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I'm the student. My name is Zooey, and I'm 16.
You're the very attractive 22 year old male teacher, whom I have a crush on.

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She blushed, looking down at it, unable to move for a few moments. Then She ran out and to her next class. Why would he give me this?, Zooey kept asking herself, through out the rest of the school say. She was terribly confused
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 11h 54m 45s
"I don't know. Anything is fine wtih me. In case you need someone to talk to~" He smiled gently and handed her his number.
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 11h 56m 40s
"Talk about what?" She asked, before she left, looking at him with her dark grey eyes. She looked up at the clock, and knew she was going to be late, but the teacher was never surprised. She looked at the door, then back at him, waiting for him to hand her his number.
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 3m 0s
He was taken a back whenhe heard the word "love". This girl might really have a crush on him or something. It seemed so for she always stared at him in class. He sighed heavily and let her off. "And wait,Zooey. Have my phone number in case you want to talk." He smiled and left as well.
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 12h 5m 34s
"Oh no, sir. I love your class. It's entertaining." She replied, knowing her last speech wasn't working. She had to make this more convincing. She just didn't exactly know how to do that yet.
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 8m 26s
He snickered as the girl started making up lies. "Oh? So my class isn't boring to you?"He grins a bit. He always thought the girl liked him or somrthing but he mght have thought wrong.
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 12h 11m 0s
She sat down and thought about an answer. "Er...Well... It's not that I'm not unattentive in their classes...its just I prefer not to be as, they're boring!! That's it! They're terribly boring. I can barely stay awake in their classes," She fake yawns and stretches. "See, it's making me sleepy just thinking about how awfully boring they are." She said, nervously, hoping that he would thake that answer.
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 13m 40s
He clicked his glasses into place and told her to sit. "Teachers say you aren't attentive in their classes but in mine,you are active like always...Why is that?" He asked. He really needed to know. He can't let this slip like nothing. He looked into her eyes through his glasses.
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 12h 17m 11s
"Y-yes?" She asked, right before she walked out. She looked at the students leaving, then walked back into the classroom, looking at Shi, and wondering what it was he needed. He'd never called her to stay after class before. Maybe she did something to get herself in trouble like she had in her other classes. If not that, then she didn't know why.
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 19m 38s
As he taught the class, he already notices Zooey always staring at him. He never showed he knew she was staring and always attentive in his class. The teachers in the faculty would always say that she was not attentive at all in their class and he would always tilt his head in confusion. "She is very attentive in my class...Why is that?" He would always say. His class ended and all the students filed out of the classroom. When Zooey came out last,he stopped her by saying, "Zooey,I need to speak to you..."
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 12h 22m 45s
She neatly arranged her desk, and said with the class "Good morning." She smiled and paid full attention to him, once he started teaching. She wouldn't have it anyother way either. She showed interest in his teaching, and liked answering his questions. She was smart, and she let the other kids know it. She looked at him with her big eyes.
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 26m 36s
Hayato stretched a bit as he walked to his class. He was rather tired from checking papers of students last night and he wanted to sleep. He walked in the classroom and looked around. Some students were late but his eye caught the girl that never manages to be late for class. Zooey He smiled at the girl and bowed in front of the class. "Good morning,class." He said to start the class.
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 12h 30m 43s
Yeah, I like it^^

As the bell rang, Zooey sat in her seat, barely making it before class started. This was always her favorite class, so she made it a goal to never be late. The reason this was her favorite class was it's teacher.. He was dreamy. She always caught herself staring at him, she only hoped he didn't catch her..
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 35m 7s
Like my pic? Is it good enough and thanks~ many people here like active people more... ^^ And...Can you start?
  Hayato Shi / JigokuIgirisuNoYume / 7y 250d 12h 42m 39s
Oh no, I don't mind haha ^^
  Zooey Teagardeen / MissJenna / 7y 250d 12h 43m 59s

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