reward. But she got one; ten gold shillings were rewarded to her for retrieving the king's only, beloved son. And, as a thank-you to Michael, the king made him Mikoto's personal playmate.

As the two grew up together, they grew closer as well. And, Michael had also taken it upon himself to protect Mikoto from anything and everything. Thus, he became part of the royal navy with a referral from the king himself. After that, though, Mikoto hardly ever saw him. And that's when his father began bringing in suiters, which soon after led to his running away.

Thinking back to it now, this mess is all Michael's fault. Mikoto thought to himself. He sighed, propping his head up on his hand. But then he noticed Everett coming down the stairs to him, and he smiled. Really, he should be thanking Michael. This wasn't a mess at all; not to him. At that moment, just watching Everett come over to him, Mikoto felt like he owed Michael everything.
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Everett took his place by the wheel as he watched them pull into their small spot at the far end of the dock. He tapped his fingers lightly against his swords handle as the people on the docks grabbed the ropes to slowly pull them in. His breathing quickened as his men set the ramp down.

He walked down with Angelo to meet the foreman who was in charge of the docks. He exchanged a fake smile with the other man as they shook hands. The crew made a pact that in any situation, Everett would be the only one to talk. Since he didn't have a heavy "pirate accent" and the only one to speak proper English. While he looked the part of a pirate, his education sure came in handy when it came to situations like this.

"Our ship was damaged during the hurricane and would like to dock for the night to make repairs." He said keeping his fake smile across his lips. The other man looked up at the ship and inspected it lightly. He nodded before turning back to Everett "Alright. It's ten shillings to dock." Everett gladly handed over the coins before turning back to the ship.

"Ah, sir." The foreman said before Everett made it up the ramp, who turned with a raised eyebrow. He stepped don a little bit, Angelo giving him a wary look. "I'm sure that none of this has any concern of..." The man looked up at the ship once more before looking back tot he captain, "your crew but our prince has been been missing and we're watching out f any information tat could lead us in he right direction. You wouldn't have heard anything, have you?"

Everett simply shrugged, "Sorry but I haven't heard anything." The other man rose an eyebrow as they turned and headed back into the ship. Everett cursed under his breath as some of the crew halted what they were doing to look at him. He nodded to them to continue "Just watch to make sure nothing bad happens." He sighed as he went down the stairs to brief Mikoto and Jaccob on what happened.
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"What's troubling you, lad?" Jaccob asked Mikoto as he stared up at him from his place on the floor. Mikoto chewed the inside of his cheek, unsure of how to answer. But suddenly, the words were rolling out of his mouth. His mouth was talking before his brain had even issued it. "I'm nervous." He looked down at himself, beginning to angry at his tongue for easily spilling things over before he had time to give it permission. "That's understandable." Looking up, Mikoto found Jaccob watching him carefully. "But we are a strong ship, filled with strong crew." Mikoto nodded, knowing this was right.

While Jaccob continued to tell him about the crew and their journeys of how they built their strength and grew to rely on each other, and trust each other, Mikoto began thinking of when he lived at Kingston. Then he realized something. "I'm not really nervous to go back." he confessed, looking up at Jaccob. The large man looked down at him, curiosity in his eyes. "I'm nervous because there's someone I want to see, but I know I can't." "Why not?" Jaccob asked. Mikoto snorted laughter. "He was really my only friend when I lived at the castle. We met when we were little, and grew up together. But, a few years ago, he took his place in the army. The same army that we're trying to avoid." Finally, understanding peeked into Jaccob's eyes. "You want to see your friend because you've lost contact, but you can't possibly do that because if he sees you he'll probably get the rest of the army to raid the ship, and we'd all be sent to the gallows."

Mikoto was about to speak again when Angelo jogged past them. The two watched as he went into the room where Everett slept, and came out a few minutes later. Then, Everett himself came out. He looked like himself again. He watched as Everett walked to them, spoke to Jaccob, messed up his hair, then left. "Well, you better control the urge to see this friend of yours." Jaccob spoke. "Because we're pulling into port."
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Everett could feel Mikoto moving off the bed, but his eyes stayed closed. His body was so lost in sleep that if a cannon was shot right next to him, he wouldn't even wake. It was the first time in years that he had slept this heavily. And the fact that he wasn't lost in a nightmare was bewildering. But he woke up some time after Mikoto left. He rolled over lightly and saw the door was cracked open, letting in a small sliver of light.

He got up slowly so he wouldn't agitate his shoulder anymore than it already was. He kept close to the door, not wanting to distract Mikoto from his conversation with Jaccob. He slid along the wall and listened lightly to their words. It amazed him how everyone got along with the prince so easily. While he knew the crew did tease him occasionally, it was all in good fun. But the way they all flocked to him like seagulls to fish was simply new to him. No one thought he was approachable so for Mikoto to like him was strange. But he shrugged, opposites do attract.

Just as he was getting comfortable against the wall, Angelo came flying in. He looked down at his captain with a slightly confused look but shook it off, "We're close to the port sir." He said quickly before going back up.

Everett sighed and pushed himself up. He got the rest of his things on, can't look like anything else but the captain, and walked out. He stopped when he saw Mikoto and Jaccob still sitting there. He cleared his throat and slowly made his way next to them. "Jaccob," He said setting his hand on his sword, "I don't want you to let Mikoto out of your sight while we're here. He has to stay below deck but if something happens and I can't get to him..." He looked at Mikoto with solemn eyes before looking back to Mikoto, "Take care of the lad." He reached out and ruffled Mikoto's hair before smiling and turning away to go up to his spot on deck.
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Mikoto sighed in relief, but felt a bit silly for asking. "Good." he said, smiling. When Everett turned back over, Mikoto rolled over onto his other side, now facing the door. He blew out the candle beside the bed, and began to relax as the scent of a burning wick and smoke filled the room. He didn't know why, but that always relaxed him. He closed his eyes, letting a small yawn slip before slipping under completely.

When Mikoto woke up, it was to the ship thrashing about. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it had been before when they'd first entered the hurricane, but it still wasn't very forgiving. Turning over, Mikoto studied Everett's face for a while before deciding he was still asleep. "Good." he whispered softly. "Stay asleep." He lay back down on the bed on his back, staring up at the ceiling. His eyes had adjusted to the dark, and he could now see mostly everything. His ears perked up when the sound of footsteps ran across the deck above them, shaking a little bit of dust out of the ceiling boards.

Sighing, he knew he wouldn't be going back to sleep now. There was too much going on up there, and even if he was useless, he couldn't stay down here any more. It was getting stuffy. Mikoto walked over to the door and pulled it open a crack, peeking out. There were few crew down here, hanging in hammocks attached to the pillars keeping the ceiling up, and others on mats on the floor. He wondered how they could sleep so well.

"G'morning, lad." a voice came from his right. Mikoto turned to find Jaccob hanging in a hammock of his own, watching him carefully. "How long have you been awake?" Mikoto asked him. He shrugged. "I came down not long ago after my shift ended up there." he said, waving him over. Without giving it a second thought, Mikoto walked over to him, and stood in front of his hammock. "Can't sleep, I suppose?" Jaccob asked him. He nodded. Sighing, he sat down on the floor, crossing his legs beneath him. "Can we stay up and talk?" Mikoto asked. Jaccob nodded, smiling.
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Everett wished he couldn't agree with him but he knew Mikoto was right. He could do many things, but managing his own person was nearly impossible. He laughed lightly before rolling over to look at him. the lips against his cheek made him smile even bigger. "You don't remind me of my mother. She never kissed my cheek like you do." he stayed quiet after that. His mother was a cruel woman who loved her son, but hated her life. She wanted to be swept away, and instead she was sold to Everett's father.

And in his mind, he was a daily reminder on how her life was ruined. And while he came to the sea for a different reason, he felt like he escaped the torment that he and his mother was under.

He sighed and looked up at Mikoto, "I only think of you when you kiss me." He closed his eyes and then rolled back over, closing his eyes tight. He just wanted to sleep and get the next day over with. He didn't want the day to come but he had no choice but to suck it up. "Sleep well, lad"
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Listening to Everett, Mikoto could feel the heat in his face softening, and soon it was almost non-existent. But that fact that Everett had told him (again) that he liked him half naked only kept some heat in his cheeks. Poking his head out again, Mikoto noticed how exhausted Everett was beginning to look. Was it a bad thing that his exhaustion made Mikoto slightly happy? Well, if it was getting him out of his habit of sleeplessness, then he figured it was okay.

Before he had the chance to open his eyes, Mikoto brought the blanket that was around him up over Everett, and smiled at him. "You say you can take care of yourself, but I don't think you realized how much you need someone to do it for you." he said to him, still smiling. "Same for the rest of the crew, though they're not as stubborn about it as you." he laughed lightly, getting under the blanket with Everett, then pulling the other one over top of that one.

"Pleasant dreams." he smiled at him, and couldn't help kissing his cheek. "Oh, I hope I don't feel like your mother." he said, sitting back as he thought for a moment. "I hope not, because that would be kind of awkward." he laughed, though it wasn't awkward at all. "I hope you don't think of your mother when I kiss your cheek."
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Everett was adjusting something on his jacket when he heard Mikoto cry out. He quickly turned and looked at the prince who was cowering beneath the blankets. He stared at the bulge of sheets for a moment before standing closer to the bed. "lad, what are you goin' on about?" He went to pull the blanket off his head but the brown hair poked out before he could do so.

"If you're worried about what the crew thinks of you wearing a shirt, they won't care." He sat next to the boy and looked at his bright red face, "So there'll be no need for killing you this evenin' lad" He smiled before laying back. "No one cares about what the other wears, we've all seen each other half clothed one way or another. " It might not have helped Mikoto any but he was only speaking the truth.

He popped an eye open and smirked "Plus, don't you remember what I told ya earlier? I like you like that so there's nothing to worry about." For the first time all day he felt tired. He'd barely slept all in the past few days and he could feel it now. His body was starting to wear down as he lied to down next to the fretting Mikoto. "But really, don't worry. You'll be fine."
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Mikoto frowned. "Well, you're going to use one tonight." he told him, setting it up on the bed on top of the other one. Turning back around, he looked over Everett. It had taken him all this time to realize he had gotten dressed. And probably all by himself, even with that sore shoulder. He would've clapped for him, if the thought hadn't resulted in him remembering what he was wearing. Or rather, what he wasn't wearing. He suddenly felt very aware of the fact that he still wasn't wearing any pants, that he'd fed the entire crew looking like that, as well as traveled across the deck and back for the blanket.

All colour drained from Mikoto's face, but then was quickly filled in by a bright red blush. He quickly sat on the bed and pulled one of the blankets over him as quickly as possibly, his face burning. "Don't look at me!" he nearly yelled at Everett in embarrassment. Biting his bottom lip, he closed his tightly. "Please tell me I'm dreaming right now." he muttered. "Please tell me I didn't walk around like this for over an hour!" he said, his voice a little bit louder.

Poking his head out of one part of the blanket, he looked up at Everett. "You realize you're going to have to kill me now, right?" he said, his voice serious, his face still cherry red. "And if you laugh at me, I'm not talk to you!" he told him, pursing his lips out before going back under the blanket. How on earth was he supposed to face anyone ever again now? They'd all seen him mostly naked! He felt so unbelievably embarrassed.
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Everett sat down on the bed and watched Mikoto leave. He could tell that something was still bothering him, even though he hid it well. But they were going to his home so it made sense that he was panicking.

He buried his face in his hands as he thought about a plan if they did get caught. He would defiantly fight to get to Mikoto, but that could cause more damage. But he'd already decided that he would kill anyone who got in his way. He already promised Mikoto that he would fight for them. And even if it meant giving everything they had on the ship up, then that's what it would take. They could just dive in the ocean and run away to make a new life. But that didn't seem as easy as Everett hoped it would be.

Once Mikoto came back in, he stood up and smiled gently. "Don't worry about stealing all the blankets, what's mine is yours." He shrugged lightly, "And I usually din't sleep with them anyways." It was a strange habit he had gotten after the ship was attacked once. He was under a large pile of blankets when cannons opened fire on them and when he went to get u, he got tangled in them. If he didn't untangled when he did, he would have been blown to pieces. Ever since then he never slept with a blanket unless absolutely necessary.
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Mikoto smirked, shaking his head at Everett. "Alright, I'll sleep with you. But, it's going to be a tight squeeze." he told him, moving over to the bed. "Hmm...maybe I should go check if your blankets are dry? I know the mattress won't be,'ll probably get colder later on." he said as he pulled the blanket away from he bed. "Besides, I've been known to steal the blankets." he laughed, brushing his bangs out of his face.

Stepping aside, Mikoto gestured toward the bed. "If you don't mind waiting for me, I'll be back in a minute." he smiled, leaving the room. When he got out, he closed the door behind him, leaning back against it. He couldn't say he wasn't worried about going into the navy port. There were people he knew there, people he hadn't seen since he'd left. There were friends he'd made who were apart of the navy who could find him and potentially kill Everett.

Mikoto bit his lip, pushing off of the door. He didn't know how this was going to work if they were found out. What would they do with him if they found him on this pirate ship? He knew of only one person who would take complete control of the situation if anything like that happened; the queen. She wasn't his birth mother, though. He was the love child of a woman his father had fallen in love with on a journey, and brought her to Kingston to bare his child. The queen had her killed before she could so much as name me. Surely, she'd be the first person with her foot in the door. She'd have me locked in my room, or something worse.

Mikoto shivered as he grabbed the driest blanket from Everett's room, and tried not to let any mist touch it while jogging back below deck. That woman...she'd surely be the end of him.
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Everett felt the thin arms wrap around his waist and he looked down at Mikoto. While he wasn't able to get the issue off his mind, it became less important. He wrapped his arms around Mikoto's shoulders and cradled him gently. "i'm not going any where and neither are you." He whispered against the other's hair. He also couldn't stand being away from the prince, he would rather die than go through that.

He closed his eyes as he felt their lips touch. It made him forget everything that had just happened. But Mikoto had a way of doing that, even just a simple tough made him stop worrying about everything. He reached up gently and brushed his thumb against the other's cheek before he was hugged once again. "Alright, I'll sleep." He said lightly, "But only if you come sleep with me." He smiled lightly as he looked down. His bed was barely big enough but as long as he slept next to Mikoto he didn't care if they slept on the floor. As long as they could dream next to each other he would be able to sleep and not think of the upcoming town.
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Mikoto kept looking from Everett, to Angelo, and back again during their conversation. This seemed crazy. They were taking him home, but at the same time, they weren't. When Everett finally agreed, Mikoto relaxed slightly. Not much, but slightly. "It'll be okay." he said to him after Angelo had left, leaving them alone again. "There's nothing to be sorry for." he looked into his eyes, wondering what he was thinking. "They won't find out. They won't know I'm here." Although Mikoto was trying his hardest to reassure Everett, he was also trying to reassure himself. He had no idea if his parents knew where he was, who he was with. That woman at the pirate port had known about him for some reason. Who's to say she wouldn't tell others, spread it around? Maybe get his parents on board with it, and try to get him away from Everett?

Shaking the thought away, Mikoto hugging Everett around his waist. "You just can't let them take me, okay?" he whispered to him, though he was unsure if he'd been heard. "And you can't let them take you, either." he told him, pulling away to look up to him. "I couldn't stand it if they took you away from me." he told Everett, a sad smile on his face.

Going up on his toes, Mikoto pressed his lips to Everett's. He knew that he didn't need any more things to cloud his head, but he wanted this to be what cleared his head. When he pulled away, he hugged him again. "But you can't do anything tonight. You're going to go to sleep, and let Angelo take care of the ship, along with the rest of the crew." he told him. He pulled away, and smirked up at him lightly. "And that's not a suggestion."
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