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Ryann walked around her room and picked at her nails. she had gotten a shower and then gotten dressed, and now she was avoiding going to see her family. Knowing she couldnt hide any longer, she walked down the stairs and into the family room. "Mother, Father." she said, nodding to them. Her brother looked at her, his eyes wide with shock. "What happened to your arm?" he asked and touched her arm. She flinched away and glared at him. "If you must know, Miachel did this." she said and pointed her glare at her mother, who rolled her eyes. "What, its not my fault." she said, making Ryann open her eyes wider. "What, is it mine? is it my fault that the man you set me up with decided to bruise me? Thats totally my fault." she said sarcastically to her mother. "What is my fault is that im going out and ill be back whenever i want and you cant to anything about it." she said, grabbing her shoes and stomping out the door, a scowel on her face. She wasnt sure where she was going, just away.
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Jean-Claude couldn't sleep much. He had worry on his mind. He did however fall asleep just as the sun was coming up but a maid woke him up, speaking rapidly in french. "Alright, alright." He groaned. He half rolled and half fell out of the big bed and drowsily wandered down to the dinning area after throwing on and tying a black silk robe.

"Good morning. Hope you slept well." Jericho, his father, beamed.

"I didn't even get to sleep. I was about to before the maid woke me up." Jean-Claude was not happy and he let it show.

"Eat something and you can go back to sleep. There isn't anything important planned till later today." Jericho replied, knowing his sons emotional state. "I don't want you seeing that girl again. At least not until after me and the head of her family come to an agreement."

"Father, have you ever thought that maybe an easy way to calla truce between our families is to have me marry Ryann or at least get close to her?"

"You know, that's a good idea. I take back what i said. You can see her whenever but try not to alarm anyone about that plan. I so dearly wish to make amends and call a truce between our families." Jericho was beaming brighter than ever because of the thought that his only son may end up married. "Eat, son and go sleep."

Thanks father." They both ate their morning meal in peace. Jean-Claude had finished his plate and was sipping on orange juice. Both of the men got up at the same time. "Je t'aime, father. I am off to rest."

"Je t'aime, my son. we shall speak when you wake." Jericho said and walked off to deal with whatever he needed to and Jean-Claude staggered back to his room and flopped onto his bed and without a notice, he was out like a light.
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Ryann walked in through the survents door at 2, still crying. She ignored all the concerned faces and stalked up the stairs. Her arm was already turning blue, and looked horrible. Ryann went to her room and locked the door. She walked to her dresser and took off her costume, then put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She then went to the bathroom, scrubbing the makeup off of her face. she took in her raw eyes and bruising arm and fought another sob. she went to her bed and layed under the covers, the moon shining on her face. she closed her eyes and fell asleep with tears running down her face.

Ryann woke up when a knock sounded at her door. she walked over and opened it, a frown making lines on her face. "What?" she asked and sighed. "Breakfast is ready." the survent said and walked quickly down the hall. Ryann ignored the mirror as she walked down the staircase and to the kitchen. Her mother and father wern't there, which didnt surprise her. she grabbed a piece of fruit and went back up the stairs, hiding in her bedroom.
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Jean-Claude was being pushed ahead of the other guys. They were all laughing and cheering and trying to get him to at least smile like he was before. But then they saw what had gotten him down. It was the rival family's house. But that wasn't what Jean-Claude was looking at. Ryann was on the curb, looking almost lost. He did try to turn around but the guys pushed him forward. Everyone was drunk but him. Jean-Claude was smarter than that. His heart ached to see Ryann the way she was and he wanted to comfort her. He knew something bad has happened to her and he didn't like it.

He just trudged forward with he rest of his annoying drunken buddies until they all passed out just before dawn in his family garden. He had gone straight to his room but it wasn't like he could sleep. His mind raced with thoughts of Ryann and what might have happened. His father saw the intense emotion. "Whats wrong, son?"

"Father, I don't know. I feel........how should I put it......in love." Jean-Claude replied.

"Oh my boy! I am so proud. Who is the lady you like?"

"Ryann." Just the name made his dad go pale.

"Ryann.....as in our rival's Ryann? You have got to be joking! You couldn't have gotten that close to her!"

"Oh but I did. I spoke with her and her voice is like that of song birds singing in the early morning with such soft sounds. Her beauty is like that of a flower that blossoms first thing as the sun barely touches the sky."

"Oh god......Yup, I will believe you. You're poetic again." His father left grumbling in confusion.

Jean-Claude was left to get pajamas on. They were just silk bottoms but they were pajamas none the less. He tried to sleep but his mind kept racing with thoughts and images from that night.
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Ryann walked into the street, the moon shining on her face. She whiped angerly at her tears, her eyes turning red and choked back a sob. Her arm hurt like hell and she wanted to go lay down, but she wasnt going back in there. She sat on the curb and put her head in her hands, sitting silently in the street. she frowned when she heard a sound and saw a group of guys walking down the street. she looked away, hoping they would continue down the street. she rubbed her arm again, looking at her feet.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 4d 22h 16m 13s
Ryann walked into the street, the moon shining on her face. She whiped angerly at her tears, her eyes turning red and choked back a sob. Her arm hurt like hell and she wanted to go lay down, but she wasnt going back in there. She sat on the curb and put her head in her hands, sitting silently in the street. she frowned when she heard a sound and saw a group of guys walking down the street. she looked away, hoping they would continue down the street. she rubbed her arm again, looking at her feet.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 4d 22h 16m 27s
Jean-Claude was still wandering the streets. He hadn't bothered to return home yet. It was really late but he didn't care. Well that was until one of his friends jumped him. It was Jerimiyah but to Jean-Claude, when not upset, Blondie. "What is the meaning of this Jerimiyah?"

Jerimiyah jumped when he heard his name. "We saw you talking to that young girl Ryann that was hosting that halloween party." Jerimiyah said with a smirk on his face.

"Yes, I was indeed speaking with that beautiful young lady. What about it?"

"What do you think of her? Isn't she just a dream come true?"

"A dream? Oh no my friend, she not merely just a dream. She is a flower that has long awaited to bloom from a bud but the bud will only bloom into the beautiful rose with the right man to hold those delicate hands." Jean-Claude said.

"Oh jeez. There you go getting all poetic again. I think you might lke her. You always get poetic when you like a girl."

Jean-Claude had to chuckle at that. "So what if i like her, Blondie?"

"We celebrate!" Was all Jerimiyah said before hopping off his buddies back and yelling for the rest of his friends. The rest of the night they drank and cheered loudly as they wandered the streets. Jean-Claude was quite happy until he saw the place where the halloween party was just a block away from where they all were. He grew emotional and began to look up at the starts. He wished to see the young lady again but he was unsure if it would happen
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Ryann sighed when Jean-claude told her Miachel was coming. She blushed when he kissed her forehead and then turned, putting on her best fake smile. "Hello, Miachel." she said and curtsied. "Who was that?" he said, not returning her hello. He grabbed her arm tight and she glared at his hand. "Get your hand OFF ME!" she said and yanked her arm away, his fingers leaving angry red marks she knew would be bruises. She walked out the door, not sparing another look at Miachel. Ryann stopped as tears streamed down her cheeks and rubbed her arm. Her brother found her then.
"Ryann, are you okay? I just threw out that Jean-claude guy. Those rats will do anything to get to our family." She spun on him then. "What do you mean?" she asked, ignoring her wet cheeks. "i mean that the family that hates ours sent that man here." then his face softened. "why are you crying?" he asked. She ignored him and walked out the door, the tears flowing off her face now.
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he gave a brilliant smile. "Things will work out one way or another. your jealous boy over there is coming this way so i should take my leave for now. i hope to met again." he laid a gentle kiss upon the girls forehead and moved to the side where there was a crowd. "i wish not to get into a fist fight in the middle of a party. specially when a young woman such as yourself is near." he said before he headed in another direction. he ran into someone while he was making for the door. he was about to apologize but the man he bumped into grabbed a hold of him and flung him out the door. "you're the the rival to this family. you are not welcome here."

jean-claude was appalled but he shook it off. he wanted to stay for a dance or two but it seems they know of his family being there now. "such rude people. all i wanted was a dance and to be at peace. so much for that." he grumbled and he began to storm off. he knew the man he bumped into would tell ryann and in turn her family.

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Ryann smiled wide. "Thats exactly what i was thinking." she said and then laughed herself. She looked over at Miachel and frowned. She didnt belong to him, she didnt even like him. Her forehead creased with each thought. she turned to Jean-claude and sighed. "its not right, thats all im saying. i dont belong to anyone but me." she sighed again and looked down at the floor, frowning deeper. "thank you for listening, Jean-claude. I cant remember the last time someone did. So again, thank you."

  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 5d 3h 6m 19s
jean-claude smiled as he listened to her speak. "do not worry. i dont mind listening to other peoples problems. i was raised to listen and be there for whomever that comes to me with a problem. as my mother once said 'lend an ear to those in need and lend a hand to those who struggle with themselves.'" he looked over at the man and saw he was glaring right at him. "possessive you say? hes more on the line of insanely jealous." jean-claude gave a soft chuckle. "but i do understand your situation. the mother hopes for the child to be with a certain person for the father sake. its one rotten place to be in thats for sure."

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Ryann smiled. "Thats really cool." she said, meaning that he was from france. Ryann rolled her eyes and frowned. "Thats Miachel. He's my dads boss' son. Im supposed to be hanging out with him so that his dad will promote mine. But I dont like him, and I dont like how my mother thinks ill be with him just so my dad-" Ryann began to explain but stopped herself. "Im sorry. I shouldnt be dumping my problems on you. Miachel is just... posessive... of me. Even though I just met him." Ryann finished and looked at the ground.
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"many people enjoy the sound of my voice. my family was originally from france. they moved here before i was born." he smiled. he noticed her look at someone and he followed to where she was looking and a young man glaring in their direction. he wasnt sure what the deal was with the guy but he knew the man was protective or rather possessive. jean-claude let go of ryans hand and let his own ease back to his side. "may i ask who that may be?" he was curious as to why the young man was glaring. it made jean-claude both nervous and curious.
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Ryann grinned. "Thank you. And uhm... Thank you for the compliment." she said and blushed darker when he kissed her hand. She started thinking about what to say and sighed. "So, jean-claude... I like your accent." she said and laughed quietly. She looked down at the hand he still held and couldnt help but want to sing. Today was her eighteenth birthday and she would have never thought any of this would have happened. She was now glad that she suffered through dancing with Miachel, who was glaring at her.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 120d 23h 22m 26s
jean-claude smiled at the girl beside him. he smiled more as she stumbled over her words. "sorry if i made you nervous." he said with his thick french accent. to him, her voice sounded like an angel singing. "thank you, ma'am. your costume fits your beauty. the only one i have eyes for is you. your beauty shines like a well cared for gem." he smiled again. "i am jean-claude. its a pleasure to meet you." he gently reached for and held ryanns hand and laid a soft kiss on her knuckles. "a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman." he looked at ryann with glittering sapphire blue eyes.
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