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Ryann was about to ask if she could leave again when her nurse cut her off. "Theres a man over there who keeps looking at you." she said quietly. Ryann turned around and saw him, her eyes widening. He was increadibly handsom and his costume looked amazing. Before she could stop herself, Ryann walked over to him. "Y-you were looking at me." she mumbled and mentally kicked herself. she blushed and smiled, looking at his costume again. "Nice costume, by the way." she said and touched the feathers on her mask. "So," she began, grinning, "see anything you like?" she asked, looking over at the group of girls who stood in a cirlce, staring at the man. "Im Ryann, by the way." she said and blushed again.
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the night was a soft twilight when jean-claude made his appearance. the dim lights made the cloth of his jacket and pant shimmer and the soft leather of his thigh high boots seem like and even softer material. his thick black curly hair seemed darker and had a soft shimmer to it, making his skin seem paler and his eyes bluer. the women looked at him like they just seen a dream walking. the men of course had looks of hostility or would that be jealousy? whichever it was jean-claude didnt really notice. he had eyes only for the girl that he saw earlier. 'such beauty.' he thought. his eyes held a wonder that made those nearest him give a confused look.

girl after girl asked him to dance. he politely denied each one as he made his way towards his target. someone bumped into him and knocked into the wall. "oh sorry sir. i didnt see you there." the young voice said.

"oh its quite alright. no harm done." jean-claude said. his accent was rather thick.

"youre not from around here are you?"

"non. my family is originally from france." he replied. "if you will excuse me. there is someone i must find." he slipped away toward the girl again. when he managed to see her face he saw a look that said she didnt want to be there. the area was fairly clear since no one wanted to crowd the girl. with that it left jean-claude fairly easy to spot. he stayed leaned up against the wall with watchful eyes and a soft smile. he looked almost at peace with the formal surroundings.
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"Its time for our daughter to have the first dance." her mother called out and Ryann sighed. "Ill be back after this." she said quietly and walked to where the floor was surrounded by people. Ryann made her way to Miachel and stopped herself from cringing when he touched her hip. The music started and Ryann began moving in time with Miachel, letting him lead. She dipped and twirled, causing every girl to look with jealosy and every boy to look with envy. She forced a smile onto her face as they finished the dance and Miachel kissed her hand. She waited until the applause was over and made her way back to her nurse. "That was beautiful, Ryann." she said and ryann smiled for real. "Can I leave now?" she asked and her nurse frowned. "No, im sorry." she said, making Ryann roll her eyes. "First chance I get, im leaving though." she said and sighed.
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jean-claude wandered around for hours on end. he got many admiring looks. he smiled at everyone that passed by him. he came to the place where the dance was to be held and admired the beauty of the building. he saw through a rather large window, at a distance of course, a young woman with someone she appeared to not like. jean-claude was captivated by the girl but he dared not approach the house of his family's rivals. he hated that they were rivals and so wished to bring peace between the two. but that wasnt what was on his mind then. he wondeed for hours who the lovely young woman he saw. "maybe i will see her at the dance." he said softly to himself. he looked almost at peace with the thought of possibly meeting a beauty. he almost glowed with the thought.
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Ryann walked down the stairs slowly, following her mother and father. Miachel held on to her arm possesivly, making her want to hit him. Her parents reached the end of the long staircase and turned to watch her. Ryann forced a smile and stood at the foot of the stairs, waiting for Miachels dad. It was customary that you meet the father of the boy who walked you down the stairs at the bottom. Ryann tried not to frown and looked at her nurse, who was at the back of the room. She nodded at Ryann, meaning for her to relax. Ryann did as she was told and watched the crowd. "You look beautiful, by the way." Miachel whispered to her and she bit her lip. "Thank you. Is your father here?" she asked, not seeing anyone moving forward. Miachel just shook his head, making Ryann angry. She didnt have to stand here any longer.

"If you'll excuse me." she said quietly and moved away from Miachel, smile dropping. She walked to her nurse and sighed. "His fathers not even here. I was waiting up there like an idiot for forever" she said and huffed out air. "Cant I just go back to my room?" She added, frowning. "No, im sorry Ryann. You have to stay here. Your dance is soon anyways." she said, hugging Ryann. "you'll be okay."
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 121d 31m 35s
"jean-claude, get your goofy butt inside! you have visitors!" that was his dad yelling at him from the family house. fourth story to be exact.

"right. im coming." jean-claude yelled back. he hated dealign wtih visitors but this time it was important ones. he was being fitted for a new outfit for the party. he arrived to the room whre everything was set up. "the new outfit is ready right?"

"yes. you just go put it on and lets see how it looks." the tailor said.

jean-claude went and got everything on. he was pleased with the results. "fits rather nicely. i just hope the jacket is done right this time."

he walked out to show everyone and they were all in awe. "you look fabulous! you are sure to catch yourself a decent young lady looking like that!"

"thanks father." jean-claude said. "the pants are a bit snug but they are snug in a comfy way. wheres the jacket?" the tailor handed the jacket to him and he slipped it on. the frills at the end of his sleeves fluffed out once the jacket slid over them. it hit him at the waist just above his pants. "it fits! finally it is done correctly. thank you mon ami for doing such a fantastic job."

"youre welcome. i must be going now." the tailor said as he headed for the door.

now that the formal outfit has been perfected and touched up with a few pieces of jewelry, he was ready for a party. a sapphire embedded in a silver ring, a small sapphire stone in the jacket clasp, and a belt with a large sapphire gem within it completed the outfit. he felt luck will be on his side.
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Ryann stood on her balcony and looked out onto her yard. There was a fountian surrounded by stargaizer lillies and roses and she loved looking out onto them. "Ryann, come get dressed." her nurse said and she walked inside. A few minutes after getting dressed her mother entered the room. "My dear, Miachel is waiting for you. It would be kind of you to be nice to him, since he is your fathers boss' son." Her mother said and Ryann rolled her eyes. "I promise to be nice to him. But that doesnt mean that im going to date him because Dad wants a promotion." Ryann said and put on bright red lipstick. Her mother left without saying another word, but she knew she had hurt her mothers feelings.

A few minutes after her mom left, Ryann walked to the stairs and got ready for her decent. Her parents always made a big deal of her entrances, especially today, since it was her birthday. The costume party was also her birthday party, but noone else knew it. She sighed and waited for Miachel so she could get this over with.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 127d 21h 41m 38s
its the early morning hours of a cool october day. soft winds rustling the colored leaves on every tree. peaceful but not anything to be excited about. its halloween and there is an annual costume party happening this very night. jean-claude is by far excited for the party. jean-claude is a handsome young man with a carefree spirit and a peaceful mind. he is only 20 but has the heart of a young child but can still manage formal. his family is the rival of another family and they are constantly at each others throats for unknown reasons. jean-claude has the dream to bring the families together and bring peace within the people of each side.

but enough about the families. right now, young jean-claude has his eyes set on the party that very night and has high hopes of meeting a young woman. "the night seems so near yet is so far. oh if only time would move faster." he said as he wandered the streets. "i wonder who all would be joining in the fun tonight." the courtyard t his home was a magnificent place. most of the plants were flowers in array of colors and shapes and sizes. there were some flowers as blue as his eyes. jean-claude rested in the courtyard and waited for night to fall so the party can begin.
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