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Jean-Claude chuckled softly. "I would not blame you if you decide to break from him. If he acts so crudely towards such a pretty woman like yourself then he is not worth staying around." He listened carefully. He chuckled softly when Ryann cut herself off after saying she was jealous. Her words stopped right as the waiter came back with the orders. He left again and Jean-Claude spoke. "You can tell me anything. I am a man of honor and any secret is safe with me." He held a finger up to his lips. "I won't breath a word unless given permission. I promise you this." He winked and started to eat the bread he ordered.
  Jean-Claude / ShadowSerenity / 8y 3d 15h 39m 18s
Ryann asked for a glass of water and then waited for the worker to walk away to continue their conversation. "Well, I dont believe I will be seeing Miachel again after how he acted." she said and then whispered "He honestly scared me." she cleared her throat and smiled up at him. "Jealousy is something I dont understand, so im struggling wi-" she began and clamped her mouth shut, embarrased. She didnt mean to tell him that she was jealous but it slipped out. she mentally cursed herself and looked at her hands in her lap again, shyly. "Can I tell you something, Jean-Claude?" she asked and glanced up at him. "And im only telling you this because I feel like I can trust you." she said and then did look up at him finally. she smiled widely at him and placed her hands on the table, feeling a bit akward.
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"Jealousy is an evil thing but sometimes its there for a reason. If he is that jealous then maybe he is not the right person. I would have to say that it isn't your fault. You were forced to be with someone that you clearly do not like and everyone just looks the other way. I have been there before and it is not fun." Jean-Claude spoke low but clear. He had a soothing sound to his voice that made his accent get richer by a little bit. He smiled as she looked up at him. "If he is to be jealous of every man that speaks to you and take action on it later then he is not a man to be trusted. Same goes for women. It is really a matter of how much trust you have for the other person and how much they have for you." A worker from the bakery came up and asked if hey wanted anything. Jean-Claude asked for warm french bread with butter. "Would you like anything?" He asked as he looked at Ryann.
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Ryann walked with him, liking his hand on her back more than she should. She sat down and smiled up at him and looked at her hands in her lap for a moment before saying. "Im not okay. And it is very painful, but then again I guess it was my fault." she began and sighed. "I mean, I knew he was jealous but not that jealous." she muttered, but more to herself then to Jean-Claude.

She started thinking about the woman again and frowned deeply. She had that flare of jealosy again but didnt understand it. She blushed lightly when she thought about it and blinked, returning from her thoughts to look up at Jean-Claude.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 3d 16h 4m 25s
"That woman must have seen me get thrown out." He smiled. He watched as Ryann was struggling with herself. When Ryann winced when she touched the bruise, he let worry sink into his usually unreadable face. "Are you sure you are okay? That bruise looks to be more painful that it should be." He placed a hand on her back in a comforting way.

They walked up to a bakery with umbrella benches in the front. Jean-Claude offered a seat to Ryann and waited till she sat down. He was gentleman enough to wait till the lady seats herself first before he does. He kept to himself. He wanted Ryann to speak without him having to push for it.
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Ryann felt a wave of jealocy twords the woman but ignored it. "Who was that?" she asked and wrapped her arms around herself, wincing when she touched the bruise. She watched the woman walk away and sighed. "And anyways, the party was lame. I left a while after you did." she said and then got quiet again. She cleared her throat and began to play with the ends of her hair and looked at her feet.

Why do i feel like this? she wondered and then sighed internally. She should be angry, like she was when she left her house but she was only... Happy. How could that be? this doesnt make any sense. she thought, completely lost in her thoughts.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 3d 16h 25m 6s
He took it as it was. He watched Ryann take care of the duckling and return. They continued to walk and someone seemed to have recognized him. It was a woman. She approached Jean-Claude and looked him from toe to head. "Well if it isn't you. I saw you at the party last night. Getting thrown out that is." She giggled.

"If you are to just make fun of my misfortune, then please leave me be. I have no interest in talking with someone who knows no respect for others misfortune." Jean-Claude said with a cold emotionless tone. The woman stormed off with a scowl on her face. "Some really don't have respect do they? It surprises me how wealth can go to someones head and make them sour." He chuckled softly.
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Ryann tucked her arm through his and walked, smiling with a light blush on her cheeks. When he asked about her bruise, she got quiet. She blinked the tears out of her eyes and said quietly "Its nothing." then watched the ducks herself. One of the children took the duckling off of the elderly womans lap and it jumped down. Ryann walked away for a moment and motioned to the kids. She picked the duckling up and walked with them to the water and showed them how to put the baby back. It swam to its mother, who quacked happily at it. She smiled and patted her hands on her pants and waved at the children, and then the elderly woman. She walked back to Jean-Claude and tucked her arm back, smiling up at him. "Im sorry about that. And like i said, its nothing." she added and smiled over at the kids again, suddenly thinking that she would love to have a boy and a girl when she got married.
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Jean-Claude looked at Ryann and smiled. "A walk with a beauty like you would be every mans dream." He said as he held out his arm to let Ryann slip her hand through. "I must ask, how did you get the bruise on your arm? It looks painful." He asked as they walked. "I hope it wasn't that man from last night. What was his name again? Micheal? I really hope you are alright." He had a soft look to his face. The park was bigger than it looked. They passed over a bridge that had a large pond with several ducks. Many with ducklings following behind, cheeping happily. An elderly woman with two children were sitting on a bench with bread and crackers and feeding it to the ducks. The elderly lady had a baby duckling in her lap to show the kids. They all looked so peaceful and happy.
  Jean-Claude / ShadowSerenity / 8y 3d 16h 48m 48s
"They are." she said and watched him. Emily walked up and hugged Ryanns legs, frowning. she bent down and looked at her. "We had fun, right?" she asked and the girl shook her head. Ryann smiled at her and layed the doll in her arms. "Maybe ill see you again and we can play longer, okay?" she asked and Emily's face immedently lit up. "Okay, now go to your mommy." she said and she ran off, waving at Ryann. She waved back and smiled.

"Still wanna take that walk?" she asked and smiled up at him, standing straight again. She watched the little girl take her mothers hand as she began talking, which made her smile.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 3d 16h 57m 10s
Jean-Claude did notice the bruise but shrugged it out of his mind for now. "The parents see me around quite often. Apparently I have a good vibe coming off because everyone seems to trust me. Specially the little ones." He gave a soft smile. The kids laughed and screamed happily as they chased each other around the park. It brought a bigger, brighter smile from him, making is deep blue eyes shimmer. "Shall we take a walk?" He asked. But seconds after it a herd of children dog piled Jean-Claude again. he collapsed under them all with just a hand sticking out the top of the kiddie pile.

The kids got off and jean-Claude sat up. "Surprise dog pile. Wouldn't have seen it coming a mile away." The children laughed and turned to see that their parents were all calling them back to head home. They all went with smiling faces and Jean-Claude was finally able to stand and not have to be worried about the kids. "Fun little things they are."
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Ryann smiled up at Jean-claude and looked back at the girl, who told her that her name was Emily. "Emily, why dont you go swing for a little and then we can play, okay?" she asked and the little girl jumped up, running to the swings, gripping her doll in one hand. Ryann stood up and hugged the doll she held to her chest. "They are. I havent been around children since I was a child." she said and laughed. "And i certinally needed the day to be brightened." she said and slowly covered her arm, wishing she would have brought a jacket. She sighed and watched the little girl swing, smiling and waving at her. she streached for a second and then looked at Jean-claude again. "I've always loved kids. They're always happy, you know?" she said and then sighed again, smiling to herself.

Ryann layed the doll gently on the grass and watched all the children running after eachother, playing tag, and smiled up at him. "they seem to like you alot." she added, then continued to watch them.
  Ryann Andres / Mariechan / 8y 4d 16h 46m 55s
Jean-Claude was tackled by a bunch of children while he was sitting on the grass. He fell over backwards laughing and the kids dog piled him. "Ok! Ok! I give! I give!" he hollered. The kids got off him and helped him to sit up. "You little rascals make me wish I was your age again." He said as he got up. He started running off and the crowd of kids chased after him. One grabbed his leg and Jean-Claude made it look like he was being held down and pretended to struggle to move. The kids began to pile up on him again. He turned around but was stopped in his tracks. His eyes fell upon a familiar face and he was star struck. He got the kids off saying he needed a break. He was up and walking towards Ryann and the young girl as they played with dolls. "Lady Ryann, I'm surprised to see you here." He beamed a grin as a little boy tackled his legs and clung to them. He looked down. "Go play with the others for a little bit, I need a break." The boy ran off giggling. "Kids. They are such charming spirits to be around. Always there to brighten the day a little more."
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Ryann wandered around and she came to a park. She watched the children run around and play with a firmilliar figure. She caught site of his face and smiled. Jean-claude she thought and sat to watch. The children laughed and she smiled wider, completely forgetting the incident with her mother. She rubbed her arm and winced when she brushed the bruise. she ignored it and continued to watch the kids. After a while she stood up and began to walk away. She smiled one last time and continued on slowly, smiling at the parents and saying hello.

She saw a little girl sitting by herself and went and sat next to her. "Hello." she said and smiled at the girl. "Hello!" she said brightly and beamed up at Ryann, her blue eyes happy. Ryann smiled at her again. "Why are you playing all by yourself?" she asked and frowned. The little girl sighed. "I wanted to play with my dolls and noone wanted to.." she said sadly. Ryann smiled at her and said "Well, too bad for them. I would love to play dolls." she said and picked up one off the ground, which made the little girl smile hugely.
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Jean-Claude woke up about noon. He grabbed a quick shower to wake up more. He had to dry his hair with the dryer. His hair being so thick and so long, if left to its own devices, it frizzed really badly.

After getting dressed in black skinny jeans and a white silk dress shirt that was tucked in, he decided to go out for a bit. He slipped on a pair of knee high black leather boots that laced up the back and headed down stairs. He was still very worried but he had on a blank face that gave away nothing. His father, however, did stop him but the look in Jean-Claude's eyes showed his worry. Jericho just let him go.

He was waling towards the town and many gawked at him, not in the bad way but that isn't-he-just-lovely way. He didn't mind the looks of the others. What he wanted was to know that Ryann was okay. He felt the worry in a center of his stomach as one hard knot but he didn't let it get to him. He smiled but it was weak. He was slightly hunched in on himself but he was usually like that when he first wakes up. His hair was still damp but that was from the products he put in it to keep the frizz down. The curls however were a lot more than it was the night before so his hair looked like a black soft cloud.

He walked into a park area where children played happily and sat on a bench. He wanted to cheer up a bit and sometimes the laughing playing children did. One child had come up to him and asked to play and that got him to smile brightly. The child laughed as they played tag and hide n' go seek. many other kids wanted to play too so they were all playing happily, and the parents smiled brightly seeing such a wonderful sight.
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