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Private Life of Miss Jenna & David ; )
Chapter 1: Days Gone By <3


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David sat anxiously on the living room loveseat, praying to God for MissJenna to come back someday..
  David / Vilos / 7y 313d 15h 48m 20s
  *~Cat~* / MissJenna / 8y 12d 19h 30m 13s
Am I not allowed to speak for you? :O Sorrys lol..
  David / Vilos / 8y 12d 19h 36m 32s
Hey go to here ARC <<<<< THATS A LINK
  *~Cat~* / MissJenna / 8y 13d 18h 41m 31s
You spoke for me :o
  *~Cat~* / MissJenna / 8y 13d 18h 42m 22s
David came home and Mary, ecstatic with joy, hugged him at the door and kisses his cheek. "Sweetie, I spent all day unpacking for you! I think I'm almost done..." "Really? You're serious? That's great! thank you so much! And I have more great news!!" David paused for a moment as Mary looked at him curiously. "I got the promotion!!" He pronounced, with great pride in his voice. Mary jumped for joy and hugged him. "Oh, well we have to celebrate that!" she exlaimed, winking at him.. "Agreed." David winked back.
  David / Vilos / 8y 13d 18h 44m 6s
She spent the rest of the day unpacking and waiting for David to come home from work.
  *~Cat~* / MissJenna / 8y 13d 19h 5m 7s
David awoke from bed to realize that despite the post-pone ment of the meeting, he had slept in far too much. It was already 11:40 and the office was atleast a 15 minute drive away! David hopped out of bed slid into his nice pants, tossed on his shirt and threw on his buisiness jacket; nearly jumping into his shoes as he ran out the door, yelling to Mary "Bye sweety! I'll be back for supper, see you later tonight!" He dove inside his brand new sports car and peeled out of the driveway as he sped away. Leaving poor Mary to unpack the boxes by herself...
  David / Vilos / 8y 14d 22h 27m 37s
They ran back off to bed. ;)
  David / Vilos / 8y 15d 17h 34m 37s
She kissed his lip and crawled into his lap. "Bed sounds so much more fun." She giggled and kissed his neck again.
  MaryBeth Parker / MissJenna / 8y 15d 17h 36m 10s
David walked back in the room and sat back down with MaryBeth so she could kiss his neck again.. David continued to nod, and uh huh with his boss.. Half losing focus because of Mary. He hung up the phone with a half dissapointed, half relieved look on his face.. "Well the boss says he's stuck in traffic. He post poned the meeting from 10 to 12 now.." He kisses Mary back. "We have all morning to unpack now!" He says sarcasitcally.. "Unless you just want to go back to bed?" David winks.
  David / Vilos / 8y 15d 17h 40m 15s
She nodded and moved so she could sit indian style in her chair. She watched him as he was on the phone, smiling a little, then she leaned over and started to kiss his neck playfuly as he talked on the phone.
  MaryBeth Parker / MissJenna / 8y 15d 17h 46m 31s
"If you don't want to teach those remedial kids, then no you don't have to! You just seemed so excited about it last night whenever you were talking about teaching them to draw anime.." David hollered as he was already leaving the Kitchen for a moment..
  David / Vilos / 8y 15d 17h 47m 8s
"I'm sorry sweety! It just slipped my mind.." David said, "I'm just so excited about this meeting! I could finally get my first promotion!" As he sits down beside MaryBether on the island, stuffing his face with a helping of eggs. Davids Cellphone Rings. "I'm sorry, may I get this? It's the boss..."
  David / Vilos / 8y 15d 17h 49m 30s
"Honey, you know I hate breakfast this early. And I don't like coffee either." She said smiling. She wish she did since she knew how hard he worked on it. But eatinf this early made her sick. "I'm not even sure I want to work with those remedial kids. They're the hard-asses." She giggled as she crawled on the counter and leaned over to give David a kiss on the cheek. "Do I really have to go to it?"
  MaryBeth Parker / MissJenna / 8y 15d 18h 2s

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