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Need Guy to play "Romeo". A modern Romeo and Juliet where they meet at the girls annual halloween costume party. The rival families are gangs who are against eachother.

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Ryann took his hand and smiled at him widely. "I bet its beautiful." she said and smiled up at him, then blushed. "Dont worry about your house." she said and smiled. "Youve seen my house and its pretty big too." she smiled and then continued walking shyly with him.

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Jean-Claude had a look of amusement on his face. He couldn't help it. "It is not weird at all. I do know it annoys my father sometimes." He chuckled. He saw how nervous Ryann was. "I believe we should head to the house. I do warn you, it is quite big. A four story house with enough rooms to house a small village was not exactly what I had in mind when my family moved here." He chuckled again. The waiter came back and Jean-Claude paid him with a generous tip. The waiter left gleaming. "Shall we go, Ma'dam?" He said as he made his way around the table, his hand held out.
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Ryann blushed when he complemented her voice and then smiled. "Its nice to know that. Usually I just walk around for a while." she said honestly and added "And I like when you get all poetic... If that sounds weird im sorry" she laughed nevously and took a drink of her water, her cheeks practically glowing red. "So, I guess im meeting your family today... Thats cool." she said and smiled at him again.
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He thought for a moment. "I see. If your nurse is that open then perhaps that may be a problem. But something may turn up to aid us in our goal." Jean-Claude chuckled. "Oh I do not mind your rambling. Like the song birds of the early morning, your voice is sweet like the nectar of a flower. " He almost slapped himself. "Aye, there I go again with the poetry. Sometimes being french can have its......downsides." He ran his hand through his thick hair as he spoke. "You may visit since no one expects you to return so soon. In fact, you may visit any time you wish to escape." He smiled.

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Ryann chewed on her lip for a second and then sighed. "I dont know if that will work. The only person in my home I can trust is my Nurse, and she's still not very... Closed mouthed at times. She thinks my parents deserve to know everything even though they aren't very kind... I'm sorry, I'm rambling again. I do that when I'm nervous. Anyways, I would love to visit. I told my parents I would be back whenever today, do you mind if I come today?" she asked and smiled over at him.

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He chuckled. "I get that a lot. My whole family has a habit with being poetic. Being french doesn't help that either." Jean-Claude smiled. "I hope this goes well for both of our families." He jumped a little when his phone went off. "It's my dad. Hold on." He answered and began to speak in french with his dad. Once the call was over he beamed a grin. "My dad would actually be happy to have you over. He said he thought I'd never ask." He laughed. "You can come over whenever you feel it is safe to. I would like to visit first, if that is ok with you. I tend to blend in at night rather well so I can sneak into your home with ease."

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"You know, you're very poetic." Ryann said and then blushed. She was only thinking that and somehow she said it out loud. She took his number and tucked it into her pocket, smiling wider. "Okay, you do that. And ill call you when I figure something out." she said and then took another sip from her glass.

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Jean-Claude sat up straight. "If you can manage to get something out of your brother, you can always call me and I can come visit." He dug out a pen from his pocket and wrote down his number on it. "Call anytime. And if you wish to see me, just say so and i shall come." He smiled softly. He thought for a minute about his father. "If you want to speak with my father, I can talk to him about it. I am sure he would love to have you over as a guest." He chuckled. "Confusing. Sometimes things are like that at first but then they become clear like looking at the bottom of the ocean through water that's like glass."
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"The generations to come..." she said and smiled to herself. She hated fighting in general, so to see this verbal bickering would be a great thing for Ryann. She sighed slightly and then looked him over. "I can talk to my brother tonight..." she said and then blinked. "Wait, when will i see you again?" she asked, sitting up with a serious look on her face. "And are you wanting me to come speak to your father? I would see how that would make him worry, but... Im eighteen now, my parents have no control over me." she stated simply and sighed, laying her hands in front of her. "This is so confusing." she added and smiled.
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He listened carefully and smiled. "Avoiding your parents would be the easy task but when they are around, be aware of where they are and plan accordingly. My father, on the other hand, is very open and I am sure that he is willing to share anything to help bring our families to truce. Oh this is so exciting. I am fighting to not jump around like a kid. I know that sound silly but its true." He chuckled. "Your brother is a good place to start. If he hates crying then maybe he will, as many would put it, spill the beans. If we can figure out what started the rivalry then there's a very stable place to start. I would like to wait on asking my dad until after I hear what your brother says so that way I know how to phrase things to get a better reply." Jean-Claude saw the gleam in ryanns eyes and he knew they matched his. "You know, this can be a part of our families great history to tell the generations to come."
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Ryann smiled over at him and her mind started to tick. "I guess the first thing i could do is go to my brother. If i can maybe cry a little, which he hates, then maybe i can let him think that by telling me will make me feel better..." she began and continued explaining what she was thinking about doing. She looked into Jean-Claudes eyes, his eyes shining just like her's were. She frowned a bit and then added "I just hope to stay away from my parents. Then again, they're never home, so that might be an easy thing to do." she said kind of sadly but shook her head, and the sadness, away. "what are you going to do?" she asked him and layed her cheek against her hand on the table, watching him curiously.
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"Oh dear. What a task indeed. Sounds like fun. I can talk to my dad about it. He should know what went wrong. But we have to keep this on the down low. Specially on your end. If we can pull this off, we may be able to finally live in peace with each other and possibly become friends." He chuckled. "That was quite rude of your brother. Whatever he means by 'they will do anything to get to our family' is something of a mystery." He grinned. He was looking forward to trying to figure out what started it all and what would be an easy way to end it. He always liked complicated tasks and this one is a tough one. "I think this is going to be......fun." He beamed a grin again. His eyes shined with eagerness for the task ahead.
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Ryann listened quietly and then frowned deeply when he finished, her eyebrows pulling together in the center and her forehead creasing. "My parents arent ever really around. Just my brother." she said and sighed, still frowning. "I wish our families could get along as well. I mean, Im so confused. They've hated your family longer than i've been alive. I dont get that at all." she said and then smiled up at him. "do you know what that means?" she asked and grinned. She didnt let him answer and said "We have a task at hand, Jean-Claude. We need to find out what happened between our families. I think my brother might know. After he threw you our he said 'Those rats will do anything to get to our family.' I dont know how, but im going to trick it out of him." she said and then blinked and thought of what she said. "Im sorry, that was rude. You dont have to do anything, and I dont think your family members are rats. That was a horrible thing for my brother to say." she added and then blinked, taking a sip of her water.
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He listened with a careful face. His eyes widened a touch at the thought of a aprent blaming the child for something they did. "Your mother, she is the one that got you with Micheal, correct? It is clearly not your fault." He gave a soft smile. His smile grew as he heard how she felt being able to speak with another that cares. "Your parents only want what is best for you but what they don't see is that it is you who must choose what is best for yourself. Your parents are there to help you fix mistakes and to help you learn from them. They are your guide but it is up to you on weather or not what they are guiding you to is the right path for your heart." He smiled brightly and leaned onto the table, resting his chin on his palm. "I feel as if I can trust you and i am sure you have heard this but I am willing to take the chance. My family is your families rival. But there's a catch. My father wants to call a truce between families because he is tired of the constant bickering. How my family, whom is all from another country, became the rival of another family that has been here longer, is something I wish to figure out and to end." He let his face become unreadable. He was unsure of the reaction he would get from Ryann.
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Ryann blushed when he called her beautiful and took a piece of the bread, picking at it and chewed thoughtfully. She took a drink to clear her mouth and then looked up at him. "I talked to my Mother about what happened." she said and could feel her eyes tearing up but blinked a few times, keeping them back. "She told me it wasnt her fault that it happened. She said it was mine." she ended and looked at the bread in her hands, like it held the answer to life. "Sometimes I feel like they dont care about me at all." she said quietly but loud enough for him to hear. she blinked again and looked up to see his reaction to what she said. "And just letting you know, if you want to tell me something, i'll listen, too. Its nice to be able to talk to someone who actually cares. The least I can do is leep a secret for you." she said and smiled over at him, tearing the bread and ate it.
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