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Edward was gone on his "hike" a very long time.
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 279d 3h 1m 21s
Edward was in the kitchen with Dr. Cullen
"I can't go back there!!" Edward demanded to Dr. Cullen, It's not safe for us or her! If I lose it an-- Enough! I already know Edward! But I need time to think of something. We are not leaving this town and that part is FINAL!
Edward stormed outside. What in the world am I going to do? He thought to himself, repeating it, over and over. He climbed to the top of a nearby pine tree and sat in one of the top branches. He stared out over the large valley fjord that nestled Forks in the center of it, giving birth to the open ocean on his left...

What is she?....
Edward, get down from there! I've been looking for you all over to go hunting with!
Edward looked down to see who it was,
Okay, I'm coming!
Edward lept from the tree and landed gracefully on the ground.
Lets go!-
-Not so fast boys. I think we're all going to go hunting for a while. Like a vacation. Dr. Cullen smiled at Edward.
We're going hiking. As far as everyone else knows.
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 343d 18h 20m 47s
She watched him leave then stormed out as well, and stormed to her truck, turned it on, and drove home.

Why was he such jerk?

The next morning, Edward wasn't there.
He wasn't there for the next week either.
Did he just up and move?

None of the Cullens came either.

It was weird.
  Isabella / MissJenna / 7y 344d 3h 5m 32s
Edward almost lost it in biology. He couldn't take it. Bella smelt so.. Different. It was driving him insane.. He couldn't hear her thoughts, and it was driving him crazy to be stripped of his privelage that most must live with out.. He watched the clock above the teachers desk, trying to hold himself in one piece.. 30 minutes. 10 minutes. 1 more minute... "I can't take it anymore!" Edward ran out of class just before losing control.

He ran to the secratary, the mere thought of spending even another minute in that class again was unbareable.. It was torture.

You HAVE to take me out of Biology!.. Or at least change my schedule! He demanded. I'm having trouble staying. Focused.
Let me see what I can do for you..
Thank you.

Edward waited nearly 30 minutes for her to look around the courses.
Finally she said,
I'm sorry Edward, but I just can't. There's no other course you can take right now, and every other Biology class is filled to the brim.
*The Bell Rings*
Edward almost choked at the news.
He stormed out. And caught sight of Bella again.
I'll just have to leave for a while....
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 344d 3h 20m 0s
Eric showed her to Biology, he had that class with her as well. It seemed every class so far had at least one of her new friends in it.

She walked in and introduced herself to the teacher, and walked towards him to grab her book. This involved walking infront of a fan. Thats when she noticed him. Edward Cullen. And right next to him was the only open seat. The teacher directed her to sit next to him.

She walked over to him, and noticed him, sitting as far to the far end of the desk as he could. His hands were clenched, knuckles tight. He looked really...mad, his eyes a black.

When she sat down, he covered his nose, like he smelled something rancid. She sniffed her hair, only to find the aroma of the strawberry shampoo she had washed her hair with this morning. She looked at him from behind her hair.

What was his problem? She wondered to herself, then looked down at her book and stretched out her jacket sleeves, slenching the rims, and laying her arms on the table. She didn't look at him for the rest of the class, and only a second before the bell rang, Edward stormed out of the classroom, faster than she'd ever seen a human move in her life.

The last class of the day was gym. Not really the best decision anyone has made, putting her in it. Bella was completely accident prone, and akward.

She ended up hitting Mike in the head with a volleyball.

"I'm so sorry, I told them not to let me play." She said, really embarassed.

"N-no, its okay!" Mike replied.

And then the day was over, and she walked into the office, to turn in her signed slip, that all the teachers had signed, only to find Edward talking to the secretary.
  Isabella / MissJenna / 7y 344d 3h 36m 11s
*Flashing back* It's 5 A.M. And the Sun is just begining to rise over the white, snow capped mountains of Alaska. The mist hovers around the base of them. Bringing in cold, cool rain. Feeding the giant Evergreen Rain Forests there. A deer standing in a clearing of trees puts its head down for a moment to eat some grass and nibble at a dandalion- Suddenly, a twig snaps, and deer jerks its head up with wild panic to see what's there. Just a squirrel. Then, a concusive force hits the deer, knocking it to the ground. The attacker gashes out its jugular, letting blood fall over the pine needle riddled ground..


Rosalie comes up beside him.
Don't get it on your clothes this time Edward!

Maybe I'll just wipe my hands off on yours!

Don't you dare! Come on, we're going to be late for school....

Edward arrived at school that morning, but it was just another usual day, him and all the others just sat through class paying no attention at all. Aceing every exam.

Then lunch came around. Edward was the last into the cafateria, he had to stay late in class becasue he argued with the U.S. History teacher.. The Spanish influenza was from 1898-1909.. Not the late 1800's... Moron.

Then, he saw her."She's new.. No, don't let her see you looking at her." Edward kept about his buissiness the rest of lunch.

Then Biology came around. She sat right next to him, cornering him against the wall.
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 344d 3h 53m 25s
"I had never thought much about dying. But going in the place of someone you love, seemed like a pretty good way to go."

Bella loved her crazy, wonderful, joyful mother. But her mother had just got remarried to Phil. And though she liked Phil, he was a minor league baseballer. And that would mean theat she'd have to tour the country with them. So Bella decided to move in with her dad, and leave Sunny Pheonix behind...

Only to come her, Forks, Washington. With a near constant cover of rain and clouds. And a population of 3,175 people. This is where she was moving. This was her new home. Her dad, Charlie, picked her up from the airport in his police cruiser. Charlie was the sheriff of Forks. Everybody knew him.

When they got home, Charlie helped her carry her 1 bad up to her room. It'd been the same room all her life, just with a bigger bed.

The great thing about Charlie?
He doesn't hover.

Bella was called downstaires about half an hour there, only to be presented her homecoming gift by her dad, his friend Billy Black, and Jacob Black, Billy's son.

"Oh my god, this is perfect!" She exclaimed, admiring her new truck. It was a 1952 Chevy pickup, and the paint was worn. But Bella didn't care, this was the first personal vehicle she'd ever gotten. Bella wasn't rich, she was barely what you call middle - class. But that was good. Bella wasn't like most girls, with doing makeup, having dressy clothes, and fiking her hair. She just went as she is, not caring what anyone thought.

The next morning, Bella drove and parked in the Forks High School parking lot. There were barely any cars here, still she got out and went into the building and to the front office. She got her schedule, and was greeted by Eric, a slender dark haired boy, and Tyler. Her first class was English, where she met Jessica, Angela, Mike, and had Eric And Tyler in the same class as well.

After a few classes, it was time for lunch. She sat with Jessica, Angela, Mike, Eric, and Tyler.

Thats when she noticed them.

They were walking in. They looked perfect, flawless.

"Who are they?" She asked Jessica.

"Those are the Cullens. That one, with the blonde hair, is Rosalie. And the giant guy behind her, that's Emmett. And that's Alice, she's totally weird and freaky. And the one that looks like he's in pain, he's Jasper."

But none of them stood out like the final Cullen.

"And who's he?" She asked, staring at him over her shoulder.

"That's Edward. But don't waste your time. Because apparently nobody here is good enough for him." She said, rolling her eyes as she stared at her food, picking at it, then shoving a mouthfull into her mouth.

Edward.. Bella thought to herself.
  Isabella / MissJenna / 7y 344d 4h 40m 41s
You start this off. ;)
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 344d 5h 4m 39s
Hmmm. Much sexier Bella.. Hahaha nice pic ;)
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 344d 5h 11m 19s
OKAY! We are ready.
  Isabella / MissJenna / 7y 344d 5h 14m 7s
I'm multi tasking :P
  Nalla Payne / MissJenna / 7y 344d 5h 29m 34s
Lol then what're you doing talking to me if you're looking for a pic? XD
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 344d 5h 32m 15s
There this better while you wait?
  Nalla Payne / MissJenna / 7y 344d 5h 32m 16s
  Talia Punklen / MissJenna / 7y 344d 5h 32m 42s
Lol makes sense. AND YOU HAVE TO BE BELLA! ;P
  Edward / Vilos / 7y 344d 5h 33m 57s

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