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She looked at Beni after a moment. "Hmm... I don't know. Usually there's one or two. They might be off training under the water fall. They do that every so often to reconnect with themselves and nature. But either way, those stones are only removed durring ceremonies or if there's danger. There was a fire here some years ago and the stone were removed for safe keeping as well as the idols. They were rbought back when the tample was re-built and since then it's been taken as a sign to never remove the stones for fear of the curses."

She looked at the stones for a moment, wondering what was so special about them that the two of them needed them. But even if they did they couldn't take them. The monks would stop them and she would have no part in it. If they thought she had anything to do with them taking the stones then she would be shunned from the village and shame would be brought to her for the rest of her days. But she didn't think they would go to such lengths as to take the stones from the shrine no matter what the purpose was.

"We should go back. Kojaku should have found his sword by now." She said and turned away from the shrine. She had been gone from home for a few hours now and she knew that her father might start to worry about her. She knew she should head home soon. She couldn't trust these two yet. they were nice enough but with them sniffing around the stones she couldn't be sure what their plans were. If they did take the stones she had to be far away, wanting no part in it. She didn't want to be kicked out of the village and left to wander alone forever.

"I really should be heading home." She said softly as she began descending the stairs. No sign of Kojaku and she wondered if someone had taken his sword. It was possible, with no one around to claim it as their own.
  Misaki / lyokogrl / 8y 16d 5h 14m 1s
"Yeah, Bright, and unusual." He spoke with a small laugh. He had then looked up to Beni who was starting to doze off. Grinning, Kojaku bumped the tree, making the bird fall out, and hitting the ground with a thud. "Dammit Kojaku!" He growled with a glare, sitting up with a huff. Laughing, the 19 year old shook his head, and looked back to Mikaki who had then remembered something that was good, yet bad news.

Kojaku bit his bottom lip some as she mentioned the shrine. Speaking he was a demon that wouldn't be the greatest idea to walk in there. He could easily be spotted out. But Beni on the other hand was only half of a demon, and not a pureblood like him. "Ah~ The Shrine. I'm most positive they are there, speaking these stones aren't exactly normal like the others." He added, rubbing the back of his head some. Then the girl had started heading out towards the shrine, They instantly followed the girl reluctantly, but with courage. "Beni, You can go up there. I can't for certain reasons, but they won't suspect anything from you." Kojaku muttered in Benis ear, who nodded and ran up to Misaki.

They had gotten there, and Kojaku stopped in his tracks for a moment, already feeling a un-wanted sensation. "Hey guys, I forgot my Kantana back at the tree. I need to go get it before someone takes it. Go on up there without me, I'll be right behind you." He called, heading back in a jog, shaking off the chills that he got from the shrine. Such a holy place..He would burn at the sight of it. "That man never forgets his sword..Something must have been distracting him." Beni spoke with a quirked brow, looking to Misaki as they walked up the stairs doing the normal ritual before doing anything else. He had then saw the stones and gasped in joy. "That's the shards! That's just what we came here to find!" Beni chimed smiling wide. He then frowned some realizing something. "But, Where is a monk at?" He questioned, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.
  Kojaku / Quest / 8y 16d 5h 26m 35s
"Bright and unusual huh?" She mused to herself as she thought. Besides the five guys nothing unusual had come around for a long time. If anything had she just never knew about it or it was before her time. BUt she was wrecking her brain going over everything she knew about the village. Every nook and cranny she went over in her mind since she could see everything perfectly in her minds eye. But she was coming up blank on almost everything. Everything in this town was so normal to her that for it to be abnormal meant that it would reall have to stand out.

Then it dawned on her.

"Well... There are some stone at the shrine. They've been there for a long time so I don't know if they're the ones you're looking for. But we can head over there and give them a look. Although, if they are the ones that you're looking for you're out of luck. Once something is placed in the shrine it can only be removed by a monk. A curse follows anyone who removes anything from a shrine. I think that rule applies all over the country. The God's don't like being given something only to have it taken away. But we can go look." She said.

She pushed herself away from the tree and began walking. "Keep up or you're going to get lost." She called back, not even checking to see if they were following her. She walked down five winding streets and down one dirt path along the edge of the village along the wall. The break in the wall was due to a wooden arch signifying the entrance to the shrine. Sixty steps climbed up but the hill was so high that you couldn't see the shrine from the bottom.

She began her assent up the steps, taking her time so as not to wear herself out. Once at the top she took an incense stick from a small stand and lit it with spark stone. Once it began to smoke she went up to the shrine and placed it in a holder, clapped twice, and greeted the shrine and the Gods that inhabited it. On the altar itself, in five metal stands, stood five translucent blue stones. They were the purest blue anyone would see, lighter than a saphire but darker than the clear sky on a sunny day.
  Misaki / lyokogrl / 8y 16d 5h 48m 44s
"If I were you I would get up here with me. Some of the villagers are coming back and you don't want them seeing you near the bodies."

"Eh?" Both spoke at the same time, figuring it would be smart to not be seen by the bodies. Even though there could easily still be witnesses all around. Both of the boys stood, climbing up the tree, sitting on a branch. Beni was up on a higher one laying back on it with a yawn. Of course, Kojaku would have said something, but a large group of men had made it up to the dead bodies collecting them, and then leaving shortly after, making comments on how they had been killed.

Kojaku had let his feet dangle after Misaki jumped off the tree sitting up against the branch. He slouched over some to look at the girl. She was a very lovely figure. Long red hair, she had slender toned looking body, and was stronger than an ox. She even looked about 2 years younger than him. He then heard her question what they were looking for.
Flipping off the branch, landing dead on his feet. Kojaku stretched his arms up with a few pops in his back bones. "Well, It's a bit out of the ordinary. Ever heard of a moon stone?" He asked, placing a hand on the trunk, looking to her with his bright red eyes.

Beni had then jumped in the conversation while laying up in the tree. "We are looking for pieces of this rather..Large stone. It was a very prized possession to us, and some idiot decided to have it shattered, and hide the pieces everywhere around the country. It's troublesome, really. And we heard there was a good five shards around here. We can't miss one, we need all five in two weeks sharp." The red head spoke, putting a finger up as he spoke. "Exactly. So, have you seen anything..Bright and unusual around here?" He questioned with a tilt of his head.
  Kojaku / Quest / 8y 16d 6h 47s
She waved her hand in a bland way. "These men had no ties to this village. They have no right to kick me out. Only my father can do that if he wishes but I know he won't. I was defending two strangers who wandered in in search of something and got attacked for no real reason. I was defending you which was what my father trained me to do." She said with a shrug, looking at the bodies of the five men. "Believe me, this village will be happy that these guys are gone for good. Everyone hated them more than you could ever understand."

She pushed herself away from the tree and quickly began climbing up into it. She looked around, once she was high enough, and looked from street to street. Finally she saw what she needed to and looked down at the two. "If I were you I would get up here with me. Some of the villagers are coming back and you don't want them seeing you near the bodies." She said and made room for the two of them to sit on the high branch. Once they settled she motioned for them to stay quiet as the group came. it was a group of ten men, all carrying swords.

"Hey! What happened here?" One said and ran over to the bodies.

"Well whatever happened it was clean. They must've angered the wrong person this time." Another said, nudging a body.

"If it was just a person and not a group. Oh well, good riddance I say. Let's get these things out of here." Two by two they picked up the bodies and took them away to the under taker a few blocks over. Once they were gone Sam rested back on the trunk of the tree, staying perched on the branch, and crossed her arms, looking at the two.

"So, what is it you two need to find?" She asked as if nothing happened. "I know this village like the back of my hand. Whatever it is you need to find I'm your girl."
  Misaki / lyokogrl / 8y 16d 6h 33m 8s
As the others laughed at Beni, All he did was roll his eyes. Soon enough the rope was cut, and he went crashing to the ground with a groan. "Took you long enough.." He muttered, sitting up letting the blood rush back through his body. His face was back to a normal shade, and he was regaining his composure.

The two then looked to this girl by the name of Misaki who had apologized for the trouble given, and told them about why the five men where at this village. She obviously didn't know that they had finally come in contact with the evil figures they had been warning the village about. Kojaku had been sitting by the two cleaning his sword from any residue that had been left on it. "It's not a problem. We always seem to run into people like them who want to kill us." He replied with a short laugh, then sheathing his sword back into its holder.

Beni then bit on his bottom lip as she spoke. He got a little quiet not sure what to say in a situation like this. Misaki was a very strong character, and from the looks of it was capable to do just about anything. Which kind of intimidated him, speaking Kojaku was just as strong as the girl. They both could cause some serious damage.
The black haired males ears instantly perked up when the girl asked what they had been doing in the village in the first place. Which kind of knocked him off track for a second. "Ah, We are in search for a few things. Since you helped us out here with these men, maybe you can help us find what we need here? But since you have been removed from this place, we can always come back when people don't realize it." Kojaku spoke with a shrug, putting his chin on his hand that was folded into a fist. "I mean, If you still don't find us a threat." He added with a grin.
  Kojaku / Quest / 8y 16d 6h 41m 1s
Misaki laughed as the one in the tree began flailing about. Her smile faded when she heard one of the men telling her to get out of the village. Why? They were the ones who had attacked the stranger for no reason. She had every right to defend him since he had done nothing wrong. As far as she had seen he had wandered in and they chose to attack because he was a stranger. This town wasn't good when it came to strangers. BUt she shrugged and unsheathed her sword and sliced the rope around the guy in the tree.

He fell to the ground with a crash and she sheathed her sword again. "I'm sorry about the trouble you two were given. Those guys showed up about a month ago. They said something about protecting the village from an ultimate evil. They'd been causing fear but no one ever showed it and went about their business normally. Trade's gone down since they came and they always inspect anyone who enters or leaves the village. You two were the first ones they openly attacked and tried to kill. I think they were just bored or something. She said appologetically. She had no idea that she was talking to demons.

"But at least you two can leave with your organs in the correct order. They killed one man when they first came here who tried to rob them and that got everyone to fall in line. We had no idea where they came from or who they were trying to protect but everyone's had to watch their backs at night and when alone. Some of the girls in the village were having a harder time with them than most. BUt I can rest easy knowing that none of them will be terrorizing the girls when they go to the onsen." She said softly before looking back at the two of them. The one who had been tied up was now removing the ropes and righting himself, his face now fading from red to a normal shade. The other one was still lounging about, cleaning his sword of any blood.

"So, what brings you two to this village?" It was a small village, very out of the way of other towns and far from the capitol. It took most caravans and traders days to get from the nearest town to here and that was if they only stopped to sleep in safe houses along the way. "It can't be for the attractions or the food. There's very little that this town has to offer besides some trades." She walked back over to them and crossed her arms and leaned against the tree.

"So, spit it out. What are two guys like you doing wandering around in the woods then coming here to cause so much trouble so early in the day?" She smiled softly. "Interupting my breakfast and just about causing a scene. Luckily no one heard it since most of them are at the market at this time of the day. Talk before I decide you're a threat and kill you myself."
  Misaki / lyokogrl / 8y 16d 6h 59m 46s
Are you serious?!

He thought with a huff and glare to the man who had the blade that was pressed against Kojakus neck. He then smiled wide with a small laugh coming out. "Now, Now you guys. No need to be so violent." He spoke, lifting both hands innocently with the smile still sticking on his face. "Come on Kojaku! Get me down from here!! I'm getting dizzy!" Yelled Beni, trying to pull himself upright while he was tied up.

"I'm working on it Beni~" The male replied out of the side of his mouth to where the slayers couldn't hear. "Now, I'm sure we can make some kind of agreement?" He questioned, but that was noticeably disagreed, speaking one pulled out a book, while 3 others pulled out either a gun, or a Kantana. "I see, You want to go this way." He sighed, pushing the sharp side off of his neck, grinning, Kojaku quickly unsheathed his rather large Kantana by the name of Kuyashinaki meaning Tears of Regret. Speaking most who force him to pull it out will be crying tears of regret.

He had instantly slashed one of the men in half that had dared to come near him, giving the man no time to prepare. The other one..Was going to be tricky. They don't just give any swordsman this kind of job. "Don't think you will get out of this situation Kojaku. You will be killed, and this village will be put back at ease." Right after he said that, a young girl had randomly appeared, Sticking one of the men straight through the back. Kojaku raised a brow, seeing the man fall. "I don't think that will be happening any time soon." He replied with a grin, seeing her finish off one more of the men.

Beni had a look of shock on his face seeing the girl. "Wooah! I've never seen such a skilled swordsman out of females, Nor' seen one hold a sword!" He spoke, eyes wide. Of course, he was left with one more guy, since he had slaughtered the other one. While the other guy was distracted by this random girl, he took the blood of the other, and slid his thumb up Kuyashinaki, whispering something. Soon after Japanese Kanji had floated out, glowing. "Prepare to die." He spoke with a grin, he ran towards the man speaking "Release!" He then threw his kantana like a boomerang, instantly going right through the man who was in shock.

"Misaki, Get out of this village. You have betray-" He had been cut off by Kojaku jerking the blade out of him, soon falling to the ground to suffer. "Hmph. Told you that wouldn't be happening soon." He spoke with a snicker.

"So, working hard or hardly working? Just Haaaanging out?"

Beni looked to the girl with a glare, face red as a beet. (r "Just get me down from here dammit!!" He yelled, flailing around, reaching for this girl in anger, but of course ended up making the rope spin him around to where he couldn't reach her. His brow started twitching getting seriously pissed off. It was pretty funny to Kojaku, speaking he started laughing. "Hanging in there, Beni?"
  Kojaku / Quest / 8y 16d 7h 17m 34s
Misaki could see the rukkus going on a few streets over. She was sitting on the roof of her home munching on her bento lunch when she heard the shouting. Setting her lunch aside she stood up and tried to get a better view. From her vantage point she couldn't see much. Some tree movement and she could hear the slight clash of metal on metal, swords. She smirked softly. "Uh oh. Someone's in trouble. She said before sitting down and resuming her lunch. It was none of her business who was in trouble and what they did to get in trouble in the first place.

Then she heard someone yelling to get them down and she sighed. 'Damn it. It's always something isn't it?' She thought to herself as she covered her lunch. She stood up and slid all the way down the roof and landed on the ground a little less than gravefully. She stumbled and almost fell but managed to catch herself and stand straight. "Tou-san! Itakimasu!" She shouted her good byes before she grabbed her sword. It was a hand-me-down from her father but it was her treasure. An old sakabato that he had used in the last war and it was her prized possession.

She ran from her home and began tearing down the street. As she ran, in her loose fitting kimono, she tied the sword to her sash and continued on. What she found at the scene of the chaos gave her a start and caused her to freeze. She didn't know what to make of the scene. One man was tied in a tree in such a way as he looked like a caterpillar starting to cucoon. And the other one was busy fending off five attackers. Not favorable odds for anyone no matter how good of a swordsman he was. Quietly, she snuck around the building she was hiding behind and made her way behind the largest of the attackers.

With a silent hiss her sword came free of the scarrab and she quickly stabbed him in the back. She had never killed anyone but with the battle high she had she barely took time to focus on it as she move to another two who were caught off guard from her sudden attack and she was able to take them out. The last two she had to leave to the other man and she ran over to the one dangling from the tree. She smirked and leaned against it cassually, sheathing her sword. "So, working hard or hardly working? Just Haaaanging out?" she asked in a sing song voice.
  Misaki / lyokogrl / 8y 17d 7h 14m 36s
"Pick up the pace! You're being to slow, and we are 3 miles away from this damn village! Come on!!" A little red Bird yelled..Yes. Literally yelled to his owner who was walking tiredly behind. The bird was soon cut off by getting grabbed, and held to the face off a very pissed of guy. "Beni, It is six o' clock in the morning. We just woke up. 3 Miles isn't bad at all, now shut up and get on my shoulder. I will pick of the damn pace when I feel like it." He spoke, glaring at this bird with his bright red eyes that where glowing in the starting sunlight.

Beni frowned, being released and shortly forming into his Human form walking behind Kojaku with his arms crossed, glaring to the side as they walked. He had bright red hair, and was wearing a kimono that resembled the pattern of his feathers as a bird. Kojakus attire is almost the same, just a brighter colored kimono, monk looking gloves, with white beaded bracelets sitting on both wrists. He also had a rather large sword strapped to his back. Running a hand through his shoulder length raven black hair with a sigh, he had noticed some steam up ahead.

"Hey Beni~ I think we're here. Do you want to be a bird for two weeks, or human?" Kojaku asked, looking back to the other male with an arched brow. "I'll stay human for once. I'm getting tired of being a bird all the time." He spoke raising both hands to his shoulder with his eyes closed as he bluntly answers something. "Alright then, here we are." The male replied as they entered this rather large village. "Start hunting for shards. We have a lot of ground to cover in such a small amount of time." Kojaku spoke, with Beni nodding, and running off in search of the glowing moon shards they were looking for. "Okay, Time to get some foo-" The male was shortly cut off with a blade to his neck. "Hold it right there, Kojaku Naname. Thief, Murderer, and Demon. You're not going anywhere. And Neither is your little friend."

Looking over in the corner of his eye seeing Beni hanging by his ankles from a tree branch with his arms crossed and face bright red out of the blood rushing to his head, and being very mad. "Get me down from here you fruit cups!" He yelled, flailing and wobbling from the rope that bonded him up-side-down.
  Kojaku / Quest / 8y 17d 8h 22m 20s

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